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  • News Ouch, Japan Isn't Getting PS4 Until February 2014

    First Sony console not to hit its homeland before anywhere else

    Sony has revealed that the Japanese launch of the PS4 won't take place until February 22nd, 2014 — after the North American and European release. That means Sony's forthcoming system is the first it has produced which hasn't been released in its home territory before anywhere else...

  • News Slimmer, Lighter PS Vita Announced With 1GB Of Storage And LCD Screen

    Launches in Japan on October 10th

    Sony has confirmed that it is releasing a redesigned version of the PS Vita console with a slimmer form factor, lighter frame, improved battery life, 1GB of internal memory and an LCD display. With a width of 15mm, the new edition will be 20 percent thinner than the existing Vita, and at 219g is 15 percent...

  • News When's the PS4 Due Out in Japan? We'll Know Very Soon

    Not forgotten

    Despite being a Japanese company, Sony has said very little about the PlayStation 4’s release plans in its home nation. The firm has been uncharacteristically focused on Western territories up until this point, perhaps recognising that Europe and North America are the regions where this generation’s console war will be fought...


  • News Sony Stopping PlayStation Home Content Deliveries in Japan

    Ceasing support in September

    If you’re a proponent of digital avatar dancing you may want to apply a moody expression to your PlayStation Home protagonist, as Sony has announced that it’s to stop updating the virtual world in Japan from September. While you’ll still be able to access the online application for the time being, there’ll be...

  • News Yakuza Ishin Looks Like This on an Unspecified PlayStation Platform

    Travel through time

    Yakuza Ishin is definitely coming to a PlayStation platform, but we still don’t know which. The game – which was announced in Japan last week – will be featured in an upcoming issue of Dengeki PlayStation, confirming that the franchise will continue its association with Sony’s systems. Despite launching the title’s

  • News Persona 4 Arena Punching Back with New Characters

    Put 'em up

    Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has revealed a new version of Arc System Works' story-fuelled fighting spin-off, Persona 4 Arena. The article also disclosed details about two new fighters: Yukari Takeba and Junpei Iori from Persona 3. Yukari Takeba is equipped with a pink, angelic-looking bow and specialises in both long-range and...

  • News SEGA May Reveal a New Yakuza Title Later This Month

    You'll probably never get to play it, though

    Yes, we’re still bitter. We’d gotten used to playing a new Yakuza title every year, but SEGA still hasn’t said anything about a localised version of Yakuza 5. The sequel – which deployed in Japan last year – sounded absolutely amazing, but we don’t have time to study a foreign language in...



  • News Dragon's Dogma Braves the PlayStation Vita in New Freemium Quest

    Beast wars

    The announcement of Dragon’s Dogma Quest for the PlayStation Vita should be a reason to celebrate – but we recommend tempering your expectations a touch for the time being. The title – revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine – is described as a free-to-play online RPG. Oh, and it’s all in 2D, too. But it could still be...



  • News Who Wants to Play Air Hockey with an Augmented Reality Hatsune Miku?

    PlayStation Vita makes it possible

    We’re not sure that we understand the fascination surrounding programmed personality Hatsune Miku, but the computer generated pop star is known for sending some folks more gaga than, er, Lady Gaga. If you fit into that category, then you may want to hot step your way over to the Niconico Chōkaigi 2 event...

  • News Corpse Party: Blood Drive Leaves Crimson Trails on PlayStation Vita

    You've, er, got red on you

    Corpse Party: Blood Drive, the third entry in 5pb’s horrific interactive novel series, is set to spook the PlayStation Vita later this year. Announced in Famitsu magazine – and translated by Siliconera – the title will further the fearsome narrative of the haunted Heavenly Host Elementary School. The sequel will pick...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Vita Steady, Muramasa Starts Strong

    Sales remain relatively rosy for Sony's various systems

    It’s been over a month since the PlayStation Vita’s price was slashed in Japan, but the system’s still hanging on pretty well. While this week’s Media Create update shows a 10k decline for the console, it still managed to shift a respectable 31,795 units. Let hope that it can continue...

