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  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Tops Hardware as Lifetime Numbers Pass Wii U

    Up and over

    Following the PlayStation 4's emphatic return to the top of the charts thanks to the introduction of the new Slim model, Sony's current-gen console hit another milestone last week when it surpassed the Wii U's lifetime sales in Japan. To date, Nintendo's console has shifted 3,265,329 units, while the PS4 has now sold through 3,267,243...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Numbers Skyrocket Thanks to Slim Release and Persona 5

    That's more like it

    Remember last week when we speculated that the PlayStation 4 would probably jump back to around the 20,000 mark and continue to stay there? Well, it turns out that we underestimated the Power of PlayStation, as it were. With the help of the newly released Slim model, sales of Sony's current-gen console absolutely skyrocketed,...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Hits Rock Bottom as Slim Approaches

    One more time

    The PlayStation 4 Slim launches tomorrow in Japan alongside Persona 5, meaning that regular PlayStation 4 sales have fallen off a cliff. The current-gen console managed to shift just 560 units last week, with the PlayStation 3 actually selling more than double that. All eyes are now on next Wednesday's charts, as they'll feature the...

  • News Japan Has a Killer PS4 Line Up Over the Next Few Months

    Crazy new ad says it all

    It's time for another crazy Japanese PlayStation television ad, so we hope that you've come prepared. Featuring a man who can only be described as incredibly enthusiastic, the clip highlights 16 titles coming to the PlayStation 4 before the year is out in Japan. Oh, and there's a mad mention of PlayStation VR as well...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Flatlines as Slim Model Nears

    The Witcher 3's back, though

    As you'd expect, PlayStation 4 sales are plummeting in Japan ahead of the Slim's imminent arrival. Sony's system sold through just 1828 units last week as the standard PS4 model is slowly phased out to make room for its sleeker sibling. Meanwhile, on the software side of things, there's no really too much to see. The...






  • News This Slick Vita Grip Adds Triggers for Better PS4 Remote Play

    Say goodbye to the rear touchpad

    Veteran Japanese manufacturer Hori recently announced that it's making a new grip accessory for the PlayStation Vita, and it seems pretty darn handy. The grip adds R2, L2, R3, and L3 functionality to Sony's handheld, supposedly making it a great fit for Remote Play sessions. It looks rather comfortable, too. The...

  • Japanese Sales Charts One Piece: Burning Blood Blows Away the Competition on PS4, Vita

    Hoist the sales

    One Piece: Burning Blood leapt to the top of the Japanese software charts last week, claiming the first and second spots on PlayStation 4 and Vita respectively. The Bandai Namco brawler only sold marginally better on Sony's home console, though, with total sales across both platforms breaking 68,000 copies. It's not a bad start by...

  • Japanese Sales Charts All's Quiet on the Eastern Front

    PS4 stays top, though

    It's been another quiet week in Japan for PlayStation and the market in general, as a dearth of new blockbuster releases ensured that the software charts looked particularly dismal. The PlayStation 4 saw three fresh entries in Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition, République, and Skullgirls 2nd Encore, but none of them...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Far Cry Primal Features in Tame Week

    Not so wild

    Yes! Your humble host has managed to wrestle this week's Japanese sales charts from associate editor Robert Ramsey's iron clasp for the first time in years; unfortunately, it's a rubbish one. Far Cry Primal was the highest charting new game for the week ending 10th April, moving 25,302 units on the PlayStation 4. The other big story is...

  • News Tales of Berseria Goes Wild in Japan This August

    Gets a brand new story trailer, too

    Tales of Berseria has reached out with its giant demonic hand and grabbed a confirmed Japanese release date. The latest title in Bandai Namco's long running series will supposedly deal with more mature themes, and with a cast consisting of rogues and vagabonds, we're hoping that the story can avoid a few...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Star Ocean 5 Blasts Off as PS4 Stays Strong

    Star charted

    Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness has enjoyed a decent opening in Japan on PlayStation 4. Square Enix's action role-playing game entered the software charts in second place, selling through a reasonably respectable 113,022 copies. The PlayStation 3 version isn't due out until later this month, so it'll be interesting to see...



  • Japanese Sales Charts Street Fighter V Falls Short on PS4

    Not quite a knockout

    We're afraid that it's yet more disappointing news for Street Fighter V, as its opening Japanese sales figures are in. We already know that the brawler hasn't done especially well here in the UK, and it turns out that it hasn't quite set Japan alight, either. Capcom's latest sold through 41,990 copies on PlayStation 4, which...

  • News Metal Gear Solid, Knack Are Japan's Best Selling PS4 Games

    Cerny you saw this coming?

    The PlayStation 4 is nearing its second birthday in Japan, and while it hasn't got off to a flying start, it's still managed to accrue an install base nearing 2.5 million units. But with the Eastern market waiting patiently for Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Quest XI, what's been the console's biggest software drivers so...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Rolls into the Charts on PS4

    Tanks very much

    Last week was pretty quiet for new releases in the Land of the Rising Sun, with the likes of Dragon Quest Builders and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 still hanging around in the software top ten. There was one new PlayStation entry worthy of note, however: Valkyria Chronicles Remastered. The remastered edition of the PS3...

