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  • News I Am Alive Was PSN's Top Selling Game in April

    Land of the living

    Ubisoft’s flawed survival horror experiment I Am Alive was the top selling PlayStation Network title in April. The oft-delayed adventure managed to displace thatgamecompany’s Journey from the top spot, while Telltale’s The Walking Dead adaptation occupied two spots in the top five. The episodic title's Season Pass and...

  • News Deus Ex Infiltrates the PlayStation Store Next Week


    As previously rumoured, the original Deus Ex will sneak onto the PlayStation Store next week. The release is part of a wider initiative from publisher Square Enix to bring its PS2 classics to Sony’s digital storefront. The popular port will retail for £7.99. Conflict Desert Storm 2 and Conflict Vietnam will follow on 23rd May and 30th...

  • Store Update 9th May 2012 (Europe)

    Datura and Binary Domain

    Like the North American Store Update, intriguing PSN Move adventure Datura takes centre stage but there are some good deals to be had elsewhere. Here's what's up today. PlayStation Network New Content: PS Plus: Binary Domain – 15% Discount for Two Weeks

  • Store Update 8th May 2012 (North America)

    Datura is here

    A bit of a short week for North America this time around, with one new game for PS3 owners and no new titles for Vita fans. Here's what's available this week. PlayStation Plus: Full Game Trials:Saints Row The Third — Saints Row The Third reviewNeed for Speed The Run —

  • News Zombie Tycoon 2 Shuffles onto PS3 and Vita

    Eat flesh

    Adding to the tally of cross compatible PS3 and Vita titles, Canadian developer Frima Studio has officially raised the curtain on Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge. The sequel to 2009’s PlayStation Mini promises to expand upon the original’s silly sense of humour and real-time strategy gameplay. It will include new zombies, sharper...

  • News PixelJunk Celebrates Anniversary in Style

    Monstrous savings

    Those of you lucky enough to reside in North America will be able to scoop up copies of PixelJunk Racers, PixelJunk Monsters, PixelJunk Eden and PixelJunk Shooter for just $1 from today. It’s all part of Q-Games' ongoing ten year anniversary celebrations. In addition, the more recent

  • News Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Rides onto PSN Next Month


    You know, we really respect Tony Hawk. The skating legend could so easily be a disinterested shill, but we really get the impression that he cares about the quality of his games. Such is his passion, that the Hawkster's prone to revealing the odd snippet of unannounced information from time to time. On this occasion he’s taken to Twitter...

  • News The Avengers Assemble for New Marvel Pinball Table

    Assembly line

    As far as timing goes, it’s hard to imagine this Avengers themed Marvel Pinball announcement coming at a better moment. Zen Studios has hopped onto the PlayStation Blog to announce the impending release of the just launched film's digital pinball adaptation. It's set to ship as part of the upcoming Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicle

  • News Rainbow Moon Brightens Up the PlayStation Store

    Blast from the past

    SideQuest Studios has finally attached a rough release window to Rainbow Moon, its upcoming PSN exclusive strategy RPG. The title is set to launch on Sony’s digital storefront in just a “few weeks”, with more details set to be revealed in the coming days. The game is heavily inspired by turn based strategy RPGs of old, and...

  • News Reverge Labs Confirms Cross-Platform Play for Skullgirls

    PS3 versus PC

    The recently revealed PC release of Reverge Labs’ gorgeous female-focused fighter Skullgirls will feature cross-platform play between the PS3 version, it has been confirmed. Those playing the PC version of the brawler will be able to face-off against fighters on Sony’s console and vice versa. Just make sure you don’t lose to a PC...

  • News Datura Dives into the Next Dimension

    Innovation you can't afford

    We still don’t know much about Plastic’s upcoming PSN adventure Datura, but that’s not stopped the Polish developer from concocting an extravagant virtual reality set up to show off its game. The expensive demo is built around Sony’s recently released HMZ-T1 personal projector, and uses a second PlayStation Move...

  • News Original Deus Ex Sneaking onto PSN Soon

    It's a conspiracy

    The PlayStation 2 re-release of the seminal PC title Deus Ex is heading to the PlayStation 3. The evidence comes courtesy of a listing posted prematurely by European age ratings body, PEGI. Publisher Square Enix has refused to comment on the listing, stating that it “does not comment on rumour or speculation”. Still, these kind...

  • Store Update 2nd May 2012 (Europe)

    Awesomenauts, Skullgirls and free Frobisher Says! included

    It's PSN update day here in Europe with a lot of content for your consideration, some of it free. Let's get started. PS3 Games: Awesomenauts (Trial also available)It’s the year 3587; conflict spans the stars. Huge robot armies are locked in an enduring stalemate. In their bid for galactic...

