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  • News Alien Breed Infects the PS3 and Vita Next Month

    They're coming out of the walls

    Not content with its recent PlayStation Mobile port, Team 17 has announced that its retro run-and-gun arcade blaster Alien Breed is coming to both the PlayStation 3 and Vita next month. The British studio – which is best known for its anthropomorphic annelids – is aiming to take advantage of various cross-platform...

  • News Siren Sets Its Sights on the North American PlayStation Store

    No looking back

    You’ll be able to see the world from a new perspective next week, when Studio Japan’s punishing PlayStation 2 survival horror Siren spooks the North American PlayStation Store. The brutal stealth title – which was actually remade for the PS3 in 2008 – finds you stranded in a remote village named Hanuda, which is infested by...

  • News Sony Cutting the Ribbon on US Web-based PS Store This Month

    Automatic downloads in the pipeline

    Sony is aiming to launch the web-based version of the PlayStation Store in North America later this month. The platform holder introduced the digital shopping destination in Europe late last year, but now it’s looking to invite overseas gamers to the uber-useful online plaza. Chatting with CNET, Sony Network...

  • News Capcom Arcade Cabinet Turning Back Time in Japan

    Acceptable in the 80s

    We’ve never quite understood the fascination with using modern hardware to emulate ancient experiences, but it’s big business – and now Capcom is looking to get into the lucrative market. Chatting in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, the publisher has revealed Capcom Arcade Cabinet, a free application for the...

  • News Journey Clambers to the Summit of the PSN Charts

    Magical trip

    Not content with scooping our coveted Game of the Year award, Journey has also climbed to the peak of the North American PlayStation Network charts. The critically acclaimed exclusive brushed aside strong competition from Mass Effect and The Walking Dead to steal the top spot for the month of December. In Europe, the title fin

  • Store Update 9th January 2013 (Europe)

    Lights and sound

    Auditorium HD finally makes its debut on the European PlayStation Store this week. The bizarre sensory experience originally launched in North America over two years ago, but now it’s finally available overseas. Other notable additions are few and far between, though you should keep an eye on SCEE’s New Year sale if you're in...

  • Store Update 8th January 2013 (North America)

    Back in business

    As the first proper update of 2013, this week’s North American PlayStation Store refresh is understandably quiet. The biggest new addition is Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable for the PlayStation Vita, though there is also the arrival of the digital version of Demon’s Souls to consume your attention (and patience). Shall we get...

  • News Retro City Rampage Pulls Up on the European PSN Next Week

    Heist life

    After what feels like an eternity, one-man developer Brian Provinciano has confirmed that Retro City Rampage will hijack the European PlayStation Network next week. That’s the 16th January if you want to mark your calendars. Go on, we’ll wait. The game boasts an additional month of development on top of the North American release,...

  • News Mega Man Titles Join Brutal North American PS Plus Update

    Toughen up

    You’re going to need skin as thick as a rhinoceros to cope with this month’s North American PlayStation Plus update. Not only will you be invited to brave the brutality of the God of War: Ascension beta, but you’ll also have the option to sample both Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 absolutely free of charge. We suspect that this is a...

  • News The Walking Dead Has Sold an Incredible 8.5 Million Episodes

    Shuffling success

    Telltale’s excellent take on The Walking Dead may have been a surprise critical success, but it’s also been a huge commercial smash hit too. Chatting with the Wall Street Journal, co-founder Dan Connors has revealed that the series has sold a whopping 8.5 million episodes across multiple platforms. “At about $5 per episode,...

  • News Demon's Souls Spooking the European PSN on 23rd January

    Alone in the dark

    European players eager for an excuse to return to the punishing realm of Boletaria will receive a good one on 23rd January, when Demon’s Souls brings its specific brand of challenge to the PlayStation Network. As previously reported, the title will arrive on the North American digital storefront next week. Local publisher Namco...

  • News Save the World One Song at a Time with Dance Magic

    Bust a groove

    We’ve always fancied ourselves as heroic popstars, but sadly we’ve got two left feet. Still, at least we’ll be able to live out our fantasy from behind the controller in Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games’ upcoming Dance Magic. The swish PlayStation Network exclusive – due out on 8th January in North America – promises...

  • News Demon's Souls Spreads to the PlayStation Network Next Week

    Can your hard drive handle it?

    Soon you won't need to move a muscle in order to return to the unforgiving world of Demon’s Souls. Atlus has announced that it's set to launch the punishing adventure on the North American PlayStation Network next week, stripping away the need for you to waste your energy on switching discs. The digital version will...

