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  • News Digital Foundry Gives its Verdict on PlayStation Move

    Eurogamer team impressed by add-on

    Digital Foundry, Eurogamer's crack team of technology experts, has been testing Move to see how it stacks up against other motion controllers. The result? A very positive write-up and plenty of fascinating history of the device, including some of the information we brought you in our recent Witness PlayStation...

  • News Oddworld Returning to PlayStation with Move-Enhanced Stranger's Wrath

    Title heading to PS Network

    It's been a long old time since an Oddworld game appeared on a PlayStation format – the last time was Abe's Exoddus on PSOne in 1998, fact fans – with the last de facto title in the series released on Xbox in 2005. Now the series is returning to its spiritual home, with Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath heading to...

  • News Ape Escape Puts Monkeys On Rails, Hilarity Presumably Ensues

    First-person monkey catching on the Move

    The first Ape Escape game for PlayStation One innovated with its dual analogue controls, and was one of the first games to use the DualShock pad to its full potential. Sony's upcoming simian sequel Ape Escape Fury Fury is also set to lead with unusual controls, using the Move to simulate a net as you play a...

  • News Latest Kevin Butler Ad Shows Our Most-Wanted Move Add-On: Vikings

    Motion gaming "not just for kids", apparently

    Kevin Butler, Sony's made-up mouthpiece for everything PlayStation, is uncharacteristically quiet in this latest advert for PlayStation Move, presumably preferring to let the games speak for themselves. Aiming to convince core gamers that motion controls are for grown-ups too, it takes in everything from...

  • News PlayStation Move Tipped to Trump Kinect Down Under

    Aussie experts are putting all of their eggs in Sony's basket

    While many industry experts elsewhere are willing to admit that the jury is still out on which of the new motion control formats - Sony's Move and Microsoft's Kinect - will emerge victorious during the upcoming holiday season, Australian video games retailer Gametraders has declared that...

  • News Be Michael Jordan with Move Support in NBA 2K11

    Well, not really, but you get the picture

    If you've always wanted to be Michael Jordan but don't have the money, talent or advertising pull, perhaps it's time you dialled your expectations down a little and thought about a Michael Jordan simulator. The upcoming NBA 2K11 should fill those Nike shoes quite comfortably, with Move support promising to...

  • News Sony Expects Slow Move Sales at Launch, Word of Mouth Crucial

    New peripheral to take a long tail approach

    Although Sony has compared the Move launch to a new platform release, it's not expecting the first week figures to match those of a new console launch. Ray Maguire, Sony Computer Entertainment UK's Managing Director, doesn't think the initial sales will be massive but that momentum will grow as players get...

  • News Killzone 3 to be Playable at PAX in Glorious 3D

    Two-dozen pods available for maximum Helghast chaos

    It's 3D, it includes Move support and it's swarming with Helghast troops: it can only be Guerilla Games' Killzone 3, one of the PlayStation 3's most anticipated games of 2011. If you're on your way to PAX 2010 in Seattle this weekend, make a beeline for the Killzone 3 stand as the game is fully...

  • News These Sports Victory Accessories May Not Guarantee Sporting Victories

    They do look nice, though

    Despite the array of events in Sports Champions promising the most realistic and intuitive controls yet seen in a console sporting compilation, there will always be those who believe they could be made more reliable by the addition of plastic snap-on attachments. Those people will be greatly cheered, then, to read about the...

  • News Ongoing Confusion Surrounds PlayStation Move's Launch Date

    Updated: Sony clarifies UK release

    Sony officially christened its motion controller Move at E3 2010, simultaneously announcing release dates for North America, Europe and Japan. PlayStation(R)Move Motion Controller to Hit Worldwide Market Starting This September TOKYO, June 15 -- Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) today announced that it will...

  • News Disaster Report 4 To Feature PS Move Support

    Debut PS3 outing for popular survival title is Waggle-friendly

    Irem's Zettai Zetsumei Toshi, better known here in the West as Disaster Report (or SOS: The Final Escape in Europe) is one of those games that is massively popular in its homeland but has struggled to replicate that success elsewhere. Thankfully the series looks set to get another chance...

  • News Witness PlayStation Move's Origins on PlayStation 2

    Tech demo shows it existed long before Wii

    You've heard the arguments about whether or not PlayStation Move ripped off the Wii; you might even have started one in a moment of boredom. The technology used in Move actually has its roots in the PlayStation 2's EyeToy camera, as a series of technical demos from 2000 onwards show. In the video below from...

  • News BlitzTech Gets Boosted with Full Kinect and Move Support

    Multi-platform middleware gets all e-motional

    Blitz Games Studios is a multi-talented bunch: as well as developing its own Move software such as the "movie karaoke" game Yoostar2, it also produces and maintains the BlitzTech middleware engine that runs on PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360 and PC, making it a very versatile piece of kit. It...

  • News Welcome to Movemodo!

    We want to Move your brains out

    PlayStation Move is on the horizon, bringing with it a stack of new games and possibilities. Who's going to guide you through the Move minefield and make sure you're the most clued-up Move gamer there is? We are, of course. Movemodo is a new site from the team behind the world-dominating Nintendo Life, and it's here...

  • Features What PlayStation Move Does and How

    If you're new to Move, read on

    Here at Movemodo, we promise to guide you through the confusing labyrinth of PlayStation Move news, reviews and information. We'll even hold your hand if you want us to – this is a new age, after all. Like us, you're just starting out on your PlayStation Move journey, so now's the best time to explain what...

  • Features Five Games We Need to See on Move

    From pipe dreams to no-brainers

    PlayStation Move promises to change the PlayStation experience completely, adding extra realism, immersion and brand new control capabilities to the console's library. With that in mind, which games really should come over to Move? Here's five of our picks. Everybody's Golf (Hot Shots Golf): Forget Tiger Woods, this...

  • News Virtua Tennis 4's 3D Button-Free Play is a Frightening Glimpse of the Future

    3D motion control is the way forward

    Sega's Virtua Tennis series is the longest-running rendition of the sport, having been going since the days of the much-missed Dreamcast, and it's come a long way since those zombie-like characters skulked up and down grass courts. Virtua Tennis 4 is the next instalment in the series, and has enough features to...

  • News Konami Bringing Travis Touchdown to PlayStation Move

    Punk's not dead

    The original No More Heroes on Nintendo Wii was a highly original but equally flawed game that never really found its audience on the machine. Suda51's homage to punk, trashy TV and laser katana-wielding assassins fell foul of some of the Wii's limitations, but the forthcoming PlayStation 3 version of the game will combine the...

  • News It's the North American PlayStation Move Launch Extravaganza

    Everything you need to know

    So you're excited about PlayStation Move and all the new features and games it's promising to bring to your black box of tricks, and you can't wait until the accessory launches in North America on September 15th. But you need information: cold, hard facts about the prices, the games, the bounty of available accessories...

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