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  • News Hotline Miami Developer Discussing PlayStation Port

    Hangin' on the telephone

    If the recently released Retro City Rampage didn’t quite satisfy your hunger for throwback bedlam, then perhaps indie smash-hit Hotline Miami will quell your thirst instead. Jonatan Söderström, the developer behind the twisted PC release, has revealed to Pocket Gamer that his team has been talking to Sony about the...

  • News Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Prepares to Hijack the PS3

    Hit the gym

    Put your anticipation for Grand Theft Auto V on hold, because it looks like PS2 classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to the PlayStation 3. The eagle-eyed editors over at Gematsu spotted an updated ESRB rating for the open world adventure, essentially confirming the title’s eventual arrival on the PlayStation Store. Similar...

  • News Twisted Metal Explodes onto the PlayStation Store Next Week

    Sweet tooth

    Those of you gunning for some destruction this Hallowe'en may be excited to learn that Twisted Metal is coming to the PlayStation Store as a digital release. The top-notch reboot will launch on 30th October in North America for $39.99. If you’re still not sure whether heavy metal and exploding cars are quite your thing, check out our...

  • News Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Reveals All from 27th November

    Hanging out

    PlayStation’s most popular Lombax will lay himself bare this winter, when Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault arrives in North America on 27th November. The fun size adventure will be available from both retail outlets and the PlayStation Store for $19.99. It’ll support full cross-buy compatibility, meaning you’ll only need...

  • News Crysis 2 Is Europe's Next Free PlayStation Plus Giveaway

    Armed and ready

    European PlayStation Plus subscribers anticipating more free games will be pleased to learn that the beautiful Crysis 2 has been confirmed as the next addition to the service's Instant Game Collection. The extraordinarily pretty sandbox shooter will be offered at no extra cost to subscribers from 7th November. The game sees you take...

  • News PlayStation Plus Contributing to Increased PSN Sales

    Stellar strategy

    Not every PlayStation platform is selling brilliantly at the moment, but PSN sales are through the roof. SCEA executive John Koller believes that some of that success can be attributed to the presence of the PlayStation Plus subscription program. “Since E3, we’ve seen a significant rise in PlayStation Plus adoption and we’ll...

  • News Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit DLC Gets Nostalgic

    Welcome to the Fantasy Zone

    What’s better than a shamed dead rabbit hell-bent on revenge? A bunch of forgotten SEGA protagonists hell-bent on revenge, of course. Developer Arkedo has released a couple of new DLC packs for Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit this week, which implement a slew of classic character skins. Amongst the famous faces are...

  • News Journey Awarded Top Gong at GameCity 2012

    Deserving winner

    Thatgamecompany’s exceptional PlayStation Network exclusive Journey took home the second GameCity Prize last night, when it was selected from a shortlist that included Catherine and Mass Effect 3. "I really like the goal of GameCity, to get people to notice games and talk about games, particularly for people who don't encounter...

  • Store Update 24th October 2012 (Europe)

    The finished swan

    There’s plenty in this week’s European PlayStation Store update to keep your bandwidth busy. Just like overseas, there’s an impressive selection of PlayStation Vita content, including Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz and Street Fighter X Tekken. The PS3 side’s not too shabby either, with both Killzone HD

  • News Killzone HD Conquers the European PlayStation Store Today

    Sons and daughters of Helghan

    We know this is old news to those of you overseas, but the original ‘Halo killer’ is set to release on the European PlayStation Store later today. Killzone HD re-masters the original PlayStation 2 title in glorious high-definition – and it’s arriving just in time to rain on Halo 4’s Doritos-powered parade...

  • Store Update 23rd October 2012 (North America)


    Who said there were no PlayStation Vita games? This week’s North American PlayStation Store update introduces five new titles alone. Amongst the fresh arrivals are Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz and Street Fighter X Tekken. PlayStation 3 players have no shortage of new titles to look forward to either. This week sees the release of The...

  • News PlayStation Network Hacking Lawsuit Tossed Out

    Justice at last

    Last year’s PlayStation Network hack proved a torrid time for Sony’s platform – but it was worsened by the knee-jerk reactions from some corners of the press. Cast your minds back to the hazy days of April 2011, and you’ll recall headlines regarding credit card fraud, identity theft, and more. In reality, while there was no...