  • News My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute Is Raising Eyebrows on PS3

    No, that's the actual name

    Believe it or not, My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute is the name of a light novel turned anime series in Japan. Having already spawned several wildly popular outings on the PlayStation Portable, the franchise is now making the jump to the PlayStation 3, prompting plenty of throats to be cleared all over the world...

  • News Why Is PlayStation More Popular Than Xbox in Japan?

    Keiji Inafune puts it down to brand loyalty

    While the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are more or less equals in most parts of the world, Microsoft’s machine struggles in Japan. It’s not uncommon to see the green-tinged device sell less than 1,000 units a week in the land of the rising sun, while Sony’s counterpart tends to teeter around the 15,000...

  • News Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Is Venturing onto PS3 and Vita

    We hope that you liked the original

    A complete remake of last year’s likeable PlayStation Vita demon slayer Ragnarok Odyssey is heading to Japan this summer. Ragnarok Odyssey Ace promises a comprehensive reworking of the original title for the PlayStation 3 and Vita, with a brand new episode and a compilation of all of the downloadable quests from...


  • News GameStop: PlayStation 4 Will Launch Globally in 2013

    Cross your fingers

    Video game retailer GameStop has got a lot to say about the PlayStation 4. Hot on the heels of gaffer Tony Bartel’s comments regarding stock shortages yesterday, company executive Michael Hogan has hinted that Sony’s next generation platform is set to launch globally this year. Presumably, that includes Europe. “We know...

  • Japanese Sales Charts One Piece Propels PlayStation Vita

    Sony's system is sailing away

    Strong sales for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 boosted the PlayStation Vita back up the Japanese hardware charts this week. While the system was still handily outsold by the Nintendo 3DS, the portable’s tally surged from 36,028 units to 41,073 units. The aforementioned Namco Bandai brawler sold 60,315 units on the...

  • News Dragon's Crown Trailer Punches Your Eyeballs with Pretty Graphics

    Tastier than nacho cheese and bacon on crispy fries

    If hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 and Vita brawler Dragon’s Crown was an animal, it would probably be a kitten wearing a big pink bow. Vanillaware has released a brand new trailer for the co-operative beat ‘em up, which introduces you to the cast of the game and also shows off a euphoric mouse...

  • News SEGA Counting Down to New PlayStation 3 and Vita Announcement

    Guesses on the back of a postcard, please

    SEGA has launched a new Japanese teaser website for an impending PlayStation 3 and Vita project, but additional details are being kept under wraps. The page – which features some kind of dust effect – hints that all will be revealed on 28th March. Why do we have to wait so long? Unsurprisingly,...

  • News Yes, Final Fantasy X-2 HD Is Strutting onto PS3 and Vita

    PlayStation 2 favourites will be bundled on one Blu-ray

    As speculated yesterday, Final Fantasy X-2 is conjuring its collection of enchanted clothing onto the PlayStation 3 and Vita. The latest issue of Japanese publication Jump magazine has confirmed that the title will ship alongside its predecessor Final Fantasy X on a single Blu-ray named Final...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PlayStation Vita Sinks Back into Second

    Sword Art Online steals top spot from Kingdom Hearts

    Sony’s first foray into the handheld market may have been replaced over a year ago, but that’s not stopped the PlayStation Portable from proving that it’s still a force to be reckoned with in this week’s Japanese sales charts. Namco Bandai’s anime adaptation Sword Art Online: Infinity...

  • Rumour Final Fantasy X-2 HD Is Also Coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita

    You'll have to buy them separately on the handheld, though

    Those of you that like to indulge in a little dress up may be delighted to learn that Final Fantasy X-2 could be coming to the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Gematsu reports that alongside the oft delayed HD port of Final Fantasy X, a re-mastered version of its sequel may also be strutting onto...

  • News You Should Really Consider Signing This Yakuza 5 Petition

    We'll cry if you don't

    Petitions are almost always futile, but when they revolve around a franchise that’s dear to our heart, we suppose they’re at least worth a shot. A group of Yakuza 5 fans have started up an online campaign to get the latest entry in the gangster series localised. Over the past few years, publisher SEGA has stealthily...

