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  • News Move Sales Reach 4.1 Million Units Sold Around the World

    Count 'em

    So far Sony has been tight-lipped about sales figures for its PlayStation Move peripheral, only saying it had shipped 1 million Moves to America and not commenting on actual worldwide sales figures. Now the company has opened its mouth wide to shout "4.1 million units sold worldwide" in the form of this new press release...

  • News Sony Could Update Move to be More Accurate, But Probably Won't

    Would be as simple as a firmware patch

    Move's technology is super-accurate, but according to Sony engineer Anton Mikhailov most studios aren't yet using the controller to its full potential, something we'd expect after just three months on sale. When they do maximise the controller's precision, they may find Sony moving the goalposts, as Mikhailov...

  • News Korean Move Cosplay is the Way to the Country's Heart

    Costumes out in the wild

    We've seen plenty of Move costumes already – check out Norway's Move Men and Paris's fashion take for just two examples – and now it's the turn of Korean streets, with predictably odd results. Whilst the suits seemed to go down well with most punters, one plucky young chap took a swing at the controller, clearly confused...

  • News Dynasty Warriors 7 Bringing 60 Characters from Historic China

    Great battlers of history

    Dynasty Warriors 7 is coming to PS3 with full stereoscopic 3D support, as well as Move controls, with a cast of over 60 playable characters to slash their way through four ancient Chinese kingdoms. Popular characters from the series will return, as well as newcomers Bao San Niang, Sima Zhao, Sima Shi and Zhen Ji, each...

  • News Sony Europe Reminds You of the Great Move Games Out Already

    And some other treats on the way

    Sony's Move line-up is growing on a weekly basis, with no fewer than 39 titles now available for the motion controller, so the company naturally wants to crow about the games by putting out a press release. We'll let Sony speak for itself, but as always remember you can get full reviews of these titles and many, many...

  • News Blue Tongue Fills In de Blob 2's Move Multiplayer Mode

    New interview reveals info

    Blue Tongue's de Blob 2 is looking fantastic, as this trailer shows, and now studio creative director Nick Hagger has shed some light on the game's multiplayer mode. In a method that may sound familiar to gamers used to Super Mario Galaxy 2 veterans, a second player can pick up Move at any time and bring up a reticule on...

  • News Move's Lightsaber Game Will be "Damn Sight Better" than Kinect's

    Says Move engineer

    The demo of Kinect Star Wars caught the imagination of Jedi fans everywhere, and Move's augmented reality capabilities combined with its 1:1 controller tracking is surely a recipe for a great Star Wars game. But whose would be better? You'll never guess which one Sony engineer Anton Mikhailov would favour. In a brief chat with...

  • News Can You Beat this Sports Champions Disc Golf Record?

    Tall order

    Sony's fond of its by the numbers diagrams offering statistical fascination to anyone with a numerical interest, and now it's come up with a sheet dedicated to Move's most popular launch title, Sports Champions. Full of interesting statistics – did you know over 155 million arrows have been fired, of which 1.1 million have split? –...

  • News Sony: "We Underestimated Demand for Move Controllers"

    Might struggle for stock over Christmas

    When putting together your PlayStation move set-up you probably didn't encounter many issues getting a Starter Pack, console bundle or Navigation sub-controller, but you may have struggled to lay your hands on a standalone Move controller. Peter Dille, Sony's marketing senior vice president in the US, has said...

  • News These Awesome Nikes are Our New Favourite Move Accessory

    Ten on the beau foot scale

    Move's a lovely item to hold in your hands for sure, but if you wanted to show your love for the controller on your feet you've been all out of luck – until now. Sony and Nike have combined to create two limited edition pairs of sneakers to honour the launch of PlayStation Move and the upcoming arrival of Killzone 3. The...

  • News PlayStation Move Wins Popsci's "Best of What's New" Award

    Nabs "most immersive game controller" gong

    We know Move works great, you know Move works great, and now Sony's controller has been honoured with an award in Popular Science magazine's "Best of What's New 2010" issue. Honoured in the always hotly-contested Home Entertainment category, Move was called the "most immersive game...

