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  • News Wonderbook: Book of Spells Enchants PlayStation 3

    Spell binding

    One of the more unexpected announcements from Sony's E3 press conference was Wonderbook, a new interactive augmented reality book that works with the PlayStation Eye to bring stories to life. Wonderbook itself will be compatible with a variety of different experiences, but Sony dedicated the product's reveal to one in particular: Book...


  • News Zindagi Reveals Sports Champions 2

    What took so long?

    If there's one Move game everyone liked, it's Sports Champions, so it's excellent news that Zindagi Games and Sony San Diego Studios are working together on Sports Champions 2 for PlayStation Move. The line-up of sports mixes new with old, and includes bowling, tennis, golf, skiing, archery and boxing. It'll support two players...

  • News Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Rises on 26th June

    Master of unlocking

    Capcom’s re-mastered light-gun compilation Resident Evil: Chronicles HD is set to shuffle onto the PSN on 26th June in North America and 27th June in Europe. The PlayStation Move powered package will cost $26.99 and £21.99 respectively. The downloadable title promises upgraded versions of former Nintendo Wii exclusives...

  • News Babel Rising Makes You a God with Move

    Genesis 11:9

    Ubisoft’s PlayStation Move powered God game Babel Rising is set to release on 13th June in Europe, the publisher has announced. The downloadable title sees you assuming the role of God and attempting to stop humans from building the Tower of Babel by tossing all manner of natural disasters at them. Sounds like a good way to relieve...

  • News Men in Black: Alien Crisis Invades PS3 This Week

    Galaxy defenders

    Those of you excited by the prospect of a third Men in Black movie might have a passing interest in Men in Black: Alien Crisis. The Activision-published PS3 spin-off puts you in the shoes of a new recruit in the MIB organisation and allows you to “live through an amazing story packed full of action”. The game features full...

  • News Sorcery Launch Trailer Waves its Magic Wand

    Wingardium leviosa

    It’s been a long time in the making, but PlayStation Move’s most anticipated game Sorcery is finally set to apparate onto store shelves this week. Refreshingly for a motion controlled game, Sorcery’s launch trailer doesn't focus on make believe families pretending to have a good time. Instead it champions the game’s plot,...

  • News Just Add Water Targeting June Release for Stranger's Wrath Vita

    No stranger

    Just Add Water only started work on the PlayStation Vita version of the quirky Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath a few weeks ago, but it already has a rough launch window in mind. As part of a fascinating interview on this week’s Official PlayStation Blogcast, CEO Stewart Gilray explained that the handheld version of the classic shooter was...

  • Talking Point Why 2012 is PS3's Most Mainstream Year Yet

    Moving in a new direction

    Subtract the upcoming God of War: Ascension and The Last of Us from the equation, and 2012 is looking like PS3’s most mainstream year yet. Sure, the likes of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale have crossover appeal (they are evidently designed with nostalgia in mind) but

  • News Sharpen Your Wrist Action with Foosball 2012

    Back of the net

    Those of you paying attention back in March will recall us getting hot and sweaty over Grip Games’ upcoming PS3 and Vita table football simulator, Foosball 2012. The cross-platform party title is packed with features included PlayStation Move support and online play. In order to build hype for the game’s impending release, Grip...

  • News Fearsome Creatures Conjured in Final Sorcery Diary


    Outstanding controls and engaging audio are all well and good, but what is the point of them without creatures to kill? Ahead of next week’s launch, Sony has released the final entry in its Sorcery developer diary, focusing on the design of the foes from the final game. Like the audio, the enemy design is based upon Celtic and Northern...

  • News PixelJunk 4am Launch Trailer Wiggles Online


    There’s really not much to add to this article beyond what’s already included in the delightfully descriptive headline. Embedded below you’ll find the launch trailer for PixelJunk 4am, which is due for release on the PlayStation Network this week. The trailer shows Japanese musician and PixelJunk collaborator Baiyon looking serious as...

  • News EA Promises "Game-Changing Innovations" for FIFA 13

    Deja vu?

    Now the English Premier League has ended, EA Sports has kicked off the information offensive for FIFA 13, coming to PS3 and PS Vita later this year. The publisher revealed new features it believes will change football games. Again. First up is the new artificial intelligence system, which EA says is its "most sophisticated" AI...