  • News PlayStation Vita Scores New Budget Bundle in Japan

    Portable powerhouse

    The format's very slowly starting to fade here in Western territories, but in Japan, the PlayStation Vita remains an extremely popular platform. Sony's hoping to capitalise on that with a new budget Starter Kit bundle, which is set to roll out in the company's home nation from 3rd March. Initially, it'll only be available in...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Naruto Storms to the Top Alongside PS4

    Dragon Quest Builders also staying strong

    The PlayStation 4 has had another reasonably solid week in Japan, with Sony's latest console shifting 31,158 units - enough to ensure its place at the top of the charts. Sales did see a slight decline compared to the week prior, but that's to be expected seeing as juggernaut release Dragon Quest Builders...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Dragon Quest Builders Demolishes the Competition on PS4, Vita

    Dragon Quest does it again

    We've always known that Dragon Quest Builders would be a huge deal in its native Japan. Anything to do with Square Enix's now legendary role-playing series tends to sell ridiculously well in the Land of the Rising Sun, and this latest spin-off is no different. The Vita version of the title topped the software charts,...


  • Japanese Sales Charts Yakuza: Kiwami Goes on a Rampage at the Top

    The dragon's back in town

    The Yakuza franchise has always been huge in its native Japan, so it's no real surprise to find that Yakuza: Kiwami - a remake of the PlayStation 2 original - has smashed its way right to the top of the software charts. The re-imagining of Kazuma Kiryu's initial adventure racked up sales of 103,256 copies on PlayStation...

  • News Street Fighter V's Custom PS4 Designs Are Knock Outs

    Only in Japan, though

    As is the case with practically every major PlayStation 4 release in Japan, platform holder Sony has prepared some custom Street Fighter V hardware bundles, which are up for pre-order now from its official store. There are four variants available for ¥37,480 ($320), each boasting a different etching on the hard drive cover...

  • News You've Just Got to See Just Cause 3's Crazy Japanese Ad

    Learn to fly

    Just Cause 3 got some pretty standard trailers and adverts here in the West, but once again, the Land of the Rising Sun has sprinkled its own trademark madness onto the game's Japanese marketing campaign. This has resulted in a 60 second ad in which a woman glides around a city to meet up with her friends - and it's honestly much...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Odin Sphere Claims the Top Spots on PS4 and Vita

    Sphere of influence

    Atlus should be reasonably happy with Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir's initial performance in Japan, as the gorgeous action role-playing game took first and second place on the software charts. The Vita version climbed highest, selling through 43,394 copies, while the PlayStation 4 release barely missed out on the top spot, selling...

  • News Sony Boasts About the PS4's Japanese Lineup with Sick Beats

    That's a rap

    Sony started last year with a deluge of PlayStation 4 releases in Japan, and it looks like it's adopting the exact same strategy in 2016. The marketing tactics have changed, however: the platform holder has just uploaded a video featuring a handful of the device's upcoming titles set to some crunk beats. It's probably the dumbest thing

  • News Please Bring Phantasy Star Online 2 Overseas, SEGA

    Japanese launch date confirmed

    Back when online gaming was a novelty, this author played Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast with wide eyes. A hefty 15 or so years later, we're ready to take our Mag back out into the battlefield – but a Western release of Phantasy Star Online 2 seems unlikely. Nevertheless, publisher SEGA has determined a 20th...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Slips Following Decent Holiday Sales

    Sales, sales never change

    As expected, PlayStation 4 numbers have taken a tumble now that the holiday season is over, with sales falling back to a rather standard 36,559 units for last week. Still, we suppose it could be worse, as there's currently a real lack of new software releases in Japan. Speaking of which, it's nice to see Fallout 4...

  • News Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Packs Up Its Swimsuit Until 24th March

    Put on ice

    Koei Tecmo seemingly needs just a little more time to touch up Dead or Alive Xtreme 3's tan lines, as the summer holiday simulator has been delayed on the PlayStation 4 and Vita from 25th February to 24th March in Japan. Remember, there's no Western release date confirmed just yet as the publisher has stressed that it feels the game is...

  • News You Can Try Gorgeous RPG Odin Sphere on PS4 Tomorrow

    Japanese demo is out on the 8th

    If you're eager to get an early look at upcoming action role-playing game remake Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, then you may be happy to know that a demo for the release will be available tomorrow on the Japanese PlayStation Store. Naturally, those of you who have a Japanese PSN account will be able to nab it. The...

  • News PS4 Sells Over 1 Million Units in Japan in 2015

    Could be worse

    Okay, okay, we get that the Japanese console market is in decline - we just posted a story about it, in fact - but Sony will at least feel that something positive has been achieved with the PlayStation 4 in 2015. The company's newest system sold 1.2 million units in Japan last year according to Famitsu's annual hardware and software...