  • News Frobisher Says Arrives in Europe for Free

    Play this stupid game

    Honeyslug’s whacky WarioWare-inspired Vita mini game compilation Frobisher Says officially touches down in Europe today for the grand sum of free. The brilliant Vita exclusive sees you pleasing a hilariously contrary child through a series of increasingly whacky demands. Poking otters, fighting bears and opening clams are all...

  • Store Update 1st May 2012 (North America)

    Awesomenauts, Mortal Kombat, Max Payne and more

    It's time for another PSN Store update, North America, and it's a typically eclectic mix of fun, light-hearted titles alongside grizzly, violent classics. Without further delay, let's get into it. PlayStation Plus: Early Access:Pixel Junk 4am Closed Viewer BetaVelocity (Free PS mini)Free Downloads:Aw

  • News Sony Evaluating PlayStation Plus Giveaways

    Bigger, better and more expensive

    Over the last year or so, PlayStation Plus has really blossomed into a must-own package. But Sony, it seems, is not resting on its laurels just yet. A survey picked up by IGN shows that the platform holder is evaluating the value of its premium package. The 15-minute questionnaire quizzes readers on different...

  • News Sony Signs Three Game Deal with Giant Sparrow

    Fresh blood

    There may well be life after thatgamecompany after all. Sony has announced that it has signed a three game exclusivity partnership with Giant Sparrow, starting with The Unfinished Swan. The developer is currently set-up inside Sony’s ubiquitous Santa Monica studio, which is responsible for a dizzying number of PS3 titles at the moment...

  • News GT Academy Hits the Starting Grid Today

    Start your engines

    By the time you read this, the 2012 edition of Sony’s innovative GT Academy competition will be well underway. The tournament is designed to transform proficient Gran Turismo players into real race-car drivers, and has had massive success in the past. In order to take part in the contest, you’ll need to download a special...

  • News The Unfinished Swan Will Boast Optional Move Controls

    Painted poetry

    Giant Sparrow’s beautifully abstract PSN title The Unfinished Swan will include optional PlayStation Move motion controls, it has been confirmed. The title – which is set to be announced at some point next week – sees you tossing streams of paint from a first-person perspective in order to reveal the otherwise invisible world...

  • News Sony Celebrates Battle Royale Reveal with Contenders Sale

    Bargain bin

    We’re going to go out on a limb and assume you’re excited for the upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Guess what? Sony is too. To celebrate the title’s announcement last week it has revealed a brand new PlayStation Store sale, dedicated to honouring the contenders of the upcoming mascot mash-up. Discounts apply to various...


  • News Don't Worry, Awesomenauts is Still Coming to PSN This Week

    Naut but good news

    Ronimo’s brilliant looking Awesomenauts will still launch on the PlayStation Network this week as planned. The game’s status was thrust into mystery when German publisher dtp Entertainment filed for insolvency earlier today. However, Sony’s confirmed on Twitter that the title will indeed release as part of this week’s...

  • News New Datura Footage Touches Down

    Reaching out

    Plastic’s released a brand new trailer for its intriguing Move powered interpretative adventure title, Datura. The ambiguous short highlights the variety players can expect from the motion enhanced game, including a driving section and a World War-esque shooting range. These kind of off-the-wall interactive experiences are amongst our...

  • News The Unfinished Swan Takes a Step Closer to Completion

    Abstract adventure

    If you were offended by the conclusion to the so-called NeverEnding Story, then you might want to hit your browser’s back button before reading anymore of this article. It appears that development on Giant Sparrow’s intriguing PSN collaboration with Sony Santa Monica, The Unfinished Swan, might be heading towards a close. A...

  • News Wrap Your Head Around These Tokyo Jungle Plot Details

    Deer versus dinosaur

    Those of you that have been following PlayStation closely will already know about the upcoming Tokyo Jungle. The baffling PSN exclusive follows the adventures of a menagerie of common animals, who find themselves fighting for survival in a post apocalyptic Tokyo. One of those animals is the humble Pomeranian, who, upon...

  • News PixelJunk 4am Public Beta Hits the Stage

    Turn it up

    PlayStation Plus subscribers will find a nice surprise tucked away under the premium compartment of the PlayStation Store this evening. Developer Q-Games has released the public beta for its brilliant Move powered music endeavour, PixelJunk 4am. The trial appears to be exclusive to European users at the moment, with North America set to...

