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Store Update: 10th September 2014 (Europe)

10th September 2014 (Europe)

You look like you've seen a Ghost

Destiny’s out so we can finally stop talking about it, right? Wrong. Now that Bungie’s epic sci-fi shooter has fired its way onto physical and digital store shelves, we’re spending all of our time uncovering its secrets so that we can stuff your eyes with more articles than they can handle. Fortunately,...

Game of the Month: August 2014 - Metro Redux

August 2014 - Metro Redux

Tunnel of love

It's Game of the Month time once again here at Push Square, and what a busy month for games it was in August. We reviewed 27 titles in total, but PlayStation 4 port naysayers probably won't be happy with the winner of our prestigious award. Back in July, we crowned The Last of Us Remastered as the best release of the Summer month,...

Store Update: 3rd September 2014 (Europe)

3rd September 2014 (Europe)

Where the bloody hell is Minecraft PS4?

Well, it's time to take a seat and a deep breath, because we've got some bad news for all you block lovers out there. Contrary to what PlayStation France said in the early hours of the morning, Minecraft on PS4 is nowhere to be found in today's European PlayStation Store update. Still, it has to be close, and...

Review: Mahjong Gold (PlayStation Vita)

Mahjong Gold (PlayStation Vita)

Shiver me tiles

The Mahjong solitaire variant is a popular genre for handheld devices. In fact, it’s ideal for touch screen handhelds due to the nature of the game: bite-size puzzles solvable by matching pairs of symbols. And, indeed, 8 Floor Games' collection of Mahjong titles with their three star challenges, limited special abilities, and...

Review: The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 5 - No Going Back (PlayStation 3)

The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 5 - No Going Back (PlayStation 3)

The long and winding road

Back in July, when Telltale’s critically acclaimed The Wolf Among Us wrapped up its first season, The Walking Dead was only at its halfway point – but the developer has raced to Season Two’s finale since then. As those of you that are familiar with the series will already know, this second set of episodes puts you...

News: Yay, PSN's Delayed Scheduled Maintenance Returns Today

Yay, PSN's Delayed Scheduled Maintenance Returns Today

Don't worry, you'll be able to play online

We suppose that we should give Sony credit for delaying the PlayStation Network’s previously planned maintenance after Sunday’s outage – even if it was only for a few days. The platform holder has announced that Monday’s postponed preservation period will now take place later today in both

Store Update: 26th August 2014 (North America)

26th August 2014 (North America)

Heavy hitters

It’s an absolutely gigantic week on the North American PlayStation Store this time, especially for the PlayStation 4. Highlights undoubtedly include retail releases Madden NFL 15 and Metro Redux, but Sucker Punch’s superhero spin-off inFAMOUS: First Light deserves a mention as well. Other new arrivals include sidescrolling...

Review: CounterSpy (PlayStation 4)

CounterSpy (PlayStation 4)

From Russia with regret

CounterSpy is a strange beast. Developed by fledgling studio Dynamighty, it's an ambitious game that strives to bridge the gap between 2D and 3D stealth, while also attempting to juggle randomly generated levels. And while it plays host to some truly unique mechanics, and consistently brilliant presentation, it's...