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  • News Stolen PS4 Story At Least Has a Happy Ending

    Children's cancer ward gets consoles back

    Whenever you think humanity has reached its lowest ebb, always remember that there are more good people out there than there are bad. You may recall last week we reported on the theft of a PlayStation 4 from the children's cancer ward at Wellington Hospital. The console was used by nine-year-old Angus Little...

  • Talking Point Are 'Live Games' Really What You Want on PS4?

    The future

    Ubisoft insinuated this week that it cancelled production on a more "traditional" game in order to bolster the content pipeline for its suite of "live games" – titles like The Crew, Rainbow Six: Siege, and The Division which are being iterated upon with regularity. But while this is clearly the future that publishers see for the PlayS

  • News Ubisoft to Release Fewer Games as Focus Shifts to Long-Term Support

    Publisher apparently 'happy' with Watch Dogs 2

    Ubisoft has admitted that Watch Dogs 2 didn't get off to the best start in life, but proving yet again that a (watch) dog is for life and not just for Christmas, the title's fortunes have improved of late thanks to positive word of mouth. The hack happy outing is now trending better than Assassin's...

  • News E3 2017 Will Be Open to the Public for the First Time Ever

    Times are changing

    For the first time in its storied history, E3 2017 will be open to the public. Previously only open to those in the industry, the Entertainment Software Association – which organises the event every year – has announced that an initial allocation of 15,000 tickets will be made available to the public starting Monday, 13th...

  • News Sony to Stick with Movie Division Despite Billion Dollar Loss

    Will look to better leverage PlayStation properties

    Sony will stand by its embattled movie division despite the group registering a near-billion dollar loss in its latest financial report. The firm revealed that the subsidiary would register a $913 million loss prior to its latest financial report, attributing the sum to a reduction in the value of...

  • News GameStop May Be Lying to You About New Games

    Bonkers initiative puts staff in impossible position

    A new program established by GameStop management may be forcing humble store clerks to lie to you about the availability of brand new games – and it's kinda crazy. Reddit has been bubbling over with reports of the retailer's 'Circle of Life' initiative for a few days now, but Kotaku's...







  • News Sony: We Don't Discriminate Between AAA or Indie

    "It's all about great games"

    Sony often gets criticised for paying too much attention to so-called "smaller" games, but speaking at Gamescom 2016, likeable PlayStation exec Jim Ryan has said that the platform holder primarily cares about great titles – regardless of whether they're made by massive studios or minuscule ones. Asked if the company...

  • News Buzz! Developer Relentless Software Shuttered


    In the days before the Nintendo Wii, it was actually Sony that ruled the casual games space – especially in Europe, with franchises like Singstar, EyeToy Play, and… Yes, Buzz!. For those of you who don't remember it – the series only seemed to be popular in the Old World – it was essentially a multiplayer quiz title, where you controlled...



  • News Sony Reveals Over 20 Million Users Are Subscribed to PlayStation Plus

    Not bad, that

    The PlayStation 4 continues to perform beyond even Sony's expectations, we know that much, but how's PlayStation Plus doing these days? The premium service, which is required to play most PS4 games online, has had its fair share of critics over the years, but the Japanese company has always been keen on racking up more profit in the...

  • News Criterion's Teased Racing Game Has Been Cancelled

    Project burnt out after two years of silence

    Back at E3 2014, Burnout creators Criterion Games showed some early footage of its multi-vehicle racer, showing players switching mid-race between ATVs, wingsuits, planes, helicopters, jet-skis, and other vehicles, exciting many people. However, it seems that, after two years of uncertainty on the...

  • News Sony CEO Kaz Hirai Is Absolutely Raking in the Cash

    Exec's salary more than doubles

    According to Variety, ex-PlayStation president and current Sony CEO Kaz Hirai received a salary of $4.9 million for the fiscal year which ended 31st March – more than double his compensation from the previous year. It's the most the company has paid to a CEO since the firm was forced to reveal the wages of its top...

  • E3 2016 Attendance Drops as E3 2017 Is Dated

    Ready to go again?

    Whether you enjoyed E3 2016 or not, we're going to do the whole damn thing all over again next year. The ESA has confirmed that E3 2017 – we suppose we better get the tag ready – will run between 13th June and 17th June in 2017, which is more or less identical to this year's show. That's despite attendance for this year's...

  • Soapbox Let's Be Honest, E3 2016 Was Disappointing

    Sammy's not feeling all that stoked

    In the cold, hard light of day – with more than four hours sleep under my belt – I've come to a bold, brave conclusion: E3 2016 was a bit disappointing, wasn't it? Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the spectacle of Sony's conference and the banter that accompanied the bad ones – but it's hardly been a vintage...

  • E3 2016 Sony's Added a New Studio to Its First-Party Family

    Well, sort of

    Sony has no shortage of first-party studios, but it looks like a new team has been officially recruited to the Worldwide Studios family. SIE San Mateo has always had a light role in game development – it houses various internal technology groups and Entwined developer PixelOpus – but it seems like it's going to have more...