  • News January PlayStation Plus Content Arrives in Europe

    Smile like you mean it

    There may not have been a regularly scheduled PlayStation Store update in Europe yesterday, but that hasn't stopped Sony from adding a slew of new titles to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection. New arrivals include BioShock 2, Guardians of Middle Earth, and the PlayStation 3 version of Mortal Kombat. Subscribers will...

  • News Zeno Clash 2 Punches the PlayStation Network This Spring

    Heavy haymaker

    After almost four years of development, ACE Team’s first-person brawler Zeno Clash 2 is set to pick a fight with the PlayStation Network this spring. Co-founder Carlos Bordeu confirmed the title’s tentative release window on the game’s official forums, adding that it’s too early to pin a specific date down. If the title’s...

  • News Fez Is Finally Coming to Other Platforms in 2013

    And the world goes 'round

    Polytron’s curious puzzle platformer Fez has been scooping up game of the year nominations like they’re going out of fashion recently – but the adventure remains restricted to the Xbox 360. That’s about to change, however, if a blog post from designer Phil Fish is to be believed. “Fez will finally be ported to...


  • Store Update 31st December 2012 (North America)

    Party poppers

    Just before we trundle up to bed with long faces and our hot water bottles, we figured we should share with you the final North American PlayStation Store update of 2012. That’s dedication for you. As you’d expect, there’s not a whole lot worth getting excited about – but free copies of Jetpack Joyride for both PlayStation 3...

  • News NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Slam Dunks North American PS Plus

    Hot shot

    If you’re nursing a nasty bout of man flu this New Year’s Eve – the Push Square office is a bubbling pot of coughs, sneezes, and snot this evening – then at least you’ll be able to console your misery with a gallon of Lemsip and a complimentary copy of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. Sony has announced the next batch of PlayStation Plus...

  • Game of the Year Best PSN Game of 2012

    Divine downloads

    The quality of the content available from the PlayStation Network has been growing faster than a lawn dressed in Miracle-Gro – but no year emphasised that better than 2012. Sony’s digital storefront was practically bursting with blockbuster titles this year, many of them pushing the boundaries of the medium itself. With so...

  • News NA PS Plus Subscribers Nab Retro City Rampage

    Someone notify The Grinch

    You may have a large pile of presents neatly positioned beneath the Christmas tree, but that’s not all you’re getting this week. Assuming you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll be able to download a complimentary copy of Retro City Rampage for both the PlayStation 3 and Vita later today. That's a $14.99 value made...

  • Store Update 24th December 2012 (North America)

    Christmas edition

    T’was the night before Christmas, when everyone stressed – but Sony was still busy, ensuring the PlayStation Store refreshed. In truth, there’s very little worth mentioning on this week’s North American update aside from MotorStorm RC Complete Edition and a bunch of fresh festive discounts. You can read more about those...

  • News Milestone: No Plans for WRC Powerslide on PlayStation Vita

    Up and go

    Despite committing a number of its titles to the PlayStation Vita, Italian outfit Milestone has decided not to release its upcoming arcade racing spin-off WRC Powerslide on the handheld. Chatting to us overnight, the company revealed that the title will be coming to consoles only when it releases in early 2013. “We are working on a new...

  • News Jetpack Joyride Flies to PS3 and Vita with Free Trophies

    Merry Christmas

    Beatshapers must be fuming. The developer has only just released its premium PlayStation Minis version of Jetpack Joyride – but now Australian outfit Big Ant Studios has followed up with a superior edition for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. The free-to-play title – available now in Europe and on 31st December in North America –...

  • Out Today Knytt Underground and Fuel Overdose (Europe)

    Dark days before Christmas

    Sony’s really getting into the swing of the festive season this week by pledging two European PlayStation Store updates. If you connect to the digital storefront later today, you’ll find a fresh helping of content to enjoy. Notable additions include Knytt Underground, Fuel Overdose, the Angry Birds Trilogy, and...

  • News Sony Slashes the Price of Critical Darlings in European PSN Sale

    You know what you need to do

    Drop everything, because Sony has chopped the price of two of its most popular downloadable titles on the European PlayStation Store. Right now you can purchase both Journey and The Unfinished Swan for just £9.99/€12.99. That represents a 50 per cent saving over the duo’s normal price point, with PlayStation Plus...

