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  • News SOCOM Fan Petitions Zipper for Better Sharp Shooter Controls

    You can help too

    SOCOM: Special Forces (or SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs to some) is designed to work with PlayStation Move and the Sharp Shooter, but there's still some room for improvement in the game's controls. Movemodo user Michel Filipe has begun petitioning Zipper Interactive to make some improvements, and he needs your help. Over at the official...

  • News Tintin is Coming to PlayStation Move

    Start preparing your quiff

    Here's something that may have passed you by at E3: Ubisoft's Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn game will arrive this year with PlayStation Move support. From the sounds of the official announcement, the Move controls will be implemented into the main adventure rather than coming as extra minigames, so you...

  • News PlayStation Move + Tiny Monkeys + Stripping = Dancing Eyes

    You read that right

    Dancing Eyes is without a doubt the most bizarre PlayStation Move game we've ever seen, with the most bizarre trailer to accompany it too. A conversion of a 90s arcade game, you play a tiny monkey who has to strip females down to their underwear. We're really not sure why. The game is coming to PSN in Japan, but we'd be...

  • News Take a Trip to the Carnival Island with Move

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

    2K's Carnival Games series has been a runaway success, emerging on Wii before the surprisingly enjoyable Carnival Games: In Action on Kinect. It seems "imitation is the highest form of flattery" is the thinking in Sony's camp, as the company announced Carnival Island for Move yesterday. The family-oriented...

  • News Dust 514 to Premiere on PlayStation 3 with Sharp Shooter Support

    All about EVE

    Last night's E3 extravaganza was full of Move news, but one game that immediately stands out is Dust 514, a new shooter that links to the world of PC MMO EVE Online. The Move-enabled shooter connects to the persistent universe of EVE Online, with the actions of PS3 players affecting the game's notoriously expansive economy, political...

  • News Bioshock Infinite Includes PlayStation Move Support

    Ready to Rapture?

    Ken Levine is the mastermind behind the world heralded by gamers across the world known simply as ‘Rapture’ in the BioShock series. Stepping into the dark undersea city of Rapture for the first time was truly a moment that we’ll never forget; inhabitant’s that utilise strange powers, Big Daddies and Little Sisters,...

  • News Winter Stars to Shine on Move Later this Year

    Deep Silver lining up sports compilation

    Sports Champions has a decidedly summery feel to it, and so far fans of cold sports have hardly been well catered-for on Move, with wave after wave of sunny simulations. That injustice ends later this year, with Winter Stars from Deep Silver. The winter sports compilation covers 11 disciplines: paraskiing,...


  • News Excellent, SEGA is Bringing House of the Dead: Overkill to Move

    Extended Cut on the way

    SEGA's House of the Dead: Overkill on Wii was a fantastically gory and ludicrously tasteless reimagining of the classic House of the Dead arcade series, and now the game is coming to PS3 in the lengthily-named House of the Dead: Overkill — Extended Cut. As well as full support for PlayStation Move and stereoscopic 3D, we...

  • News Champion Jockey Turns Move into Reins and a Riding Crop

    At last

    PlayStation Move, your greatest moment awaits: Champion Jockey is coming to PS3 later this year. The new version of Tecmo Koei's long-running G1 Jockey series, the game will feature full PlayStation Move support to help you spur on your horse to victory, with the official site actually depicting one diminutive jockey wielding two motion...

  • News No PlayStation Move Support for Starhawk

    Controller stays on Earth

    With its mix of shooting and space flight, Lightbox's aerial shooter Starhawk looked like a perfect fit for PlayStation Move, but the developer has confirmed the upcoming title won't support Sony's motion controller. That VideoGame Blog spotted producer Dylan Jobe responding to a user question on the official PlayStation...

  • News National Geographic Challenge! is Risk with Global Trivia

    Conquer the world from your sofa

    So far, Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz has the Move quiz market all to itself, but that motion-controlled monopoly won't last long, as National Geographic Challenge! is on the way in June. Taking a leaf out of Buzz!'s fondness for exclamation marks, National Geographic Challenge! is a Risk-style affair with players...

  • News EA Invites You to Family Game Night 4 This Year

    Four in a row, EA wins

    EA's had considerable success with its Hasbro Family Game Night series on various formats, so it makes sense the publisher is ready to embrace the motion control revolution and bring the next instalment in the series to PlayStation Move later this year. Family Game Night 4: The Game Show will bring motion control to new...