  • News Phantasy Star Online 2's Download Numbers Rocket on Vita

    MAGnificent news

    The impressive PlayStation Vita port of Phantasy Star Online 2 has already proved a massive hit in Japan, having been purchased or downloaded over 350,000 times in the region since its release at the end of last month. While a retail version of the MMO did hit store shelves on 28th February, it’s the free download from the...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Soul Sacrifice Pushes Vita Above 3DS

    Sony's system finally knocks its counterpart off the summit

    Savour the moment: the PlayStation Vita has finally toppled the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. Sales for Sony’s handheld stayed strong following last week’s price drop, with Soul Sacrifice pushing the system’s tally up to a colossal 63,581 units – a small improvement over last week’s...

  • News Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP Brings the Console War to Vita

    Deploying this summer in Japan

    The ongoing battle for Gamindustri and its inhabitants will make the transition to PlayStation Vita, an article in Dengeki PlayStation magazine has revealed. Siliconera reports that Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP will launch on 20th June in Japan, though additional details are scarce. Previous instalments in the...

  • News Japanese Soul Sacrifice Commercial Shakes Its Maracas

    Sony forgoes sanity for latest spot

    Sony is pushing PlayStation Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice extremely hard in Japan. We’ve already seen a couple of the platform holder’s more conventional commercials for the Monster Hunter-esque title, but this one steps headfirst into nonsense territory. It shows a group of Japanese office workers going nuts...

  • News PlayStation Vita Sales Surpass 62,000 Units in Japan Post Price Cut

    Onwards and upwards

    PlayStation Vita sales surged to 62,543 units in Japan following last week’s price cut. The system – which saw its cost slashed to ¥19,980 on 28th February – sold out in some stores, prompting SCEJ executive Hiroshi Kawano to hint that sales had quadrupled. However,

  • News PlayStation Vita Sales Quadruple in Japan Post Price Cut

    System primed for positive week overseas

    We already know that the PlayStation Vita’s commercial performance has improved dramatically since the console’s recent price drop, but just how much has remained a bit of a mystery. Fortunately, speaking at a One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 presentation earlier today, SCEJ president Hiroshi Kawano has...

  • News Price Cut Prompts PlayStation Vita Sell Outs in Japan

    Celebrate good times

    See that red text at the bottom of those PlayStation Vita promotional posters? That's the sign of victory. After having its price slashed to just ¥19,980 yesterday, Sony’s struggling handheld has finally started flying off the shelves, with the above Akihabara retailer only having two models left in stock. The image...


  • News This Is How Soul Sacrifice Is Being Advertised in Japan

    Is that dude on fire?

    Soul Sacrifice is easily the PlayStation Vita’s biggest piece of software since the system's launch in Japan, so it’s little surprise that Sony’s making a big song and dance about the release. This hyperactive fifteen second commercial uses actors to demonstrate the title’s magic-based action and co-operative gameplay...

  • News Sony: PlayStation Vita's Going on the Offensive in 2013

    Platform holder has big plans for the handheld

    Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano has admitted that the PlayStation Vita has failed to meet expectations in its home territory – but has promised that the platform holder will be on the offensive in 2013. The comments come days after Sony announced a significant price-drop...

  • News Sony Announces Surprise PlayStation Vita Price-Cut in Japan

    Shows off God Eater 2, Soul Sacrifice, and Final Fantasy X HD

    In a surprise press conference overnight, Sony has announced that it is set to slash the price of the PlayStation Vita in Japan. The company confirmed that from 28th February, you’ll be able to pick up either a Wi-Fi or 3G console for around ¥19,980 ($215), down from ¥24,980 ($269)...


  • Japanese Sales Charts New Vita Titles Fail to Drive Hardware

    Demon malaise

    In the past, it’s been pretty easy to attribute the PlayStation Vita’s commercial woes in Japan to the platform's worrying lack of software. After all, whenever a new title has arrived, the system’s sales have almost always spiked. Worryingly, that wasn’t the case this week. Despite netting two major new releases in dungeon...