  • News Exclusive Day One DLC for PDC on PS3

    More players, modes and more

    PDC World Championship Darts: Pro Tour isn't the first sports game from O-Games to make use of PlayStation Move – its previous release was the very playable John Daly's ProStroke Golf, and now the publisher is lined up at the oche with a new title on Friday. PS3 owners who pick the game up on launch day will be greeted...

  • News TRON: Evolution's Move Controls are Light Cycle Only

    Short but sweet

    TRON: Evolution is due to de-rez Europe on Friday, and now we've had our first look at the Move controls we can confirm they're a bit disappointing. Considering the game's heavy combat focus and use of a throwing disc, you would have thought Move could have been used in any one of a number of interesting ways, but as it happens the...

  • Talking Point Why Are Accessories So Important Anyway?

    What's the big deal?

    We've reported on Move as an important factor in growing the accessory sector at retail, but with hardware and software figures falling year-on-year why is the success of plastic add-ons so important? Accessories Make Money: For retailers, accessories are key: profits made from add-ons far outweighs the margin on a new game or...

  • News This is What Move's and Kinect's Children Would Look Like

    If manufactured very, very cheaply

    When the Wii was released we saw countless cheap knock-offs flood the market – remember the Vii? – and now it looks like Move is about to receive its own sincerest form of flattery in the form of the "i-dong". (Really, we're not making these names up.) Displayed at a Chinese technology event, the...

  • News Check Out Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves Next Month

    A taster of LittleBigPlanet's Move mode

    Here's something we didn't see coming: Sackboy is about to get his own PSN-exclusive title, called Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves, and it's only playable with Move. A co-operative-only experience, the game needs one player with a Move controller and another with a DualShock 3, as players must team up to overcome...

  • News Snakebyte Announces the First Third-Party Move Controllers

    And they don't look bad

    German manufacturer Snakebyte has emerged as the first manufacturer to offer its own line of PlayStation Move controllers, starting in January 2011. Recent PS3 firmware updates have rendered some third-party controllers out of action, but Snakebyte has a cunning plan, equipping its controllers with the ability to receive...

  • News Navigation Support is Not Coming to NBA 2K11 After All

    Will be in 2K12 though

    If you've been playing the superb NBA 2K11 with PlayStation Move, you might have been disappointed that the Navigation sub-controller is unsupported, leaving you with a Move in one hand and DualShock 3 in the other. Whilst we presumed Navigation support would be introduced later in the game's cycle, 2K Sports' Community...

  • News PlayStation Move Continues to Drive Accessory Sales Upward

    Two consecutive months of growth for sector

    Whilst sales of hardware and software are down across the board compared to the same period last year, one area of the industry that is growing is accessories, thanks in no small part to Sony's new motion controller. Move grew the sector in September and it's done so again in October, according to figures...

  • News Sony's Latin American Success Down to One Key Principle

    And that's "Move is different"

    As experienced gamers, we know that PlayStation Move and Kinect for Xbox 360 are very different control methods, but Sony knows that explaining that to the machines' expanded audiences is crucial to Move's success. Speaking to IndustryGamers, Mark Stanley, SCEA's GM for Latin America, expressed the importance of...

  • Talking Point What Improvements Would You Make to Move?

    Imagine Sony's listening...

    Capcom's boss David Reeves recently spoke about an evolved Move for PlayStation 4, which got us thinking: what improvements would you like to see in the Move? Here's a few ideas off the top of our glowing blue heads. Improved PlayStation Eye: The Move itself may be a nifty piece of kit, but the PlayStation Eye camera...

  • News The Fight to Get Patched with Transparency and More

    Lights on after all

    A while ago, Coldwood Interactive spoke about The Fight: Lights Out and its lack of transparencies in the player character. The developers hinted that they would listen to player feedback and consider implementing the feature if enough fans requested it, and now it seems dissenting voices have been heard as the studio is set to...

  • News Capcom: Expect an Evolved Move Controller for PlayStation 4

    Sony will learn from Move says Capcom boss

    David Reeves, current head of Capcom Europe and former boss of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, has spoken to Eurogamer about the importance of supporting Move beyond PlayStation 3's life cycle. I think [motion control is] the preamble to what might come in the next static consoles. There's so much...