  • News Sony Introduces the Sounds of Sorcery


    Audio is one of the most underrated aspects of video games. When done well it's able to shape your mood, but, conversely, when poor it really sticks out. Thankfully, we don’t think Sony’s upcoming magical Move-powered adventure Sorcery will suffer from that problem because, based on the evidence of this brand new behind the scenes...

  • News Sony Serves Up Enchanting Sorcery Story Trailer

    Once upon a time

    While it’s unlikely you’ll be purchasing the upcoming Move powered Sorcery for its narrative, plot does appear to be a big part of the motion controlled game. The title explores the adventure of Finn, a young sorcerer who must master the arcane arts in order to save his home world. There’s actually a lot more back story to...

  • News Sony Casts Sorcery Technology Trailer Online

    Building a motion masterpiece

    Sony’s conjured up a brand new trailer looking at the development of upcoming Move adventure Sorcery. The footage delves behind the scenes at developer The Workshop, and discusses why the Move is pivotal to the title's experience and how the implementation differs from alternative motion controlled games. There’s...

  • News Sail Away with Rune Factory Oceans on 25th May

    Hit the waves

    Rising Star Games has attached a 25th May European release date to its upcoming PS3 exclusive farming simulator, Rune Factory Oceans (also known as Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny). The agricultural RPG – which launched in North America and Japan last year – challenges you to run a farm, while also adventuring the high seas in...

  • News Datura Dives into the Next Dimension

    Innovation you can't afford

    We still don’t know much about Plastic’s upcoming PSN adventure Datura, but that’s not stopped the Polish developer from concocting an extravagant virtual reality set up to show off its game. The expensive demo is built around Sony’s recently released HMZ-T1 personal projector, and uses a second PlayStation Move...

  • News Sony Signs Three Game Deal with Giant Sparrow

    Fresh blood

    There may well be life after thatgamecompany after all. Sony has announced that it has signed a three game exclusivity partnership with Giant Sparrow, starting with The Unfinished Swan. The developer is currently set-up inside Sony’s ubiquitous Santa Monica studio, which is responsible for a dizzying number of PS3 titles at the moment...

  • News The Unfinished Swan Will Boast Optional Move Controls

    Painted poetry

    Giant Sparrow’s beautifully abstract PSN title The Unfinished Swan will include optional PlayStation Move motion controls, it has been confirmed. The title – which is set to be announced at some point next week – sees you tossing streams of paint from a first-person perspective in order to reveal the otherwise invisible world...


  • News New Datura Footage Touches Down

    Reaching out

    Plastic’s released a brand new trailer for its intriguing Move powered interpretative adventure title, Datura. The ambiguous short highlights the variety players can expect from the motion enhanced game, including a driving section and a World War-esque shooting range. These kind of off-the-wall interactive experiences are amongst our...

  • News PixelJunk 4am Public Beta Hits the Stage

    Turn it up

    PlayStation Plus subscribers will find a nice surprise tucked away under the premium compartment of the PlayStation Store this evening. Developer Q-Games has released the public beta for its brilliant Move powered music endeavour, PixelJunk 4am. The trial appears to be exclusive to European users at the moment, with North America set to...

  • News Move Stripping Game Dancing Eyes Canned

    For shame

    What do you get when you combine PlayStation Move, tiny monkeys and stripping? Dancing Eyes is the answer — or, at least, it was. Famitsu (via Andriasang) reports the game is now cancelled and won't see the light of day. Namco Bandai hasn't given any reason for the cancellation, but we imagine it's something to do with the tiny monkeys...

  • News PixelJunk 4am Dances onto PSN in May

    Midnight fever

    Q-Games’ stellar looking Move powered music tool PixelJunk 4am is set to release on the PlayStation Network on 15th May. It’ll launch alongside a free application allowing you to tune into other players’ live performances. The final game will feature five songs comprising four different tracks: drums, bass, rhythm and synth...

  • News Sony's Move-Exclusive Datura Dated

    Out in May

    Time to pick up that Move controller again — Sony's launching Datura on 9th May. The Move-exclusive action adventure is joint venture between Sony Santa Monica and Polish developer Plastic. It's billed as a "unique, interactive art experience", so don't expect God of War Move, but we're always up for unique and interactive art...

  • News Sony Patents Bizarre Move Controller Holder

    Reinventing the wheel

    Sony hasn't released quite as many plastic add-ons for the Move controller as some may have expected, but according to a patent found by PlayStation Lifestyle it could yet release a very versatile-looking plastic shell. The patent shows a plastic housing into which the Move controller would slot, but with handles and face...