  • News Resident Evil: Revelations' Collector's Edition Tells the Time

    Also breaks the bank

    If you’re in need of a suitable timepiece to accompany your overpriced Leon S. Kennedy themed jacket, then look no further than Resident Evil: Revelations’ Japanese collector’s edition. The premium bundle includes a US Agency watch sporting the BSAA logo. It’s based on the same design worn by protagoni

  • News Japan's Most Desired Console Is the PlayStation Vita

    Moral victory

    The system may be locked in a constant conflict with the bottom half of the Japanese hardware charts, but it turns out that local consumers want to love the PlayStation Vita after all. A recent Famitsu magazine survey discovered that more than 64 per cent of readers are eager to snap up the struggling hardware, a sample greater than...

  • News New PS3 Super Slim Colours Strut Their Stuff in Japan

    And maybe overseas, too

    A couple of custom PlayStation 3 Super Slim colours will hit the console catwalk in Japan next month, platform holder Sony has announced. The newly unveiled 250GB Garnet Red and Azurite Blue systems will launch on 28th February in the land of the rising sun, and will set you back ¥24,980 ($279). Interestingly, the...

  • News Capcom Arcade Cabinet Turning Back Time in Japan

    Acceptable in the 80s

    We’ve never quite understood the fascination with using modern hardware to emulate ancient experiences, but it’s big business – and now Capcom is looking to get into the lucrative market. Chatting in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, the publisher has revealed Capcom Arcade Cabinet, a free application for the...

  • News The Box Art for the PlayStation 2's Last Ever Game Is a Bit Plain

    Scribble time

    It looks like an infant armed with a tub of crayons designed the cover for Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin. The title – which could well be the last PlayStation 2 game ever released – is due out on 27th March in Japan. It’s the fifth expansion for Square Enix’s popular online adventure, and marks the MMO’s tenth...


  • News Sony Ceases PlayStation 2 Shipments in Japan

    End of an era

    It’s the beginning of the end – but not in the way that the Mayans predicted. After almost 13 years on the market, the iconic PlayStation 2 is finally starting its transition into the console retirement home. Reports coming out of Famitsu magazine suggest that Sony has ceased shipping the system to Japanese retailers today, meaning...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PSP Topples Newer Sony Systems

    You can’t keep a good platform down

    The aging PlayStation Portable has reaffirmed its relevance by outselling the PlayStation 3 and Vita in the Japanese sales charts this week. Sony’s classic handheld sold 65,859 units during the tracked timeframe, and had two titles in the top five. Both One Piece: Romance Dawn and AKB1/149: Love Election sold...

  • News PlayStation Vita Celebrates Its First Birthday in Japan

    Reports claim D:ream performed at the party

    Somewhere in the corner of Sony’s main Tokyo office are a gaggle of glum looking executives sat around a sombre looking PlayStation Vita cake. Exactly twelve months ago, the handheld released in the organisation’s home territory amidst much expectation. But despite a huge turnout at launch, sales have...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Yakuza 5 Conquers the Competition

    Like a dragon

    Yakuza 5 landed a devastating blow on all of the other new releases in Japan this week. The latest title in SEGA’s seedy series registered 356,757 sales, which was enough to score it a spot at the summit of the region's charts. The hotly anticipated sequel sold more than the combined total of the top three Wii U launch games – but...

  • News Famitsu Teases Surprising Metal Gear Solid Reveal

    Phantom pain

    Famous Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu is teasing that there will be “something surprising for Metal Gear Solid fans” in its next issue. The timing is obviously intriguing, considering the much discussed Phantom Pain trailer was released last week. Online sleuths managed to uncover a slew o

  • News Phantasy Star Online 2 Will Render Fewer Foes on Vita

    Shape shifter

    Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to both the PC and PlayStation Vita – but publisher SEGA has had to make some concessions in order to get the MMO running on Sony’s handheld. First and foremost, the portable version will render fewer enemies on screen than its static counterpart. In addition, map sizes will be reduced to...

  • News Special Metal Gear Rising PS3 Adds a Splash of Blue

    Cut and take it

    We think it’s safe to say that custom console redesigns just don’t work as well with the PlayStation 3 Super Slim. Previous hardware bundles for Yakuza 3 and Ni No Kuni have prompted stunning new styles – making this Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance tie-in look bland by comparison. The console – due out on 21st February in...