  • Guides SOCOM 4, PlayStation Move and Sharp Shooter Tips

    Tactically movin'

    SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs has been on store shelves for nearly a week now, and the bulk of the game has been crippled by the untimely PSN server issues. Even though blasting away with Move and Sharp Shooter online isn’t currently possible, the offline Campaign is still readily available. We at Movemodo have been diligently working...

  • News Forget Sorcery, Harry Potter is Coming to Move in July

    Wands at the ready

    While Sony's big Move title Sorcery has been curiously silent since its unveiling last year, EA is ready to step into the magic gap by releasing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II for the controller in July this year. The first part of the Deathly Hallows had no Move support, so it'll be interesting to see how EA Bright...

  • News Ubisoft Lets Europe Dance with Mel B in May

    Scary returns to Move

    Last year's fitness title Get Fit with Mel B may well have sparked gamers' interest in former Scary Spice Mel B, as Let's Dance with Mel B is making a Move in May. Interestingly the original fitness title was published by Black Bean Interactive, but the grooving game has been picked up by mega publisher Ubisoft for release...

  • News Wow, PlayStation Move has Inspired a 32-bit Knock-Off

    Motion on the Move

    Remember when Wii came out and discount stores were flooded with cheap plastic imitations? History has a knack of repeating itself, and while we thought this horrible PlayStation Move imitator was bad enough, here's another one to impress you. Manufactured by the brilliantly named Ever Sparkle Technologies, the Motion on the Move...

  • Rumour Harmonix to Unveil PlayStation Move Title at E3

    What do you want to see?

    Harmonix, creators of the highly acclaimed Dance Central on Kinect, have dropped a hint or two that they may unveil a new PlayStation Move title at the upcoming E3 conference in early June. The studio's vice president of product development, Greg LoPiccolo, spoke to IndustryGamers about a possible big announcement in June,...

  • News Sony: 8 Million Move Controllers Shipped Worldwide

    PS3 reaches 50m sales too

    No sooner have we finished lamenting the lack of PlayStation Move sales figures in the West than Sony obliges with a press release, informing the world it's shipped 8 million of the controllers to stores around the world. While the press release states sales of the controller have surpassed the 8m mark, bear in mind...

  • News WSC Real 11 Pockets PlayStation Move Support

    Aiming for 147 on Friday

    Hustle Kings may have the baize and shiny balls market all sewn up on PlayStation Network, but there's a new challenger in the form of WSC Real 11, due out in Europe on Friday. Developer and publisher Dark Energy Digital just confirmed the game will feature PlayStation Move support available as a downloadable patch on day...

  • News Move Outsells Kinect in Japan but Fails to Ignite Sales Charts

    170,000 sold and climbing

    It's not easy to get concrete sales figures for peripherals in most territories, but Japanese firm Media Create has released life-to-date figures for PlayStation Move and its motion rival Kinect for Xbox 360, showing Sony's device has taken a clear lead. Andriasang reports that Sony has sold 170,000 Move controllers since...

  • News Buy SOCOM 4, Get Resistance 3 Beta Access

    Seems a fair deal

    The ongoing assembly line of Sony first-person shooters and their accompanying betas and demos is a smart move on Sony's part, keeping gamers engaged with a constant supply of anticipation-building action. Just as gamers who picked up Killzone 3 got access to the SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs beta, so those who purchase the full game...

  • News Phineas and Ferb Leap Across the Second Dimension to Move

    Due this summer

    Fans of pointy-faced cartoon characters, rejoice! Disney Interactive Studios is bringing Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension to PlayStation Move this summer. The announcement doesn't go into much detail about what Move owners can expect from the game, but as it's also due out on Nintendo Wii we fully expect a Move-enabled...

  • News Team Ninja Keeps Quiet about Move Support in Ninja Gaiden 3

    Is no news good news?

    Here's a series we didn't think we'd see on Move: super-hardcore hack-and-slash Ninja Gaiden, a franchise with so much action our arms are sore just thinking about playing it with Sony's motion controller. The most recent issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine features an interview with Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi in...


  • News Sega Serves Up a Special Bundle for Virtua Tennis 4

    What a racquet

    Virtua Tennis 4 is on the way to Move in April, and Sega wants to help you get into the swing of things with a new bundle for the game. While we've seen plenty of bundles including Move and the game at hand, Sega's taking a different approach with VT4, bundling the game with two plastic racquet attachments for existing controllers...

