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  • News July 2017 NPD: Nintendo Switch Stops PS4 Party

    But systems were apparently neck and neck

    Nintendo managed to put enough Switch stock on American shelves to halt the PlayStation 4’s mini-winning streak, but both systems did well by all accounts. Leaked numbers put the platforms neck and neck, and Sony’s console is actually up year-over-year, which is a surprise. Considering that the device is...


  • News June 2017 NPD: PS4 Enjoys Best June Since Launch

    Tekken 7 tops, Crash Bandicoot hits

    The PlayStation 4 may be knee-deep into its fourth year, but it’s showing no signs of slowing – in fact, it’s actually performing better than in previous years. Sony’s console topped the United States hardware charts for a second successive month, registering its strongest June on record since release...




  • News March 2017 NPD: Two PS4 Exclusives in Top Five Spots

    Horizon: Zero Dawn and MLB The Show 17 start strong

    United States sales tracking firm NPD has changed its public data release format yet again this month, revealing the top 20 best-selling titles in America for March – with some digital included. You may recall that the organisation already announced hardware results, with the Nintendo Switch's...

  • News PS4's Run Halted by Nintendo Switch Launch in March NPD

    But Sony's system stays strong

    As expected, the launch of the Nintendo Switch has (temporarily?) dethroned the PlayStation 4 from the top of the United States hardware charts. Sony's system had been sitting pretty for several months in a row, but it was never going to overcome the release of its rival's new handheld-cum-console, which performed...


  • News February 2017 NPD: For Honor Ascends as Nioh Stabs Top Ten

    But industry declines persist

    You've got to give credit to Ubisoft: it may not make games that get NeoGAF giddy, but it sure knows the market well. For Honor has climbed straight to the top of NPD charts in the United States for the month of February, with Ghost Recon: Wildlands surely the frontrunner to pull the same party trick in March's report...

  • News Surprise! PS4 Wins the February NPD Report

    Of course

    Stop us if you've heard this one before: the PlayStation 4 won the February 2017 NPD sales report. This means that Sony's system has been the best-selling console in the United States fourth months in a row now, though its winning streak will come to an end in March due to the release of the Nintendo Switch. The PlayStation maker doesn't...


  • News January 2017 NPD: Resident Evil 7, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Chart

    But hardware revenue takes a hit

    Resident Evil 7 topped the NPD sales charts in January 2017, though hardware declined during the tracked period again. Consumers spent $610.7 million on gaming goods in the United States throughout the month, down four per cent compared to the same period the year prior. Software did lift significantly, so reduced...

  • News PS4 Was January's Best Selling Console in the United States

    Ain't no stopping this train

    With a lineup including Yakuza 0 and Resident Evil 7 (among others), it's no surprise that the PlayStation 4 was the best selling console in the United States during January. According to the latest NPD report, Sony's system continued its good run, outpacing the competition yet again during the first month of 2017. No...


  • News PS4 Wins the All-Important December NPD

    Not a massive surprise

    After a handful of months losing out to the Xbox One in the NPD, the PlayStation 4 has restored normal order, by winning the all-important December report. To be honest, this shouldn't come as a massive surprise considering the ridiculous numbers that Sony posted over the holiday period, but there was a chance that Microsoft...


  • News November 2016 NPD: PS4 on Top as Call of Duty Targets Number One

    CoD and flops

    As reported earlier in the month, the PlayStation 4 won the November 2016 NPD report, breaking a four month Xbox One streak. The console – which was buoyed by its best Black Friday ever and the launch of the PS4 Pro – has now surpassed 50 million units globally, and is on track to bloat that figure further through the...

  • News PS4 Breaks Xbox One Streak with November NPD Win

    Back on top

    And just like that, normal service has been resumed. Microsoft had started to slowly chip away at the PlayStation 4's sizeable lead in the United States with a handful of minor victories, but on the back of Sony's 50 million unit milestone announcement, the platform holder has now confirmed that it's won the all-important November NPD...


