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  • News Tomba! Will Be Playable on Vita from Tomorrow

    Dream come true

    Import specialist MonkeyPaw Games will be bringing a handful of its PSone Classics to North American Vitas tomorrow, the company has told Joystiq. The compatibility will coincide with the handheld’s hotly anticipated 1.80 update, which promises to augment PSone emulation alongside a slew of other improvements. Supported classics...

  • News Tombi! Jumps onto European PSN on 5th September

    At last

    European gamers will finally get to play MonkeyPaw Games’ digital re-release of Tombi! on 5th September, Joystiq has revealed. The PSone Classic launched in North America earlier this year. Tombi! is one of the most anticipated PSone Classics of all time, so we daresay a lot of you will be snapping this one up. Let us know if you're...


  • News Tombi! Leaping onto European PlayStation Store

    Pigs might fly

    You can quit looking enviously at your North American peers – localisation specialist MonkeyPaw Games has announced that it is bringing Tombi! (known as Tomba! overseas) to Europe very soon. "We don't have a release date yet, but it's going to be sooner than people think,” the company told Joystiq. Patience, dear readers, is a...


  • News Tomba! Sprints onto PSN on 19th June

    Pigs can fly

    Tomba!, the most anticipated PSone re-release in the history of the PlayStation Network, finally has a release date: 19th June. Indeed, in just over two weeks you’ll be able to enjoy one of the finest PlayStation titles of all time without the need to auction any of your internal organs. It'll cost you just $9.99 to admire the...


  • News Tomba! Leaps onto PSN This Summer

    Something to sink your teeth into

    The most demanded PSone Classic in PSN’s history, Tomba!, is set to be immortalised on the PlayStation Store this summer. MonkeyPaw Games has confirmed that it’s bringing the title Stateside, with a European release certain to follow further down the line. MonkeyPaw Games’ John Greiner said in an interview...


  • News MonkeyPaw Kickstarts Class of Heroes II Localisation

    Put your money where your mouth is

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know all about Kickstarter. The crowd funding website has already, ahem, kickstarted the development of a couple of high profile games, and now localisation specialists MonkeyPaw Games and GaijinWorks are hoping to get in on the lucrative action. The companies want...






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