  • News Virtua Tennis 4 Gets Exclusive Content for PS3 and Move

    Start a Net Blitz

    After the disappointment of the PlayStation Move controls in Top Spin 4, tennis aficionados are now looking to Virtua Tennis 4 for a better racquet experience. Sega has just announced the game will land on PlayStation 3 with exclusive content compared to Virtua Tennis 4 on Kinect and Nintendo Wii. Virtua Tennis is as well known for...

  • News Resistance 3 Gets PlayStation Move and Sharp Shooter Support

    Shoot to thrill

    We recently posed the question, Should Move Controls Become the FPS Standard?, and those of you who've become accustomed to blasting the Helghast with absolute precision stood up to be counted. It's not the only shooter threequel getting Move support though, as Insomniac Games announces that Resistance 3 will support the motion...

  • News Still More Demand than Supply for Move Controllers at GameStop

    Low supply holding back growth

    When PlayStation Move launched way back in September, many shoppers reported an abundance of bundle packages compared to the controllers sold on their own. Six months on, GameStop President Tony Bartel has said in an earnings call that the company is still seeing substantial demand for the motion controller. We have...

  • Out Today PlayStation Plus SOCOM 4 Beta (Global)

    Pay to play

    Members of Sony's premium PlayStation Plus subscription service can Move onto the battlefield from today, as the multiplayer beta for SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs (known as SOCOM: Special Forces in Europe) is now live on the PlayStation Store. The beta is fully compatible with PlayStation Move, so you can enjoy all the free-look shooting...

  • News Resident Evil 4 HD Remake Outed for PlayStation 3

    A strong Move contender

    Capcom just loves to tinker with its Resident Evil series: over the years it's seen more re-releases than Star Wars, but the publishing giant isn't done just yet. Japanese magazine Famitsu has outed a Resident Evil: Revival Selection for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, containing Resident Evil: Code Veronica and series pinnacle...

  • News The Top Spin Advert 2K Didn't Want You to See

    Sexy back

    Top Spin 4 has landed and made quite an impact, but had it arrived with this advertising campaign from 2K its reception might have been very different. The advert puts a Move controller into the hands of tennis star Serena Williams, wearing an outfit that can only be described as "not regulation tennis whites". It appears the...

  • News Kevin Van Dam Hoping to Hook Move this Summer

    A trout time

    Ahh, the relaxing pastime of taking a boat out from the shore, settling for a nice quiet spot and then trying to snag a fish's lips on a hook before wrestling it out of its habitat and into a boat. The humane way to do things is in the virtual world of course, and although Rapala Pro Bass Fishing has already had a go at recreating the...

  • News Move Controls in BioShock Infinite "Would Cheat Gamers"

    So says Ken Levine

    The anticipated scurry of first-person franchises over to PlayStation Move hasn't quite materialised yet: Portal 2 does not feature Move, although EA is considering Move for Battlefield 3. 2K sequel BioShock Infinite won't be using the motion controller though, and why not? According to BioShock creator Ken Levine, it's so users...

  • News Dynasty Warriors 7 Does Not Support PlayStation Move

    Lost in translation

    Last year we reported that Dynasty Warriors 7 would support PlayStation Move, but with the game due to release in a few weeks we can now confirm that the motion controller does not work with Tecmo Koei's historic epic. A representative from the publisher told us the support was only ever a rumour that arose around the original...

  • News "Very Exciting" Move Support for LittleBigPlanet 2 Coming

    Still don't know when

    We were all disappointed that Media Molecule's highly anticipated LittleBigPlanet 2 didn't feature more in the way of PlayStation Move support, save for the inclusion of standalone title Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves. Recently the topic has come up again, with rumours pointing to a PlayStation Move-enabled "Teacher's...

  • News Sony: "We Wouldn't Ditch Traditional Controllers"

    "Doesn't make sense"

    We love PlayStation Move here at Movemodo — of course — but we're secretly partial to a bit of DualShock 3 action as well. In the future we expect Move to play an increasingly important part in PlayStation's control method, but that doesn't mean the standard dual analogue scheme is going out of the year, according to R&D...

  • News Heavy Rain Makes a Splash at BAFTA Awards with Three Wins

    Critical mass

    Sony's Heavy Rain was one of the stand-out games of 2010 whether playing with Move or DualShock, and last night's BAFTA Video Games Awards have honoured Quantic Dream's game with a trio of statues. David Cage's detective thriller scooped the award for Technical Innovation, beating Kinectimals, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and more. It also...

  • Talking Point Should Move Controls Become the FPS Standard?

    Can you go back to twin sticks?

