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  • Out Now All Zombies Must Die (North America)

    No bones about it

    When you absolutely, positively have to kill every zombie out there, you need All Zombies Must Die's optional PlayStation Move support. The PSN-exclusive shooter just launched in North America for $9.99, with optional PlayStation Move support. You've probably guessed the premise, but developer Doublesix Games promises RPG elements...

  • News Sony Reveals American Prices For Memory Cards and More

    Prepare to spend

    Sony's American wing has announced its suggested retail prices for the accessories you'll need to get the most out of Vita, including memory cards. As we said at the time, GameStop's prices were off the mark, an extra $10 or even $20 more expensive in some cases. Here's all the details you need: 4 GB Memory Card — February 15,...

  • News PlayStation Vita Launch Details for North America

    Games galore!

    Sony Computer Entertainment America has confirmed the games and accessories that'll accompany PlayStation Vita when it launches in North America on 22nd February 2012. Eight first-party titles and 17 third-party titles spread across retail and PSN will land alongside the machine, with Sony promising another ten games within a month of...

  • Out Today Wanted Corp (North America)

    Blast off

    The biggest releases might be behind us, but there's still more Move goodness on the way, with the North American PlayStation Store updated today with a new title. Wanted Corp is a shooter with a distinctly old-school vibe, as you can see in the trailer below. If you like the look of what you see below, stay tuned for our exclusive Wanted...

  • News Order Up!! for North America in January 2012

    More coffee hun?

    PS3 cook'em up Order Up!! is out in Europe this month, but UTV Ignition Games have plans to bring it Stateside early next year. The publisher and developer Supervillain Studios today announced the game will see release in North America in January 2012. Here's the press release and a little trailer too. UTV IGNITION GAMES AND...


  • News Grab a Serious Move Bargain This Thanksgiving

    Plenty to be grateful for

    We're going to come out and say it: this might be the best value Move bundle we've seen yet. Best Buy is offering a serious package to anyone wanting to get started with Move in the world of first-person shooters. The PlayStation Move Mayhem Bundle is currently on sale for just $119.99, a bargain considering it contains:...

  • News New Move Bundle Includes Zindagi Double Pack

    Out next week

    Sony America is hoping to entice the Christmas gifters with a new Move bundle that includes two games from motion control experts Zindagi Games. Available next week, the package contains a PlayStation Eye, Move motion controller and copies of Sports Champions and Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest, all for a very reasonable $99.99: not...

  • Out Today Heavy Fire: Afghanistan (North America)


    After several delays, Mastiff Games has just announced that Heavy Fire: Afghanistan is now available across North America. The Move-compatible shooter is the next entry in a series that started on WiiWare, and includes 24 missions, online leaderboards and four-player co-op. It could be good; we'll have a look and let you know in our...

  • News MLB 12 The Show Bats for Vita on 6th March

    Here comes the pitch

    Baseball and video games are an ideal match, but a baseball game you can take on the go? That sounds like an even more winning combination. Sony has announced that MLB 12 The Show will hit PS Vita and PlayStation 3 on 6th March 2012, just ahead of Spring training. SCEA PR manager Eric Levine is keen to point out that the game...

  • Out Now Air Conflicts: Secret Wars (North America)

    Late arrival

    The North American release of Air Conflicts: Secret Wars has been put back and pushed around countless times over the past few months since its European release in early July, but US publisher Kalypso Media now informs us the game has finally made it to retail. Eagle-eyed readers might remember originally said Air Conflicts was released...

  • News PlayStation Move Heroes Down to $19.99 on PS Store

    Cheap enough for you?

    Long-anticipated mascot mash-up PlayStation Move Heroes may have disappointed for its $39.99 price tag, but if you're a PlayStation Store user you can save yourself a fair chunk of change on the game now. The game just dropped to a new permanent price of $19.99, a very welcome 50% off the original sale price. Does this new low...

  • Out Today GoldenEye 007: Reloaded (North America)

    Become Bond

    Last year's GoldenEye 007 on Wii just got a whole lot slicker, as GoldenEye 007: Reloaded is out today in North America. The HD revamp supports PlayStation Move and the Sharp Shooter as well as standard controllers, and includes brand new MI:6 missions as well as the Wii version's acclaimed multiplayer. We'll don our tuxedos and prepare...

  • News Win a PS Vita in Army Corps of Hell Sweepstakes

    Roll up

    Square Enix is making a big noise about its Vita launch title Army Corps of Hell, even giving away one of the consoles in a new sweepstakes for the United States and Canada. All you have to do is head over to the Army Corps of Hell Facebook page, give it a thumbs-up and you're entered. While you're there, why not also Like VitaGamr to stay...