  • News de Blob 2 Gets a Lick of HD Paint and Move Controls

    Colour us intrigued

    The original de Blob for Wii was a critical success for THQ, so much so that the publisher is branching out onto other formats with the sequel. de Blob 2 is on the way to PS3 in February next year, and it's bringing PlayStation Move controls to boot. Bringing more of the same paint-splattering platforming action as the previous...

  • News Sly Cooper Steals into Europe in Early December

    Cooper trio next month

    The Sly Collection, or The Sly Trilogy in Europe*, is already out in North America but it won't be too long until European gamers can get their claws into it, as the game's launch kicks off on December 1st. Gamers across continental Europe can grab the game from Wednesday December 1st, antipodean fans receive the title the...

  • News EA's Create Wants to Move You Next Week

    Make it work

    If you fancy dabbling in a spot of make believe, EA might just have the game for you. Create is set for release next week across North America and Europe, and EA is hoping it'll strike a chord with Move users everywhere. Create is a new spin on the puzzle game that asks players to solve conundrums in innovative ways, whilst also giving...

  • News PlayStation Move By the Numbers Offers Up Facts and Figures

    But do they add up?

    "Numbers never lie" so goes the age-old axiom, so this chart from the official US PlayStation Blog is a big dollop of fact for you to take in. As well as counting up the numbers of games already available for the system – 24 apparently, though our review archives currently hold 25 reviews, oddly – it also gives...

  • News Sony Right to Target Core Gamers with Move, says Analyst

    The brilliantly named Billy Pidgeon

    If Kinect is for casual, Move is for more accomplished gamers, with M2 Research's senior analyst Billy Pidgeon backing Sony's strategy in selling the motion controller to regular gamers. Speaking to IndustryGamers Pidgeon emphasised Move's appeal to enthusiastic gamers thanks to solid titles such as MAG, Heavy...

  • News PDC Darts Includes Two Wizards and a Matador

    Six new players make their débuts

    If you thought professional darts was a murky world about beer, blokes and bad shirts, you'd be selling the sport short: it's also about daft nicknames and crisps. This latest trailer for upcoming title PDC World Championship Darts Pro Tour shows off the local multiplayer modes you'll be able to enjoy come November...

  • News Learn Some Dirty Tricks for The Fight: Lights Out

    Practise your elbows and headbutts now

    The Fight: Lights Out just landed in Europe with a North American release on Tuesday, but if you want to prepare yourself for the upcoming bout you might want to check out this video from Sony's official PlayStation blog. As well as detailing the character customisation available to let you craft a fighter in...

  • News Tons of Great Third Party Games Out Next Year, says Sony

    Hoping to redress the imbalance

    You need only look at our PlayStation Move games list to see that the lion's share of support for the controller is coming from Sony itself, with no fewer than 26 games either released or officially announced. Sony's line-up accounts for nearly half of the currently-known Move titles, but that's not always going to be...

  • News John Daly's ProStroke Golf Demo Available Now in Europe

    Take on the Lion for free

    We were pretty pleased with John Daly's ProStroke Golf's fine motion controls, though less so with its presentation, and now anyone who's been putting off getting to grips with the Lion can get a slice of the game with a free demo, available across Europe today. The demo offers several single-player modes, with nine holes...

  • News Only PlayStation Move Does Augmented Reality Justice, says Dev

    Kinect delay ruins experience

    PlayStation arguably brought augmented reality into the home, with the PS2's EyeToy games getting further refined into EyePet: Move Edition, Start the Party! and more on PlayStation Move. Now Dana Jan, director at PlayStation masters Ready at Dawn, has spoken out about how Move has the edge in augmented reality gaming...

  • News Now This is How You Sell Move in Paris

    With spandex and coloured dots, of course

    We've seen Move lend itself to some crazy costumes already, particularly the Move Men featured in this Norwegian advert for the controller, but this neat ensemble seen at Paris Games Week might take the cake. Sony's motion controller had a big presence at the show, with practically every Sony-published Move...

  • News Pachter: Move Could Make Publishers Billions

    We're talking big money

    Kinect vs. Move, Move vs. Kinect – who will win? Everybody's favourite analyst Michael Pachter is being uncharacteristically cagey about who he'll be backing, as he reckons both systems can shift over 10 million units before the end of 2011, making half of those sales before the current financial year ends in April 2011...