  • News Skullgirls Fights Its Way to Europe on 2nd May

    Better late than never

    Reverge Labs’ gorgeous downloadable brawler Skullgirls will finally punch its way onto the European PlayStation Store next week. The fighter has been available in North America since 10th April. If you can’t wait for the slick scrapper to arrive, you’ll be able to sate your anticipation with the game’s official...

  • Store Update 25th April 2012 (Europe)

    Jewels, zombies, paintball and more

    Plenty of good things to download this week including Skype for Vita, the Dragon's Dogma demo and more. There's also some God of War discounts in celebration of the announcement of God of War: Ascension. Here's what's up for European PSN fans. PS3 Games: Bejeweled 3 (Released Friday 27th) The biggest, brightest...

  • Store Update 24th April 2012 (North America)

    Skype, Walking Dead, Dragon's Dogma demo and more

    This week's new PSN content is available in North America, so here's what's on offer. Vita owners, you get add-on content and Skype but no games — sorry. PlayStation Plus: Full Game Trials:The Cursed CrusadeBattlefield 3 — Battlefield 3 reviewDiscounts:

  • News Sony Pulls Exploited Super Collapse 3 from PSN

    Play a different brick game

    Mere days after restoring two hacked PSP titles to the PlayStation Network, Sony has had to yank another one. Super Collapse 3 is the latest release to be completely removed from the company’s digital storefront, after hackers found a way to run unsigned code through an exploit in the software. Homebrew junkie Wololo...

  • News Swap Blocks with Bejeweled 3 on PSN Today

    Sparkling sequel

    We're onto Bejeweled 3 already? How much mileage is developer Popcap going to get out of a simple game of match three? Quite a lot, we suspect, because we know you’re going to buy this game like the hopeless sheep you are. It’s more Bejeweled – and who doesn’t want to play more Bejeweled? The latest version includes a better...

  • News The Walking Dead Shuffles onto PSN This Week


    Telltale’s latest episodic offering is to begin its amble onto the PlayStation Network this week. The first episode of its new The Walking Dead series will kick off on 24th April in North America and 25th April in Europe. Episodes will be available individually for $4.99/£3.99, or as part of a season pass for $19.99/£15.99. Plump up for...

  • Preview Double Dragon Neon (PSN)

    Blast from the past or best left unearthed?

    If anyone stands a chance at a Double Dragon revival, the 2D maestros over at WayForward are the most likely to pull it off in a convincing way. Between beloved revivals of Contra and A Boy and His Blob under their belt, new takes on BloodRayne and Batman and side-scrolling classics like

  • News Hacked PSP Titles Return to PSN

    Perfect storm

    Popular PSP titles MotorStorm: Arctic Edge and Everybody’s Tennis are now available from the PlayStation Store again. The games were removed from the digital storefront after hackers found a way to run exploits through the PSP emulator on Vita. If you’ve already purchased the titles, they should now be accessible from your download...

  • News Payday: The Heist Sequel in Development

    Bank managers beware

    Payday: The Heist developer Overkill Software didn’t need to stage a bank robbery in order to score an impressive haul, as it’s revealed that its downloadable PSN and PC shooter has sold over 400k copies since its release in October last year. That success has prompted the studio to start work on a sequel, which it will...

  • News Sony's Move-Exclusive Datura Dated

    Out in May

    Time to pick up that Move controller again — Sony's launching Datura on 9th May. The Move-exclusive action adventure is joint venture between Sony Santa Monica and Polish developer Plastic. It's billed as a "unique, interactive art experience", so don't expect God of War Move, but we're always up for unique and interactive art...

  • Store Update 18th April 2012 (Europe)

    Undead houses and toasted sandwiches

    The wide variety of experiences on PSN continues this week: shooters, puzzle games and chess all appear for download. Here's what's vying for your money. PlayStation Plus: House of the Dead 4: Extended Cut – 30% DiscountHouse of the Dead 4 Dynamic Theme – 100% DiscountHouse of the Dead 4 James, Kate and...

  • Store Update 17th April 2012 (North America)

    The House of the Dead opens its doors again

    Two games and a new app for Vita and a Move-enabled shooter are the highlights of this week's PS update for North America. Let's dive right in. PlayStation Plus: Free Downloads: Frogger ReturnsFull Game Trials: Dead Rising 2: Off the RecordNHL 12Free Avatars and Themes: THE

  • News GT Academy 2012 Hits the Track on 1st May

    Floor it

    If you fancy yourself a budding race-car driver then you’ll probably already know about Sony’s innovative GT Academy programme – a competition which aims to find the best Gran Turismo players in the world and transform them into real life racers through vigorous training exercises. The competition – which is already in its fourth...