  • News Tiger Woods Gets His Very Own Move Bundle

    Everybody, golf!

    Professional swinger Tiger Woods is about to get his own PlayStation Move bundle, hitting shelves across North America next week. The package contains Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters, a PlayStation Eye camera and PlayStation Move controller. If you're thinking of dropping $99.99 on this bundle, make sure you read our Tiger...

  • Out Today PlayStation Move Ape Escape (North America)

    Those apes infest PSN

    After a disc release in Europe, PlayStation Move Ape Escape hits North America as a digital download today. The on-rails net-swinging catch-em-up may not be the best demonstration of PlayStation Move's abilities, but it's charming enough and might be worth a go if you're desperate to reunite with those escaped apes again. Be...


  • News New Move Demos and DLC Out in US PlayStation Store

    Here's what's on offer

    Waiting for a demo before you try out Gameloft's chart-topping Dungeon Hunter: Alliance? Now that painful waiting can stop, as the North American PlayStation Store has been updated with a demo and more Move-enabled content. Here's a brief overview of what's out there now. Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Demo: Dungeon Hunter: Alliance...

  • Out Today UFC Personal Trainer (North America)

    Get it before it's octa-gone

    The fitness games on Move so far haven't tried to build you into a fight-ready machine, but that sizeable gap in the market is closed today with the release of UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System in North America. The Move-enabled game has been developed with support from the National Academy of Sports...

  • News May NPD: L.A. Noire Tops The Class, Video Game Sales Drop


    A. Noire</a> managed to top the sales charts in North America last month, despite video game spending being down 13% year-over-year. New entries Brink and LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean rounded out the top-three. Unfortunately revenue for the industry as a whole dropped from $829.4 million to $718.8 million, though hardware was only down by 5%. Sony's PlayStation 3 managed to sell a..

  • Out Now Sega Rally Online Arcade (North America)

    Throttled up to Move – Sega style!

    The PlayStation Store just recently raced back to action in North America, and Movers are finally able to download the titles Learning with Pooyoos and Under Siege. But, one game raced onto the PSN Store like an unexpected hairpin turn: Sega Rally Online Arcade. Sega Ra

  • Out Now Learning with the Pooyoos (North America)

    Education on the Move

    The PlayStation Store is back, and it's brought with it two new releases for Move users: Under Siege and Lexis Numerique's Learning with the Pooyoos. The educational title for young kids has already made several appearances on WiiWare, so it'll be interesting to see how it's

  • Out Now Under Siege (Global)

    At last!

    Poor old Under Siege has had a rocky road to the PlayStation Store: originally planned for release in late 2010, it suffered delay after delay before finally being set for release in April. Of course, the PlayStation Network outage struck, but now the PlayStation Store is back online the game is finally available. The fully Move-compatible...


  • News Rune Factory Sails the Tides of Destiny Later This Year

    Land, hoe!

    As we rumoured last week, North American publisher Natsume has just confirmed the latest RPG off-shoot from the Harvest Moon franchise will be coming to the region later this year. The newly named Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny (formerly Rune Factory: Oceans) was announced over at Siliconera

  • News Sony America Welcomes You Back with These Games

    Hard choices ahead

    The North American PlayStation Blog has let loose with details of the free games you'll be able to claim as part of its Welcome Back programme when PlayStation Store service is restored in the near future. PlayStation 3 owners will be able to choose two of the following five games: Dead Nation inFAMOUS LittleBigPlanet Super...

  • Rumour Natsume to Show Off Rune Factory: Oceans at E3

    Farming comes to PS3 at last

    Harvest Moon's RPG spin-off series Rune Factory has been a Nintendo-only affair in the West so far, but Japanese PS3 owners have recently got to grips with Rune Factory: Oceans. So far there's been no word on a Western translation for the HD, Move-enabled farming RPG, but Natsume has just dropped a fairly big hint the...

  • Out Today Virtua Tennis 4 (North America)

    SEGA swings by

    SEGA returns to court today with the North American release of Virtua Tennis 4 on PlayStation 3, 11 days after its release in Europe. Taking a different route to 2K's more sim-like Top Spin 4, VT4 embraces SEGA's arcade roots with a simplified board game-style World Tour, minigames and more. If you're planning to pick the game up, be...

  • News Sony Offers US Members a Year of Identity Protection

    Too little too late?

    PlayStation Network is on the brink of a third week of downtime, and Sony America CEO Howard Stringer has stepped up to the plate to introduce a new initiative for US account-holders: a free year of identity protection. Stringer made the announcement via an open letter on the official PlayStation Blog: A program for U.S...