  • News PS4 Slumps to Third Successive NPD Defeat

    Choppy waters

    Batten the hatches, spit in Shawn Layden's face, and curse Kaz Hirai's complacency: Sony failed to defeat the Xbox One in the September NPD, meaning that's three times in a row now that the PlayStation 4 has not been the best-selling system in the United States. We suppose after three straight years on top, it had to give everyone...


  • News August 2016 NPD: Madden NFL 17, No Man's Sky Top Software Charts

    Hello, games

    Oh look, it's the NPD report. You may have noticed that we skipped coverage of this over the past couple of months. Apologies for that, but the NPD has changed the way it makes this information available. We used to get platform ordering for software sales and all sorts of other intel, but that can only be accessed by paying members...




  • News May 2016 NPD: Uncharted 4 Helps US Industry Swing Upwards

    No comment from Sony again

    After April 2016's desperately dire NPD report, the US industry has rebounded in May, with total physical spend up four per cent year-over-year – raking in a handsome $528.6 million. While hardware and accessories declined yet again (by 10 per cent and two per cent respectively), it was software that propelled the...




  • News February 2016 NPD: PS4 Extends Its Lead as US Sales Shrink

    Sony's system up year-over-year yet again

    We suppose that these NPD reports are starting to get a little bittersweet. As has been the case since launch, the PlayStation 4 is really thriving in the United States, and it's once again managed to register yet another consecutive month of growth. But while the graphs at Sony keep pointing upwards, the...



  • News Third-Parties Nudge Exclusives Out of USA's 2015 Best Sellers List

    Black Ops III the best-selling game of the year

    Not a single exclusive made the NPD's best-selling games of 2015 list, proving once again that third-parties rule supreme right now. Video game sales totalled $13.1 billion in the United States for the year overall, exactly the same as in 2014. This ultimately means that, while new-gen hardware is on...

  • News December 2015 NPD: Sony Thanks Fans for Putting PS4 on Top Again

    USA's preferred platform in 2015

    In what's becoming an all too familiar tale, the PlayStation 4 has topped the NPD hardware charts yet again. Sony's system was on top in the United States for the month of December, completing a clean sweep for the all-important Christmas period. This means that the Xbox One only managed to triumph over the Japanese...





  • News August 2015 NPD: PS4 Scores a Touchdown as Madden NFL 16 Tops

    No pads, no helmets

    August is well and truly over, and the latest NPD report confirms that the PlayStation 4 was the best selling box in the United States yet again. Sony's console outsold the competition in both the hardware and software departments, with Madden NFL 16 unsurprisingly touching down at the top of the latter list. Despite all of...


  • News July 2015 NPD: PS4 Tops Hardware and Software Sales Again

    Sony humbled by success

    Sony can do no wrong in the United States it seems, as the PlayStation 4 was once again the best selling system in the all-important nation during July. Despite a lack of new releases, the continued popularity of the Japanese giant's exclusive Batman: Arkham Knight bundle pushed the organisation's box out in front – a...



  • News May 2015 NPD: PS4 Enters E3 2015 As USA's Best Selling System

    The Witcher 3 hunts out software top spot

    E3 2015's all to play for, but Sony will have one victory to parade in Los Angeles next week: the May 2015 NPD. After a shock defeat in April, the Japanese giant has responded by immediately turning the tides; the PlayStation 4 was not only the best selling system of the month in the United States, but it...


  • News April 2015 NPD: PS4 Slumps to Shock Defeat

    Xbox One brushes PS4 aside

    Well, well, well – this is unexpected. We reported on the PlayStation 3's failure to top the NPD charts for many years, but we've already fallen into a pattern where we expect the PlayStation 4 to lead. However, the numbers coming out of the United States for April 2015 may wake both Sony and ourselves up, as the Xbox...




  • News January 2015 NPD: PS4 Soars Back to US Hardware Sales Summit

    Return of the king

    Well, that didn't last long, huh? After slipping behind the Xbox One in November and December, Sony has successfully pipped Microsoft's next-gen platform at the post in the January NPD sales report, securing the top hardware spot yet again. For those of you with short memories, the PlayStation 4 dominated the competition in the...