  • News WRC Powerslide Drifts onto PlayStation Network Next Year

    Slip slidin'

    If your thumbs aren’t capable of controlling a rally car in Milestone’s annual WRC series, then perhaps the Italian outfit’s upcoming arcade spin-off will be more up your alley. Set to release in early 2013, WRC Powerslide will deliver a “frenetic” twist on the offroad motorsport, complete with arcade physics and a new...

  • News Inversion Developer Saber Switches on God Mode


    Saber Interactive clearly believes that the world would benefit from another third-person shooter. The developer – responsible for Inversion and TimeShift – has announced God Mode, a brand new co-operative action game heading to the PlayStation Network next year. The title puts you in control of an ancient God who’s been stripped...

  • Store Update 19th December 2012 (Europe)

    It's full of stars

    There’s a lot to get through in this week’s European PlayStation Store update, so we’re not even going to waste our time on witty quips and puns. Highlights include: Fuel Overdose, Knytt Underground, Labyrinth Legends, and many more. It’s perhaps worth noting that a handful of the new arrivals won't actually release until...

  • Store Update 18th December 2012 (North America)

    Festive favourites

    Remember when we hinted that Bully was coming to the PlayStation 3? Well, it’s here already. Publisher Rockstar Games has unceremoniously dropped a trio of PS2 Classics onto the North American PlayStation Store overnight, with Red Dead Revolver, Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix, and the aforementioned high school adventure all...

  • News Rockstar Games' Bully Is Picking a Fight with PlayStation 3

    Existentialism on prom night

    If the recent release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PlayStation Network wasn’t enough to quench your thirst for classic Rockstar Games titles, then you’re probably already salivating over the prospect of Bully coming to the PlayStation 3 as a PS2 Classic. During their daily ESRB watch, the eagle-eyed...

  • News Sony Drops North American PSN Discounts Down the Chimney

    Multiple titles take the plunge

    Sony has announced the first set of titles available as part of its festive North American PlayStation Network sale. The listed releases can be purchased at 30 per cent off, though PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to up their savings to 50 per cent. Cut price gems include the trippy Dyad, which we awarded an...

  • News Anomaly: Warzone Earth Targets North American PlayStation Plus

    Discount world

    There’s no sign of Batman: Arkham City in this week’s North American PlayStation Plus update – but at least you’ll be able to console yourself with a complimentary copy of Anomaly: Warzone Earth instead. Wait. In truth, the 11 Bit Studios developed tower offence title is one of the most popular entries in the genre, but we...

  • News Knytt Underground Lowers Itself onto PSN This Week

    No delays

    Indie developer Nicklas ‘Nifflas’ Nygren’s latest platformer Knytt Underground will target the PlayStation 3 and Vita this week. North American gamers will get their hands on the attractive adventure from 18th December, while European users will have to wait until 21st December. In order to make up for the three day sabbatical, the...

  • News Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD Chomps PlayStation 3 Next Week

    Mad land

    Forget the festive season – this month’s been all about former Xbox exclusives finding a new home on PlayStation. Not content with the long overdue arrival of the original Mass Effect a few days ago, Sony’s also lined up the high-definition remake of Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee for PS3 next week. The downloadable classic will launch...

  • Store Update 12th December 2012 (Europe)

    Greatest hits

    Spyro the Dragon makes his long overdue debut on the European PlayStation Store this week. You’ll be able to snap up all three of Insomniac Games’ legendary platformers, alongside Konami classic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. There’s also the arrival of Big Sky Infinity and Black Knight Sword to capture your attention...

  • Store Update 11th December 2012 (North America)

    Slowing down

    After a barrage of beefy North American PlayStation Store updates, we’re sure you’ll appreciate some quiet time. This week’s refresh is headlined by the appearance of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but there’s also the arrival of Big Sky Infinity and Black Knight Sword to occupy your time. As always, let us know what you’re...

  • News Fuel Overdose Could Be the Last Game You Ever Play


    If the Mayans have their way, Fuel Overdose could be the very last game that you ever play. Independent developer I-Friqiya has reached out to us to confirm that a demo for its multifaceted racer will release on the European PlayStation Store later today, with the full title set to arrive on 21st December. “That’s the day of the...

  • News One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Sails to Europe Next Summer


    One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 will embark on an aquatic adventure next summer, when the Omega Force developed sequel sails to European shores. The anticipated title was only announced in Japan last week, but Namco Bandai has already confirmed that the PlayStation 3 release will launch via the PlayStation Network overseas. Sadly, there was no...