  • News London 2012 Sprints onto PS3 in June

    Gold standard

    Fans of broken controllers and Jessica Ennis will be excited to learn that SEGA’s attached a 29th June release date to its upcoming tournament tie-in London 2012. The game will feature 45 Olympic events including cycling, diving and more. Some of the events – such as the 25m Rapid Fire Pistol – will feature PlayStation Move...

  • News New Sorcery Story Trailer Apparates Online


    Sorcery, the most anticipated title in the PlayStation Move’s relatively brief history, is just over a month away from release — and in order to celebrate, Sony’s cast a brand new story trailer for the magic 'em up online. The cinematic short – narrated by the definitely-not-elderly wizard Dash – introduces us to apprentice Finn...

  • News Spector: Take a "Chill Pill" Over Musical Mickey

    Raised eyebrows

    Junction Point gaffer Warren Spector has hit back at critics scoffing at the recently announced Epic Mickey 2’s inclusion of musicals. The video game luminary said in an interview with Eurogamer: When we announced the game, I sort of threw it out there, because I'm so proud and so happy. I saw the look of fear in people's eyes...


  • News Watch Wayne Rooney Play Golf in New Tiger Woods Trailer


    As good as the Tiger Woods titles are every year, it must be a difficult task for EA’s marketing group to make each new release seem fresh and different. This year, for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, the publisher's trying an interesting tactic: put footballers in the game. No, we’re not joking. Catch the trailer below for footage of Wayne Rooney...

  • News The Siren Screams into BioShock Infinite

    Certainly not that kind of siren

    Irrational Games has lifted the lid on BioShock Infinite’s final Heavy Hitter. Named the Siren, the spiritual performer possesses the ability to bring back the dead. Creative director Ken Levine explains that the real challenge in battle is deciding whether to focus on the Siren itself, or its resurrected puppets...

  • News Move Support Confirmed for The Amazing Spider-Man

    Moving through Manhattan

    Activision’s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie tie-in will feature full PlayStation Move compatibility, developer Beenox has confirmed. Our friends over at iWaggle3D got suspicious when a boxart for the game uploaded to Amazon included a “PlayStation Move Compatible” bubble. This prompted Jonathon Grendon, PR...

  • News Disney Releases First Epic Mickey 2 Footage


    Following this week’s official announcement, Disney’s released the first footage of upcoming PS3 platformer Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Judging from the trailer, the game’s managed to maintain the twisted art style of its Nintendo Wii exclusive predecessor. The sequel will allow you to take control of both Mickey Mouse and Oswald...

  • News Sports Champions Developer Working on Next Generation Title

    Next move for motion studio

    Zindagi Games – the developer behind the brilliant Sports Champions and the likable Medieval Moves – is readying itself for the next generation. In a job opening advertised on Gamasutra, the proficient PlayStation Move studio notes that it is "moving on and working on the next generation home console"...

  • News Foosball 2012 Shoots onto PS3 and PS Vita

    Practice your wrist action

    Grip Games is well known for its output on the PlayStation Minis platform, but with today’s announcement it has stepped into the big league. The Prague-based developer has taken a quick detour onto the PlayStation Blog to reveal Foosball 2012 – a digital table football simulation pledged for PlayStation 3 and...

  • News Disney's Brave Coming to PS3 with Move Archery

    Arro' there

    PlayStation Move is set to get another taste of Disney when Disney Pixar's Brave comes to the motion controller this summer. The third-person action adventure uses Move in an archery segment, though hopefully the full game will be Move compatible; you can't beat a bit of wand-waving in a fantasy setting. Disney's not telling us much...

  • News New Sorcery Footage Waves its Wand

    Wingardium leviosa

    Sorcery’s certainly come a long way since its initial unveiling. The original concept seemed like a pretty bog standard dungeon crawler, but based on the evidence of this new footage, the game’s blossomed into something of an adventure title. The question is, valued reader, are you still excited for the game or not? There was...

  • News Datura Introduces the Most Difficult Decision of Them All

    Daddy or chips

    Given the choice between saving someone’s life or earning a new PlayStation Network trophy, we’re not sure what we’d choose – but we never thought we’d be faced with the dilemma. Plastic’s new PlayStation Move title Datura makes that conundrum a reality though, and we couldn’t be more intrigued by the prospect. In a...