  • News Japan's Console Market Wasn't Too Hot in 2015

    Lowest figures in 26 years

    We all know at this point that Japan's console market has shrunk. We could go on and on about the factors that have lead to such a decline, but let's just cut straight to the chase: 2015 saw the market hit a 26 year low. What this means is that the overall value of the market continued to fall, with it being worth ¥321...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 and Vita Continue Strong Seasonal Performance

    Brothers in arms

    The latest sales charts from the East are in, confirming that the last seven days have once again been pretty darn solid for the Japanese market. As expected of the season, hardware figures continued to enjoy a healthy boost, as PlayStation 4 sales increased to 65,427 units, while Vita managed a very respectable 63,811 units...

  • Feature 20 Japanese PS4 Games to Watch in 2016

    Beasts from the East

    At this point in the PlayStation 3's life, many disgruntled gamers would have told you that Japan's software outlook was bleak. Sony's homeland was struggling to adapt to the new high definition era, with developers seemingly unable to get a firm grip on working with fresh hardware. It was a tough time to be a fan of Japanese...





  • TGS 2015 Japanese Awards Prompt Smiles for PS4

    Seven of the ten winners launching on PS4

    Sony's presence at TGS 2015 this week was pretty darn impressive, as it dominated the headlines with a slew of announcements. And the Japanese market appears to have responded, with a gaggle of PlayStation 4 titles leaving the show with awards. Winners included: Star Wars Battlefront, Star Ocean 5:...

  • TGS 2015 PS4 Is the Most Prolific Platform at Tokyo Game Show

    Smartphones are on top, though

    It's been a particularly good week for the PlayStation 4 at TGS 2015, and that's been beared out by some official show statistics shared by Japanese rag Nikkei. According to the paper there are 103 titles for Sony's new-gen machine on display at this year's show, which is well over double the tally of last year. This...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Numbers Drop Like a Rock Just Two Weeks After Metal Gear Solid V

    Falling without style

    Well, there goes that. At this point, it's abundantly clear that the PlayStation 4 is currently incapable of maintaining any kind of momentum in its homeland, as Sony's latest console saw its sales plummet by around 35,000 units. The new-gen machine saw a boost in popularity following the launch of Metal Gear Solid V: The...

  • TGS 2015 PS4 Price Drop Announced for Japan

    How low can you go?

    Sony's having no problem shifting PlayStation 4s around the world, but Japan has been reluctant to adopt the new-gen system. It's perhaps no surprise to see the console reduced in the region, then, with today's pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference confirming that the device's asking price will drop from ¥39,980 to ¥34,980...

  • TGS 2015 The PS4 Is Getting Coloured Faceplates in Japan

    Brighten things up

    We've always thought that Sony would be smart to release a load of custom faceplates for the PlayStation 4 and let people pick and choose how they want their console to look - and the company's finally giving this idea a try. Kind of. The initiative will only be available in Japan for the moment, and the covers themselves will...

  • News Japan's Getting Yet Another Limited Edition PS4

    Fit for a prince

    Adding to the copious amount of limited edition consoles already available in Japan is a newly announced Arslan: The Warriors of Legend PlayStation 4, which is based upon the upcoming hack and slash title from Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force. Perhaps it's not worth getting too excited over, though, as the machine's simply...

  • News Dragon's Dogma Online Proves to Be Hot Stuff in Japan at Launch

    Forged in flame

    Dragon's Dogma Online seems to have had a promising start in Japan, as it was reportedly downloaded over 700,000 times during its first day on the market. Impressive numbers for sure, but there are a few factors that we have to take into account before declaring it the next big thing in the Land of the Rising Sun. For starters,...




  • News Sony: Reclaiming Japanese Gamers Is a Focus for Us

    The PS4 is showing some "upward swing," says Yoshida

    Numbers don't lie: the demand for video games and video game consoles in Japan has dropped significantly over the past few years. But while much of the market is turning its attention to the mobile industry, Sony is trying to breathe life into the PlayStation 4 with new games. That's what...

  • News PlayStation Vita Passes 4 Million Units in Japan

    Small consolation

    There's been very little cause for PlayStation Vita owners to celebrate of late, but Sony's diminutive device has just hit a major milestone in Japan, crossing the 4,000,000 unit threshold. This number takes into account both handheld and PlayStation TV sales, but seeing as they're both built upon the same hardware, we reckon...

  • News The New PlayStation 4's Already Out in Japan

    Fast movers

    Sony's a fast worker, isn't it? The revised PlayStation 4 – which is a teensy bit lighter and a little less power hungry – was only announced a couple of days ago, but it's already on sale in Japan right now. The ever eagle-eyed DualShockers spotted various product lis

  • Japanese Sales Charts The Devil May Cry at These PS4 Numbers

    No, really

    Another week brings more shockingly depressing sales figures for PlayStation 4 fans in Japan. Sony's new-gen system went through a stellar period for a couple of months earlier in the year, but it's really struggling right now, and it's hard to pick out an imminent piece of software that's going to turn its fortunes around. The console...

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