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  • News Blast 'Em Bunnies Hunts Colourful Game on PS4 and Vita

    Rabbit magic

    We hope that you don’t have a fondness for rabbits, because Blast ‘Em Bunnies wants you to take as many of the energetic blighters down as possible. The latest release from escapeVektor developer Nnooo fuses tower defence with on-rails action, as you mow down hordes of colourful (but supposedly evil) critters, collecting...


  • News EscapeVektor Developer Nnooo Working on New PS4 Project

    Stepping up to the plate

    Australian outfit Nnooo has started work on a brand new PlayStation 4 title. In a statement issued earlier today, the escapeVektor developer confirmed that it already has access to development kits for Sony’s next generation platform, and that it hopes to have something to announce later in the year. “It's exciting to...


  • News escapeVektor Cuts a Path onto North American Vitas Next Week

    Head on collision

    After launching in Europe late last year, Australian indie developer Nnooo has attached a 22nd January North American release date to its PlayStation Vita puzzler escapeVektor. The title will set you back $9.99, a fair price for an adventure with no less than 150 levels. Blimey. The game itself is an ambitious mix of Qix and...


  • News escapeVektor Makes a Swift Exit on PlayStation Vita Next Week

    Last in, first out

    Forget about escapeVector, we’re more taken with Australian developer Nnooo’s name. Imagine trying to schedule a meeting at the bank with a title like that. It would be a disaster. “Could you please tell us the name of your company for the diary, sir?” the receptionist would ask. “Nnooo,” you’d respond. Everyone...