  • News The Walking Dead's Collector's Edition Is Surprisingly Large

    Puddle of blood

    If you haven’t played Telltale’s outrageously popular The Walking Dead series yet, then you might be tempted to nab the title at retail. If you do decide to pick it up, you’ll be able to do so in standard or collector’s edition flavours. The former will include the full season on disc for $29.99, while the latter will bundle...

  • News Redesigned PlayStation Store Finally Opens in the UK

    Better late than never

    Sony has finally launched the revamped PlayStation Store in the UK. The updated digital storefront was originally scheduled to arrive on 17th October, but was delayed due to slow loading and bugs. We’ve now had a chance to test out the new look, and it definitely seems to organise content in a much more cohesive manner...

  • News PlayStation Store Revamp Postponed in North America

    Not a surprise

    Those of you in North America will be forced to stick with the classic blue version of the PlayStation Store for the time being. Following the disastrous roll-out of the new storefront overseas, Sony has decided to postpone the release of the revamp in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. Eric Lempel explained that an...

  • News Germinator Offers an Infectious Twist on a Puzzle Classic

    Highly contagious

    Creat Studios has promised to contaminate the PlayStation Network with a brand new title. The prolific publisher has announced Germinator, an unhygienic take on the match-three puzzler. Unlike other titles, the digital release sees you slotting together germ types in order to create enormous microbes. Push them too far and...

  • News Yes, Sonic the Fighters Is Coming to the PSN

    Don't shoot the messenger

    Following weeks of speculation, SEGA has finally confirmed that Sonic the Fighters is coming to the PlayStation Network. As predicted, the terrible arcade fighting game will release alongside fellow Model 2 titles Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers. You’ll be able to purchase all three games for ¥800 (roughly $10) in...

  • News Redesigned PlayStation Store Launch Temporarily Postponed

    Utter disaster

    Yesterday’s European PlayStation Store re-launch did not go according plan. Following a catastrophic roll-out marred by slow loading and bugs, the platform holder has decided to delay the release of the new digital storefront in some territories for the time being. “The phased launch of the new PlayStation Store has been...

  • Store Update 17th October 2012 (Europe)

    New look

    This is the first European PlayStation Store update in a brand new home – and, well, at the time of writing things aren’t working too well. But let’s not let that get us down. Assuming you can overcome the slow loading and bugs of Sony’s brand new digital storefront, there’s a handful of tasty nuggets worthy of your attention. New...

  • News Cryptic SEGA Trailer Teases Incoming Announcement

    Detective time

    Where’s ex-editor James Newton when you need him? SEGA's released a brand new teaser trailer that’s had everyone in the Push Square office stumped. The cryptic short – entitled 2 x 5 – features lots of screaming and the sound of Sonic losing rings. If you listen carefully, you’ll also spot the “Get Ready” voice sample...

  • News Take a Guided Tour of the New PlayStation Store

    Better than actually using it

    While the PlayStation Store redesign limps out across Europe, the North American PlayStation Blog has released an inside look at the new storefront. The video shows off all of the application’s new features, including intelligent search and content filtering. It all works a lot better in this trailer than it does...

  • News Redesigned PlayStation Store Opens Its Doors in Europe

    Queues cause chaos

    This is all rather exciting, isn’t it? Depending on where in Europe you reside, you might already have access to the new PlayStation Store. We’ve been checking from our UK account all morning, but we still see the classic blue storefront. Apparently, Sony is in the process of rolling out the redesign across the continent as we...

  • Store Update 16th October 2012 (North America)

    Digital domination

    North America might not have a new PlayStation Store to dive into just yet, but it’s still got a whole heap of content to purchase. In truth, this week’s refresh isn’t quite as loaded as previous updates – but we suspect your wallet will appreciate the break. Highlights include 007 Legends, DOOM 3 BFG Edition and, er,...

  • News PayPal Becomes a Payment Option for PSN in Europe

    Add funds

    If last year’s PlayStation Network hack has left you hesitant to share your credit card information with Sony, then you might be excited to learn that the platform holder has added a PayPal payment option to its website in Europe. The feature – which is currently available in the UK alongside a slew of other European countries –...

  • News Pressure Blends Steampunk with Car Combat Next Month

    Under pressure

    Pressure fuses a slew of different ideas together. The Chasing Carrots developed PSN title mixes steampunk with isometric racing and car combat. It actually looks pretty fun, too. In the game, you’ll control a steam-powered buggy, and attempt to chase down the evil Earl of Wellness, who has drained the local lake in order to...