  • News House of the Dead 4 Shoots Up the PlayStation Store Next Month


    Shooting zombies never gets old. Sure gamers might lament the lack of creativity when developers spew out yet another title featuring the undead, but, let’s be honest, shooting their limbs off never really loses its sheen, does it? There’s good news for PlayStation Move owners then, as SEGA has announced that House of the Dead 4 is...

  • News Meet BioShock Infinite's Handyman

    Tool up

    BioShock Infinite is set in a completely different world to the original title, so naturally there are no Big Daddies or Little Sisters. Instead there are Heavy Hitters, of which we’ve already been introduced to one: the Motorized Patriot. Now Irrational Games has raised the curtain on the game’s second heavy hitter, known as the...

  • News Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Confirmed for Western Launch

    Rise from your grave

    Further securing the PlayStation 3’s status as the primary platform for rails shooters, Capcom has announced that it is bringing both Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles to the PSN in June, bundled together as Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection. Both titles had previously been...

  • News Select Retailers Bundling Move Peripheral with Ninja Gaiden 3

    Wield the Dragon Sword

    The Nintendo Wii has taught us to anticipate needless peripheral extensions alongside motion controlled games, and it looks as though Team Ninja’s upcoming Ninja Gaiden III is not going to be any different. A listing on Canadian retailer Video Game Plus mentions a limited edition bundle which includes a Dragon Sword...

  • News Sony Admits that It Could Have Done Better with Move

    Still being worked on

    When Move was released for the PS3, it offered an experience similar to the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, but ultimately with superior and more accurate technology. In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, however, Sony UK VP and MD Fergal Gara has admitted that it hasn't been as big a success as Sony hoped, and that...

  • News BioShock Infinite Motion Support Moving Forward

    Day and date

    Irrational Games’ fascinating gaffer Ken Levine has confirmed that BioShock Infinite’s vaunted PlayStation Move support will be available day and date with the game’s release. The developer has been pretty quiet about the feature since it was confirmed at E3 last year, but Ken Levine told that the reason for the...

  • News Q-Games Shows Off PixelJunk 4am

    Late night fever

    Last week we tried our very best to explain why you should have PixelJunk 4am on your radar, but it’s a hard game to describe using words. The music creation suite – which uses PlayStation Move to allow you to manipulate sounds in 3D space – demands some visual (and audio) context in order to highlight its genius, and...

  • News Sony: "We Could Have Done Better on Move Titles"

    Onwards and upwards

    The PlayStation Move has played host to some great experiences – Sports Champions is still a favourite amongst the Push Square team – but it’s also had some real stinkers too. In a candid interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, new Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara has admitted that the platform holder...

  • News Sony Ships 10 Million PlayStation Move Controllers

    Moving on up

    The PlayStation Move has had a quiet year thus far, but with anticipated titles such as Sorcery and Datura on the horizon, it’s sure to pick up pace in the coming months. Regardless, it sounds like the motion peripheral's continuing to sell at a decent rate, with Sony confirming that it has now shipped 10.6 million units of the device...

  • News Sorcery Casts Spells on PlayStation Move this May


    Sorcery’s been on the lips of PlayStation fans for years, and now it finally has a date. The hotly anticipated PlayStation Move title is set to release on 22nd May in North America and 23rd May in Europe. The game – which was announced at E3 several years ago – puts players in the shoes of Finn, a young sorcerer’s apprentice who...

  • News Plastic Officially Announces Datura for PlayStation Move

    Experimental narrative

    As anticipated, Polish studio Plastic has lifted the lid on its curious PlayStation Move title, Datura. The game – which is set to release exclusively on the PlayStation Network later this year – promises to use Sony’s motion wand in an “innovative way”. Plastic’s Michal Staniszewski explained: Finding yourself in...


  • News Hot Shots Golf Finally Gets Move and 3D Support

    Out now

    After months of waiting, the western versions of Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds — also known as Everybody's Golf: World Tour — finally have PlayStation Move and 3DTV support. Our friends iWaggle3D grabbed the patch and have already posted up some first impressions of its motion controls. A word of warning: you have to perform a full...


  • News Quadratum Mortis is a Brand New Move Fighting Game

    Details inside

    Turkish studio Lamagama recently revealed its next project: a Move-enabled fighting game called Quadratum Mortis. The sword-and-shield fighter supports two Move controllers, with your character automatically facing his opponent in one-on-one battles. One Move handles the sword while the other is your shield, with movement handled...