  • News September NPD: Sony Silences Analysts as PS4 Sales Surge

    Nine month winning streak rolls on

    Michael Pachter appears to enjoy pushing gamers’ buttons, so we doubt that he’ll care too much about the egg on his face right now; either way, his prediction that the PlayStation 4’s winning streak would end in September was, well, wrong. Sony actually managed a ninth month atop the NPD sales charts, with

  • News Pachter: PS4's American Winning Streak Ended in September

    Analyst predicts an upset

    Sony was always expected to start this generation on the front foot globally, as the PlayStation brand simply has much more worldwide appeal than its closest competitor. However, the fact that the PlayStation 4 has effortlessly won major markets such as the UK and North America will be a real concern for the folks at...


  • News August NPD: PS4 Outshines Xbox One for Eighth Consecutive Month

    Madden NFL 15 sells best on Sony's system

    Sony’s staggering turnaround in the United States has continued in August, with the PlayStation 4 once again topping the hardware charts for the eighth consecutive month. Even more impressively, Madden NFL 15 sold best on the Japanese giant’s next-gen system, which is something of a shock considering...





  • News April NPD: PS4 Outsells Xbox One for Fourth Consecutive Month

    The thirst is real

    Strong sales of Xbox family semi-exclusive Titanfall did little to stop the PlayStation 4’s momentum in April, as the system registered a fourth consecutive month at the top of the hardware charts in the United States. While firm figures aren’t available at the time of typing, research firm NPD reports that the Japanese...


  • News So, the PSP Almost Matched the Vita's Sales in USA Last Month

    The end is nigh

    Step out of a New York subway station and you’ll no longer be greeted by a religious zealot with a sandwich board, but instead a dedicated handheld decrier. “Portable consoles are dead,” they’ll scream, pointing to pictures of the PlayStation Vita with a big red line drawn through it. And they may be right, as NPD data has...

  • News March NPD: PS4 Overcomes Titanfall to Top Hardware Charts Again

    inFAMOUS in at second

    Titanfall may have made the Xbox One the faraway frontrunner in the United States sales battle last month, but the PlayStation 4 extended its lead on Microsoft’s home turf with another unexpected victory in the all-important territory. The triumph cements a sales double-whammy for platform holder Sony, after it announced...


  • News February NPD: PS4 Claims Narrow Victory Over Xbox One

    Top billing

    Ongoing stock shortages couldn’t prevent the PlayStation 4 from claiming a second successive victory over the Xbox One in the February NPD report. While the exact figures remain under wraps, it’s thought that Sony sold around 290,000 next-gen systems to Microsoft’s still respectable 258,000 units. Ever the spin doctors, the...










  • News December NPD: Black Ops 2 Dominates Disappointing 2012

    The future's bleak

    Staying consistent with the rest of 2012, December served up another year of decline for the North American video game industry. Despite pulling in a whopping $3.2 billion during the festive window, sales were still down 22 per cent over last year’s $4.10 billion. The year as a whole drooped by a similar margin, scooping just...


  • News November NPD: Sales Drop, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Rocks

    Bang on trend

    The excellent hardware figures for Black Friday week weren’t enough to offset the North American video game industry’s continued decline in November. According to the NPD group, numbers for the period fell by 11 per cent year-over-year, with sales amounting to $2.55 billion, compared to $2.87 billion in 2011. Hardware sales were...


  • News October NPD: NBA 2K13 Slams, Industry Dunks

    Bounce back

    NBA 2K13 scored a convincing three-pointer in the latest NPD report, as the rest of the North American video games industry continued its downward trend. The sector as a whole earned $755.5 million for the period, a figure which compares negatively to last year’s $1 billion. While the figures aren't especially pleasant, analyst Liam...


  • News September NPD: Hardware Sales Jump, Borderlands 2 Explodes

    Christmas is coming

    Average weekly sales of both the PlayStation 3 and Vita increased in North America throughout September, suggesting renewed momentum heading into the holiday season. As has become a recurring theme, the Xbox 360 was the best selling console for the month with 270,000 units sold. Unfortunately, Sony doesn't share specific hardware...