  • News Arkedo Series Lights Up North American PSN Later Today

    Taste the rainbow

    If you’re a fan of the super stylish Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, then you might be eager to learn a little more about what developer Arkedo got up to before it hit the big time. The Arkedo Series – set for release later today on the North American PlayStation Store – should answer all of your queries. Jump,

  • News Soon It Won't Cost You a Penny to Humiliate Yourself in SingStar

    Money, money, money

    It looks like Sony’s karaoke series SingStar is going free-to-play. A cryptic message displayed in the franchise’s Viewer application – which previously allowed you to browse DLC, but not actually play any of it – notes that the service has been discontinued, but adds that "the complete SingStar experience will be...

  • News Capcom Resurrects Darkstalkers for PlayStation Network

    Back from the brink

    Capcom’s cult classic fighting franchise Darkstalkers will make a comeback on the PlayStation Network next year, the publisher has announced. The forgotten favourite – famous for spawning a slew of cosplay costumes – will make its long awaited return as Darkstalkers Resurrection, a downloadable compilation featuring the...

  • News PSN Maintenance Planned for 15th October

    It's been a while

    The PlayStation Network will take a short break for scheduled maintenance starting 15th October, platform holder Sony has announced. We daresay the offline time will be spent preparing for the upcoming PlayStation Store overhaul. During the allotted period – scheduled to take place from 13:00PM BST through until 02:00AM BST the...

  • Talking Point Why Now Is the Right Time for the PlayStation Store Overhaul

    Shopping spree

    “Why now?” commented the chorus of critics following the announcement of Sony’s widely publicised PlayStation Store refresh earlier today. With the next-generation popularly predicted to kick-start in late 2013, the imminent arrival of the new storefront may seem somewhat mistimed – but it could also indicate that the...

  • News Redesigned PlayStation Store Launches from 17th October

    Face lift

    If you were getting tired of the PlayStation 3’s clunky old store-front, then we’ve got good news for you – the entire portal is getting a makeover from 17th October in Europe and 23rd October in North America. The overhauled look – announced at a London press event earlier today – will bring with it a host of new features and...

  • Store Update 10th October 2012 (Europe)

    Best served cold

    This week’s European PlayStation Store update can’t quite match the dizzying heights of its North American counterpart, but it’s still a bubbling pot of must-have content. Highlights include Dishonored, Joe Danger 2: The Movie and Derrick the Deathfin. Not a bad little selection by any stretch. Let's get down to bu

  • News ToeJam & Earl Struts onto the PlayStation Network Next Month

    Hum the bassline

    ToeJam & Earl’s frantic hunt for spaceship parts will continue on the PlayStation Network next month, when the SEGA Mega Drive classic arrives on Sony’s digital storefront. The original Rogue-like will be joined by its less impressive side-scroller sequel, Panic on Funkotron. You’ll be able to purchase the funky...

  • Store Update 9th October 2012 (North America)

    The motherload

    Forget about the slew of content starting to infiltrate physical shops – the PlayStation Store is the best place to be. This week’s North American update is absolutely brimming with new releases, including highlights such as Dishonored and Retro City Rampage. In truth, we could write a short thesis about the slew of games coming...

  • Interview Hello Games on Joe Danger 2: The Movie and PSN Delays

    Torque of the town

    For many, the Joe Danger franchise will forever be associated with PlayStation. After struggling to find a publisher, Guildford-based indie developer Hello Games signed up to Sony’s widely-publicised ‘Pub Fund’ scheme – a move which provided the studio with financial support in return for exclusivity. The game proved to...

  • News There's Something Fishy About This Derrick the Deathfin Trailer


    In order to celebrate the release of Derrick the Deathfin on PSN this week, developer Different Tuna has sent us this delightful little trailer. It shows the aquatic protagonist's origins as card and glue, before cutting to footage of the fish scoffing on other sea-life. Aww, so cute!

  • News Four New Playable Animals Stalk Tokyo Jungle This Week

    Killer croc

    The roster of playable pets in Tokyo Jungle is set to expand by four this week, with the release of a fresh batch of DLC. New arrivals include the Crocodile, Giraffe, Kangaroo and Panda. Sony has also promised to give away a new wardrobe of outfits, though specifics are currently unannounced. If you’re still unsure about...

  • News Hello Games: We're Not Planning Joe Danger 3 at the Moment

    Starting over

    Fictional stuntman Joe Danger may be packing away his crash helmet and knee-pads after the release of sequel Joe Danger 2: The Movie on PSN this week. In an exclusive chat with Push Square, developer Hello Games revealed that it's not currently planning a third entry in the downloadable series, because it wants to turn its attention to...