  • News Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Hits the PSN This Week

    Carl's comeback

    Popular PlayStation 2 title Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will hit the North American PlayStation Store this week. The release date for the open world crime drama was first spotted on the Hong Kong arm of, before being confirmed for the West via the PlayStation Blog. The game’s arrival will come as no surprise to...

  • News Sportsfriends Sprints Past Its Kickstarter Target on Final Day

    Marathon winner

    Die Gute Fabrik’s innovative local multiplayer compendium Sportsfriends has crossed its Kickstarter target, meaning that it will release on PlayStation 3 next fall. With just four hours left to go, the title has earned $155,339 of its $150,000 target. The game will be marketed as part of Sony’s Pub Fund initiative – but the...

  • News Digital Exclusives Highlight the Turning of the Tide at the VGAs

    Living dead

    Amongst classic Hideo Kojima mind tricks, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 commercials, and some lewd Samuel L. Jackson skits, this year’s Spike Video Game Awards also doled out a handful of gongs to the creators of 2012’s very best software. In the end, it turned out to be a banner year for downloadable titles, with both The Walking Dead...

  • News Spyro the Dragon Is Flying onto the European PSN Next Week

    At last

    After many months of enthusiastic enquiries, Spyro the Dragon will finally land on the European PlayStation Store next week. The entire trilogy of PSone Classics will launch on the same day, providing you with ample platforming action to keep you engaged over the festive period. Better yet, they'll all be compatible with the PlayStation...

  • News Now You Can Peruse the PS Store with Your Web Browser


    Sony’s launched a web-based version of the PlayStation Store which allows you to purchase games, movies, and TV content without ever needing to boot up your PS3. The wordy Sony Entertainment Network Store has been rumoured for years, but despite launching in Europe this morning, the company’s still yet to actually announce it. The...

  • News Fuel Overdose Gets Fired Up in Explosive New Trailer

    Fan the flames

    I-Friqiya has lavished its multifaceted car combat title Fuel Overdose with a brand new trailer. The footage focuses on the layered racer’s action elements, demonstrating the wealth of artillery you’ll have at your fingertips during an average sprint to the finish line. Weapons include standard machine guns, mines, and rocket...

  • News Journey Soundtrack Makes History with Grammy Nomination


    Clearly not content with the mass of awards that it’s already won, Journey has made history by becoming the first ever video game to be nominated for a Grammy award. The title’s scorching score – composed by Austin Wintory – is up for contention in the ‘Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media’ category. It’ll face off against...

  • News Retro City Rampage Rolling Back the Clock in Europe Soon

    Wayback machine

    Retro City Rampage will party like it’s 1989 in Europe very soon. One-man developer Brian Provinciano has reached out to us to confirm that the international version of the critically acclaimed 8-bit adventure is in certification with SCEE right now. The title will boast a slew of improvements over its original North American...

  • Store Update 5th December 2012 (Europe)

    Fight for fortune

    It’s another bumper week on the European PlayStation Store, with plenty of goodies up for grabs. Highlights include Uncharted: Fight for Fortune, Rotastic, and the original Mass Effect. There’s also the unfortunate arrival of awful arcade brawler Sonic the Fighters, but we’ll try not to talk too much about that. We think

  • Store Update 4th December 2012 (North America)

    Top trumps

    We hope you weren’t expecting a slow week on the North American PlayStation Store, because December’s inaugural update is brimming with tasty treats. Highlights include Far Cry 3, former Xbox 360 exclusive Mass Effect, and card-game spin-off Uncharted: Fight for Fortune. As always, let us know what you’re buying in the comments...

  • News Ruffian Games Was Working on a Modern Streets of Rage

    Blaze of glory

    Crackdown developer Ruffian Games was working on a modern reimagining of classic arcade brawler Streets of Rage – and it looked awesome. A leaked video of the cancelled title was uploaded to Vimeo earlier this month, showcasing 90 seconds of rain-slicked footage. The project was supposedly intended for digital platforms such as the...

  • News GungHo Resurrects Forgotten PlayStation Classics for PSN

    Weird and wonderful

    The holiday period may be perfect for big retail releases, but sometimes you need something a little more niche. Thankfully, newcomer GungHo Online Entertainment America has stepped up to the plate – bringing a bevy of bizarre PSone classics to the North American PSN. The six new arrivals include shoot ‘em up compilation...