  • News PSN Going Under the Knife Today

    Maintenance watch

    PlayStation Network maintenance periods are always given plenty of publicity around the web, but we rarely find it interrupts our playing schedule. Regardless, it’s out duty as your reliable source of daily PlayStation news to inform you that Sony’s preparing 13 hours of PSN repairs from 2PM BST (9AM EST) today. During that...

  • News CCP Teases Vita Controller Support for DUST 514

    Wii too

    CCP’s free-to-play PSN exclusive DUST 514 is already aiming to reinvent cross-platform compatibility with its hooks into PC MMO Eve Online, but it appears its list of innovative features will not end there. Chatting on the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, CCP’s David Reid teased that the game may take advantage of the Vita as...

  • News MotorStorm RC Proves Popular Amongst PSN Players

    Little treasure

    Sony’s furnished us with some fascinating statistics pertaining to the popular PSN downloadable MotorStorm RC today. According to the publisher, the title is downloaded 19 times every minute, with new events kick-started every second. Every minute sees a new PSN friendship formed, and eight trophies earned. We’d like to see...

  • News Just Add Water Teases Oddworld: Hand of Odd

    Flinch if you're English

    We can’t be certain, but we don’t think Just Add Water’s latest project Oddworld: Hand of Odd has anything to do with Diego Maradona’s famous goal against England in the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals. Instead, it sounds like a brand new entry in the recently rejuvenated Oddworld series. There’s not much to go on...

  • Interview Gaijin Games - RUNNER 2

    Future of rhythm gameplay

    Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP series started life on WiiWare, spread onto Steam and then got the compilation treatment for Wii and 3DS, hitting retail in 2011. BIT.TRIP Presents Runner2 is the series' first step onto PS3, so we cornered Gaijin Games co-founders Alex Neuse and Mike Roush at PAX East to get the scoop on BIT.TRIP's...

  • News The Legend of Dragoon Spreads Its Wings on PSN in May

    Flap flap

    Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has taken to the US PlayStation Blog this evening to announce the release of PSone cult classic The Legend of Dragoon for PSN. In his post, Yoshida-san reveals that a sequel to the ambitious RPG was in development at Sony’s Japan Studio, but it later got cancelled for “unknown reasons”...

  • News Exclusive StarDrone Extreme Vita Trailers Shoot In

    Feast your eyes

    Intrigued by Beatshapers' PS Vita download StarDrone Extreme, but want to see it in action before taking the plunge? Come right this way. We've teamed up with Beatshapers to bring you two exclusive videos of the game in action, plus screenshots you won't find anywhere else. We've also got an interview with the studio lined up to...

  • Store Update 11th April 2012 (Europe)

    Your move, StarDrone

    Here's what's up this week in Europe. PlayStation Network New Content: PlayStation Plus: Silent Hill (PSone) – 100% discount, Until May 9thPure Chess — 20% discount, 2 weeks onlyPure Chess – Park Pack – 100% discount, 2 weeks only PS3 Games:

  • News Sony Shuts Down PSN Video Magazine Qore

    Cor, blimey

    It seems Sony has finally realised that Qore without Veronica Belmont is like peanut butter without jelly. The platform holder has announced on the US PlayStation Blog that the digital video magazine – which recently got a new host – is no more. It’s latest (and final) issue covering the month of April will feature a celebration of...

  • Store Update 10th April 2012 (North America)

    Skullgirls, Pinball and more

    Much-anticipated PSN title Skullgirls hits the North American store alongside a true PS2 classic and more. Here's what's on for you North American shoppers this week. PlayStation Plus: Exclusives: The House of the Dead 4 DemoMinis: CanabaltDefenders Of The Mystic GardenFull Game Trials

  • News Zen Pinball 2 Rolls Out on PS3 and Vita This Spring


    If the recently announced Pinball Arcade wasn’t enough to wet your flip-happy whistle, then you might be excited (and somewhat surprised) to learn that Zen Pinball 2 is on the way too. Developer Zen Studios announced the PS3 and PS Vita follow-up overnight, meaning, like the Pinball Arcade, you’ll now be able to challenge your...

  • News Lock-On to a Metal Sonic 4: Episode II Trailer

    Back in time

    Remember the Lock-On function of Sonic & Knuckles on the Mega Drive? It's making a resurgence in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2, as the trailer below shows. Anyone who owns Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I and the follow-up will be able to access four exclusive Metal Sonic levels that span the gap between Sonic CD and Sonic 4,...