  • Rumour Sonic the Fighters Is Punching onto PSN


    Awful arcade brawler Sonic the Fighters may be the next retro SEGA title to be ported to PSN. Prolific online super sleuth Superannuation teased the game’s imminent arrival on his Twitter feed, noting: “Sonic the Fighters getting a digital re-release suggests to me that SEGA is running out of Sonic games to re-release.” Those of you...

  • News Count the References in This Retro City Rampage Trailer

    Old school

    Watching this Retro City Rampage launch trailer is a bit like seeing your whole gaming life flash before you. The promotional video for the 8-bit open world adventure – due out on PS3 and Vita later today – is packed with so many throwback references that we actually lost count. Let us know how many you spot in the comments section...

  • News Guardians of Middle-Earth Travels to PSN in December

    Make sure you Baggins it

    Warner Bros’ poorly named PlayStation Network MOBA Guardians of Middle-Earth (sigh) will venture onto Sony’s digital storefront on 4th December in North America, the publisher has announced. A European launch will follow on 5th December, with a retail release planned for 7th December. In the UK, the digital title will...

  • News PSN Platformer Ibb & Obb Postponed Until 2013

    Time to find a friend

    Despite originally being pencilled in for a release later this year, promising co-op platformer Ibb & Obb has been pushed back into 2013. Developer Sparpweed announced the delay on its Facebook page, pointing to the silly season of retail releases as the reason for its deferral. The studio will be using the additional...

  • News The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Shuffles onto PSN Tomorrow

    Decisions, decisions

    The penultimate episode of Telltale’s wildly popular The Walking Dead series will stumble onto the North American PlayStation Store tomorrow. Unsurprisingly, a European release date has yet to be confirmed – but the game is supposedly in submission with SCEE. If previous entries are anything to go by, don’t expect it to...

  • News Machinarium Puzzles North American PSN Next Week

    Drawn to life

    When Sony announced its “Spend $100, Receive $20” PlayStation Network promotion earlier this week, we pondered how it expected gamers to accrue such a sum. Of course, we weren’t privy to the outrageous October release schedule, which has been gradually growing over the past 48 hours. Joining the likes of Retro City Rampage,

  • News Joe Danger 2: The Movie Races onto PSN Next Week

    Back in the saddle

    After a brief dalliance with the Xbox 360, Joe Danger 2: The Movie will finally speed onto the PlayStation Store next week, developer Hello Games has announced. The game will be available from 9th October in North America, and 10th October in Europe. It’ll cost just £9.99/$14.99. “We killed ourselves to make that...

  • News The Unfinished Swan Starts Its Journey Later This Month

    Once more with feeling

    Giant Sparrow’s emotionally engaging debut The Unfinished Swan will paddle onto the PlayStation Network on 23rd October in North America and 24th October in Europe, the developer has announced. PlayStation Plus subscribers will unlock early access to the title on 16th October and 17th October respectively. The game will cost...

  • News Retro City Rampage Travels Back in Time on 9th October

    Pull shapes

    Our agonising wait for Retro City Rampage will finally come to a conclusion next week, when the 8-bit interpretation of Grand Theft Auto hijacks a spot on the North American PlayStation Store on 9th October. For just $14.99, you’ll unlock access to both the PS3 and Vita versions of the title. A European release will take place at some...

  • Preview Fumbling Through the Dark with The Unfinished Swan

    Blind man's buff

    It’s difficult to discuss The Unfinished Swan without drawing comparisons to Journey. Just like thatgamecompany, developer Giant Sparrow has been taken under the wing of first-party powerhouse Sony Santa Monica. Furthermore, it has signed a three game exclusivity deal with PlayStation. Indeed, the only noticeable difference...