  • News Sony Unwraps Tokyo Jungle Discount on European PSN

    It's an animal

    If you haven’t experienced Sony’s utterly bonkers Tokyo Jungle yet, now’s your chance. As part of the platform holder’s ongoing European Christmas countdown, the company has cut the bizarre post-apocalyptic adventure’s price-tag down to Pomeranian dog size. For the next 48 hours, you’ll be able to pick up the mad wildlife...

  • News Sound Shapes Drops Some Sweet New Beats This Week

    Music to your ears

    If you’ve already exhausted Sound Shapes’ existing audio toolbox, then you might be tempted by the three new sound packs drumming their way onto the PlayStation Store this week. Fresh sample sets include the Acoustics sound pack, Drum Kits sound pack, and 8-Bit sound pack. Each audio bundle will set you back $0.99, and will...

  • News Rotastic Is Stardrone But with Cartoon Characters

    Like a record

    What happens when you give a Viking a hookshot? No, there isn’t a punch line – this is the premise for Dancing Dots’ upcoming PlayStation Network arcade game, Rotastic. As the name so effortlessly illustrates, the downloadable title sees you snapping onto targets, and, er, rotating around them. This allows you to navigate a slew...

  • News Big Sky Infinity Blasts PS3 and Vita Next Week

    Flying high

    If you’ve already exhausted every last atom of gameplay from Super Stardust Delta, then Ripstone’s upcoming Big Sky Infinity deserves a spot right at the top of your most wanted list. The PlayStation 3 and Vita twin-stick shooter promises a “fast-paced” arcade experience with “several unique attributes that significantly...

  • News Sony Reduces PS Plus Price for First European Christmas Deal

    Cost effective

    Sony’s launched the first deal in its Christmas countdown promotion. European gamers will be able to secure a 90-day subscription to PlayStation Plus for just £7.99/€9.99. That represents a 33 per cent saving over the standard price, which is £11.99/€14.99. With the likes of Batman: Arkham City, Limbo, and Vanquish set to be


  • News Sony Counting Down to Christmas with PSN Deals

    Mistletoe and wine

    As Santa’s sleigh bells draw ever near, Sony is lining up a slew of discounts on the European PlayStation Store designed to keep you in festive spirits. Starting on 1st December – that’s tomorrow for those of you not keeping track – the platform holder will launch a brand new Christmas cracker every 48 hours. The...

  • News The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Is Coming to PS3 and Vita

    Brought to life

    Edmund McMillen has confirmed that The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is coming to both the PlayStation 3 and Vita. The game was teased earlier today, but now the outspoken developer has provided some firm details for you to sink your teeth into. The re-release will include the full original game, alongside the Wrath of the

  • News Urban Trial Freestyle Accelerates onto PSN and Vita Next Year

    Bunny hop

    Tate Interactive’s oft-delayed Trials Evolution derivative Urban Trials has re-emerged today with a new name. The wordier Urban Trial Freestyle will release worldwide next year as a digital download on both the PlayStation 3 and Vita. The game will boast five lively environments, each full of contorted terrain and moving objects. It...

  • News Nicalis Resurrects The Binding of Isaac for Consoles

    Born again

    Edmund McMillen’s macabre indie darling The Binding of Isaac is heading to consoles, according to a post-mortem of the PC release. The dark, biblical adventure will be ported to various PlayStation platforms – though there’s currently no confirmation of which – by Nicalis, who will add online co-op, revamped graphics, and two...

  • Store Update 28th November 2012 (Europe)

    Bubble pop

    Nothing in this week’s European PlayStation Store update is going to grab your attention like a Hyuna music video, but there are still a handful of goodies to keep your eye on. Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force, Travel Bug, and Dead or Alive 5 appear to be the most notable new additions. Shut down that YouTube tab, and we’ll get started.

  • Store Update 27th November 2012 (North America)

    Double trouble

    Hide behind your desk. This week sees the arrival of awful arcade brawler Sonic the Fighters on the North American PlayStation Store. At least there’s Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, and Men in Black: Alien Crisis to make up for the dire download. Wait a minute... Let's get down to business...

  • News Labyrinth Legends Crawls onto PSN in Time for Christmas

    Tales from the crypt

    We’re getting agonisingly close to Christmas now – seriously, the next door neighbours have already erected their tree – but that’s not stopping publishers from announcing new titles for the PlayStation 3. One such late arrival is Labyrinth Legends, a brand new dungeon crawler from experienced outfit Creat Studios. The...