  • News Sony Celebrates Soul Sacrifice Release Date with Vita Bundle

    Worth an arm and a leg

    Soul Sacrifice is by far the PlayStation Vita’s most important exclusive in Japan. As such, it’s not especially surprising to see the platform holder lavish the title with its own hardware bundle. Announced alongside the title’s controversial release date, the special edition will include a gorgeous crimson console, a...

  • News Soul Sacrifice Sets Up Major Clash with Monster Hunter 4

    Fighting for the heavyweight title

    Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is either really brave or very stupid. The publisher has announced the Japanese release date for PlayStation Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice – and it just so happens to fall in the same month as its main competitor Monster Hunter 4. The title's set to release on 7th March...


  • News Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Shoots Down Japanese Sales Charts

    Hottin' up

    Japan may be quite introverted with its video game tastes, but it does enjoy the odd first-person shooter. That’s evidenced this week by the surprising sales numbers for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which managed to shift a whopping 197,350 units on PlayStation 3 alone. In fact, it was a good week for Sony’s home console in general,...

  • News Rub Pretty Ladies with Compile Heart's Latest Vita Game

    Subtle as a brick

    You might not want to play Compile Heart’s latest PlayStation Vita title on the train. The so-called card game – entitled Monster Monpiece – sees you rubbing the system’s front and rear touch panels like... Well, we’ll leave that to your imagination. The full title will feature 40 different virtual girls to grope, each...

  • News Phantasy Star Online 2 Travels to Vita on 28th February in Japan


    SEGA’s ambitious free-to-play MMO Phantasy Star Online 2 will spread its wings to the PlayStation Vita on 28th February in Japan. The game will be available as a complimentary download from the PlayStation Store, and will share online servers with the PC version. A closed beta for the handheld release will begin in January, with...

  • News Sony Promotes Western Titles at Japanese Gaming Event

    Around the world in 20 games

    When it comes to gaming tastes, Japan can be quite introverted. While it laps up franchises such as Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter, it tends to let the most popular Western brands languish on store shelves. That’s something that Sony’s aiming to change with its annual ‘World Game Project’, a consumer event which...

  • News Assassin's Creed III: Liberation Drags Vita Out of the Danger Zone in Japan

    Kiss from a rose

    It’s been a recurring theme that whenever software actually launches for the PlayStation Vita in Japan, the system gets a huge boost. That’s remained true this week, with Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation pulling the platform out of the danger zone. The handheld adventure was accompanied by a couple of new colours, which...

  • News Sonic the Fighters Sours the Japanese PSN This Month

    Hedgehog haymaker

    SEGA’s atrocious anthropomorphic fighting game Sonic the Fighters will invade the Japanese PlayStation Network on 28th November, the company has announced. It’ll be joined by fellow Model 2 brawlers Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers on the same date. The publisher has yet to announce a Western release date, but all three...

  • News PlayStation Vita Slumps to Its Saddest Defeat Yet in Japan

    Hide behind the sofa

    The PlayStation Vita is a stunning system with some great games, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to overlook the platform’s commercial problems – especially overseas. While we still believe that it’s too early to pull the plug on the handheld, the situation in Japan is not looking good. In fact, it’s gone...

  • News Katamari Damacy Is Rolling onto the Japanese PSN Soon

    The King of All Cosmos

    Namco Bandai’s oddball PlayStation 2 title Katamari Damacy is rolling onto the Japanese PlayStation Network next week, the publisher has announced. The game – which sees you collecting objects by piloting an ever-expanding ball across a slew of different environments – will be available from 21st November in the land of...


  • News Check Out Metal Gear Rising's Slick Special Edition

    Style guide

    You’ll be able to purchase Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in a variety of guises in Japan next year. Konami has announced that the title – which will launch as a PS3 exclusive in the region – will be available in vanilla, Premium Package, and Premium Package Konami Style editions overseas. The Premium Package will set you back...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PlayStation 3 Sales Surge

    Like a disease

    A cavalcade of anticipated software – combined with the release of the new Super Slim hardware model – pushed the PlayStation 3's sales over 42k units in Japan this week. The bump still wasn’t enough to topple the unstoppable Nintendo 3DS, but it came within striking distance. Resident Evil 6 was the platform’s biggest new...

