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Store Update: 17th May 2016 (North America)

17th May 2016 (North America)

Rise up

It's an absolutely massive week on the North American PlayStation Store, with the PlayStation 4 fronting the charge. Shadow of the Beast, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, and Homefront: The Revolution are the undeniable highlights, but there are a ton of other titles to look forward to – including a couple of new PlayStation 2 re-releases...

Store Update: 10th May 2016 (North America)

10th May 2016 (North America)

Uncharted territory

It's a smaller North American PlayStation Store update this time, but no less lacking in blockbusters. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is the undeniable highlight, but a special mention must be reserved for DOOM. Someone will probably be interested in that new Neptunia game, too. Maybe? PS4 Games: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End $59.99...

Store Update: 3rd May 2016 (North America)

3rd May 2016 (North America)

Battleborn to be wild

This week's North American PlayStation Store update may merely be warming things up ahead of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End's arrival next month, but there are still a handful of noteworthy additions, including heroes shooter Battleborn, grind-'em-up Push Me Pull You, and old Xbox favourite Shadow Complex Remastered. Not bad at...

News: PS4 Games Go Seriously Cheap in US Flash Sale

PS4 Games Go Seriously Cheap in US Flash Sale

LittleBigPlanet! Tearaway! Sleeping Dogs!

Ooh, boy – this is a decent North American PlayStation Store Flash Sale, and then some. Let's just dive right into it: Alien Isolation is $11.99, the upgraded PlayStation 4 version of Bully is $5.99, as is Max Payne which only launched yesterday. Then you've got the likes of

Store Update: 19th April 2016 (North America)

19th April 2016 (North America)

Ahoy, ahoy

Invisible Inc! Koi! Pang Adventures! Ms. Pac-Man with a Platinum! This week's North American PlayStation Store update may not be packed with retail heavy hitters, but there are a deluge of digital games that you should be paying attention to. Here's the full line-up for your perusal. PS4 Games: Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug (Out...

Store Update: 12th April 2016 (North America)

12th April 2016 (North America)

What a time to be alive

This may not be the biggest North American PlayStation Store update ever, but quality trumps quantity every single time. And what a line-up it is: Dark Souls III, Ratchet & Clank, and Stories: Path of Destinies are all up for grabs. Samurai Warriors 4: Empires is also apparently out now, which seems to be the case every...

Store Update: 5th April 2016 (North America)

5th April 2016 (North America)

Gungeon keeper

Are you ready to Enter the Gungeon? That's just one of the big new releases available on the North American PlayStation Store this week, with the likes of DiRT Rally and Dead Star also out now. Remember, you'll get the latter game for free as part of your PlayStation Plus sub. PS4 Games: Bounce Rescue! $9.99 Dead Star $19.99 DiRT...

Store Update: 29th March 2016 (North America)

29th March 2016 (North America)

Big hitters

It's a big week… Big. Then again, we seem to say that every time we write about the North American PlayStation Store update, no? Seriously, though, this week's roster of software is terrifyingly dense, with everything from Resident Evil 6 all the way through to MLB 16 The Show vying for your attention. Shall we get stuck in? PS4...

Store Update: 15th March 2016 (North America)

15th March 2016 (North America)


As in Europe, it's EA Sports UFC 2 and Salt and Sanctuary that are the headline new additions to the North American PlayStation Store this week – though those of you over the Atlantic also have Bubble Bobble to keep you entertained. Other additions include the Paragon Early Access pack, as well as Senran Kagura Estival Versus, too. PS4...

Store Update: 8th March 2016 (North America)

8th March 2016 (North America)

Urban chaos

We're a little late posting the North American PlayStation Store update, but we're sure that you'll forgive us this transgression as we were busy protecting Manhattan from looters. The big new release this week, then, is The Division – but it's been accompanied by a whole host of hot digital downloads. Let's get stuck in. PS4 Games:...

Store Update: 1st March 2016 (North America)

1st March 2016 (North America)

Plenty to pick from

This week's North American PlayStation Store update included a mighty clanger, teasing that pre-orders would open for No Man's Sky later this week. That information's since been removed, but the billion other releases included in the plaza's latest re-stock haven't. There's so much to get through we're not even going to rattle...

News: PS4 Multiplayer Will Be Free This Weekend

PS4 Multiplayer Will Be Free This Weekend

No need for a PlayStation Plus sub

You won't need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play PlayStation 4 multiplayer this weekend. Sony's confirmed that in North America at least, online play will be totally free from 00:01AM PT on Friday, 19th February through until 23:59PM PT on Sunday, 21st February. Assuming the servers hold, this may be a good...

Store Update: 16th February 2016 (North America)

16th February 2016 (North America)

Rise up

As in Europe, it's the release of Street Fighter V that's the highlight on the North American PlayStation Store this week. If you're not interested in fighters, however, there are a ton of other titles vying for your attention, including Layers of Fear and Rainbow Moon. Which release will be receiving your quarters? PS4 Games: Layers Of...

Store Update: 2nd February 2016 (North America)

2nd February 2016 (North America)


A really juicy week on the North American PlayStation Store this time, as Gravity Rush Remastered, Not a Hero, and Crypt of the Necrodancer all vie for your dollars. We should probably mention – as we forgot in the European article – that Call of Duty: Black Ops III's first DLC is out today, too. So that's good for those of you that…...

Store Update: 26th January 2016 (North America)

26th January 2016 (North America)

Insert something witty here

As in Europe, long awaited indie puzzler The Witness is the highlight in this week's North American PlayStation Store update. The Myst-esque puzzler has been accompanied by LEGO Marvel's Avengers and This War of Mine: The Little Ones. Some damn decent variety, that, no? PS4 Games: Gemini: Heroes Reborn $14.99 LEGO...

News: PS4, Vita Prices Plunge in NA PlayStation Store Flash Sale

PS4, Vita Prices Plunge in NA PlayStation Store Flash Sale

How low can you go?

How's that wallet of yours holding up? Hopefully you've got a few cents sitting somewhere in its change pocket, because Sony has dropped a surprise Flash Sale on the North American PlayStation Store. This weekend's festivities span the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita, and appear to encompass smaller games. The...

Store Update: 19th January 2016 (North America)

19th January 2016 (North America)

Zero hour

If any of you North Americans have been enviously eyeing the European PlayStation Store update, then know that yours is just as big – if not bigger. As was the case across the pond, the highlights include Resident Evil Zero and Atelier Escha & Logy Plus – but, look, there's practically something for everyone. Take a look. PS4...