  • News Skullgirls Picks a Fight with PSN on 10th April

    Put 'em up

    The release date for Reverge Labs’ super promising PlayStation Network brawler Skullgirls is no longer a mystery – well, not if you’re in North America anyway. The uber-pretty punch ‘em up will launch on Sony’s digital storefront on 10th April for $14.99. Sadly, the game’s European release remains in limbo. As you were, then.

  • News Sonic 4: Episode II Makes a Date with PSN on 15th May

    Open your heart

    If you’ve already read our Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II First Impressions, then you’ll probably be wondering when you can take the blue blur for a spin yourself. Well, there’s good news ahead, because SEGA has confirmed that Sonic’s latest adventure will kick off on 15th May in North America. There’s no word on a...

  • News Journey is March's Best Selling PSN Game

    Act surprised

    Seeing as Sony recently declared thatgamecompany’s Journey to be the fastest selling PlayStation Network title of all time, it shouldn't come as a surprise to see the innovative opus at the top of the PSN charts for the month of March. The evocative quest fought off strong competition from PSN’s previous fastest seller, inFamous:...

  • News Warm Up Your Flipper Fingers with The Pinball Arcade

    Buy one, get one free

    The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita get an extra dose of flip-heavy action next week, with the release of The Pinball Arcade on 10th April. As with other cross-compatible titles, you’ll get the console and handheld versions for a single price. Similarly, you’ll only need to purchase DLC once to access it on both consoles. The...

  • News Sonic 4: Episode II Japan-Bound on 16th May


    SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 just got its first official release date: 16th May in Japan. The second episode of the retro reboot will cost ¥1,500 — that's about £11.49 or $18, but expect Western prices to be much lower: the original was $14.99 before dropping to $9.99 after a few months. There's also a special bonus for...

  • News Channel Your Rage with World War Hulk Pinball Trailer

    "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry"

    While a spot of casual nudging is accepted when you’re playing pinball, we're not sure the table's owners would be too impressed if you opted for a full-on Hulk smash. The green giant is renowned for his destructive temper, as evidenced by this trailer for the World War Hulk table heading to Marvel Pinball...

  • News Rock Band Blitz Looks a Little Bit Like This

    Drumroll, please

    Now you know about Rock Band Blitz, we bet you’re biting your nails in anticipation for some footage of the game in action aren’t you? Well, stop. Look, like we told you – the PSN download’s a lot like Frequency and Amplitude. This trailer pretty much proves it, with plenty of note highways and instrument blocks on display...

  • News Double Dragon: Neon Lights Up the PSN This Summer

    Blast from the past

    Pull out your Dad’s favourite 80s hair metal LPs and squeeze into your Mum’s leopard skin pants – because Double Dragon is making a comeback. Publisher Majesco announced the exciting news this evening, confirming that 2D masters WayForward Technologies are handling the long overdue makeover. Double Dragon: Neon – due out...

  • News Rock Band Blitz Unplugs for PlayStation Network

    Not a plastic peripheral in sight

    Before there was Guitar Hero and Rock Band, there was a brilliant PS2 title named Frequency. The rhythm game served as a precursor for the plastic peripheral revolution that dominated the early days of PS3, challenging you to beat match using the DualShock controller. Frequency made a return on PSP in 2009, under...

  • Store Update 4th April 2012 (Europe)


    Like the Store Update for North America, there are no new Vita games this week so you'll have to make do with gaming on your PS3 if you want to experience something new. Here's what's up this week. PlayStation Network New Content: I Am Alive – (Trial also available [excl. Germany])One year after the Event, a worldwide cataclysmic event that...

  • News Spring Fever Kontinues with Mortal Kombat Kutbacks


    The PSN’s Spring Fever promotion was set to expire last week – but Sony’s had such success with the campaign that it’s decided to extend the celebrations by an additional week. Joining the festivities are combative racer Wheels of Destruction and more Mortal Kombat discounts than you can shake a dismembered limb at. First and foremost,...

  • Store Update 3rd April 2012 (North America)

    I Am Alive and more

    Vita owners go home empty-handed today, with no new games or demos on the portable storefront, but there's plenty of DLC and a few much-anticipated games for PS3 owners to sink their teeth into. PlayStation Plus: Free Games: Shank 2Shift 2 UnleashedCanabalt (PS mini)Farm Frenzy 2 (PS mini)Silent Hill (

  • News Dispatch Hordes of Extraterrestrials in Alien Fear

    Another sci-fi shooter

    You know what this industry always needed: another sci-fi themed first-person shooter. Of course, we’re being facetious, but that’s not stopped Sniper: Ghost Warrior developer City Interactive from announcing Alien Fear for the PlayStation Network. The downloadable FPS will be powered by Unreal Engine 3, and will have an...