  • News Go for Gold with London 2012 Olympics on Move

    Starter's orders

    SEGA's London 2012 — The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games — whew — will support PlayStation Move, the publisher has announced. The press release makes it sound like not all events will be support, which could mean a pleasingly low level of waggle controls, but there will be a Move-exclusive 25m rapid fire pistol event,...

  • First Impressions Grand Slam Tennis 2

    The latest tennis contender

    The recent Grand Slam Tennis 2 demo on PlayStation Network supports PlayStation Move, so we got to grips with its motion controls to see how it shapes up. Ever since Sports Champions redefined motion controls with its table tennis mode, we’ve longed for a similarly accurate tennis game. Both Top Spin 4 and Virtua Tennis...

  • News Sony: "Our Studios Know They Have to Do Better with Move"

    UK boss lays it out

    Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara has told MCV that its internal studios have to create better Move titles. Gara revealed that Sports Champions has been the biggest seller but that other titles have put in vastly differing sales performances. Gara went on to say that it's a priority for internal studios to do...

  • News CTA Digital Creates Official U.S. Army Move Accessories

    Fire at will

    CTA Digital's range of Move accessories already includes a PS3 bowling ball and a three-in-one Move sniper rifle, but the peripheral manufacturer just scored a huge licence: the United States Army. The U.S. Army Sniper Action Rifle is Move-exclusive, and looks like a slightly revamped version of its original sniper peripheral. The other...

  • News Happy New Year from Movemodo!

    2012 – you're next

    As we close the book on 2011 we open a fresh page for 2012, and a what year it's looking to be for PlayStation — and for us. Highlights of the coming year include Sorcery, DUST 514 Star Trek and plenty more. We have some extremely exciting developments up our sleeve for 2012 that we're sure you love. We'll tell you more in the...


  • Out Now All Zombies Must Die (North America)

    No bones about it

    When you absolutely, positively have to kill every zombie out there, you need All Zombies Must Die's optional PlayStation Move support. The PSN-exclusive shooter just launched in North America for $9.99, with optional PlayStation Move support. You've probably guessed the premise, but developer Doublesix Games promises RPG elements...

  • News Captain Morgane Promises to Launch on 24th February

    Prepare the champagne

    Reef Entertainment's announced what we make to be the third official release for Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle — 24th February 2012. The point-and-click adventure was due for release on 4th November, then was put back until 3rd February, but Reef is giving it a little extra polish and putting it out on 24th February...

  • News Move Takes the Mound in MLB The Show 12

    Big hitter

    MLB 11 The Show only uses PlayStation Move in its home run derby mode. While that's serviceable, next year's MLB 12 The Show is going to make much more use of the motion controller, according to the PlayStation Blog. Community manager Ramone Russell confirmed the next instalment uses Move for everything: batting, fielding, pitching and...

  • News Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath Move Controls Due "In a Few Months"

    Game out on 21st December

    We reported the other day that Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath isn't Move-enabled at launch, but it seems we may have to wait a while longer for its Move patch than we'd first hoped. Just Add Water confirmed the game will release in Europe on 21st December for £9.99, but stated that Move controls — along with 3DTV support and...

  • News These Incredible Images Were Made with LittleBigPlanet 2

    And Move too

    You can create almost anything in LittleBigPlanet 2: games, music and even bona fide art. Media Molecule recently held a competition to share the greatest Move artwork with the world, and it resulted in some stunners. The Move Masterpieces competition just ended with the winner, September Girl by natuhito, proudly displayed here. There...

  • News The PlayStation Move Interactive Advert in Full

    Take your pick

    Remember when we reported on the PlayStation Move mini site with its interactive advertisement? We've just been made aware the full video is available to view right now on YouTube or — more helpfully — right below these very words. With PlayStation Move sales catching up with Kinect do you think adverts below are the way to go or...

  • Out Today Wanted Corp (North America)

    Blast off

    The biggest releases might be behind us, but there's still more Move goodness on the way, with the North American PlayStation Store updated today with a new title. Wanted Corp is a shooter with a distinctly old-school vibe, as you can see in the trailer below. If you like the look of what you see below, stay tuned for our exclusive Wanted...

  • News Order Up!! for North America in January 2012

    More coffee hun?

    PS3 cook'em up Order Up!! is out in Europe this month, but UTV Ignition Games have plans to bring it Stateside early next year. The publisher and developer Supervillain Studios today announced the game will see release in North America in January 2012. Here's the press release and a little trailer too. UTV IGNITION GAMES AND...