  • News Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD DLC Grinds onto PSN Next Month

    Shove it

    Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD will receive a fresh helping of content next month, when Activision grinds out the title’s promised add-on pack on 4th December. The hotly anticipated $4.99 expansion will add three new stages to the spruced up re-release, including Airport, Los Angeles, and Canada. It will also incorporate the divisive Revert...

  • News SEGA Punches a Yakuza 5 Demo onto the PSN Next Week

    Heat action

    Kazuma Kiryu and crew will spring back into life next week, when a demo for Yakuza 5 fights its way onto the Japanese PlayStation Store. The playable teaser – set for release on 27th November – will allow you to sample the game’s opening moments, letting you roam the streets of Fukuoka as the aforementioned Dragon of Dojima. The...

  • Store Update 21st November 2012 (Europe)

    Playing favourites

    How’s your appetite? We hope you’re starving, because just like overseas, this week’s European PlayStation Store update is overflowing with delicious morsels. Hot snacks include PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, LEGO Lord of the Rings, and Epic Mickey: The Power of Two. The

  • Store Update 20th November 2012 (North America)

    Full of stars

    You might want to grab a seat for this week’s North American PlayStation Store update, because it’s practically bulging with big new releases. Heavyweights include PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, and the DOOM Classic Complete collection. Other notable arrivals include Sine Mora,

  • News Oh No, Sonic the Fighters Is Releasing Overseas


    Quick, cower behind your computer monitors, because the atrocious Sonic the Fighters is heading overseas. We think we’ve made our feelings fairly clear about the anthropomorphic fighter over the past couple of weeks, but just in case you missed them: this game is rubbish. The awful arcade release will be joined by the not-so-terrible...

  • News Sony Succumbs to Seasonal Madness with Insane PS3 Deals

    Bandwidth buster

    PlayStation 3 owners will have plenty to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, as platform holder Sony is preparing a throng of hot discounts to get you in the seasonal spirit. Starting today, you’ll be able to pick up a slew of PS3 Ultimate Editions from the North American PlayStation Store at up to 66% off (73% for PlayStation Plus...

  • News Bonkers Kissing Simulator Chulip Puckers Up for PS3


    Utterly insane PlayStation 2 snogging simulator Chulip is set to get a re-release, if an ESRB rating is to be believed. The loopy love ‘em up originally released in North America back in 2007 – almost five years after it first debuted in Japan. The adventure game – which was eventually brought overseas by Natsume – sees you stomping...

  • News DOOM Classic Collection Targets the PlayStation Network

    No sign of The Rock

    If your trigger finger’s itching for some old-school first-person action, then the DOOM Classic Collection should catch your attention. The downloadable compilation – mentioned on this week’s episode of the PlayStation Blogcast among other places – will comprise DOOM, DOOM 2, and Final DOOM. The first two titles were...

  • News Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Delayed on Vita

    We blame Captain Qwark

    Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault will still adhere to Sony’s cross-buy initiative when it releases on the PlayStation Network next week – but unfortunately you won’t be able to redeem the PlayStation Vita version until January. Despite the best efforts of third-party developer Tin Giant, the portable port...

  • News Sonic the Fighters Sours the Japanese PSN This Month

    Hedgehog haymaker

    SEGA’s atrocious anthropomorphic fighting game Sonic the Fighters will invade the Japanese PlayStation Network on 28th November, the company has announced. It’ll be joined by fellow Model 2 brawlers Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers on the same date. The publisher has yet to announce a Western release date, but all three...

  • News PSN Rolls Out the Red Carpet for More Retail Releases Next Week

    Digital life

    We’re rapidly approaching the point where most new PlayStation 3 releases are available digitally on the same day as retail, but that hasn’t always been the case. As such, Sony has ushered the online arrival of a wealth of older titles in recent weeks – and that’s set to continue with Darksiders II, Kingdoms of Amalur:...

  • News Journey Walks Away with Seven Spike VGA 2012 Nominations

    The road less travelled

    It may have been a somewhat muted year for exclusive PlayStation 3 software, but thatgamecompany’s staggering Journey has ensured that the platform has a big presence at this year’s Spike Video Game Awards. The downloadable epic has been nominated for a whopping seven gongs, alongside the coveted Game of the Year award...

  • News Sine Mora Targets PlayStation 3 and Vita Soon

    Bullet hell

    Digital Reality’s quaint side-scrolling shooter Sine Mora is still on course for a collision with both the PlayStation 3 and Vita, a brand new trailer has confirmed. The video shows off plenty of new gameplay footage, which is sure to get sadists salivating over the sheer number of hostile projectiles on screen. There’s no release...