    There's been plenty of praise given to Killzone 3's PlayStation Move controls: precise and engaging, they help to take Guerilla Games' sci-fi shooter into the upper reaches of PlayStation 3 titles. Having spent major time with both control methods here at Movemodo, there's no doubt which scheme has the upper hand when...

  • News Meet the PlayStation Move Heroes: Sly Cooper and Bentley

    The Sneakiest Heroes on the Move

    PlayStation Move Heroes is a fully Move enabled game featuring a collection of characters from a few of Sony’s top franchises. This is the first time these characters have been featured together in the same game, and what better way could there be to bring them all together than with PlayStation Move. Who exactly...

  • Out Today PlayStation Move Heroes Demo (North America)


    PlayStation Plus members lost their exclusivity on the PlayStation Move Heroes demo yesterday, as it's available from today for all PlayStation Network members across North America. With the game set for release in North America on 22nd March and following in Europe not long after — though the exact date is subject to some confusion...

  • News Tiger Woods 12 Demo Strokes PlayStation Network Today

    EA chips in

    You can get your hands on Tiger's wood from today, as EA releases a free Move-enabled demo for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters on PlayStation Network across North America. The free trial of the game shows off the new True View first-person perspective that will hopefully make those clutch shots easier to pull off. It'll also explain...

  • News Top Spin 4 World Tour Video Shows New Online Mode

    Well seasoned

    The battle for tennis supremacy on Move is heating up, as 2K Sports has shown off the new online World Tour mode for Top Spin 4. Players will be able to take part in week-long seasons that will challenge them to enter and win tournaments each day, with the world's top players announced on a Sunday and experience bonuses dished out...

  • News Third-Party Move Controllers On the Way in April

    From Snakebyte

    Back in November we brought you shots of the first third party Move controllers from Snakebyte, with the expected release date set for January 2011. As you probably already surmised from their invisibility on shop shelves across the world, this date passed without event, but the controllers are now expected to launch worldwide in...

  • Interviews Beatshapers and Orb Games - StarDrone

    Talking beats, bangs, booms and NGP

    As Move-enabled shooter/pinball/object-collecting game StarDrone arrived on PlayStation Network in Europe today, we grabbed an in-depth interview with the double team of Orb Games and Beatshapers, who discuss the process in converting the original PC title to Move, the companies' futures on Move and more...

  • News Move.Me Will Bring Move Development to the Masses

    New project announced

    You may remember a January rumour that we could see fan-made Move games come to PC. It's no longer just a rumour though, as Sony has announced Move.Me, a software suite coming to PS3 and PC later this year. John McCutchan explains the system more meaningfully than we could try, so it's over to him to explain what Move.Me does:...


  • News Killzone 3 Beats Bulletstorm to Top UK Charts

    Gunning down opponents

    The long-awaited Killzone 3 blew up all-comers in the UK charts this week, outselling every other game to make it all the way to the top. The week's other high-profile release was Epic Games' multiplatform Bulletstorm which, in its Xbox 360-exclusive Epic Edition comes with beta access to Gears of War 3, but not even the...

  • News Valve Explains Why You Can't Use Move in Portal 2

    For real this time

    The German PlayStation blog announced Portal 2 has Move support, then quick as a flash Valve said that Portal 2 doesn't have Move support. Now the company's spoken about the mix-up and revealed why the controller won't feature in its upcoming puzzle adventure. Valve writer Chet Faliszek spoke to Eurogamer

  • News SOCOM 4 Rolls Out with 5-Player Co-Op Missions

    Stand tall, soldier

    SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs is the next big shooter lined up for Move, heading to North America on 19th April with a newly announced co-operative mode that puts up to five players in a set of unique missions. There'll be two main modes to tackle, Takedown and Espionage. The first is a search-and-destroy mission against opponents,...

  • Rumour Child of Eden Coming to PlayStation Move

    The evidence mounts

    We know that you'll be able to play Rez successor Child of Eden on Kinect, but although the game is heading to PlayStation 3 there's been no official confirmation from Ubisoft that the game will support the PlayStation Move controller. However, a recent report from IGN has added fuel to the growing speculation that Sony's motion...

  • News Virtua Tennis 4 Announced for May Release in North America

    Europe gets it earlier

    Move is sure to see a real tennis tussle this year: 2K Sports' Top Spin 4 and Virtua Tennis 4 will go head-to-head on the motion controller, with Sega's title following its opponent onto centre court in May. European gamers get Virtua Tennis 4 on April 29th, with a North American release to follow on May 10th, giving European...