  • News FIFA 13 Tops European PSN Sales Charts

    Tokyo Jungle starts strong

    FIFA 13 was the best selling digital release in Europe last month – despite only being available for a handful of days. The soccer simulation was joined by Borderlands 2 and One Piece: Pirate Warriors, while Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD topped the PSN-only chart. Thankfully, the wacky To

  • Store Update 3rd October 2012 (Europe)

    Hell yeah

    Arkedo’s eye-burstingly attractive Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is joined by a host of content as part of this week’s European PlayStation Store update. Notable arrivals include Dead or Alive 5, NiGHTS into Dreams, and Sonic Adventure 2. There’s also the long awaited return of legendary PSone title Tomba!, and v

  • Store Update 2nd October 2012 (North America)

    Day dreamin'

    It’s another bumper week on the North American PlayStation Store. New arrivals include Resident Evil 6, NBA 2K13, Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS into Dreams. Our ex-editor James Newton is probably screaming with delight as we type. Other additions include

  • News Terraria Trailer Teases New PlayStation 3 Content

    Construct a better world

    Ace indie game Terraria is taking a detour onto PlayStation 3 – and this brand new trailer proves it. The short video shows the game in action, and teases the bevy of new content being added to the console version. There’s still no release date for the downloadable title, but publisher 505 Games promises it’s “coming...

  • News Resident Evil 5 and Bulletstorm Headline EU PS Plus Update

    Embarrassment of riches

    If you’re from North America, you might want to look away now. Sony has announced the European PlayStation Plus content schedule for October – and it’s absolutely brimming with attractive deals. First up, premium members will get free access to Arkedo’s Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit. The insanely pretty...

  • News Spend $100 on PSN This Month and Get $20 Back

    Makes sense

    The PlayStation Network is on fire at the moment – but that’s not stopping Sony from coming up with fresh ideas to keep you spending this October. The platform holder has announced that if you spend $100 through its digital storefront this month, you’ll get $20 in credit back. That cash will have to be reinvested into the...

  • News PlayStation Plus Subscribers Score a Free Copy of NFL Blitz

    Touch down

    PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection will be bolstered by the addition of NFL Blitz in North America this week, platform holder Sony has announced. The goofy arcade spin-off promises “an energetic, football gaming experience” that’s best played with friends. We suspect your appreciation of this update is going to hinge almost...

  • News CCP Games: DUST 514 Took Guts on Sony's Part

    Uncharted territory

    Few titles are as ambitious as CCP Games’ upcoming DUST 514. The PlayStation 3 exclusive intends to merge the universe between two disparate games – a feat which the Icelandic developer believes took real “guts on Sony’s part”. Asked what drew the studio to the PS3 in the first place, CCP’s Jon Lander told us: “It...


  • News Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New N' Tasty! Coming to PS3 and Vita

    Oddball remake on the way

    After months of teasing, Just Add Water has finally raised the curtain on Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New N' Tasty! – its complete overhaul of the popular 1997 PSone favourite. Speaking at a panel during the Eurogamer Expo earlier today, the studio revealed that the game will take advantage of a new 3D engine with an enhanced...

  • News PSP's Digital Comics Store Closes Its Doors Next Month

    Click, click

    Sony’s ill fated PlayStation Portable Digital Comics Store will shut down once and for all next month, the platform holder has announced. The company ceased updating the service last summer, but now it’s decided to close the category entirely. If you’ve previously purchased comics through the service, you’ll have until...

  • News PlayStation Network Sales Explode, Plus Subscribers Double

    Catching fire

    When the PlayStation Network was hit by a disastrous hack attack back in early 2011, many assumed that it would spell the end for the digital platform. In actual fact, the exact opposite has occurred, with the storefront achieving its “highest transactional” quarter yet over the past three months. In short, consumers spent more...

  • News Derrick the Deathfin Dashes onto PSN Next Month

    Echo, echo

    Ambitious papercraft adventure Derrick the Deathfin is set to make a splash on the PlayStation Network next month, developer Different Tuna has announced. The title’s poised to dart onto Sony’s digital storefront on 9th October in North America and 10th October in Europe. It’ll set you back just $7.99/€6.99. The game promises...

  • News Sony's Initial Reaction to Tokyo Jungle Was Bad

    The rest is history

    Sony didn’t think Tokyo Jungle sounded like a great idea at first, according to director Yohei Kataoka. The developer was speaking with the European PlayStation Blog about the quirky adventure’s rise to success. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. “ was bad,” he revealed. “It wasn't received so well at the...

  • Store Update 26th September 2012 (Europe)

    Go ape

    As expected, Tokyo Jungle is the highlight of this week’s European PlayStation Store update – but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of other content to look forward to. The quirky PSN exclusive is joined by the likes of F1 2012, FIFA 13, and New Little King’s Story on Vita. Let us know what you’re buying in the comments section...