  • News July NPD: NCAA Football '13 Sprints Straight to the Top

    Industry woes continue, though

    July proved to be another desperately disappointing month for physical video game sales in North America. Overall sales in the retail sector dropped by 20 percent year over year – bringing in just $548.4 million compared to $686.3 million the year prior. Hardware sales dwindled by as much as 32 percent, with a 23...


  • News June NPD: LEGO Batman 2 Tops, Industry Sales Drop

    Holy great performance, Batman!

    Not content with dominating the charts across the pond, LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes has also topped the North American best-sellers for the month of June. But while developer Traveller’s Tales will be cracking open the champagne in celebration, the rest of the sector won’t be quite so enthusiastic. The entire...


  • News May NPD: Hardware Collapses, Investors Look Away Now

    Troublesome trends

    Let’s get straight to the point: May was not a good month for video game sales in North America. Hardware sales were down 39% year-over-year, bringing in just $138.9 million compared to $228.8 million in 2011. Software sales also saw a decline of 16%, though the NPD puts that decrease down to fewer releases. Unsurprisingly, PC...


  • News April NPD: Prototype 2 Tops, Industry Drops

    Heller bad

    Those of you with any kind of financial investment in the North American video game industry might want to point your browser towards a more positive place. The April NPD results are in, and they don’t make for particularly pleasant reading in the slightest. Indeed, as a whole the gaming industry shrunk by a whopping 32 percent year...


  • News Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Flexes Its Commercial Muscles

    Cash is king

    New intellectual properties have it tough in today’s video game market, so it’s refreshing to see a title like Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning post impressive US sales. The EA published action RPG has sold 410k units since its launch in February, with a sizeable chunk of those sales coming from the month of March. NPD’s David Riley...

  • News Mass Effect 3 Sales Eclipse 1.3 Million in North America

    Geth a load of that

    Mass Effect 3 sold 1.3 million copies across multiple platforms in North America last month, the NPD has confirmed. The figure covers retail releases only, so digital downloads on the PlayStation Network (and EA’s own Origin) are not counted. As such, it’s safe to assume the true, ahem, Tali is significantly higher. To put...

  • News Binary Domain Sold Just 20k Units in March

    Bad news

    Binary Domain is a rare gem. Sure, it gets a bit repetitive in places, but it’s uncommon to find a new IP with a genuinely intriguing universe and likable cast. It’s just a shame the general public didn’t agree. According to this month’s NPD report, the Yakuza Studio developed third-person shooter sold just 20k copies in North...

  • News March NPD: Mass Effect 3 Takes Off While Overall Sales Decline

    Not especially pretty

    Despite the arrival of several massive new releases, software and hardware sales continued their decline in North America for the month of March 2012. The latest NPD report shows that the month brought in $1.1billion in revenue, a whopping 25 percent less than the same period in 2011. Hardware, software and accessory sales were...


  • News February NPD: Twisted Metal Charts as Sales Drop

    Call of Duty on top

    Forget the concerning news about dwindling sales, and let’s focus on what really matters: Twisted Metal was the ninth best selling game in North America for the month of February. Considering the amount of scepticism that was lofted at director David Jaffe and his team regarding the relevance of car combat, we think that’s a...


  • News January NPD: Absence of Big Launches Leads to Low Sales

    Stuck in a rut

    The latest NPD report – covering monthly spend for the video game industry in North America – didn’t paint a particularly promising picture for digital entertainment in January. Both hardware and software dropped 38% year over year, with sales down from $1.14 billion in January 2011 to just $750 million this past month. The NPD cites the lack of major new releases as the reason..


  • News July NPD: Sales Drop, NCAA Football 12 Tops

    Ever since we've played video games, we've struggled to get our head around the furore surrounding EA Sports' NCAA sports titles

    For those that aren't American and don't understand, NCAA stands for (as we understand it at least) National Collegiate Athletic Association. These are essentially teams — in a variety of sports — made up of college students. Even more bizarre is that the top selling..