  • News Top Spin 4 My Player Trailer Serves Up a Career Mode

    Make it your way

    2K Sports games are known for their immersive career modes; NBA 2K11 featured a highly acclaimed My Player mode, and upcoming tennis title Top Spin 4 is looking to do the same on a different kind of court. You'll start off a rookie, earning experience points and winning new fans as you progress through a range of tournaments,...

  • Out Today Killzone 3 (North America)

    At last!

    After the betas and the demos stoked your bloodlust, you can finally purchase Killzone 3 across North America today. Fully playable with PlayStation Move for enhanced accuracy, the game also supports the new PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter accessory that houses the Move and Navigation in a beefy-looking rifle. If you're jumping into Killzone...

  • News Buzz! Developer Concerned by Move's Popularity

    Eyeing up the opposition

    Relentless Software has put out two Move-enabled titles already, melodic competition-fest Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz and cheery homicide investigator Blue Toad Murder Files, that have both been reasonably well-received. Company co-founder Andrew Eades spoke to Eurogamer about the studio's future in the motion market and...

  • News PlayStation Move Heroes Dev Diary Emerges from Wormhole

    Or California, one of the two

    Californian developer Nihilistic Software is the studio entrusted with bringing three key Sony franchises – Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter and Sly Cooper – to PlayStation 3, and now the studio has opened its doors for a behind-the-scenes video to explain the process that brought the six heroes together...

  • News Move Can Be Used to Measure the Earth's Rotation

    Take that, Kinect!

    Move's not had quite as many cool non-gaming applications as Kinect, but this video does a lot to redress the balance. As you know, the PlayStation Move controller contains plenty of motion-sensing technology, including a magnetic field sensor and three gyroscopes, which make it accurate enough to detect something none of us...

  • News Apparently Portal 2 Does Not Have Full Move Support

    Confusion reigns

    Yesterday we reported that Portal 2 will feature PlayStation Move support, owing to a German interview translated by Eurogamer. Now developer Valve has stepped in to say "remember when someone said PlayStation Move support was coming to Portal 2, and you were like, 'No way!' and then I was all, 'well actually it's not.' That...

  • News Portal 2 to Feature Complete PlayStation Move Support

    Updated: Might be a lie

    Update: As new details have come to light, read our updated post Apparently Portal 2 Does not Have Full Move Support. Original post follows. Upcoming first-person teleportation puzzler Portal 2 will receive complete PlayStation Move support, according to Eurogamer. Valve's Chet Faliszek described the feature as an apology for...

  • News CTA Digital Creates Three Move Sniper Rifles in One

    For when one just isn't enough

    There are tonnes of PlayStation Move accessories available, including sniper rifles, pistols and assault rifles, but what about a shell that combined all three? That's the thinking at CTA Digital, the company behind a new customisable add-on. An accessory that can be transformed into an assault rifle, shotgun or sniper...

  • News Ubisoft Officially Announces Dance on Broadway for March 17th

    Gives it the ol' jazz hands

    We've known for a while that Dance on Broadway was coming to Move, but now Ubisoft has announced an official release date for the title and given a little insight into the game's tracklisting too. Dancers can get their groove on with one controller each or double-up for more advanced play, shaking it to tracks including...

  • Out Today Killzone 3 Single-Player Demo (North America)

    Give 'em Hel(ghan)

    If you've been dabbling in the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta you might be ready for a new challenge, in which case we have good news: the single-player demo is available for North American PlayStation Network members right now. The demo was released to PlayStation Plus subscribers last week but is now freely available for all...

  • News Move Creator Keen to Open Controller Up to PC Coders

    On your Marks

    We reported recently that we could see an update to allow PlayStation Move to work on PC, and it seems the driving force behind such an update could be none other than Dr Richard Marks, the controller's creator. Speaking to Ars Technica, Dr Marks mentioned his desire to open the controller to a wider range of creative folks: For a...

  • Guides How to Be Better with PlayStation Move in Killzone 3

    Kill the competition

    PlayStation Move has now seen its controls implemented into a few FPS games such as MAG and Modern Combat: Domination (ModComDom) with good overall results. The Killzone 3 Beta is available now through the PlayStation Store with spot-on Move integration, and we at Movemodo want to help our readers out with our very own pro-tip...

  • News Here's Looking at Yoostar 2's Complete Clip Collection

    Amounts to more than a hill of beans

    Scenes from cinematic classics including Casablanca, The Godfather and The Princess Bride rub shoulders with Along Came Polly and The Nutty Professor in Yoostar 2, the movie karaoke game coming from Blitz Games Studios and Yoostar Entertainment Group coming to Move next month. It's not all Hollywood cinema:...