  • News Skullgirls Release Date in Limbo

    Probably out 10th April?

    Gorgeous 2D brawler Skullgirls is due out on 11th April on XBOX 360, but a PlayStation Network release date is still unconfirmed. Reverge Labs’ community manager Peter Bartholow triumphantly touted the date on NeoGAF, but warned that a PSN release had not been finalised. He speculated that an 10th April launch is probable...

  • Game of the Month March 2012 - Journey

    Of course

    There's only one game we could possibly choose as the best of March: thatgamecompany's superlative Journey. In fact, not only is it the best game on PlayStation in the last calendar month, we named it the Best PlayStation 3 game in our recent staff poll. As our Journey review put it: Journey is a seminal release; the kind of title that...


  • News Nippon Ichi Announces Trio of PS3 Exclusives

    Get your niche on

    Disgaea developer Nippon Ichi has announced a trio of new PlayStation 3 exclusive JRPGs for release in North America and Europe. The first of the batch is internally developed action RPG The Witch and the Hundred Knights, which is due out in early 2013. Very little is known about the game itself, but it will feature full 3D...

  • News Awesomenauts Brings the Awesome to PSN on 1st May

    Taking you back to your childhood

    There’s just one more month to wait before Ronimo unleashes the awesome that is, er, Awesomenauts onto the PlayStation Network. The developer has attached a 1st May release date to the multiplayer title in North America, with a European release set to follow on 2nd May. The game’s big selling point is its 2D...

  • News Insomniac Games Was Working on a Pinball Title


    Here’s something you didn’t expect to learn today: Insomniac Games was working on a pinball game. Entitled 1080Pinball (geddit?) the game was in development while the studio was adding the final touches to Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction and Resistance 2. The game was designed to be the “most realistic simulation of pinball...

  • News Latest Tokyo Jungle Trailer Will Make You Scratch Your Head

    In a good way

    With Sony’s bafflingly brilliant post-apocalyptic PSN exclusive Tokyo Jungle just a few months away from release in Japan, the publisher’s released a brand new trailer to get you in the mood. The video introduces all of the game’s furry protagonists, and bundles in a bunch of fresh gameplay footage to boot. Watch in awe as an...

  • News Sony Announces April PlayStation Plus Content

    Bringing out the big guns

    Sony’s lined up another mammoth month of content for its PlayStation Plus subscribers in April. Starting next month, members in North America and Europe will grab a double-header of free EA goodies, including the recently released Shank 2 and last year’s Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed. In addition, North Americans...

  • News Journey is PSN's Fastest Selling Game Ever

    And rightly so

    PSN masterpiece Journey is the fastest-selling game ever to hit the service. thatgamecompany's co-founder Jenova Chen announced on the PlayStation Blog that the company's latest has outsold every other digital download, beating the previous record set by inFAMOUS: Festival of

  • Store Update 28th March 2012 (Europe)

    Arc the Lad II and BurgerTime

    Some good retro-themed content this week — let's get to it. PS3 Games: Burgertime World Tour (Free Trial available)BurgerTime World Tour is an evolution of the arcade classic enhanced with an innovative 3D rotating cylindrical environment and elevated retro gameplay. With new challenging platforming elements, online...

  • Store Update 27th March 2012 (North America)

    Closure, Resistance AR and MMA

    Vita fans get one game to choose from this week but the free AR monument viewer for Resistance: Burning Skies is well worth taking a look at. Here's what's up and available for you to purchase right now. PlayStation Plus: Spring Fever Discounts:Closure — 20% offSplinter Cell HD — 50% offTom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:...

  • News Feast Your Eyes on 30 Minutes of DUST 514

    The future

    Developer CCP debuted 30 minutes of DUST 514 footage as part of a keynote at its EVE Fanfest event last night. The footage shows off everything from the game’s lobby system right through to its interaction with PC MMO Eve Online. While the gunplay looks decent, it’s the cross-platform integration that’s really the star of the...

  • News Foosball 2012 Shoots onto PS3 and PS Vita

    Practice your wrist action

    Grip Games is well known for its output on the PlayStation Minis platform, but with today’s announcement it has stepped into the big league. The Prague-based developer has taken a quick detour onto the PlayStation Blog to reveal Foosball 2012 – a digital table football simulation pledged for PlayStation 3 and...