  • News We're Not Sure What to Think of This Yakuza 5 Branded PS3

    Garish, perhaps?

    The Yakuza franchise has a history of prompting some pretty spectacular PlayStation 3 bundles – but this latest redesign isn’t to our tastes. The custom console comes with a gold DualShock 3 controller, a copy of Yakuza 5, an 8GB USB drive, and a beach towel. Yeah, we don’t get the significance of the towel either. It'll...


  • News We Recommend You Watch This Japanese PS3 Commercial


    Sony’s Japanese branch always releases the best PlayStation commercials – after all, it’s not been that long since the company opted to promote the Vita with the dulcet (and utterly irrelevant) vocal tones of Shigeru Matsuzaki. This brand new PS3 Super Slim spot isn't quite as catchy – but we urge you to stick around for its full...

  • News Silent Hill: Downpour Drenches Japan on 8th November

    Gloomy outlook

    Publisher Konami has forecast an 8th November release date for Silent Hill: Downpour in Japan. The title launched in Europe and North America earlier this year to a mixed critical reception. The game will release as a PlayStation 3 exclusive overseas, presumably due to the lack of interest in the Xbox 360 platform. Silent Hill:...

  • News Vita Sales Have a Welcome Boost in Japan

    Getting back into the rhythm

    There's been a fair share of doom and gloom around Vita recently, with one consistent source of bad news coming from the Japanese charts. Thankfully, this week represents a reverse in the trend, with Sony doing well in the software chart and seeing a revival for its handheld in the hardware stakes. In the software...


  • News Japan's Getting Another Free PlayStation Vita Game

    This one has cat things

    The PlayStation Vita may be struggling to secure big software releases, but it’s certainly not lacking free-to-play games. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Guardian Hearts Online announcement, GameArts has revealed yet another free title for the shiny new handheld. Picotto Knight is a four-player online side-scrolling...

  • News EX Troopers Boosts into Japan on 22nd November

    High octane

    Capcom’s fascinating Lost Planet spin-off EX Troopers is set to glide onto Japanese store shelves on 22nd November, the publisher has announced. There are currently no plans for a Western release of the intriguing anime-inspired PS3 title, which boasts co-op multiplayer and a gorgeous cel-shaded visual style. Yeah, we're pretty bummed...

  • News Free Online RPG Guardian Hearts Online Strolling onto Vita

    Pay as you go

    Lumines Electronic Symphony developer Q Entertainment has announced that it's bringing its free-to-play RPG Guardian Hearts Online to Japanese PlayStation Vitas this month. The title – which is currently only available for mobile platforms – is “a sprite-based, command-driven RPG where you hire other players as your NPCs”...


  • News Sony Japan Promo Video Pushes HD Collections

    Back to life

    What does a pretty Japanese lady applying make-up have to do with the recently announced Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition? Well, yeah, we suppose there’s a metaphor in there – but either way, it’s still a strange way to kick-off a trailer designed to promote a handful of upcoming PS3 re-masters. The video includes footage of the...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PSP Hits a Home Run

    Out of the park

    There are eight PSP titles on this week’s Japanese sales chart. The ageing handheld proved that there's still life in its elderly legs by outpacing the Vita by a few thousand units. We’re not sure whether that’s a sign of the PSP’s continued relevance, or the dismal state of Sony's latest platform. Still, despite the sheer...

  • News Mystery Dungeon Shiren 4 Wanders onto PSP

    What a rogue

    Chunsoft's roguelike dungeon RPG Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer 4 is making the trip over to PSP in Japan this October. The game originally came out on Nintendo DS a couple of years ago, but now it's coming over to Sony's handheld as Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer 4+. That all-important extra symbol is for the three new...

  • News God Eater 2 Is Still in Development for PSP


    It’s been a while since we last got a look at Namco Bandai’s Monster Hunter-inspired handheld sequel, God Eater 2. Many assumed that the title had switched platforms to Vita (or 3DS), but according to a feature in this week’s Famitsu magazine, it’s still in development for PSP. There have been a few changes since the game’s last...