  • News Get Fit with Mel B Gets iPhone App to Track Your Progress

    Never be away from your fitness goal

    Move fitness title Get Fit with Mel B is one of the better keep fit titles available on PS3, and now its take on getting up and active has been beefed-up with an official application for iOS devices. The app lets you keep track of your exertions in conjunction with the Get Fit with Mel B website, letting you...

  • News My Fitness Coach: Club Release Date Confirmed as March 18th

    We Dare slips too

    The other day we posted a news story that My Fitness Coach: Club was set to be released on February 18th, but we've just received clarification from publisher Ubisoft that the game is in fact down to launch in Europe on Friday March 18th 2011. There was a double-whammy of release date changes from Ubisoft, in fact, as bizarre...

  • News Heavy Fire: Afghanistan to Blast Move with On-Rails Action

    War comes to Move

    There's no shortage of gritty first-person shooters on PlayStation Move – Killzone 3 and MAG both stand out – but they can sometimes be confusing for gamers not used to controlling movement and guns at the same time. That won't be a problem with Heavy Fire: Afghanistan, an on-rails shooter for Move from Polish developers Teyon...

  • News PlayStation Move Heroes Story Trailer Sets the Scene

    Join the Interuniversal Hero Games

    Ever wonder how the six lead characters in PlayStation Move Heroes came together for the first time in Sony history? If you guessed "a gravitational anomaly has opened a rift in space-time, creating a wormhole into another world" then give yourself a big pat on the back. In order to decide which of the...

  • News Virtua Tennis 4 Move Footage Shows a Lot of Balls

    Murray vs. Federer in action

    Sega says Move is the most accurate way to play Virtua Tennis 4, and the tail end of this new footage shows the game's first-person viewpoint in action with PlayStation Move. Graphically the game appears superb, with excellent presentation and character models, although it's worth bearing in mind this footage is...

  • News SEGA: Move is the Most Accurate Way to Play Virtua Tennis 4

    So come out swinging

    As Sega's flagship sporting franchise, Virtua Tennis 4 isn't just coming to Move: you'll also be able to play Virtua Tennis 4 on Kinect and Wii as well, but the game's producer Mie Kumagai believes Move has the edge. In an interview with Computer and Video Games, Kumagai explained that only Move offers the precision of a hand...

  • News Killzone 3 Dev: "Shooters Will be Played Like This in the Future"

    Sees bright future

    Many Move owners have been putting the controller through its paces in the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta, and developer Guerilla Games is so happy with the controller's prowess it foresees a big future for pointer-controlled first person shooters. Principal programmer Tommy de Roos of Guerilla Games spoke to CVG about the...

  • News MLB 11 The Show Only Supports Move in Home Run Derby Mode

    That's all, folks

    As the latest entry in Sony's flagship baseball series, it's no surprise that MLB 11 The Show will support the company's flagship motion controller, PlayStation Move. When MLB 11's Move support was announced it was thought only the game's Home Run Derby mode would be playable with Move, denying pitchers the chance to use Move's...

  • News Ubisoft Gives Move a Striptease with We Dare

    You read that right

    If you've got Move and want a party with your family, Start the Party, Buzz the Ultimate Music Quiz and TV Superstars pretty much have you covered, but what if you want a party that's a little less clean-cut? Ubisoft is about to have you covered with We Dare, coming to European PlayStation Movers this Friday. While the game blurb...

  • News My Fitness Coach Club Gets Europe Sweaty on February 18th

    Hits North America in March

    Ubisoft has so many fitness franchises it's probably struggling to keep up with their names itself: Wii owners have played My Fitness Coach and Your Shape, and Kinect gamers have probably played Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, but the company's about to take its first steps onto PlayStation Move with My Fitness Coach: Club...

  • News Channel the Spirit of David Bowie with Let's Dance on Move

    Put on your red shoes

    It's a wonder there haven't been more dedicated dance games on Move considering the proliferation of the genre on other consoles, but that under-developed genre is about to get one more entry in the form of Let's Dance, as leaked by The game's product page reveals absolutely nothing about the game, other than its...

  • News Brand New PlayStation Move Heroes Screenshots Whip In

    See a raccoon with a laser whip

    How much more needs to be said about PlayStation Move Heroes? Six of Sony's top characters – Sly, Bentley, Ratchet, Clank, Jak and Daxter – uniting for the first time in a Move-exclusive adventure. You likely already know if you're going to buy it or not, but these screenshots might entice you into keeping a...