  • News Sony Steps Up Move Awareness with European Campaign

    New mini site too

    If PlayStation Move sales really are catching up with Kinect, a new campaign might just tip the balance in Sony's favour. The PlayStation Move mini site from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe contains information, videos and a Move competition. The videos might not make much sense — something about gorillas and giant donuts —...

  • News Grab a Serious Move Bargain This Thanksgiving

    Plenty to be grateful for

    We're going to come out and say it: this might be the best value Move bundle we've seen yet. Best Buy is offering a serious package to anyone wanting to get started with Move in the world of first-person shooters. The PlayStation Move Mayhem Bundle is currently on sale for just $119.99, a bargain considering it contains:...

  • News Move Sales Catching Up with Kinect

    The gap is closing

    While Microsoft seems happy beating the drum of Kinect sensor sales, Sony hasn't been quite so vocal about how many PlayStation Move controllers it's sold. According to Industry Gamers that's not due to shame, as recent figures supposedly put Move close to matching Kinect's life-to-date sales. The site claims Move is as little as...

  • Out Now Move Mind Benders (Europe)

    PSN release confirmed

    Move Mind Benders is out on Blu-ray this Friday, but if you can't wait — or, more probably, you just don't want to leave your gaming lair — you can download it from the European PlayStation Store right now. The £17.99/€24.99 is a bundle of some of Move's best puzzlers; your money gets you echochrome ii, Tumble and an...

  • Feature Move's First Year - Part Three

    Summer, E3 and Movemodo’s first birthday

    Our analysis of PS Move’s first year comes to an end as we breakdown the most significant news and highlight the standout games that were released during the four months between May and August 2011. News, May 2011: April’s news ended with the inconvenience of the PSN outage and this issue continued to...

  • News Machinarium Creator Favours DualShock Over Move

    But why?

    Machinarium is coming to PlayStation Network next year in what developer Amanita Design says is "the definitive version" of the game, but Amanita founder Jakub Dvorský isn't a full convert to the Move controls yet. Speaking to Eurogamer, Dvorský revealed he's sticking with DualShock over the game's optional motion controls: For...


  • Feature Move's First Year - Part Two

    The start of 2011

    This September we celebrated PS Move’s first birthday by chronicling in Move’s First Year – Part One the most notable news and titles that were released between September and December 2010. We continued with this retrospective theme this month by analysing Move's First Year — The Stinkers, and we forecast the most...

  • News Who's Competing in Grand Slam Tennis 2?

    Roster revealed

    Eager to find out who's going to be available to play in EA's Grand Slam Tennis 2? The publisher just revealed the full line-up of stars, past and present, who'll be appearing in the upcoming Move tennis game. The roster includes current players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams alongside legendary racquet-wielders...

  • News Johann Sebastian Joust Has No Graphics, Just Jousting


    In the race for every Move game to have the most realistic graphics and motion control, one game is going to prove hard to beat. Called Johann Sebastian Joust, it's a game that takes Move away from the TV to pit you against other real players. The official description probably makes more sense: The goal is to keep your accelerometer...

  • Feature Move's First Year - The Stinkers

    The ugly ducklings that couldn’t

    Here at Movemodo we’ve been a joyous lot, as we’re still celebrating Move’s first birthday. We’ve taken our first step into looking back at the past year with Move's First Year: Part One, and even looked ahead to some Four Must-Have Move Games for the Future. While we’ll continue this journey further as...

  • Feature Four Must-Have Move Games for the Future

    Gaze into our crystal ball

    While many will argue that the PlayStation Move launched with a weak line-up, the number and quality of games available has risen sharply since its launch. An increasing number of game developers have decided to implement Move controls into their games, immersing players like never before. We've taken a look into the...

  • News Resistance 3 - Patch 1.04 Update and Double XP Weekend

    Get your Sharp Shooter ready!

    Insomniac Games has finally confirmed that the 1.04 patch is going to be rolled out this weekend, fixing the ADS issues when using the PlayStation Move control method in Resistance 3. Aside from fixing the Move issues, the patch will also introduce a few balance fixes to matchmaking, as well other minor tweaks to better...


  • News New Winter Stars Screens Stay Frosty

    Over snow, ice and water

    This press release is titled "Warm Up this Winter with Winter Stars". Quite how a game about winter sports is going to warm you up is anybody's guess, but maybe that's why we don't work in PR: it's all about vision. Speaking of vision (segue) here's some new Winter Stars screenshots to look at, showing off...