  • Store Update 25th September 2012 (North America)

    In the jungle

    There’s a ton of content available as part of this week’s North American PlayStation Store update, but only one title lets you play as Pomeranian dog. That’s right, the bonkers Tokyo Jungle has finally made its way overseas – what are you doing still reading this? Pre-Orders: Dishonored ($59.99, $53.99 for Plus...

  • News Joe Danger 2: The Movie Is Riding onto the PSN After All

    Bigger and better

    Would you like to hear the good news, or the even better news? Let’s start with the good: Hello Games has confirmed that Joe Danger 2: The Movie is coming to the PlayStation Network within the “next couple of weeks”. As for the even better news – it’s going to boast at least 10 hours of additional content. The build up...

  • News Take Tokyo Jungle on the Road with Remote Play

    Pomeranian power

    Soon you’ll be able to take your Tokyo Jungle progress on the go, when Sony patches the quirky Japanese adventure with Remote Play support. “We are preparing a PS Vita Remote Play patch for Tokyo Jungle NA and EU versions,” Worldwide Studios gaffer Shuhei Yoshida divulged on Twitter. “Please wait a bit for the release timing...

  • News The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Awakens Next Month

    Stay sharp

    Hot on the heels of this week’s retail release confirmation, Telltale has confirmed that The Walking Dead: Episode 4 will shuffle onto digital storefronts at some point next month. The episode – dubbed Around Every Corner – has been penned by former PC Gamer editor and Book of Eli screenwriter, Garry Whitta. Apparently, the fifth...

  • News Decipher the Meaning of Datura While Listening to Its Soundtrack

    Forbidden fruit

    Datura’s certainly not the most polished game of the year, but it’s arguably one of the more interesting ones. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, director Michal Staniszewski claimed that no one has fully uncovered the meaning behind the PlayStation Network exclusive just yet. “Every madness has its explanation, and Datura is no...

  • News Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Brings Pretty Colours to PSN

    Utterly bananas

    Most people agree that Perez Hilton deserves a slap, but in Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit he’ll get more than just a stinger around the chops. After compromising images of protagonist Ash are published on the Hell-ternet (, presumably), he gets so frustrated that he goes on a maniacal killing spree through the...

  • News Resident Evil 6 Kick-Starts Sony's Day 1 Digital Initiative

    New beginnings

    The most attentive amongst you may have noticed that Sony’s started to get really aggressive with PS3 digital downloads. Titles like Borderlands 2 and Sorcery have all launched on the PlayStation Store alongside their retail counterparts – and that’s going to happen a lot more in the future. Sony’s announced a new Day 1...

  • News PS Plus Subscribers Get Cheap Admission to the Tokyo Jungle

    Wild thing

    North American PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to sample the feral future of Japan at a discounted price point, Sony has announced. Premium members will be able to snap up the hotly anticipated Tokyo Jungle at just $11.99 – a significant saving over the title’s standard $14.99 admission fee. Other upcoming offers include a...

  • News Grand Theft Auto III Jumps the North American PSN This Week

    Wayback machine

    Once upon a time there was a PlayStation 2 title that pretty much changed the state of gaming forever. Its name was Grand Theft Auto III, and you’ll be able to play it in its original guise via the North American PlayStation Network this week. This is the second time the open world classic’s been given a release date, so take...

  • News The Walking Dead: Season One Shuffles into Shops This Year

    Emotional rollercoaster

    If you haven’t purchased the digital version of Telltale’s critically acclaimed The Walking Dead series, then know that you’ll be able to pick up a physical copy from your favourite North American retailer as early as 4th December. Telltale Games confirmed the news on Twitter, nothing that, unsurprisingly, a European...

  • News DUST 514 Deploying Next Month According to Sony Executive


    CCP Games’ ambitious free-to-play PS3 shooter DUST 514 is almost ready to emerge from its year-long multiplayer beta. According to SCEA president Jack Tretton, the ambitious title is set to attack the PlayStation Store next month. The executive was speaking on FOX Business as part of an interview about Sony’s PS3 and Vita strategy...

  • News Final Fantasy III Completes Your Digital Collection Next Week

    Catch 'em all

    For a franchise wearing the name Final Fantasy, there sure are a lot of entries in the series. Most of those titles are available from the PlayStation Network – but there’s been one major omission for some time now. That’s set to be rectified next week, when Final Fantasy III travels onto the North American digital storefront...

  • News Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Steals Your Wallet on 5th February

    Pay day

    European gamers will have to wait at least a month until they can get their hands on Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Sony has attached a 5th February release date to the light-fingered platformer in North America – and opted for an ambiguous March window in Europe. Honestly, we thought the days of waiting for flag-ship first-party titles were...

