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Review: Tales of Xillia (PlayStation 3)

Tales of Xillia (PlayStation 3)

A tale worth telling

You may be inclined to disregard Namco Bandai’s latest offering in the Tales series, but although it's the thirteenth main entry in the franchise (not including spin-offs), and bursting with strangely dressed teens with voluptuous hair-dos – as well a few girls who need to be told that strategically placed ribbons don't...

Review: Tekken Revolution (PlayStation 3)

Tekken Revolution (PlayStation 3)

King of free-to-play fighters

The video game industry is changing faster than a Tekken character’s costume. The digital era has ushered a flurry of new distribution models for publishers to exploit, and that’s left major firms like Namco Bandai juggling dozens of ideas in the hope of happening upon a critical hit. Tekken Revolution, one of the...

News: Ace Combat: Infinity Swoops onto PlayStation 3

Ace Combat: Infinity Swoops onto PlayStation 3

Teaser trailer exits the runway

Ace Combat: Infinity, the next entry in Namco Bandai’s popular air combat series, will take flight exclusively on the PlayStation 3, according to the teaser trailer embedded below. In addition to the sound of a giggling schoolgirl, the footage includes the quote: “That day our sky fell, the heavens split to create...

News: Tales of Xillia 2 Confirmed for European Release

Tales of Xillia 2 Confirmed for European Release

Should be with us next year

Tales of Xillia has been available in Japan since 2011, and will finally be unleashed in the West next month. However, the game already has a sequel in the land of the rising sun – and it's now been confirmed that it too will be making its way to European shores. The announcement was made by Namco Bandai at the Japan...

Review: Star Trek: The Video Game (PlayStation 3)

Star Trek: The Video Game (PlayStation 3)

Below par trek

If you're looking for an epic and exciting sci-fi setting filled with awful, often game breaking bugs – and you didn't already get your fill with Defiance – then Star Trek: The Video Game should be right up your alley. Not even the palpable hype from the impending movie, as well as the stellar cast, can save this generic action...