  • Out Today Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters (North America)

    Grab your Woods

    The 2011 Masters tournament tees off next Monday, 4th April, but PlayStation Move owners get their chance to go out on the links from today, as Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters lands on PlayStation 3 today. For those "try before you buy" stalwarts amongst you, there's already a free demo available on PlayStation Store,...

  • Out Today PlayStation Move Heroes (North America)

    Join forces today

    Six PlayStation heroes — one motion controller. That could be the voiceover for PlayStation Move Heroes, the new Move-exclusive game on sale from today across North America. Sly, Bentley, Jak, Daxter, Ratchet and Clank all join forces in an intergalactic shindig that uses Move in a host of new ways: whips, flying discs, hammers...

  • News PlayStation Move Heroes Demo Really Is Out Now

    Slight delay

    We reported last week that the demo for PlayStation Move Heroes was available on PlayStation Store, yet the update came and went with no sign of the demo. For unknown reasons it appears the demo was delayed for a week, but is now available to download in both North America and Europe. Those of you with weak connections planning on...

  • Out Today Tuesday 15th March 2011 (North America)

    Three Move games out today

    With just one week to go until PlayStation Move Heroes, three Moves games have hit the market to attempt to convince you to part with your money before the six heroes fly in next week. Here's what's out this week Top Spin 4: 2K Sports leads the charge of tennis games on Move — ignoring last year's woeful Racquet Sports...

  • News Swing Around with Move-Enabled Top Spin 4 Demo

    North America only

    Challenger for the crown of "top tennis title on Move", Top Spin 4 wants you to make up your own mind with a new Move-enabled demo available on the PlayStation Store in North America only. The demo puts you in a tie break match at the US Open, with some of the world's top tennis players available to choose from. You'll...



  • Out Today LittleBigPlanet 2 (North America)

    Sackboy returns

    After months of betas, demos, teaser videos and more, Sackboy sequel LittleBigPlanet 2 is finally available to buy in North America. The game contains PlayStation Network title Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves, a two-player co-operative adventure for Move and DualShock 3. Media Molecule originally stated that there would be more Move...

  • News PlayStation Move Heroes Starts Shipping on March 22nd

    Save the date

    Yesterday we brought you details of the minigames you can expect to play in PlayStation Move Heroes when it launches, and today the last piece of the puzzle is filled in: its launch date. According to Sony's fact sheet, the game starts shipping to stores across North America on March 22nd 2011, giving you just shy of two months to...


  • News Be Part of MLB 11 The Show with a PlayStation Move Minigame

    Sony comes out swinging

    Sony's MLB The Show series is without a doubt the greatest recreation of baseball ever committed to playable form, so the news that next year's entry MLB 11 The Show will support PlayStation Move is a welcome update to baseball fans everywhere. At the time of writing, it's believed only the home run derby mode will support...

  • Out Today Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves (Global)

    Case clothed

    PlayStation Plus subscribers have had Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves for a week now, but now all PlayStation Network members can get their hands on Sackboy's latest adventure. Costing $5.99/£4.79, the game is a co-operative only title where one player handles the DualShock 3 while the other joins in with the Move controller. It's worth a...

  • News Sony Sheds Light on echochrome ii Release Date

    December 21st in America

    You may have already tried the echochrome ii demo via PlayStation Network or the Starter Disc, but Sony has been silent on the release date for the final product – until now. echochrome ii will hop its way to North American PlayStation Network users on December 21st, though Sony has not yet revealed a final price for the...


  • News John Daly's Gets Seasonal Price Drop Across the US

    Only $29.99 to play links with the Lion

    John Daly's ProStroke Golf is a fine golf game for Move users, limited though it may be, and now there's good news for everyone who thought "I might get that when it comes down in price." The good news? It's gone down in price. Already available in the UK for around the £24.99 mark, O-Games has just...

  • News Get Down to PlayStation Move's Manhattan Lounge

    On Madison Avenue

    From San Francisco to New York, PlayStation Move continues to touch gamers right across the States, with the latest PlayStation Lounge setting up shop in Manhattan today. Hosted at 550 Madison Avenue, the Lounge will be your chance to get your hands on new Move titles including The Fight: Lights Out, as well as stand a chance of...

  • Out Today Tuesday November 9th 2010 (North America)

    A string of titles to delve into today

    Whether you're into singing, dancing, fighting or stealthing, there should be something to tickle your fancy this week as a trio of Move-enabled titles land on North American shores. Of course, we'll bring you full and honest reviews of these games shortly. Will you be picking any of these titles up? The Fight:...

  • News PlayStation Move By the Numbers Offers Up Facts and Figures

    But do they add up?