  • News Mirror's Edge Sprints onto PSN Next Week

    Keep the Faith

    EA’s cult first-person platformer Mirror’s Edge is set to dash onto the North American PlayStation Store next week, Sony has announced. The game’s imminent arrival was mentioned on the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, though a price wasn’t confirmed. We’ve been pining for a sequel to the DICE developed adventure...

  • News Okami HD Paints a Date with PSN on 30th October

    Wolf it down

    Capcom’s lavish high-definition retooling of Okami will hit the North American PlayStation Store on 30th October, the publisher has announced. European players will have an additional day to dig out their paper and pens, when the title travels overseas on 31st October. The re-mastered classic will cost £15.99/$19.99, and will...

  • Store Update 19th September 2012 (Europe)

    Content carnival

    There’s plenty of loot to look forward to on the European PlayStation Store this week. Borderlands 2, Double Dragon: Neon and, of course, LittleBigPlanet Vita are all highlights amidst a wealth of new arrivals. Sadly, there’s still no sign of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Let's-a-go. PS3 Games: Border

  • Store Update 18th September 2012 (North America)

    Shoot and loot

    Borderlands 2 is the biggest new arrival on this week’s North American PlayStation Store update. The addictive first-person shooter is the perfect title to have sitting on your PS3’s hard-drive for whenever you fancy a quick blast in the badlands. Other notable arrivals include Jet Set Radio for non-Plus subscribers, and...

  • News Starbreeze Teams Up with 505 for Payday: The Heist 2

    On the rob

    505 Games will publish the secretive sequel to PSN shooter Payday: The Heist, developer Starbreeze has announced. The publisher will also handle the release of the Swedish outfit’s new intellectual property, P13. Starbreeze snapped up original Payday: The Heist developer Overkill Software earlier this year. We suspect the sequel will...

  • News Grand Theft Auto III Hijacking Hong Kong PSN Next Week

    Land of liberty

    According to PlayStation’s Hong Kong website, Grand Theft Auto III is set to hit the PSN on 25th September. The title was originally set to launch in North America way back in July, but was delayed due to copyright issues. Digital release dates in Hong Kong typically match their Western counterparts, so we wouldn’t be surprised...

  • News SEGA Confirms October Release Date for NiGHTS HD

    Sonic Adventure 2 also along for the ride

    The season of superb SEGA remakes will not end with the excellent Jet Set Radio HD. The publisher has confirmed that it will release both NiGHTS into Dreams HD and Sonic Adventure 2 HD on 2nd October in North America. Those of you in Europe will face a breathless 24-hour wait for the titles to sprint...

  • News A Ridiculous Amount of People Have Played FIFA 13's Demo

    Back of the net

    If you live in North America, you might be shielded from the popularity of football (or soccer as it’s more commonly known on your shores) – but make no mistake, it’s a religion in some parts of the world. That’s evidenced by the sheer amount of gamers that hurried to download FIFA 13’s demo, which released on PSN earlier...

  • News You'll Be Able to Purchase Borderlands 2 Digitally At Launch

    Handsome Jack on your hard drive

    If it’s anything like its predecessor, you’re probably going to want to play Borderlands 2 time and time again. As such, it makes sense to have the game safely stored on your hard drive – which is perhaps why developer Gearbox has decided to sell the title day-and-date on PSN. Those of you in North America or...

  • News Pledge Your Corporate Allegiance in DUST 514

    Social politics

    DUST 514 is supposed to offer an easy entry point for those intimidated by sister experience EVE Online – but we’ve got to be honest, we’re not sure it’s going to achieve its aims. We’ve sat pondering this article for over an hour, and we're still struggling to find an easy way to summarise the PS3 exclusive's next big...

  • News Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Won't Cost a Penny with PlayStation Plus

    Better and better

    It’s always nice when a game that you’d decided to buy anyway gets the giveaway treatment with PlayStation Plus. Arkedo’s off-the-wall Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is the latest title to get added to the premium service’s Instant Game Collection. That means members in Europe won’t need to pay a penny to play the...

  • News Killzone HD Fires onto PlayStation Network Next Month


    You won’t need to pick up a copy of the Killzone Trilogy in order to play the re-mastered version of the franchise’s debut – Killzone HD is also set to explode onto the PlayStation Store. The popular PS2 title will be available as a standalone release on 23rd October in North America and 24th October in Europe. In addition to...