  • News April NPD: PlayStation 3 Hardware Strong, Mortal Kombat King

    PlayStation 3 sales were strong in North America last month, making the current PlayStation Network outage all the more frustrating

    Sony's system managed to outsell both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, snapping up sales of over 200k units. Microsoft XBOX 360 continued to dominate in the region. Mortal Kombat was the big software winner, selling nearly a million copies and placing a spot above..


  • News March NPD Sales: Pokemon Tops, MLB 11: The Show Charts

    With the NPD ceasing to provide hardware numbers, this month's report is restricted to software we're afraid

    And it's a pretty uneventful month for PlayStation to be honest, with the interest surrounding the Nintendo 3DS. Interestingly, it was a Nintendo DS game that topped the charts for March, with Pokemon White taking the top-spot and Pokemon Black following it up in second. Homefront finished..

  • News PlayStation 3 Hits 50 Million Units Milestone, Move Passes Eight Million

    Sony's followed up last night's NPD sales report by confirming that the PlayStation 3 has passed the 50 million units sold milestone

    In addition, the platform holder confirmed that there are now eight million PlayStation Move motion controllers in the wilderness, with support including in over 150 software titles. Sony added that there are also over 89 games available that support stereoscopic 3D..




  • News NPD: PlayStation 3 Struggles As XBOX 360 & Nintendo Wii Soar

    Let's get straight to the point: the PlayStation 3 did not have a good November in the US

    The PlayStation 3's 530k units sold was roughly 25% down year-on-year. It's even more worrying when compared to the competition, with the XBOX 360 and Nintendo Wii both managing sales of over 1 million a piece. As concerning as the numbers are, they're also downright confusing. The PlayStation 3's been holding..


  • News PlayStation Move Continues to Drive Accessory Sales Upward

    Two consecutive months of growth for sector

    Whilst sales of hardware and software are down across the board compared to the same period last year, one area of the industry that is growing is accessories, thanks in no small part to Sony's new motion controller. Move grew the sector in September and it's done so again in October, according to figures...


  • News PlayStation Move Drives Accessory Sales Upwards in September

    Section up $20m year-on-year

    Few new accessories have been launched with the same amount of interest and discussion as PlayStation Move. The accessory has outperformed Sony's expectations in Europe, and it seems it's off to a decent start in North America too, if the latest NPD figures are anything to go by. Both software and hardware sales were...

  • News NPD Cans Monthly Hardware Sales Data, Fanboys Retreat Into Hiding

    The biggest source of fanboy entertainment every month is the NPD's US hardware sales report

    Enter the wilderness of many video game forums and you'll read all about how "the PlayStation 3 sucks because it was outsold by the Nintendo Wii" and "the PlayStation Portable is dead because it sold less than 100k units". Frankly, it's boring. All the NPD has proved over the last twelve..


  • News July NPD: And It's All Downhill From Here...

    Well not literally downhill, but July's NPD sales don't make for particularly pleasant reading whichever way you look at it

    The XBOX 360 won out this month (for the first time since 2007, apparently), but on the back of a new hardware launch, even Microsoft must be disappointed with a 2% drop over June. The PlayStation 3 dropped 30%, pulling in figures of 215k. The system was down 90k units against..




  • News Sony: Playstation 3 Stock To Be Tight Over The Next Few Months

    Sony's warned that Playstation 3 stock will be tight over the coming months

    SCEA's director of communications, Patrick Seybold explained the company are working hard to ensure stock is available for everyone. "We're working very hard with our retail partners to meet consumer interest, but the demand is tremendously high for the PS3 and we expect tight inventory in the coming months,"..

  • News Sony Fare Well In January NPDs, Lose Out To Microsoft & Nintendo

    Despite a decent month for January in the US, Sony's PS3 lost out to both the XBOX 360 and Nintendo Wii for the month of January, according to the NPDs

    Sony shifted 276.9k units during the month, a respectable number, but they were some way off Microsoft's 332.8k tally. Regardless, both Sony and Microsoft fell to the might power of Nintendo once again, with the DS and Wii shifting almost 900k units..


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