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News: Hackers Target Systems Such As PS4 Around 34,000 Times a Day

Hackers Target Systems Such As PS4 Around 34,000 Times a Day

Hosing down the firewall

People were particularly hostile towards Sony during the dark days of the PlayStation Network hack a couple of years ago – but a new report from cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab has outlined just how much strain the platform holder’s constantly under. According to Consumer Affairs, the manufacturer – alongside...

News: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Being Launched Off the PSN Store

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Being Launched Off the PSN Store

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 taking a fist to the face, too

It seems that Capcom has been unable to break the mounting combo of comic book character licensing fees. As part of a pretty nonchalant blog post, the Japanese publisher has revealed that both Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will be leaving the PlaySt

News: You Don't Have As Many PSN Trophies As This Guy

You Don't Have As Many PSN Trophies As This Guy

Hakoom hits Level 100

Trophies are a curious part of the PlayStation experience. As much as we enjoy the thrill of unlocking a brand new trinket, they can sometimes feel a little bit like hard work. One person who’s transformed the grind into a day job is Hakoom, the world’s leading pursuer of small PNG pictures. And he’s just hit another...

Store Update: 11th December 2013 (Europe)

11th December 2013 (Europe)

Bots and brains

If you’ve already exhausted the PlayStation 4’s launch lineup, then this week’s European PlayStation Store update will come as a bit of a relief, as it includes two new titles for you to try. In addition to cross-buy exploration exclusive Doki-Doki Universe, the refresh also includes co-operative puzzle-‘em-up Tiny Brains...

Review: A-Men 2 (PlayStation Network - Vita)

A-Men 2 (PlayStation Network - Vita)

Pray before playing

The A-Men have returned to challenge your deductive skills in another set of devilishly difficult combat scenarios. The rouge robot army that you accidentally unleashed in the original title is still at large, and it’s up to you and your squad of specialists to eradicate them – or perhaps just skirt around them as you get to...

Store Update: 10th December 2013 (North America)

10th December 2013 (North America)

Seasonal cyborg

ToeJam & Earl creator Greg Johnson’s bonkers intergalactic excursion Doki-Doki Universe takes centre stage on the North American PlayStation Store this week. The curious cross-buy title sees you exploring weird and wonderful planets, where you’ll need to complete various personality tests in order to progress. Pretty weird,...

Review: Putty Squad (PlayStation 4)

Putty Squad (PlayStation 4)

Killer Carrots and Crazy Cats

Back in the nineties, the eventually unreleased Amiga version of Putty Squad was praised by the press for its varied level shapes, consistent game logic, and “masterful” animation. Jump forward 15 years, and we no longer get excited by shapes (unless they’re naughty shapes and you’re a member of Reddit), or game...

Game of the Month: November 2013 - Resogun

November 2013 - Resogun

Gunned down

November was yet another busy month for Push Square's reviewers, as we critiqued a hefty 23 games in total. Last month also saw the release of a certain console that you may have heard about: the PlayStation 4. With Sony's new hardware flying off the shelves, the race to get our next-gen write-ups published was on, and so we brought...

News: You'll Soon Be Able to Link Three Portable Devices to Your PSN Account

You'll Soon Be Able to Link Three Portable Devices to Your PSN Account

Three's a crowd

A recent post on the PlayStation Network forums has confirmed that the online service will be down for planned maintenance between 09:00AM - 14:00PM PST (17:00PM - 22:00PM GMT). During this time you'll still be able to play online and access apps, but the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, and Account Management services will be...

Review: flOw (PlayStation 4)

flOw (PlayStation 4)

Go with the flOw

Before flower and Journey, there was flOw. Swimming onto the PlayStation 3 in 2007, this trailblazing title from thatgamecompany was one of several games that paved the way for the thriving indie scene found on consoles today. Six years later, it’s fitting that the release has washed up on the PlayStation 4 as part of its own...

Review: Rainbow Moon (PlayStation Network - Vita)

Rainbow Moon (PlayStation Network - Vita)

Richer than a pot of gold

Lore has it that leprechauns leave pots of gold at the end of a rainbow. Seeking out the end of the colourful arch will bestow vast riches upon the adventurer – the reward for a dangerous and long journey, where the goal is often hidden from sight. Similar treasures can be uncovered in the PlayStation Vita port of Rainbow...

News: Doki-Doki Universe Bumbles an Iconic Bass Line This Month

Doki-Doki Universe Bumbles an Iconic Bass Line This Month

Totally jammin'

ToeJam & Earl creator Greg Johnson’s bizarre intergalactic experiment Doki-Doki Universe is set to tie up its Hi-Tops and speed onto the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita this month. The title – which appears to be dated for North America only at the moment – will jam with your consoles on 10th December,...

News: Zen Pinball 2 Sets a High Score on PlayStation 4

Zen Pinball 2 Sets a High Score on PlayStation 4

Flippin' fantastic

Steel your flipper fingers for the ultimate tabletop experience, as Zen Studios has announced that Zen Pinball 2 is set to ping onto the PlayStation 4 on 17th December in North America and 18th December in Europe. Even better, the re-release's tables will be available for free if you’ve already spent money on the score-chasing...

Store Update: 4th December 2013 (Europe)

4th December 2013 (Europe)

Go with the flOw

There’s no sign of the PlayStation Store slowing down in Europe, as this week’s content refresh serves up a veritable roast feast of goodies. Highlights include flOw and Blacklight: Retribution on the PlayStation 4, Gran Turismo 6 on the PlayStation 3, and Rainbow Moon on the Vita. What are you buying? PlayStation 4: flOw...

Store Update: 3rd December 2013 (North America)

3rd December 2013 (North America)

Animal magic

With the PlayStation 4 already available on store shelves and most of the big blockbusters sitting impatiently in your backlog, we’re very much re-entering the slow season ahead of Christmas right now. That means that game developers are spending more time eating Mince Pies than slaving over bugs – and you’re going to have to make...