  • News Take a Closer Look at the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Hori Pad

    Stick it

    Namco Bandai has released a larger shot of Hori's upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arcade stick. The peripheral will hit shelves on the 13th September, the same day as the game's release in Japan. It will retail for ¥14,800, which roughly translates to £122. Will you be picking one up?

  • News There's Going to Be Another Earth Defense Forces Game

    Insect armageddon

    Not content with the upcoming Earth Defense Forces 3 Portable for PlayStation Vita, D3 Publisher has announced a fourth entry in the popular bug bashing series. The sequel – which is currently only confirmed for Japan – was revealed via a teaser website overnight. While the title is unlikely to skip on a Western release, the...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Vita Struggles Once Again

    Treading water

    The PlayStation Vita sold just 11k units in Japan last week, despite a minor resurgence the period prior. The release of the crystal white hardware variation had catapulted the relatively new system beyond recent disappointment, but with no new notable titles on the horizon, the portable plummeted back towards below-par pastures. To...

  • News Soul Sacrifice Features AI Support Characters

    Forever alone

    Sony’s upcoming Monster Hunter-esque Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice is designed to be played with other people. But the dark fantasy title will also boast a single-player mode, allowing you to progress alongside AI allies. When alone, you’ll be able to bring two computer controlled party members with you. One such character is...

  • Japanese Sales Charts White Vita Boosts Numbers

    Woah ho ho ho

    The release of the crystal white PlayStation Vita in Japan didn’t do a lot to improve the ailing system’s sales, but it did push the platform back above the 22k units threshold. The handheld was actually the second best selling console of the week, with Nintendo’s 3DS way out in the lead. Pokémon continued its rule of the...

  • News Tokyo Jungle Surpasses 200,000 Sales in Japan

    Pomeranian power

    It turns out there is a sizeable audience for niche titles. Sony has announced that the brilliant Tokyo Jungle has already exceeded 200,000 sales in the region – a sum which is wholly unexpected for a game of its, well, unusual nature. The figure takes into account the title’s digital and retail sales, and is correct as of 22nd...

  • News PlayStation 2 Classics Announced for PS3 in Japan

    Play beyond

    While those of us in the West have been happily lapping up PlayStation 2 content via our PS3s for months, Japan has been forced to wait in the sidelines. Well, until now anyway. SCEJ held a special press event overnight dedicated to revealing the expansion of its “Game Archives” line. The PS2 Archives will open on 25th July,...


  • News Watch This Ridiculous Japanese PlayStation Vita Commercial


    Sony has revealed its latest PlayStation Vita commercial for Japan. The campaign – which was teased earlier in the week – shows local celebrity Shigeru Matsuzaki strumming an acoustic guitar while a Crystal White PlayStation Vita obscures his face. The commercial then closes with the tagline “it’s getting interesting”, which boasts a...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PlayStation Vita Dips Again

    Boing boing

    Last week’s exceptional PlayStation Vita performance was a one-off it seems. With the excitement surrounding Persona 4: The Golden now restored to a reasonable level, the handheld plunged to just 13k units. Not horrific, but far from exceptional either. One hypothesis for the Vita’s relatively sluggish week centres on the imminent...

  • News Sony Launches Mysterious Ad Campaign Across Japan


    Sony’s launched a new line of baffling promotional PlayStation posters across Japan. The confusing images – which feature the face of celebrity Shigeru Matsuzaki – are being erected in train stations across the country. The platform holder promises that all will be revealed on the 28th June. That just so happens to be a big day for the...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PlayStation Vita Awakens

    Everything's golden

    Earlier in the year, Sony flagged June as a potentially big month for the PlayStation Vita. Following last week’s minor resurgence, it looks like the platform holder was right on the money, as the release of Persona 4: The Golden has propelled the handheld into a promising position for the first time in months. The Atlus...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Tokyo Jungle Strides to Summit

    Vita sales increase

    Sony’s bonkers PlayStation 3 exclusive Tokyo Jungle roared to the top of the Japanese sales charts this week, beating out fierce competition from Dragon Quest Monsters on 3DS. The baffling post-apocalyptic adventure rounded up sales just north of 110k units to secure the number one spot. Elsewhere, PlayStation Vita exclusive...