  • News Move Starter Pack and Controllers Sold Out at Amazon UK

    Purchase limit imposed

    It's not just Kinect selling out at Amazon – Move is also in short supply on the major retailer's site, resulting in price increases and stock limitations. At the time of writing, the Starter Pack is only available through Amazon sellers rather than the website itself, at


  • News Move Launch Helps Sony Post Profit in Q2 2010

    Software and hardware sales up

    Sony's PlayStation division reported a profitable Q2 in the current financial year thanks to increased sales of PS3 hardware, software and PlayStation Move. The latest Sony financial report puts PS3 hardware sales at 3.5m worldwide, up from 3.2m last year, with 35.3m units of software shifted, a huge improvement on...

  • News PlayStation Move Off to a Good Start in Japan

    Four titles in top 20

    PlayStation Move launched in Japan a week ago, with some encouraging performances from launch titles. The Japanese chart from the 18th to 24th of October put the PS3 2,000 units down on the previous week, shifting 20,128 across the seven day period, but Move software fared well overall. Beat Sketcher reached the heady heights...

  • News Microsoft Pays Move Another Back-Handed Compliment

    "It's a great product but..."

    Microsoft's Phil Spencer recently said he owned a Move but preferred Kinect, and now Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has thrown his hat in the Move vs. Kinect ring. Speaking to Eurogamer, Greenberg initially attempted to dodge the question with the old reliable "there's room in the marketplace for both" line, but...

  • News Learn the Ropes in New Aragorn's Quest Move Trailer

    Swing, slash, parry!

    Tomorrow Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest finally completes its trip to Mt. Doom – well, Europe – so it's the perfect time to find out how the game's Move controls work in practice. Pretty much as you'd expect, actually. Swinging, thrusting and swiping with your Move all executes different moves, hopefully providing Move's...

  • News Crafts & Meister Busy Crafting PlayStation Move Game

    Japanese team working on motion title

    The name Crafts & Meister might not mean much to you – a small development studio set up in 2004, it's yet to release a game for home consoles, its only title so far being arcade brawler Super Dragon Ball Z, although Wii adventure Earth Seeker is set for release soon. Studio director Noritaka Funamizu, a...

  • News The Fight Steps Back to November 9th Release

    Slight delay for fighter

    If you've been looking forward to Sony's The Fight: Lights Out since you first picked up your Move, the bad news is you'll have to wait a little longer to smack your friends in full 1:1 control. The game has been pushed back in North America to November 9th, with a UK release date set a few days earlier on November 5th. No...

  • News Konami Announces No More Heroes for PlayStation Move... Again

    Travis touches down

    The official US PlayStation blog gets plenty scoops – it is the official PlayStation blog after all – but not always. Cast your minds back to the early days of Movemodo – our first day of operation, in fact. We brought you news that Konami was bringing No More Heroes to PlayStation 3, and today Konami has announced it's...

  • News Microsoft VP: "I Own a Move, but Kinect is Far More Immersive"

    Technologies "fundamentally different"

    Move and Kinect are two totally different technologies, offering widely varied gameplay experiences: we know this, you know this. Microsoft Game Studios vice president Phil Spencer knows this too, talking up his company's motion sensor ahead of its US launch next week. Whilst Spencer claims to own a Move...

  • News Kinect Control is "Cumbersome", says Creator of Move and EyeToy

    Withering comments from Dr Richard Marks

    With all the excitement surrounding Kinect's North American launch next week, not everyone is on board with the idea of controller-free gaming, particularly one of the idea's founding fathers, PlayStation's Dr Richard Marks. The man behind PlayStation Move as well as its predecessor the EyeToy, arguably...

  • News Dynasty Warriors 7 Built for Move and Stereoscopic 3D

    Resistance is feudal

    With Japan only just receiving PlayStation Move a month after the Western world, it's just received a second helping of good news with the announcement from Tecmo Koei that Dynasty Warriors 7 will support the new motion controller. Speaking at a news conference in Japan, the game's producer Akihiro Suzuki confirmed that the next...

  • News Ubisoft CEO Sees Geographic Split for Move and Kinect

    Gadgets to dominate one territory each

    It's the showdown that gamers and industry insiders alike are anticipating to determine the future of PS3 and Xbox 360: Kinect vs. Move. "You are the Controller" vs. "It Only Does Everything", "No Buttons" vs. "Yay Buttons" and so on. Yves Guillemot, CEO of global...