  • News The Simpsons Arcade Game Tops February PSN Charts


    Almost 25 years after their original debut, The Simpsons are still topping charts. Sony has revealed that the recently re-released The Simpsons Arcade Game has topped the PlayStation Network charts for February, beating out strong competition from the likes of Gotham City Imposters and House of the Dead III. Escape Plan took the honours on...

  • Store Update 21st March 2012 (Europe)

    Ubisoft meltdown

    Ubi wants a big ol' slice of your money this week, with Altair, Ezio and Rayman all competing for your digital funds. Here's what's up this week for those with European Store accounts. PlayStation Plus: Assassin’s Creed Revelations – 50% Discount (ends Monday, March 26th)Rayman 3 HD – 20% Discount, 1 week onlyBionic Commando:...

  • Store Update 20th March 2012 (North America)

    Sumioni and Rayman 3

    After the thrill of Journey and other high profile releases in recent weeks, this Store Update might disappoint some, but there's still some quality downloading to be done. Here's what's up. PlayStation Plus: Free Dynamic Theme: Journey Dynamic Theme Spring Fever Discounted Games:Rayman 3 HD (20% off)

  • News I Am Alive Lives on PSN From 4th April

    This is living

    After a short period of exclusivity on the Xbox 360, Ubisoft has announced that it is bringing its ambitious survival title I Am Alive to the PlayStation Network on 4th April, 2012. Ubisoft has yet to reveal full pricing information for the game, but it has announced that PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to take advantage of...

  • News Assassin's Creed: Revelations Sneaks onto PSN This Week

    Pay the price

    If, like us, you’ve come to resent changing discs when you want to play a new game, then Ubisoft’s got the perfect announcement for you: Assassin’s Creed Revelations is coming to the PlayStation Network this week. You’ll have to pay a premium to witness the conclusion of Ezio’s tale directly from your hard-drive (£49.99),...

  • News Virtua Fighter Legend Chibita Talks Final Showdown

    The 'little kid' speaks

    SEGA's Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is out in a few months, hoping to draw in a new breed of players to its "speed chess" gameplay. If you practise for years and years and years, you might be as good as VF legend Chibita. The Japanese pro talked to the official SEGA Blog about his play style, career and the...

  • News PSN Maintenance Returns This Wednesday

    Heads up

    It’s that time of the month again where we hop online to school you about Sony’s latest PlayStation Network maintenance plans. Comes around quick, doesn’t it? Posting on the official community forums, Sony’s announced that the latest batch of network repairs will begin on 21st March at 15:00PM GMT and will run right through until...

  • News Avengers DLC Spinning into Marvel Pinball This Spring

    About flipping time

    Four new tables are headed to Marvel Pinball this spring, developer Zen Studios has announced. The tables – based on Marvel Comics’ World War Hulk, Fear Itself and The Infinity Guantlet storylines – will include more character interaction, dialogue and action than any of the developer's previous tables according to the...

  • Rumour Shenmue HD Was Finished Over a Year Ago

    "I see..."

    Here’s a story to get the old blood boiling: according to GamerZines, SEGA has been sitting on finished versions of Shenmue HD and Shenmue II HD for over a year. The website reports that the Japanese publisher decided to hold back the hotly anticipated re-releases in order to get a feel for the future of the Shenmue franchise as a...

  • News Closure Comes to PlayStation Network on 27th March

    Not what you think

    Stop worrying, the PlayStation Network is not closing down. Quite the contrary, as Eyebrow Interactive has announced that former Indie Game Challenge winner Closure is coming to the PlayStation Network on 27th March. The game is set in a monochrome world in which only the things you see actually exist. That means that unless you...

  • News House of the Dead 4 Shoots Up the PlayStation Store Next Month


    Shooting zombies never gets old. Sure gamers might lament the lack of creativity when developers spew out yet another title featuring the undead, but, let’s be honest, shooting their limbs off never really loses its sheen, does it? There’s good news for PlayStation Move owners then, as SEGA has announced that House of the Dead 4 is...

  • Store Update 14th March 2012 (Europe)

    Bon voyage

    There’s lots of great content launching as part of today’s European PlayStation Store update, including a certain game called Journey – you might have heard of it. Let’s go. PlayStation Plus: Shoot Many Robots 20% discount for one weekMotorStorm RC Pro-AM 50% discount PlayStation 3 Games: BioShock 2 £23.99, €

  • News Freemium Gundam Shooter Blasting onto PSN

    Complimentary chaos

    The free-to-play market is blowing up in PC and mobile sectors, but it’s still yet to really take off on consoles. Sony’s hoping to change that, by commissioning content such as Free Realms and the upcoming DUST 514 – and it looks as though other publishers are finally starting to take notice. Namco Bandai has announced...