  • News Sony Promises PlayStation Vita Game Heaven Improvements

    Learning lessons

    The first PlayStation Vita Game Heaven received a lot of negative feedback. The well publicised Japanese event was conceived to stimulate interest in Sony’s struggling handheld, but ended up irritating followers due to its pre-recorded format and lack of surprises. Sony Japan CEO Hiroshi Kawano has promised that the next Game...

  • News Final Fantasy III Port in Development for PSP

    We know

    The PlayStation Portable continues to be a prominent system in Japan – perhaps to the detriment of the recently released PlayStation Vita. Furthering the predicament, Square Enix has announced that it is working on a port of Final Fantasy III for Sony’s debut handheld. The PSP port will feature enhanced graphics and the ability to play...

  • News Grasshopper to Release Student Developed Vita Games in Japan


    Lollipop Chainsaw developer Grasshopper Manufacture has announced the winners of its student development initiative, Game Campus Festa. The project – which kicked off last year – was launched as a collaboration between the developer and various Japanese schools. The fruits of the scheme will be released later this month on...

  • News Earth Defense Forces 3 Portable Announced for Vita

    Bug's life

    As teased yesterday, Earth Defense Forces 3 Portable is officially heading to PlayStation Vita. The updated port of the Xbox 360 exclusive is set to release in Japan later this year, and will boast full four-player co-operative multiplayer via ad-hoc and online. In Japan, the game will retail for ¥6,090 on its own, or as part of a...


  • News Tokyo Jungle Commercial is Barking Mad

    Poultry in motion

    Sony is making a lot of noise about Tokyo Jungle in Japan. The absolutely bonkers post-apocalyptic adventure has been a focus of SCEJ’s promotional campaign for weeks, and that’s concluded with the release of a television advert overnight. Just for the record, Tokyo Jungle is a game which lets you play as an elephant on roller...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Dragon's Dogma Takes Off

    Flying start

    Dragon’s Dogma got off to a roaring start in Japan, selling a whopping 302,040 units during its first week on sale. The impressive numbers make it the fastest selling new IP of the generation in the region. Sadly, the title did nothing to increase the PS3’s hardware sales. Sony’s home system mustered just 14k units, a minor...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Hardware Slump Continues

    Difficult reading

    Hardware sales continued to decrease in Japan this week. The Vita’s fortunes improved by a measly seven units, as it mustered a disastrous 6k sales for the second week running. In fairness, it was another timid week for all of Japan’s major consoles, with PS3 and PSP's overall totals also dropping. Even the infallible Nintendo...

  • News Sony Japan Braces for Vita's Biggest Month

    Persona leading the charge

    It’s no secret that PlayStation Vita has been having a torrid time in Japan of late, but Sony is optimistic about the platform’s fortunes heading into June. Retailers around the country are anticipating strong sales for the upcoming Persona 4: The Golden and the Vita version of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. In...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Hardware Sinks, Vita Stinks

    All time low

    It really does feel like Japan has given up on Vita for the time being. At this point, the handheld is guaranteed a fresh wave of negative press every week. And it’s really hard to put a positive spin on the system’s latest numbers, with the console selling just 6,340 units. The one redeeming note is that all hardware fell sharply...

  • News Next PlayStation Vita Game Heaven Event Planned for June

    If at first you don't succeed...

    The first of SCEJ’s PlayStation Vita Game Heaven events may not have gone quite to plan – forcing CEO Hiroshi Kawano to apologise to disappointed fans – but Sony’s keen to give the promotional showcase another shot. The company has teased a second broadcast in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, and it’s...

  • News Lost Planet Spin-Off Discovered on PS3

    Hide and seek

    Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has raised the curtain on EX Troopers this week, a new PS3 title that’s pitched as a spin-off to the Lost Planet series. The game will take place in a kind of educational academy, and details the fight between the snow pirates and Akrid aliens on EDN-3rd. It’ll feature anime cut-scenes, similar to...

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