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  • News Turn the Pages of This European Ni No Kuni Collector's Edition


    Those eager to splash out on Namco Bandai’s upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch will no doubt be thrilled to learn about the title’s European collector’s edition. The premium bundle – which is set to release alongside the standard version of the title on 25th January – includes a copy of the game,...

  • News Now You Can Dress Your SoulCalibur V Characters in Bridal Outfits

    Fanfiction fodder

    SoulCalibur V has been supported by a steady stream of downloadable content since release, but this new wedding pack is the most noteworthy expansion yet. Available now from the PlayStation Store for £1.99 / $2.99, the content allows you to live out your wildest fantasies – such as walking down the aisle with Seung Mina, and...

  • News Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Scores Snoop Dogg Arena

    Doggy dogg world

    In perhaps the most baffling announcement of E3, Namco Bandai has announced that famous rapper Snoop Dogg will make a cameo appearance in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The Doggfather of Hip-Hop will be found perched on a golden throne in the background of an arena based on the musician. The stage will be available early to anyone that...

  • News Tales of Xillia 2 Spins a New Yarn in Japan This Winter

    Elle of a sequel

    Namco Bandai’s ongoing teases have concluded with the announcement of Tales of Xillia 2. The PS3 sequel is set a year after the original title, and is due out at some point this winter in Japan. The game follows the escapades of Ludgar, an adventurer joined on his travels by a cat called Lulu and a mysterious girl named Elle...

  • News Ni No Kuni Reaches Europe on 25th January 2013

    Seven months out

    Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, the much-anticipated collaboration between Level-5 and Studio Ghibli, lands on PS3 in Europe on 25th January 2013. The adventure contains English and Japanese voice overs as well as subtitles in French, Italian, German and Spanish, so most European players should be able to enjoy it. Here's a...


  • News Daytona USA and Ridge Racer Smash Together

    We have no words

    Legendary SEGA arcade racer Daytona USA and Namco's Ridge Racer finally collide after years of taking separate racing lines, with Ridge Racer on Vita set to get the legendary Daytona Hornet as DLC. The car hits Japan on 6th June, alongside a song called Ridge Racer: Ridge Racer USA Mix, which we can only assume mashes up the famous...

  • News Inversion Release Upturned in Europe, On Track in US

    Gravity daze

    While the status of Namco Bandai’s topsy-turvy shooter Inversion remains unclear in Europe, publisher Namco Bandai has confirmed that the title is still on track for its scheduled 5th June release in North America. A representative confirmed the fist-pumping news in a statement to Joystiq earlier this evening. It's unfortunate news...

  • News Inversion's Release Date Reversed Again

    Upside down

    Saber Interactive’s intriguing gravity-based shooter Inversion has been delayed until July. The game was originally scheduled for release on 5th June, but is now back on shaky ground. Namco Bandai has yet to comment on the delay, leaving us a little baffled by the late change. We can only assume that the publisher wanted to avoid...

  • News Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Buddies Up on 11th September

    Find a friend

    The follow-up to the most popular Tekken title in recent memory, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, is set to punch its way onto PS3 this September. Publisher Namco Bandai has attached an 11th September release date to the tag-team brawler in North America, with a European launch set to follow on 14th September. In Europe, the release date...

  • News New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Combatants Enter the Ring

    Free DLC

    Namco Bandai has revealed the first (and presumably last) batch of downloadable characters for the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Challengers include the lovely Michelle, Angel, Ancient Ogre and Kunimitsu. The characters will be free for anyone that pre-orders the game, which is due to release in September. After a short window of...

  • News Tales of Graces F Travels to Europe on 31st August

    Are you sitting comfortably?

    Fans of Japanese RPGs will be able to get their fill on 31st August, when Tales of Graces F concludes its voyage overseas. The updated Wii title – which dropped in North America earlier this year – will launch with an original soundtrack, behind the scenes documentary and a hardback art book. It’ll also come with...

  • Rumour Dragon Ball Z HD Collection on the Way


    In completely unexpected news, it looks like Namco Bandai is readying a Dragon Ball Z HD Collection for PlayStation 3. The news comes courtesy of Spanish retailer Xtra Life, who has a track record for correctly leaking HD collections. Details are scarce, but the listing does include a 12th October release date for the compilation. Excluding...


