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    PS Vita

    Review Corpse Party: Blood Drive

    Survive and endure

    Set two months after the events of the previous game, Corpse Party: Blood Drive sees Ayumi Shinozaki return to make amends for the havoc that she wrought. Ayumi is told if she returns to the Heavenly Host Elementary School and casts a spell from the magic grimoire, the Book of Shadows, then she can bring back her deceased friends...

  • News Uppers Is a Kick Ass Brawler Coming to PS Vita

    Uppers yours

    While the PlayStation Vita may be looking bloody and bruised in North America and Europe these days, it remains a very viable format in Japan. And that's resulted in the announcement of a new game from Marvelous, which is a rad looking beat-'em-up from Senran Kagura producer Keinchiro Takaki named Uppers. In dreary anime fashion, the...


  • News Expose the Internet's Lies in PS Vita Exclusive Net High

    Take out the trolls

    Online flame wars have become such a big part of our everyday life that it's a surprise no one has made a game about them before. Fortunately, there's Net High – a PlayStation Vita exclusive which sees you attempting to uncover the lies of idiots on the Internet in order to steal their Twitter followers. Or something. The...