  • News LittleBigPlanet 2's Move Update Will Bring New Levels Too

    Not just a motion add-on

    We don't know when LittleBigPlanet 2's Move update will find its way to our consoles, with Media Molecule only giving a vague "in a few months" release window, but at least we have a little more idea of what the pack will actually include. Just a little, though. In an open chat on Facebook, as reported by...


  • News Get to Grips with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12's Caddies

    Tea, caddie?

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters is hoping to improve on the Move controls patched into Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, with EA aiming for an increase in realism with a new first-person view. Another feature that could make the game a touch more real is the inclusion of caddies to carry your clubs on the fairway. The video below should...

  • News New Top Spin 4 Screenshots Look Smashing

    Developer diary hits the 'net, too

    At the moment, Move owners eager for a game of tennis only really have the option of Racket Sports, which is only slightly preferable to cutting off your own arm with a credit card. Soon they'll be spoilt for choice, with Sega's Virtua Tennis 4 hitting the court later this year, and 2K Sports' flagship Top Spin 4...

  • News Killzone 3 Gets a Single Player Demo Next Month, Too

    Soloing and goodbye

    Plenty has been made of Killzone 3's multiplayer mode, but don't forget it has a proper single player campaign mode. If you did forget, Sony wants to remind you by launching a single player demo on the PlayStation Store next month. On February 15th in North America and February 16th in Europe you'll be able to download the Icy...

  • News Make Your Own Obscene Dartboards Easily in Top Darts

    Perfect for your boss

    Late last year Devil's Details released the darty party game Top Darts on the PlayStation Store, and one of its unique features was the ability to create your own dartboards using video or photos snapped with the PlayStation Eye, or images taken from the system's XMB. If you struggled to create a corking masterpiece, help is at...

  • News EA Promising a Less Kinky Tiger Woods Experience This Year

    We had to say it

    Not everyone was impressed with the Move implementation in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, and it certainly lacks compared to John Daly's ProStroke Golf, but EA Sports is determined to put things right when it releases Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters in March. While the Move support for Tiger Woods 11 was introduced later in the...

  • News Why Does Amazon Say PlayStation Move is Discontinued?

    Mystery afoot

    Have you struggled to find a solus Move controller since its launch in September? Has it been difficult enough for you to believe, however crazy it may sound, that it's no longer being manufactured? Here comes Amazon to add a little fuel to that fire with this listing. is listing the Move controller as "discontinued by...

  • News Blaze Charges Move with New Rapid Charger Unit

    It's a charger, you know

    Just when you thought there wasn't room on the market for another PlayStation Move battery-replenishing gizmo, along comes Blaze with its own take on the must-have accessory. Pointing to the release of "super addictive PS3 Move games" – their words, not ours – Blaze has crafted the PS3 Move Rapid Charger that...

  • News Ubisoft Challenges You to Get Fit in Six in March

    Get ready to shed some pounds

    Ubisoft's set to bring a new fitness title to PlayStation Move, with Fit in Six heading to PS3 in March. The title refers to six core fitness areas – cardio, balance, upper body strength, lower body strength, core strength and flexibility – and will offer tailored activities for targeting each area, which have been...

  • News More LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Content Coming Later This Year

    Expect it in months, not weeks

    So LittleBigPlanet 2's Move support is just a free install of PlayStation Network title Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves, but Media Molecule has confirmed it is working on other Move content for the title to be available later this year. The company will release a Play, Create, Share pack later this year adding plenty more...

  • News LittleBigPlanet 2's LittlePlayStationMove Support

    What you get for your money

    The long awaited sequel to the hugely popular LittleBigPlanet has finally been released, but the release of LittleBigPlanet 2 has sparked some confusion with its spiffy blue “Move Support” label. Currently, the only Move support LittleBigPlanet 2 currently offers is the ability to install Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves...

  • News Sony Focusing on More Core Titles for Move in 2011

    Good news, everyone

    Sony's Move line-up for this year has some impressive-looking titles in store: Killzone 3, SOCOM: Special Forces and Sorcery to name a few, and it seems core titles are key to the controller's success in 2011, according to director of hardware marketing John Koller. Sony shipped 4.1m units of Move between September and late...

  • News PlayStation Move Heroes Minigames Get Detailed

    What's in the package?

