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  • News Our Survey Says... Playstation 3 Owners Are Graphic Whores!

    According to a Japanese survey conducted by a Tokyo-based market researcher, Japanese Playstation 3 owners are graphic whores

    According to the survey 66% of the PS3 owners cited graphical prowess of the system as one of the reasons to own it, with the Blu Ray player being another reason. Interestingly the findings also displayed that the average PS3 owner is 6-years younger than the average Wii..

  • News Capcom Release List Hints At A Potential Playstation 3 Exclusive

    Capcom are making lots of games

    They're making 12 for the XBOX 360 and 13 for the Playstation 3. Wait - what? Thirteen - as in one more? Yes, thirteen. There's the slim potential that the said game could be something a little exclusive that Capcom have in store for the Playstation 3, but the more likely suggestion is that they'll once again take the publishing rights of Santa Monica's upcoming God..

  • News It's Ok, Shoko Nakagawa Now Owns A Cloud Black Playstation 3

    We reported a few weeks ago that Shoko Nakagawa was going to buy a Playstation 3

    The once XBOX 360-only celebrity - whose blog has been viewed over a billion times - was given the cloud black Final Fantasy VII themed Playstation 3 as a gift from friends. She wrote:"Those two surprised me!! ...They secretly got me a present... Waaaaaaaahaaahaaaaa It's so expensive, I shrieked!! ...Those two are..

  • News Japan: PS3 Sales Up 288% On Last Year

    We're heading towards three months of Playstation 3 dominance in Japan

    The Wii has started floundering, the 360 has always floundered and the PS3 has had a lineup of killer, killer titles. One such title was a blu-ray that included a demo; you know the one! So we know things are looking pretty positive for Sony in Japan - but just how rosy are the figures? 288% rosier is how much when compared with..

  • News Microsoft's Japanese Advertising Calls Playstation 3 Inferior

    We don't like posting about the XBOX 360 much

    We appreciate Microsoft's system is a solid machine with an excellent range of games. We like games and although we have our preferences (obviously) our job isn't to judge which system is best, more help you to get the most out of your system (which we're hoping is the Playstation 3 if you're on this site). Having said that, we do keep note of what our..


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