  • News Sony Shepherds New Tokyo Jungle Trailer Online

    Wild thing

    This appropriately melodramatic Tokyo Jungle launch trailer is packed with the kind of excitement you’d expect from a game set in a post-apocalyptic city inhabited solely by feral animals. The bizarre PlayStation 3 exclusive has proved a roaring success in Japan, and is now ready for its debut overseas. Curious players can expect to...

  • News Counter-Strike Was August's Top Selling PSN Game

    Go, go, go

    Valve’s downloadable multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has stormed straight to the top of the PlayStation Network sales charts in North America. The title – which launched at the end of August – fought off strong competition from fellow PSN Play promoted titles Sound Shapes and Papo & Yo. Telltale’s stellar...

  • News Get Down with Double Dragon: Neon's Groovy Soundtrack

    Crunk beats

    If your heart’s still stuck in the late eighties, then Double Dragon: Neon’s mixture of glam rock and disco beats should suit you to a treat. And you won’t need to pay a penny to feed it directly into your anticipant ear drums. In addition to the game being free on PlayStation Plus – go and download it now – publisher Majesco...

  • Store Update 12th September 2012 (Europe)

    Bursting with goodness

    Sony bigwigs have clearly been keeping a close eye on the tangible malaise surrounding recent European PlayStation Store updates, because this week’s refresh is a real humdinger. In addition to new PS3 titles Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One Against All and Jet Set Radio HD, this week also marks the arrival of a handful of...

  • Store Update 11th September 2012 (North America)

    The boys are back in town

    This week’s North American PlayStation Store update won’t go down in history, but there’s still plenty for you to look forward to. New arrivals include Double Dragon: Neon, Anomaly Warzone Earth and Red Johnson’s Chronicles - One Against All. PlayStation Plus subscribers can also anticipate early access to Jet Set

  • News PC Indie Hit Terraria Is Coming To PSN Next Year

    Build your hopes up now

    PC indie success Terraria is heading to PSN. The title - which has been described by some as a 2D Minecraft - was launched in 2011 and has since shifted an impressive 1.6 million copies. Andrew Spinks - the sole talent behind the original PC release - appears to be involved with the port to consoles (it's also coming to Xbox...

  • News North American PlayStation Plus Goes Beat 'em Up Bonkers

    Crude buster

    If you’re looking for a source of stress relief ahead of the long winter months, PlayStation Plus has got you covered. Sony has announced that button bashers Double Dragon: Neon and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game will be added to the premium service’s Instant Game Collection in North America from 11th September. That means...

  • News Sony Europe Offering PlayStation Plus for £22.49 in UK?

    Someone in marketing is going to be in hot water

    An image taken from the PSN Store shows that Sony Europe is advertising its PlayStation Plus service - which normally costs £29.99 for an annual subscription - for just £22.49. The advert for the service, which gives access to exclusive features such as free games and discounts on downloads,...

  • News Killzone Trilogy Confirmed for 23rd October

    Lots of bang for your buck

    Sony and other publishers have brought a fair share of trilogies, HD remasters and combo-packs to PS3. Announced today by Guerilla Games is one of the best we've seen, however, with Killzone Trilogy confirmed for release on 23rd October in North America, and just a day later on 24th October in Europe. As the title...

  • News Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Announced by Ubisoft

    Back to duelling in the Wild West

    After a rather mixed reaction to its attempts to take the action to modern times in Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Ubisoft has announced that the series will return to the Wild West for more gun-slinging action. In fact, it's titled Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, in order to avoid any confusion. Your role in the latest...

  • News Ratchet: Deadlocked Breaking Out in PSN Re-Release

    Hitting PS3 this year

    The Ratchet & Clank series is in the middle of its 10 year anniversary celebrations, which has already prompted HD re-release goodness with Ratchet & Clank Collection. Fans of the series will no doubt be pleased to hear that there's more on the way, with Ratchet Deadlocked — known as Ratchet: Gladiator in PAL regions...

  • News NiGHTS and Sonic Adventure 2 Go HD in October

    Sweet dreams

    SEGA classics NiGHTS into Dreams and Sonic Adventure 2 are escaping the confines of standard definition and jumping onto PlayStation Network in fabulous HD next month. Under the SEGA Heritage label, the duo will be revitalised alongside Jet Set Radio, which is skating its way onto the PlayStation Store in September. We don't hav


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