    Taking PlayStation's six most beloved heroes and putting them into one package, PlayStation Move Heroes has caught the attention of many, but how does the game actually play? Far from the 3D action platformer some would have expected, the title is actually more like a minigame compilation, according to Siliconera. One game on...

  • News Michael Jackson Gets Blood on the Dance Floor in April

    Move title gets new tracks

    Michael Jackson: The Experience launched on Wii, DS and PSP in late 2010 but its appearance on PlayStation 3 was pushed back until 2011, and now Ubisoft has revealed the exact date fans will be able to get their white gloved hands on the game: April 12th in North America, April 14th in Europe. The game's tracklisting will...

  • News 505 Games Wants to Get Grease on Your PlayStation Move

    Tell us about it, stud

    Last year's Grease: The Game took the beloved musical and turned it into a party game for Wii, when what we all really wanted was to get up to sing and jive as Danny Zuko, Sandy, Rizzo and the rest of the Rydell High gang. Later this year we'll finally be able to make all those dreams come true with the announcement that...

  • News Nyko Set to Support PlayStation Move with Both Barrels

    Gunning for success

    You can never have too many plastic guns for PlayStation Move, with accessory creators Nyko bringing two new attachments to the controller in the near future. The more interesting of the pair is the Power Shot, a rifle-style design not unlike Sony's official Sharp Shooter. Holding both the Navigation and Move controller, it's...

  • News New Modern Combat: Domination Trailer Shouts About Cheap Price

    Bus tickets, sandwiches or gaming?

    Next week's PlayStation Network release of Modern Combat: Domination has a lot going for it, with PlayStation Move support and 16-player deathmatch modes, but Gameloft wants you to know just how little it'll set you back next week, with its latest trailer pointing out the game will cost just €7.99. Lock your eyes...

  • News First Modern Combat: Domination Trailer Shoots to Thrill

    It's bullet time

    PlayStation Network is about to get a whole lot explosiver when Gameloft's Modern Combat: Domination lands later this month. The first trailer below not only shows the game in action, but also shows how it's going to turn players into polite young men rather than the foul-mouthed gamers we've all encountered in online deathmatches...

  • News There's Free R.U.S.E. Content for You to Download Now

    Multiplayer Manhattan pack out now

    Ubisoft's long-awaited strategy title R.U.S.E. was one of the first titles to receive a Move-enabling patch, but that's not the only thing amateur generals can download for the game, with free downloadable maps available from the PlayStation Network. The Manhattan Project Pack was actually released on December...

  • News New No More Heroes Shots Show Leather, Beam Swords, Gimps

    All bases covered

    Konami recently released a batch of new screenshots for the upcoming Move-compatible port of No More Heroes: Heroes's Paradise, Grasshopper Manufacture's ode to otaku everywhere, and the game is shaping up very nicely indeed. The story of Travis Touchdown's attempt to rise to number one in the assassin league, the PS3 port will be...

  • Features Five Move Games to Excite You in 2011

    Something for everyone

    There are already around 50 games that support PlayStation Move, but if you haven't yet found something to tickle your fancy there's almost certainly something for you in the line-up of titles heading to the controller in 2011. Here we pick our most-anticipated titles of the coming 12 months. LittleBigPlanet 2: The...

  • Features PlayStation Move Buyer's Guide

    What's worth your money?

    Now you've got PlayStation Move you need some great games to go along with it. These are some of our recommendations here at Movemodo to help you pick out the best games for your gaming style. If you want more information on any of the games, click on the titles for our honest, in-depth reviews or check out our forums and...


  • News Sony Launches Move Software Deal Across UK

    Buy one, get one half price

    Several online retailers in North America have offered cut price Move software, but now Sony's UK wing has launched a marketwide buy one, get one half price mechanic on its Move software. Major retailers including Game and Gamestation are both participating in the offer, so now might be a good chance to stock up on some...

  • News Merry Christmas from Movemodo!

    Season's greetings to all

    It's that time of year again when we manage to tear ourselves from our computers just long enough to sit through a massive Christmas dinner with the family and then endless repeats of the same TV shows we watched last year, but that's the magic of Christmas. We'll be taking a short break over the Christmas period, but we'll...

  • News Beat Sketcher Team's Christmas Video is Full of Cheer

    Spreading the joy

    Beat Sketcher hit the PlayStation Store a few weeks ago, so it's no surprise that some talented users have already created some fantastic videos using the programme, but we doubt any will be able to top this festive masterpiece from the game's audio director Ichiro Ebisu. Performing a live rendition of Joy to the World with...

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