  • News Lumi Trailer Beckons You to Become a Child of Eden

    It's nearly time

    Q Entertainment's long-awaited Child of Eden is nearly here, and we have a new trailer to show off. If you know nothing about the on-rails shooter the video below will probably fail to enlighten you, but anyone with even the slightest interest in a synaesthetic experience would do well to pay close attention. There's also a half...

  • News Let Steve Ince Tell You About Captain Morgane

    Not forgetting the Golden Turtle

    If you've played a point-and-click adventure, chances are you've read something written by Steve Ince. The man responsible for dialogue in genre classics like Broken Sword and Beneath a Steel Sky. He's also written Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle, coming to PS3 in November, and he's here to talk about it. Well,...

  • News Here's How Dungeon Defenders Was Developed

    Well, bits of it anyway

    We're still no closer to a release date for PSN title Dungeon Defenders but at least we have a trailer showing you how the game is put together. The game is due for release on Xbox Live Arcade on 19th October, and owing to Microsoft's policy of publishing digital games first or not at all, we can expect a PSN release any time...

  • News Multiple Move Titles Added to Europe Platinum Range

    Prices coming down

    If you're after a cheap Move bargain from Sony's top drawer, you'll be pleased to know the European Platinum range has expanded with four new titles. The newly Move-fitted LittleBigPlanet 2 and superlative shooter Killzone 3 both join the budget range, alongside MotorStorm Apocalypse, which is due to be updated for Move in the...

  • Features Move's First Year - Part One

    Its first four months

    As PlayStation Move celebrates its first birthday this month, it is an apt time to look back at our year of content and share with you the news and reviews that were a highlight of Move’s year. Starting with Part One of this ‘Year in Review’, we look at the months from its September launch release through to Christmas...

  • News Move Bites inFAMOUS 2 and inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood

    Double dose

    Move owners will be able to get a double helping of motion-controlled Cole in the coming months, as Sony has confirmed that the already-released inFAMOUS 2 and upcoming standalone game inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood will both include PlayStation Move support. The vampire-themed Festival of Blood takes place in a single night and doesn't...

  • News Timbers Get Shivered in Captain Morgane PS3 Trailer

    Buckles swashed too

    Point-and-click adventure Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle just got a European date: it'll reach PlayStation 3 shores on Friday 4th November, three weeks before it launches on other consoles. The Move-enabled game is a spin-off of the popular So Blonde series and is written by Steve Ince, renowned for his work on classic...

  • News Move Controllers 50% Off, Games for $9.99

    GameStop offers deal "while supplies last"

    If you have been holding off on picking up a Move, there's no better time than now. GameStop is unloading its Move controllers and accessories at a huge 50% off discount. That means you'll be able to pick up a Move controller for $24.99, the SharpShooter for a cool $19.99, and a Navigation controller or...

  • News LittleBigPlanet 2's Move Pack Finally Arrives Next Week

    The Cakeling rises

    It's been a long old wait, but LittleBigPlanet 2 will receive its PlayStation Move support next week. Titled LittleBigPlanet 2: Move Pack: Rise of the Cakeling, the add-on arrives with a laundry list of new content, including: A brand new story for LittleBigPlanet 2 – The Rise of the Cakeling with 14 new levels (5 levels, 7...

  • News Sony, With These Move Lifestyle Photos You Are Spoiling Us

    Everybody smile!

    In the past year we've had a lot of fun with PlayStation Move and you probably have too, but we bet you've never enjoyed yourself as much as the people in these new lifestyle photos from Sony. The shots feature all your typical Move situations: Mum working out, boys and girls singing and dancing together, but strangely no sign of...

  • News New House of the Dead Overkill Shots Creep Up

    Meat is murder

    SEGA's massively gory House of the Dead: Overkill — Extended Cut isn't just a glorified Wii conversion: it's got brand new stages and modes you won't find anywhere else. We've already covered Naked Terror, the first exclusive stage, and now we have the first shots of Creeping Flesh. The new level takes you through some sort of...

  • News Movemodo is One Year Old Today!

    Break out the party hats

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's official: Movemodo is one year old today. We first welcomed you to Movemodo on 1st September 2010, and since then we've done everything in our power to make you the most well-informed PlayStation Move gamers around. In the past 12 months we've published nearly 700 news articles,...