  • News The European Version of Retro City Rampage Is Finished

    Party like it's 1986

    It feels like forever since Retro City Rampage took the North American PlayStation Network by storm, but the throwback title is still not available in Europe. That’s because one-man developer Brian Provinciano decided to delay the international release while he worked on an update for the game based on player feedback. "As...

  • News Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Enters the Digital Arena This Month

    Ready to rumble

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is already available from the North American PlayStation Store, but that doesn’t mean that the digital release is not heading overseas. Namco Bandai has just sent us word that the tag-team fighter will flock to the European PlayStation Store on 21st November, giving you the opportunity to conquer the world...

  • News The Walking Dead Shuffles to a Conclusion Next Week

    Did you make the right decisions?

    The hotly anticipated finale to Telltale’s critically acclaimed The Walking Dead series will debut next week, the developer has announced. Entitled ‘No Time Left’, the episode will launch on 20th November in North America, and 21st November in Europe. It will mark the end of the current narrative arc, with...

  • Store Update 14th November 2012 (Europe)

    In motion

    As with the North American refresh, this week’s European PlayStation Store update is a touch quiet. There’s the arrival of a handful of new PlayStation 3 titles – including Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed later in the week – but the real standout is Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified for PlayStation Vita. Let us know...

  • Store Update 13th November 2012 (North America)

    Breathing space

    There’s not a whole lot of new content available as part of this week’s North American PlayStation Store update – but what is up for grabs is worthy of your attention. In addition to a pre-order option for the digital version of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, there’s also the arrival of Call of Duty: Black Ops...

  • News Lone Survivor Shacking Up on PlayStation 3 and Vita

    Alone in the dark

    Superflat Games’ indie survival horror side-scroller Lone Survivor is coming to the PlayStation 3 and Vita, creator Jasper Byrne has announced. The terrifying title has been stranded on the PC and Mac for quite a while now, but Explodemon developer Curve Studios has kindly offered to rebuild the game's code for Sony’s premium...

  • News Katamari Damacy Is Rolling onto the Japanese PSN Soon

    The King of All Cosmos

    Namco Bandai’s oddball PlayStation 2 title Katamari Damacy is rolling onto the Japanese PlayStation Network next week, the publisher has announced. The game – which sees you collecting objects by piloting an ever-expanding ball across a slew of different environments – will be available from 21st November in the land of...

  • News Derrick the Deathfin Developer in Deep Water


    Derrick the Deathfin creator Gordon Midwood is in deep water, and is struggling to come up for air. The developer racked up a whopping $63,000 in debt while producing the papercraft PSN exclusive – a figure which he is never likely to earn back. “It’s entirely possible, or indeed by the looks of things at the moment 100 per cent...

  • News Solve a Quantum Conundrum with This Week's PlayStation Plus Update

    Headache inducing

    This week’s North American PlayStation Plus update is short but sweet. Following the addition of Resident Evil 5 to the Instant Game Collection last week, Sony has announced that Kim Swift’s mind bending Quantum Conundrum will be joining the party. The first-person puzzler sees you cycling through different dimensions in order...

  • News Planets Under Attack Invades the PSN on 21st November

    Prepare yourself

    Super secret PlayStation Network strategy title Planets Under Attack will launch on 21st November in Europe, developer Targem has told us. The game will be available in a trial and unlock format, meaning you’ll be able to test out the futuristic fleet management simulator before you spend a penny. The developer behind the...

  • News Johann Sebastian Joust Is Finally Coming to the PS3


    Bizarre PlayStation Move duelling game Johann Sebastian Joust will finally release on the PS3, if it can achieve its reasonable Kickstarter target. The game will launch as part of a compilation named SPORTSFRIENDS, which contains a compendium of indie hits. Developer Die Gute Fabrick is describing the package as the modern day Summer Games...

  • Store Update 7th November 2012 (Europe)

    Spice of life

    There's a great mix of content available as part of this week's European PlayStation Store update. New arrivals include Dyad, ToeJam & Earl, LittleBigPlanet Karting, and PID. They're joined by a couple of must have shooters in the form of Vanquish and The Darkness II. Are you sitting comfortably?

