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Japanese Sales Charts: White Vita Boosts Numbers

White Vita Boosts Numbers

Woah ho ho ho

The release of the crystal white PlayStation Vita in Japan didn’t do a lot to improve the ailing system’s sales, but it did push the platform back above the 22k units threshold. The handheld was actually the second best selling console of the week, with Nintendo’s 3DS way out in the lead. Pokémon continued its rule of the...

News: Tokyo Jungle Surpasses 200,000 Sales in Japan

Tokyo Jungle Surpasses 200,000 Sales in Japan

Pomeranian power

It turns out there is a sizeable audience for niche titles. Sony has announced that the brilliant Tokyo Jungle has already exceeded 200,000 sales in the region – a sum which is wholly unexpected for a game of its, well, unusual nature. The figure takes into account the title’s digital and retail sales, and is correct as of 22nd...

News: PlayStation 2 Classics Announced for PS3 in Japan

PlayStation 2 Classics Announced for PS3 in Japan

Play beyond

While those of us in the West have been happily lapping up PlayStation 2 content via our PS3s for months, Japan has been forced to wait in the sidelines. Well, until now anyway. SCEJ held a special press event overnight dedicated to revealing the expansion of its “Game Archives” line. The PS2 Archives will open on 25th July,...

Japanese Sales Charts: PlayStation Vita Dips Again

PlayStation Vita Dips Again

Boing boing

Last week’s exceptional PlayStation Vita performance was a one-off it seems. With the excitement surrounding Persona 4: The Golden now restored to a reasonable level, the handheld plunged to just 13k units. Not horrific, but far from exceptional either. One hypothesis for the Vita’s relatively sluggish week centres on the imminent...

News: Sony Launches Mysterious Ad Campaign Across Japan

Sony Launches Mysterious Ad Campaign Across Japan


Sony’s launched a new line of baffling promotional PlayStation posters across Japan. The confusing images – which feature the face of celebrity Shigeru Matsuzaki – are being erected in train stations across the country. The platform holder promises that all will be revealed on the 28th June. That just so happens to be a big day for the...

Japanese Sales Charts: PlayStation Vita Awakens

PlayStation Vita Awakens

Everything's golden

Earlier in the year, Sony flagged June as a potentially big month for the PlayStation Vita. Following last week’s minor resurgence, it looks like the platform holder was right on the money, as the release of Persona 4: The Golden has propelled the handheld into a promising position for the first time in months. The Atlus...

Japanese Sales Charts: Tokyo Jungle Strides to Summit

Tokyo Jungle Strides to Summit

Vita sales increase

Sony’s bonkers PlayStation 3 exclusive Tokyo Jungle roared to the top of the Japanese sales charts this week, beating out fierce competition from Dragon Quest Monsters on 3DS. The baffling post-apocalyptic adventure rounded up sales just north of 110k units to secure the number one spot. Elsewhere, PlayStation Vita exclusive...

News: Sony Promises PlayStation Vita Game Heaven Improvements

Sony Promises PlayStation Vita Game Heaven Improvements

Learning lessons

The first PlayStation Vita Game Heaven received a lot of negative feedback. The well publicised Japanese event was conceived to stimulate interest in Sony’s struggling handheld, but ended up irritating followers due to its pre-recorded format and lack of surprises. Sony Japan CEO Hiroshi Kawano has promised that the next Game...

News: Final Fantasy III Port in Development for PSP

Final Fantasy III Port in Development for PSP

We know

The PlayStation Portable continues to be a prominent system in Japan – perhaps to the detriment of the recently released PlayStation Vita. Furthering the predicament, Square Enix has announced that it is working on a port of Final Fantasy III for Sony’s debut handheld. The PSP port will feature enhanced graphics and the ability to play...

News: Earth Defense Forces 3 Portable Announced for Vita

Earth Defense Forces 3 Portable Announced for Vita

Bug's life

As teased yesterday, Earth Defense Forces 3 Portable is officially heading to PlayStation Vita. The updated port of the Xbox 360 exclusive is set to release in Japan later this year, and will boast full four-player co-operative multiplayer via ad-hoc and online. In Japan, the game will retail for ¥6,090 on its own, or as part of a...

News: Tokyo Jungle Commercial is Barking Mad

Tokyo Jungle Commercial is Barking Mad

Poultry in motion

Sony is making a lot of noise about Tokyo Jungle in Japan. The absolutely bonkers post-apocalyptic adventure has been a focus of SCEJ’s promotional campaign for weeks, and that’s concluded with the release of a television advert overnight. Just for the record, Tokyo Jungle is a game which lets you play as an elephant on roller...

Japanese Sales Charts: Dragon's Dogma Takes Off

Dragon's Dogma Takes Off

Flying start

Dragon’s Dogma got off to a roaring start in Japan, selling a whopping 302,040 units during its first week on sale. The impressive numbers make it the fastest selling new IP of the generation in the region. Sadly, the title did nothing to increase the PS3’s hardware sales. Sony’s home system mustered just 14k units, a minor...

Japanese Sales Charts: Hardware Slump Continues

Hardware Slump Continues

Difficult reading

Hardware sales continued to decrease in Japan this week. The Vita’s fortunes improved by a measly seven units, as it mustered a disastrous 6k sales for the second week running. In fairness, it was another timid week for all of Japan’s major consoles, with PS3 and PSP's overall totals also dropping. Even the infallible Nintendo...

News: Sony Japan Braces for Vita's Biggest Month

Sony Japan Braces for Vita's Biggest Month

Persona leading the charge

It’s no secret that PlayStation Vita has been having a torrid time in Japan of late, but Sony is optimistic about the platform’s fortunes heading into June. Retailers around the country are anticipating strong sales for the upcoming Persona 4: The Golden and the Vita version of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. In...

Japanese Sales Charts: Hardware Sinks, Vita Stinks

Hardware Sinks, Vita Stinks

All time low

It really does feel like Japan has given up on Vita for the time being. At this point, the handheld is guaranteed a fresh wave of negative press every week. And it’s really hard to put a positive spin on the system’s latest numbers, with the console selling just 6,340 units. The one redeeming note is that all hardware fell sharply...

News: Lost Planet Spin-Off Discovered on PS3

Lost Planet Spin-Off Discovered on PS3

Hide and seek

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has raised the curtain on EX Troopers this week, a new PS3 title that’s pitched as a spin-off to the Lost Planet series. The game will take place in a kind of educational academy, and details the fight between the snow pirates and Akrid aliens on EDN-3rd. It’ll feature anime cut-scenes, similar to...

Japanese Sales Charts: Vita Drops Below Wii

Vita Drops Below Wii

Golden weak

Golden Week did nothing to improve the PlayStation Vita’s fortunes in Japan. Following a minor resurgence last week, the system dropped back down to a familiar position of 10k units sold. To compound the disappointment, the new handheld slipped behind Nintendo's aging Wii for the first time since its release late last year. It was...