    "Numbers never lie" so goes the age-old axiom, so this chart from the official US PlayStation Blog is a big dollop of fact for you to take in. As well as counting up the numbers of games already available for the system – 24 apparently, though our review archives currently hold 25 reviews, oddly – it also gives...


  • News The Fight Steps Back to November 9th Release

    Slight delay for fighter

    If you've been looking forward to Sony's The Fight: Lights Out since you first picked up your Move, the bad news is you'll have to wait a little longer to smack your friends in full 1:1 control. The game has been pushed back in North America to November 9th, with a UK release date set a few days earlier on November 5th. No...

  • News Ubisoft CEO Sees Geographic Split for Move and Kinect

    Gadgets to dominate one territory each

    It's the showdown that gamers and industry insiders alike are anticipating to determine the future of PS3 and Xbox 360: Kinect vs. Move. "You are the Controller" vs. "It Only Does Everything", "No Buttons" vs. "Yay Buttons" and so on. Yves Guillemot, CEO of global...

  • Out Today The Shoot (North America)

    Casual shooting fun for everyone

    You may have already screen tested The Shoot in the form of the free demo available on the PlayStation Move Starter Disc. If you thought it was good enough for a callback, good news: it's out in North America today. If you're after bringing a little more plastic to your experience, you might want to pick up one of...

  • Out Today Time Crisis: Razing Storm (North America)

    Double barrel delights today

    If The Shoot is a little casual for your tastes, you can still satiate your lust for shooting things with Namco's Time Crisis: Razing Storm, also out across North America today. As well as a series-first Online Battle Mode for up to eight players, there's extra bonuses in the form of included games Deadstorm Pirates and...

  • News PlayStation Move Drives Accessory Sales Upwards in September

    Section up $20m year-on-year

    Few new accessories have been launched with the same amount of interest and discussion as PlayStation Move. The accessory has outperformed Sony's expectations in Europe, and it seems it's off to a decent start in North America too, if the latest NPD figures are anything to go by. Both software and hardware sales were...

  • Out Today TV Superstars (North America)

    Televisual party game incoming

    You might have dabbled in a spot of TV Superstars in the demo available on the Starter Disc or PlayStation Network, and if you liked what you played then starting today you can pick the game up in stores across North America. Featuring a range of minigames all based on fictitious reality TV shows, the idea is to do...

  • News Killzone 3 Continues its Tour of the World in Washington DC

    Sony's aim: everyone to play game before launch

    Wherever you go in the world at the moment, it seems you're never more than thirty miles from a Sony event showing off Killzone 3. So far it's visited Dublin, Seattle and London, and now it's taking in Washington DC with a presence at the Major League Gaming Pro C

  • News Be Part of The Shoot from October 19th

    Your chance to shine

    Sony's upcoming movie-themed shooter, the snappily titled The Shoot, is an attempt at making a kid-friendly shooting game, blasting through familiar scenarios from movies and television to impress the director with your action chops. A brief demo is available on the Starter Disc or PlayStation Network, but those of you eager to...

  • News Sony Holding VIP Move Event in New York

    Get your game on

    Sony's marketing plan is covering coast to coast, taking in San Francisco and now arriving in New York. Regular readers of the official PlayStation US blog have been invited to check out a new event tomorrow, October 6th, to play some up and coming new games before launch. A new build of the highly-anticipated The Fight: Lights Out...


  • News North American Stores Jump the Move Gun, Start Selling Early

    Official release dates be damned!

    Forget official information and the likes of our North American PlayStation Move Launch Extravaganza: PlayStation Move is a precocious beast, doing what it wants, when it wants. Some US retailers have started selling the Move today, two days before the unit's official launch date. Far from being a move to irritate...

  • News San Francisco Becomes PlayStation HQ this Friday

    Play games and eat pizza in the company of Sony

    Sony's US Move tour takes in the sights of San Francisco this Friday night, with the PlayStation HQ setting up shop from 6pm to let 200 lucky gamers get hands on with a wide range of games, including LittleBigPlanet 2, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, The Fight: Lights Out and more. If you can make it down...

  • News Release Confusion Finally Resolved, Gamers May Now Rest Easy

    The truth finally uncovered

    We already reported the ongoing confusion surrounding PlayStation Move's launch date, and finally after a lot of journalistic rooting around and emails back-and-forth we've put the issue to bed. The confusion lay in the fact that Sony classes Europe as a separate territory to the UK, hence the conflicting dates. Here, for...

  • News It's the North American PlayStation Move Launch Extravaganza

    Everything you need to know

    So you're excited about PlayStation Move and all the new features and games it's promising to bring to your black box of tricks, and you can't wait until the accessory launches in North America on September 15th. But you need information: cold, hard facts about the prices, the games, the bounty of available accessories...

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