  • Store Update 6th November 2012 (North America)


    There may well be heavy hitters such as LittleBigPlanet Karting and When Vikings Attack arriving as part of this week's North American PlayStation Store update – but the undisputed best new addition is ToeJam & Earl. The original SEGA Mega Drive title jives in this week alongside its side-scrolling sequel. Both titles will include...

  • News Dyad Dances onto the European PlayStation Store This Week

    Head rush

    Delayed downloadable racer Dyad will finally launch on the European PlayStation Network this week, developer Shawn McGrath has confirmed. The trippy title released overseas earlier this year to a slew of positive acclaim – but was delayed in Europe due to the developer's inability to orchestrate a global launch. In order to make up for...

  • News Dyad Developer Bringing a Game About Bouncing to PlayStation Home

    Boing, boing

    West Bromwich Albion fans will be eager to learn a little more about PlayStation Home's latest arcade cabinet. The release – simplistically entitled A Game About Bouncing – is the brainchild of Dyad developer Shawn McGrath. There's no price attached to the premium mini-game just yet, but we doubt it'll break the bank. Purchasing...

  • News Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Haunts North American PlayStation Plus Update


    The horror of Resident Evil 6 may still be fresh in your memories, but Sony is aiming to transport you back to a happier time with its latest North American PlayStation Plus update. Starting tomorrow, subscribers will be able to download the tropical Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition for free. The updated release includes two additional episodes...

  • News What on Earth Is Planets Under Attack for PSN?


    In this age of online connectivity, it’s rare that we don’t know about a game well in advance of its release – but Planets Under Attack slots directly under that curious category. The mysterious digital title was scheduled to get a demo on the European PlayStation Network a few weeks ago, but it never emerged. In spite of that, the...

  • News Find Out What Happens When Vikings Attack Next Week

    Answers at last

    Sony will attempt to solve one of life’s most enduring enquiries next week: what happens When Vikings Attack? The quirky Power Stone-esque arena battler will invade the PlayStation Store from 6th November in North America and 7th November in Europe. Purchasing the Clever Beans developed title will net you the game on both PS3 and...

  • News DUST 514 Staying in Closed Beta Until 2013

    Fermenting like a fine wine

    Jack Tretton must have got his dates muddled up. CCP Games’ ambitious free-to-play first-person shooter DUST 514 will not launch later this month like the executive stated in an interview in September – instead it will stay in closed beta throughout the rest of 2012. "We'll be in closed beta for the rest of the...

  • News European PlayStation Plus Subscribers Score Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

    Four play

    European PlayStation Plus subscribers will have more than just Crysis 2 to look forward to this month. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One will also be added to the Instant Game Collection from next week, making the co-operative adventure completely free to play. But that’s not all. Laughing Jackal’s surprisingly solid Cubixx HD wi

  • News PlayStation Store Refresh Launches in North America

    All change

    After a fairly lengthy delay, the new-look PlayStation Store has finally launched in North America. The updated digital storefront comes with a range of snazzy features, including improved content filtering, better organisation, and a dynamic search engine. You’ll be prompted to download the glossy makeover when

  • News Portal 2's In Motion DLC Moves onto PS3 Next Week

    Mental muscle

    Portal 2’s hotly anticipated In Motion add-on will finally arrive in North America next week, developer Sixense Studios has announced. The $9.99 expansion will take full advantage of the PlayStation Move motion controller, and will add 20 extra test chambers to the full release. The motion controls will also be extended to the...


  • Store Update 31st October 2012 (Europe)

    Talkin' 'bout a revolution

    You’re going to need a spate of good fortune in order to afford everything on this week’s European PlayStation Store update. Newcomers include Assassin’s Creed III, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Okami HD, Sports Champions 2, and, well, a whole lot more. Let’s get started, shall we? PS3 Games: Assassin’s Cr

  • Store Update 30th October 2012 (North America)

    Hot drop

    We hope you’ve got plenty of spare pennies, because this week’s North American PlayStation Store update is absolutely bursting with content. Over on the PS3 there’s a little game called Assassin’s Creed III, and it's joined by Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Sports Champions 2. The Vita section is no less stacked, with Assassin’s...

  • News Eyebrow Interactive Illuminates Closure with PSN Discount

    Fright night

    Eyebrow Interactive is shadowing two-thirds of Closure’s price, making the ambitious PlayStation Network exclusive a steal at just $4.99. “Hallowe’en is a perfect holiday to spend checking out Closure, an eerie puzzle platformer that takes place mostly in darkness, where anything not illuminated simply ceases to exist,” the...

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