  • News PlayStation Move Makes Plenty of Kids' Christmas Lists

    More popular than Barbie

    It's the most wonderful time of the year: when kids put together their lists to Santa, asking for all those wonderful treats they've dreamt of all year long. Duracell has put together a report of the most asked-for presents of the year, and PlayStation Move made the top ten. Move came out in 8th position, polling 4% of the...

  • News Making Move Work was Harder than Expected, says Designer

    Getting controller in under budget proved tricky

    It's not surprising to hear that PlayStation Move went through countless revisions before Sony settled on the design we all hold in our hands today: budget constraints, technical demands and more all contributed to Move's final form. Designer Yoshio Miyazaki, one of Sony's chief designers on the...

  • News Sony Shows Off PlayStation Move Heroes Flying Disc Stage

    Doesn't explain name change

    The game formerly known as Heroes on the Move, PlayStation Move Heroes is part of Sony's "second wave" of Move titles. But what does that mean, exactly? Here, let Nihilistic Software's studio director Robert Huebner explain more about the game in video form. The video shows off a stage in which the player picks...

  • News Get a Closer Look at Resident Evil 5's Move Controls

    PlayStation Blog goes in for the kill

    You might have already read our Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition review and in-depth description of how the controls work, but if your thirst for Move control knowledge is as insatiable as the Majini we might be able to put an end to those cravings. The official US PlayStation Blog

  • News American Move Launch Game Sales Look a Little Meagre

    EyePet emerges best in show

    As Sony's flagship title for Move, Sports Champions has been at the forefront of the company's efforts to put motion control in the hands of gamers and non-gamers alike. That's why it's so surprising to see it beaten in the software sales charts by EyePet: Move Edition, with the cuddly critter taking the top spot in...

  • News Sony has Shipped 1 Million Moves to America

    Note: "shipped", not "sold"

    A few weeks ago, Sony revealed it has sold over 1.5 million Move controllers across Europe, a considerable achievement that led the company to claim it had to increase production to keep up. The North American arm of Sony Computer Entertainment has been much more cagey when it comes to revealing sales figures, but now CEO...

  • News Time Crisis: Razing Storm Plagued by Accuracy Issues?

    Early reports suggest Move control setup is not ideal for light gun titles

    As you're probably already aware, Namco Bandai's arcade blaster Time Crisis: Razing Storm is available this week across North America, with the European release landing on the 3rd November. The game - which features Razing Storm, Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates - is one...

  • News Time Crisis: Razing Storm Shoots Europe from November 3rd

    Demo coming next Wednesday

    Fortunate North Americans are likely already shooting their way through Time Crisis: Razing Storm, Namco's collection of three shooters: Razing Storm, Time Crisis 4's arcade version and Deadstorm Pirates. Europeans will get the chance to try out the title in just two weeks, as the game launches across the continent in...

  • News Michael Jackson: The Experience Beats It to 2011


    Upcoming smooth criminal simulator Michael Jackson: The Experience is going to miss its November release window on PlayStation 3, now only receiving a vague Q1 2011 date from Ubisoft. The game will support PlayStation Move to allow gamers to replicate Jackson's famous steps, or the ones involving his hands anyway, with microphone support meaning...

  • News The Shoot Demo and Move Videos Hit the US PlayStation Store

    Heavy Rain, NBA 2K11 and Kevin Butler all inbound

    If your Move has gone disappointingly underused in the field of on-rails shooting games set in television studios, it's about to get a free taster of the high life in the form of a demo for The Shoot, available now on the US PlayStation Store. The game itself was released yesterday, but several...

  • News New Ape Escape Screenshots the Happiest Things You'll See Today

    Colour! Rainbows! Moustaches!

    Ape Escape Fury Fury is an on-rails game that features a net, not a gun: your task is to round-up all the monkeys using your keeper's prowess, grabbing them in your net, naturally controlled by PlayStation Move. A new batch of screenshots of the upcoming simian snatcher have found their way to use here at Movemodo and...

  • News Origami Move Controller is Killer

    Don't take it out in heavy rain, though

    You may not realise this, but the official European PlayStation Blog is just one arm of Sony Europe's communication empire: it also runs localised blogs for individual territories, with the German wing recently running a competition for one talented individual to win a Playstation Move Starter Pack and five...

