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  • News PlayStation Plus' Quality Sure Hasn't Declined in Japan

    Value added

    There’s a lot of chatter about the quality of PlayStation Plus of late. Despite giving out six free ‘rentals’ every month, Sony has been chastised by early adopters of the PlayStation 4 for focusing on indie giveaways rather than retail releases. Still, it’s been eager to add to the quality of the service’s offering,...








  • News Final Fantasy XIV Will Be Reborn on PS4 on 14th April in Japan

    Level up

    You may be waiting a little longer than expected for Final Fantasy XV, but Square Enix certainly isn't messing around with the PlayStation 4 port of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. With a beta for the next generation upgrade due out alongside Sony’s new console in Japan on

  • News Why Is No One Talking About Vita Brawler Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds?

    Girl power

    In an age where game development costs rival summer blockbusters, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the industry to find space for hidden gems. Once the crown jewel of the PSone era, these relatively unknown titles have become less common outside of the indie space. Fortunately, they still exist in Japan, where outings such as...

  • News Devil May Cry's Dante and Virgil Return in Sengoku Basara 4

    Back from the dead

    With the recent reboot of Devil May Cry, many franchise fans worried that the old Dante design may be left to rot in a gaming graveyard. However, footage of a DLC add-on for the upcoming PlayStation 3 title Sengoku Basara 4 shows that the silver-headed hero's time isn't up just yet, with Dante and Virgil costumes available for two...

  • News Japan May Be Handheld Land, But It Still Wants the PS4

    Greatness awaits

    There’s a reason that Sony is using plenty of ammunition to promote the PlayStation Vita in Japan, and that’s because the region can’t get enough of handhelds. The astronomical sales of the Nintendo 3DS compared to the muted numbers attached to the Wii U and PlayStation 3 show how trends have changed – but there may yet be...

  • News Sony: PlayStation 4 to Become Our Main Focus in Japan

    Firm to turn its attention to its freshest flagship format

    Sony is well known for supporting its older systems long after their successors arrive – after all, it only ceased production on the PlayStation 2 this time last year. However, judging by comments made by SCEJ executive Hiroshi Kawano, it may be planning a much swifter transition from...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS Vita Keeps Plodding Along

    Handheld keeping its head above water

    The holidays have come to a conclusion in Japan, but the PlayStation Vita has held on fairly well. Naturally, it couldn’t sustain its stellar performance from the week prior, but the portable platform still managed to shift just shy of 30,000 units – and that’s without any major software releases to back...

  • News Sony Japan President Kawano Teases Various Incoming PS4 Games

    Why so secretive?

    Hiroshi Kawano, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia, has hinted that the upcoming release schedule for the PlayStation 4 is going to be pretty full. Well in Japan, anyway. In an interview with Famitsu.com, the executive stated: "We plan to release new games at a regular pace. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground...

  • News DriveClub Puts the Brakes on Its Japanese Release Date

    Yet another delay

    Before we start this article, we'd just like to take a minute of silence to express solidarity for our long suffering compatriots in The Land of the Rising Sun. First they learned that they wouldn't be getting Sony's next-gen marvel until February, then they were subject to a TV commercial that seemed solely designed to rub their...

  • News This Is One PS4 Box That You Probably Won't Be Seeing on Western Store Shelves

    More's the pity

    With the PlayStation 4’s launch in Japan now fast approaching, publishers are beginning to reveal the cover art for their release day wares. One such box that slipped through our news net late last year is this one for Yakuza Ishin, which bucks the series’ Eastern trend by adopting a full colour image. Pretty neat, huh? Despite...

  • News Wait, Japan Almost Got the PlayStation 4 First?

    Missed it by that much

    A few days ago, we reported on a decidedly average Japanese advertisement for Sony's next-gen marvel. Apart from its patently ho-hum premise, the biggest problem with the commercial was that it almost seemed to antagonise the long suffering Japanese public over the fact that they won't be getting the shiny black box until...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS Vita Stretches Its Legs with Strong Sales

    Second wind

    There have been times since its release where the PlayStation Vita has hinted that there’s a mainstream seller just itching to step out of the Nintendo 3DS’ shadow, and this is one of those moments again. While it still couldn’t thwart its closest competitor’s never-ending spell at the top of the Japanese sales charts, the put...

  • News PS Vita Welcome Box Aims to Generate Interest in the Struggling Handheld

    Japan only, unfortunately

    To say that the PlayStation Vita is in a tricky position would be a resounding understatement. Sony's handheld darling is emphatically adored by those that own it, but seemingly ignored by everyone else – including the buying public. In a bid to reverse the machine's failing fortunes, the platform holder has announced a...

  • News Romeo and Juliet Have an Even Racier Relationship in This PSP Title

    "Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?"

    Family may have torn star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet apart in ol’ Bill Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, but its bloodlust that separates the pair in Quinrose’s bizarre PlayStation Portable-based otome adventure. The sequel to last year’s romance-‘em-up Romeo vs. Juliet, the upcoming Romeo &...

  • News Could This Be PlayStation Vita's Sauciest Game Yet?

    Probably not safe for work

    Compile Heart’s no stranger to bringing supposedly sexy content to the PlayStation Vita. Monster Monpiece, its previous release for the portable platform, saw you rubbing the system's front and back touch panels in suggestive back and forth motions in order to pleasure the flustered anime ladies on screen – but the...

  • News PS4 Shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall to Snag Exclusive Content in Japan

    Hig hig hooray

    Japan’s tolerance for first-person shooters may have increased, but the region has never been particularly accepting of the Killzone franchise. Sony understands that, opting to hold back the PlayStation 4’s launch in its home nation in order to deploy alongside heavy-hitters such as Yakuza Ishin rather than Guerrilla Games’...

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