  • News Move Stripping Game Dancing Eyes Canned

    For shame

    What do you get when you combine PlayStation Move, tiny monkeys and stripping? Dancing Eyes is the answer — or, at least, it was. Famitsu (via Andriasang) reports the game is now cancelled and won't see the light of day. Namco Bandai hasn't given any reason for the cancellation, but we imagine it's something to do with the tiny monkeys...

  • News Switch Things Up with New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Trailer

    Tag, you're it

    Namco Bandai announced a September release date for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 last week – but it’s sealed the deal today with a brand new trailer featuring Kanye West. How original. The trailer bangs on about the Tekken franchise’s accomplishments, but sneaks in a fistful of gameplay footage for good measure. Spoilers: it looks a...

  • News Ni No Kuni Goes into Hiding until Q1 2013

    "Ready or not, here I come!"

    Namco Bandai’s delayed the North American release of Level-5 and Studio Ghibli’s ultra-pretty PS3 exclusive RPG Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch until next year. The altered Q1 2013 release puts the title in line with its previously announced European date. To prove that the game isn’t vapourware, Namco Bandai...

  • News Buddy Up for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 This September

    Bro fist

    Start getting your thumb muscles in shape, because Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is swapping onto PlayStation 3 sooner than expected. Namco Bandai announced a September release date for the hotly anticipated brawler sequel overnight, which is significantly earlier than the publisher’s original “Holiday 2012” forecast. The console version of...

  • News One Piece: Pirate Warriors Sails to the West This Year

    Hot export

    Namco Bandai has announced that its crossover brawler featuring the characters of anime One Piece and the gameplay of Dynasty Warriors is heading to the West. Try to sound excited, won’t you? One Piece: Pirate Warriors puts you in control of popular characters from the manga and sees you fighting thousands of enemies in true,...


  • News Mysterious Namco Bandai Title is for PSP

    Given the PS Vita’s continued struggles domestically, we’re surprised that Sony hasn’t just outright phased out its predecessor. But here we are, reporting on another big PSP announcement for Japan. Remember that mysterious Namco Bandai teaser website we told you about yesterday? Well, it turns out that the title in question isn’t for PS...

  • News Mysterious Namco Teaser Points Towards PlayStation

    Famous face buttons

    Earlier in the week, Namco Bandai released a mysterious Japanese teaser website hinting at a brand new “action adventure” title. That website has now updated with images of the PlayStation’s face buttons, hinting at some form of exclusivity. It’s unclear what the game is or which PlayStation platform it is for, but...

  • News Tales of Xillia Trademarked by Namco Bandai in North America

    Xillia buy it?

    Last week we reported that publisher Namco Bandai had filed a trademark for Tales of Xillia in Europe. It has since followed up with a similar registration in North America. The move pretty much confirms that the RPG is heading overseas, after selling just shy of a million copies in Japan last year. Let us know if this is a game...

  • News Ridge Racer Unbounded Launch Trailer Crashes Online

    Race without restraint

    With Ridge Racer Unbounded gearing up for release next week, publisher Namco Bandai’s driven the game’s launch trailer out of the garage. The footage focuses on the game’s destruction elements but also takes a moment to show off the racer’s construction suite. It’s hardly ModNation Racers, is it? Still, props to...

  • Rumour Tales of Xillia Heading to Europe

    Trademark says so

    The latest entry in the long-running Tales series, Tales of Xillia, could be coming to Europe if a trademark is to be believed. Seasoned snoops Siliconera uncovered a listing for the title that was filed by publisher Namco Bandai earlier in the week. These things usually turn out to be true. Namco Bandai has yet to comment on the...

  • Japanese Sales Charts One Piece Still on Top

    Vita sales up... Just

    Namco Bandai’s rip-roaring PlayStation 3 exclusive One Piece: Pirate Musou has enjoyed a second week at the top of the Japanese sales charts after blowing the doors off the week prior. Despite selling way over 500k units last week, the PS3 release still managed to rustle up another 90,133 sales, bringing its overall tally...

  • News Freemium Gundam Shooter Blasting onto PSN

    Complimentary chaos

    The free-to-play market is blowing up in PC and mobile sectors, but it’s still yet to really take off on consoles. Sony’s hoping to change that, by commissioning content such as Free Realms and the upcoming DUST 514 – and it looks as though other publishers are finally starting to take notice. Namco Bandai has announced...