  • News Jet Set Radio HD Loses Some of its Original Songs

    Super brothers

    A big part of the appeal of SEGA’s cel-shaded graffiti franchise Jet Set Radio is the music – so there’s been warranted concern over the upcoming HD remaster’s soundtrack. The good news is that SEGA’s managed to relicense just over half of the original playlist; the bad news is that it couldn’t nab rights to the other...

  • Store Update 13th March 2012 (North America)

    Spring fever

    The PlayStation Network has officially caught Spring Fever this week, prompting lots of discounts to be added to the North American PlayStation Store. Elsewhere, vanilla PSN users finally get access to thatgamecompany’s wonderful Journey, while a selection of new PS Vita titles finally launch overseas. Let’s go. PlayStation Plus:...

  • News No More Sonic 4 Episodes Planned Beyond Episode 2

    Cutting things short

    Episodic content is a curse – just ask fans of Half-Life. Sadly it looks as though SEGA’s not going to be the ones to break that curse, announcing that it has no plans to continue its Sonic the Hedgehog 4 series beyond the upcoming Episode 2. Sonic Team producer Takashi Iizuka broke the depressing news, telling Digital Spy...

  • News Team Up on PSN, Shoot Many Robots

    Fry their microchips

    The world's gone to pot, the robots have become self-aware and humanity's in peril. But wait — all's not lost, as a paranoid hillbilly has been waiting for this very day with an impressive stockade of weaponry. And beer. Demiurge Studios' Shoot Many Robots arrives on the European PlayStation Network today. The side-scrolling...

  • Out Now Journey (Europe)

    Sand play

    PlayStation Plus members have been skidding through the sand in thatgamecompany's Journey for a week already, but now it's time for everybody to set off on their own adventure. Lucky North Americans got the game yesterday for the tidy sum of $14.99, while European travellers can pick it up for £9.99 as of today. Thatgamecompany's third...

  • News New Sonic 4: Episode 2 Screenshots Sprint Online

    Egged on

    SEGA’s released some brand new screenshots from Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 and it’s all looking delightfully pretty. The shots show a variety of new districts, including a theme park, an underwater stage and a rather festive snowy carnival. There’s also room for a sneak peak at one of the game’s boss fights, which looks...

  • News MotorStorm RC Pro-AM DLC Launches Tomorrow

    Shove it

    If you’ve (somehow) already managed to clear MotorStorm RC’s lengthy campaign, then you might be excited to learn that the game’s set to get its first DLC pack tomorrow. The Pro-AM festival includes 16 new events set across four circuits, each designed around a skate-park theme. The PR reads: Get ready for huge ramps, banked corners...

  • News Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Confirmed for Western Launch

    Rise from your grave

    Further securing the PlayStation 3’s status as the primary platform for rails shooters, Capcom has announced that it is bringing both Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles to the PSN in June, bundled together as Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection. Both titles had previously been...

  • News Retro City Rampage to Retail for $15

    Because it's worth it

    Retro City Rampage developer Brian Provinciano refuses to charge less than what he feels his game is worth. In an interview with PocketNext, the indie developer took a dig at the “race to the bottom” pricing model that is sweeping iOS platforms, explaining that his title is worth every penny of the $15 he intends to sell it...

  • News Sonic 4: Episode 2's Physics to be Based on Mega Drive Games

    Getting it right

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 was not a bad game by any means, but it just didn’t feel right. Over the years, the Sonic series has developed a distinctive “feel” which was completely missing in SEGA’s episodic debut. Thankfully, the Japanese publisher is not planning on making the same mistake twice. Speaking with...

  • News Journey Out Now for PS Plus Members

    Take a trip to the desert

    If you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber in Europe or North America, you can download thatgamecompany's superb Journey one week before it's available to the wider public. It'll set you back $14.99 in North America, £9.99 in the UK or €12.99 in Europe. If you're a PlayStation Plus member and you're on the fence about this,...

  • Store Update 7th March 2012 (Europe)

    Trine 2 at last

    The European PlayStation Store update is now available, bringing with it nice surprises and long-awaited games too. PlayStation Plus: Journey One-week early access — Journey reviewTrine 2 100% discountSly Raccoon HD 100% discountJet Rider 100% discountFarm Frenzy 2 100% discount

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