  • News Puddle Makes a Splash on PSN in November

    Sorry about that

    Konami's liquid PSN puzzler Puddle looks like an interesting use of PlayStation Move, and at least as interesting as the rather-similar-actually Fluidity on WiiWare. The inevitable result of Move's motion controls and a game about fluids, you tilt the controller to funnel the liquids through a series of mazes, avoiding fire,...

  • News Wipeout is Coming to PlayStation Move

    No, not the good one, sorry

    We felt the same: when we read that Wipeout 2 is coming to PlayStation Move, we started imagining controlling futuristic racers with motion controllers. Then we read further down the announcement and saw it's a version of popular TV show Wipeout. Oh well. The holiday season game will use the Move controller to help guide...

  • News This Champion Jockey Video is Too Good for Words

    Sit back and enjoy

    Champion Jockey will make use of PlayStation Move when it launches next month, but how? Let this video answer all your questions. Interestingly the video shows two Move controllers are used, one of the few games to do so, though we'd hope a single controller option is in there too. Even if it's not, this guy sells the double...

  • News These Chinese Move Controllers Don't Look Bad, Actually

    Bit costly though

    Third-party Move controllers are still thin on the ground, but Chinese company FirstSing has put together its own Move and Navigation and they don't look too bad actually. The bundle sells for just $44.80, a huge saving on the price of real accessories, but unfortunately with worldwide shipping at a steep $60 it's not such a sound...


  • News PQube Announces "Most Realistic Move Dancing Game"

    No, it's not Let's Dance with Mel B 2

    Some PlayStation Move dancing games are OK. Some, like Let's Dance with Mel B, are not OK. Here's hoping that PQube's new announcement Dance! It's Your Stage is better than that, at least. The publisher claims its new dancing game is the "most realistic and detailed Playstation 3 Move Dance game ever relea

  • News 2K Promising Better Move Controls for NBA 2K12

    Shoots a three-pointer

    We loved NBA 2K11 on PlayStation 3, but the Move controls left a little to be desired: no Navigation support and some shaky shot recognition took away some of the game's shine. Now 2K Sports is preparing to unleash NBA 2K12 and it's promising overhauled controls. For one thing, the game now features pointer support, allowing...

  • News New Champion Jockey Screens Shake Their Jockey Maker

    Tutorial too

    Champion Jockey will let you whip horses with PlayStation Move, but more than that, it'll let you design your very own jockey, making it the first Move game ever to let you play God and win a horse race at the same time. Tecmo Koei just sent over some new screenshots showing off the jockey customisation screens, where you can change...

  • News First GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Footage Suits Up

    Licence to... oh, never mind

    After the announcement of GoldenEye 007: Reloaded we've now got the first screenshots and in-game footage from the upcoming Bond-a-thon. The revamped version of last year's Wii adventure comes with support for PlayStation Move, Sharp Shooter and in a surprise turn of events the Top Shot Elite gun used in Cabela's...

  • News James Bond Comes to Move with GoldenEye: Reloaded

    We've been expecting you

    Last year's GoldenEye 007 on Wii was a particularly enjoyable slice of James Bond action, bringing the beloved N64 original up to date with online play, experience and all that good stuff. If you were looking on from the sidelines, filled with jealousy, that can stop soon: Activision has announced GoldenEye 007: Reloaded is...

  • News Japan's Hot Shots Golf is Now Move-Enabled, But Ours Isn't

    Update rattles into the cup

    Yesterday the Move update for Japan's Minna No Golf 5 — aka Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds in North America and Everybody's Golf: World Tour in Europe — went live, bringing stereoscopic 3D support and Move controls to the cutest golf game on PS3. According to iWaggle3D the motion controller is supported in offline play...

  • News SEGA Lets Off a Round of House of the Dead Screenshots


    The unflinchingly gory House of the Dead: Overkill — Extended Cut is shambling towards Move later this year, and SEGA has sent over a revolver barrel's worth of new screenshots to celebrate. The shiny new 720p screenshots and pleasingly grindhouse-like artwork and box art show Headstrong is improving pretty much everything that was good...

  • News Notch Teases Minecraft PS3 With PlayStation Move Support

    A wolf in sheep’s clothing?

    The surprise announcement at this year's E3 that the massively successful game Minecraft is coming to Kinect instantly got us thinking; wouldn’t PlayStation Move be a perfect fit too? Move launch title Tumble proved the controller could easily select objects and manoeuvre them in a 3D environment with extreme...

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