  • News Tales of Graces F Launch Trailer Drops Ahead of US Release

    Purple pigtails

    If you’ve been sorely missing the melodrama of JRPGs on PlayStation 3, then Namco Bandai’s got your back. The Japanese publisher is preparing to release Tales of Graces F in the US this week, and it’s celebrated with a trailer packed with cut-scenes and gameplay from the main game. Sadly those of you in Europe will have to wait...

  • News Ridge Racer Unbounded Trailer Pays Homage to Michael Bay

    Twisted metal

    Ridge Racer Unbounded might have been delayed indefinitely in the US, but the racer’s still on track for its end of March release in Europe, and in order to celebrate, Namco Bandai’s released a brand new trailer highlighting the game’s explosive traits. If you’ve got a morbid fascination with car crashes, then there should be...

  • News Touch My Katamari Scores Bizarre Pac-Man DLC

    Wacca wacca

    Touch My Katamari is not a conventional game, so the fact that Namco Bandai’s announced a bunch of Pac-Man DLC for the PS Vita launch title does not surprise us in the slightest. The additional mission features characters dressed as Pac-Man and the Ghosts, and sees you collecting power pellets and fruits from a maze like stage. As...

  • News Ridge Racer Vita Gets Idolmaster Cars

    Sexy wheels

    We know what you’re thinking: why can’t I drive a car with a hot anime girl emblazoned on the side? Well, in real-life you might get a few funny looks – but in Ridge Racer Vita it’s totally fine. In fact, it’s more than fine, because Namco Bandai has announced plans to release 13 Idolmaster themed car liveries for the game...

  • Japanese Sales Charts One Piece Does the Business for PS3

    Massive numbers for PS3 exclusive

    One Piece: Pirate Musou – also known as One Piece: Pirate Warriors – gave the PlayStation 3 one of its strongest ever Japanese software debuts this past week, as it topped the charts with a whopping 655,774 units sold. Just to put things into perspective, it outsold the combined total of the remaining 19 titles...

  • News Ridge Racer Unbounded Delayed Indefinitely in the US

    No date in sight

    Namco Bandai’s confirmed that it’s keeping Ridge Racer Unbounded, er, bounded for the foreseeable future. Following on from the game’s European delay, the publisher has announced that the racing reboot will not launch in North America until “later in 2012”. That doesn’t sound very promising, does it? A new release date...

  • News Ridge Racer Hits North America on 13th March

    Free DLC too!

    While Japanese and European gamers are already enjoying Ridge Racer on their Vita systems, North American gamers have been patiently waiting for the game to make its appearance. Well the wait is almost over. Namco Bandai has just announced that Ridge Racer will now be released on 13th March in North America and the company is even...


  • News Ni No Kuni to Cast a Spell on Europe in 2013

    Long wait ahead

    Much anticipated Level-5 and Studio Ghibli team-up Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is getting a full European translation ahead of its release in early 2013. In the next 12 months Namco Bandai will localise the game with full English voiceovers — though the Japanese voice track will stay — and subtitles in English, French,...

  • News Namco Delays Ridge Racer Unbounded Until End of March

    Not quite raring to go

    If you were looking forward to pulling some right-angle drifts through oncoming traffic in a couple of weeks, we’ve got some bad news. Namco Bandai has announced that it has delayed the scheduled 2nd March release date for BugBear’s uncharacteristically crashy take on the Ridge Racer series, Ridge Racer Unbounded, until...

  • News Namco to Co-publish Star Trek Next Year

    Set phasers to fun

    Digital Extreme’s exciting PlayStation Move supported Star Trek title has got a new publisher and release date. The title will now find itself rocketing onto store shelves in early 2013, shortly before J. J. Abram’s next big theatrical release. It’ll be handled by Namco Bandai, who’s signed a co-publishing and distribution...

  • News Gold Pass Beefs Up Ridge Racer Vita's Day-One Offering

    Palette cleanser

    From what we’ve played of Ridge Racer on the PlayStation Vita, it’s a solid entry into the franchise. But the game’s slender content offering has (rightfully) prompted some fierce vitriol from fans of the drift-heavy series. With just three tracks and a handful of cars on offer out of the box, the game’s a tough proposition...






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