  • Features Move's First Month

    What do we make of it?

    On September 17th, PlayStation Move launched across Europe with a fairly wide range of titles: EyePet: Move Edition showed the controller's cute side, but Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition catered to core gamers too. Now we've had a month in Move's company, it's a good time to take stock of the controller's impact and its future...

  • News Move Has a Lot More Plastic Guns Than We Realised

    Almost every one, apparently

    We've done our best to keep you up to date with the rapidly-changing world of PlayStation Move accessories, from Lego-looking submachine guns to fairly hideous plastic pistols, but it turns out there's more plastic guns than we realised. A lot more. Site

  • News Move Sold "Below Expectations" in US, Claims Analyst

    But it's Pachter, so get the salt ready

    Although the NPD reports claim PlayStation Move drove accessory sales upwards last month, and Sony claiming Move is outselling its expectations in Europe, it's not all roses and sunshine in Move World according to US analyst Wedbush Morgan's main games mouthpiece Michael Pachter. Even though we believe Move...

  • News PlayStation Move Drives Accessory Sales Upwards in September

    Section up $20m year-on-year

    Few new accessories have been launched with the same amount of interest and discussion as PlayStation Move. The accessory has outperformed Sony's expectations in Europe, and it seems it's off to a decent start in North America too, if the latest NPD figures are anything to go by. Both software and hardware sales were...

  • News Logic 3, With These Move Accessories You Are Really Spoiling Us

    No, really

    So far in our journey through Move we've covered plenty of gun accessories, with the odd boxing glove and sports set for good measure. Now Logic 3 is wading into the murky waters of PlayStation Move accessories with a mix of the old and new, all in its own chic black style. As well as a chunky-looking revolver-style pistol shell for...

  • News Move Outstripping Sony Europe's Sales Expectations

    Its response: make more

    Sony expected a slow start for Move, but it seems the controller has been more popular than anticipated, having surpassed the company's early sales targets. Andrew House, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment in Europe, spoke to Bloomberg about the accessory's early reception: [Move has had] very significant sales in the...

  • Out Today John Daly's ProStroke Golf (Europe)

    Get ready to grip it and rip it

    The blond-haired Lion is about to show the Tiger how it's done in the golfing department, with John Daly's ProStroke Golf driving its way to shops across Europe today. Unlike some critics we actually rather enjoyed Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, so we'll have to wait and see how John's swing measures up. We'll let you know...

  • News Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Flops into Europe's Net on October 29th

    Fish are friends, not food

    Whilst we wait for Japanese fishing RPG Tsuritore, there's another scaly simulator on the way in the form of Rapala Pro Bass Fishing, swimming its way to Europe on October 29th. Already released in North America, the game comes with its own proprietary wireless rod controller but is also fully compatible with Move for all...

  • Out Today TV Superstars (North America)

    Televisual party game incoming

    You might have dabbled in a spot of TV Superstars in the demo available on the Starter Disc or PlayStation Network, and if you liked what you played then starting today you can pick the game up in stores across North America. Featuring a range of minigames all based on fictitious reality TV shows, the idea is to do...

  • News New Shots of John Daly's ProStroke Golf Show off Dale Hill Course

    Go green with the Lion

    The website for Dale Hill Golf Club states: Dale Hill Hotel and Golf Club has always been regarded as a bit of a secret. Well not any more, as it's included in John Daly's ProStroke Golf, out in North America now and coming to Europe on Friday. These brand new PlayStation 3 screenshots show off the new holes, although truth...

  • News Analyst says Move Off to a Good Start at Retail

    Demand surprisingly high

    Although there are no hard figures for how many units PlayStation Move has sold in its first weeks on sale, US analyst Lazard Capital Markets believes the accessory is off to a great start. In a survey of consumers the analyst found demand to be higher than expected, particularly considering the "relatively high price...

  • Features Yoostar2 - Blitz Games Studios

    We finally make it into the movies

    A month or so ago we reported that UK studio Blitz Games had updated its popular BlitzTech framework for full Move support, potentially paving the way for motion control to be incorporated into countless British-developed games. The studio isn't just an engine creator however, with several of its own titles...

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