  • News Geoff Keighley's The Game Awards Will Return on 1st December

    On every gaming screen and VR

    Oh, great. As we mentally prepare ourselves for a week of exorbitantly late night streams, industry icon Geoff Keighley has revealed that we can look forward to one more on 1st December, when The Game Awards will return. We thought that last year's show was just about as good as one could reasonably expect an awards...

  • News Is an Until Dawn Sequel Unlikely Now?

    Supermassive Games eyeing multiformat move

    We'd always assumed, following the surprise commercial success of Until Dawn, that Sony would have signed up a sequel straight away – but it sounds like developer Supermassive Games has other plans. Despite being one of the Japanese giant's closer partners, the developer has expressed interest in...

  • News Quantum Break Dev's Next Game Could Come to PS4

    Studio working on new game with new partner

    Remedy released Quantum Break to a somewhat muted response a couple of months ago, but now the Finnish firm is beginning to look to the future. And its outlook may include the PlayStation 4, as it's stated on its website that it's "developing a brand new game with a new partner". The company has been...






  • Talking Point Is PlayStation Right to Switch Focus to the West?

    Emigrating overseas

    The humble beginnings of PlayStation are well documented: Ken Kutaragi believed that Sony should get into the console business so strongly that he began developing the firm's first format behind his employer's back. The board didn't back him, but CEO Norio Ohga saw the potential – and he sent the famously hot-headed engineer...

  • News Metal Gear Solid V Ships Over 6 Million Copies as Konami Profits

    Mission successful, Snake

    Konami's enjoyed a decent amount of success with it's surprisingly divisive Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. According to the Japanese publisher's latest earnings report, the open world stealth-'em-up has shipped over six million copies worldwide. The title's popularity contributed to a 37.5 per cent increase in...

  • News Sony's Doing Pretty Darn Well at the Moment

    Company smashes earnings expectations

    For a huge chunk of this site's life, we've reported on Sony's financial losses. You could guarantee that each quarter without fail, the firm would be in the red. But ever since Kaz Hirai took the helm, the company's trajectory has started to change. And, while it's nowhere near the juggernaut that it once...

  • News Sony's Dropped a Clanger with This Let's Play Lark

    Company tries to trademark YouTube term

    Sony, why?! The early success of the PlayStation 4 can be assigned to the feel-good factor that the Japanese giant built around the format: the gamer-centric marketing, the agreeable policies, the Jack Tretton smackdown – so why the heck is the company jeapordising that by trying to trademark the popular...

  • News Bungie Has a New CEO Who Promises Great Games and More Destiny

    Harold Ryan steps down

    There's some reshuffling going on at Bungie - one of the gaming industry's most renowned development studios. Harold Ryan, who has been been at the company for 15 years, has stepped down as CEO, and former COO Pete Parsons has replaced him at the top. Of course, many of you will know that Bungie is the developer behind...

  • News EA Withdraws from E3 2016 Showfloor

    Opts for its own event instead

    This week has been packed to the rafters with unexpected announcements, and here's another headline that we weren't anticipating: Electronic Arts will not be present on the show floor at E3 2016. The mega publisher is instead opting to invite fans to a new PlayStation Experience-esque public showcase, which will run...

  • Reaction What Does the Death of Sony Computer Entertainment Mean?

    Going through changes

    Sony Computer Entertainment, the iconic company that gave birth to the billion dollar PlayStation brand, is dead – or, at least, it will be when the new financial year begins on 1st April. The Japanese giant has announced its intention today to merge the PlayStation maker with Sony Network Entertainment, a companion...

  • News Say Goodbye to Sony Computer Entertainment

    PlayStation now operates under Sony Interactive Entertainment

    This is not the news that we expected to wake up to on a chilly Tuesday morning: Sony Computer Entertainment is no more. Don't panic, PlayStation is very much alive – but the iconic organisation housing the billion dollar brand has been renamed Sony Interactive Entertainment. It's...

  • News Sony Attempts and Fails to Trademark Let's Play

    What's up, it's your boy...

    YouTubers need no longer fidget frantically, as Sony's request to trademark the term 'Let's Play' has been denied by the United States Patent and Trademark Office – but not because it's a popular phrase among gamers. Instead, it was denied use because of a similar trademark held since 2013 by Let'z Play of America, a...

  • News Grand Theft Auto Veteran Exits Rockstar North

    Leslie Benzies departs Scottish studio

    Rockstar North, the uber-secretive Edinburgh-based developer behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise, is going through a bit of a shake-up at the minute. Leslie Benzies, one of the key figures behind the aforementioned sandbox series, has departed the company after over 15 years of service. He originally...

  • News Remember to Give Media Molecule Ten Birthday Bashings

    British dev turns ten-years-old

    Sony's experimental outfit Media Molecule is celebrating its tenth anniversary today – which must be a significant landmark when your cut your teeth on out-there titles like Dreams. The studio's first slam dunk was LittleBigPlanet, of course, which won a slew of awards following its release in 2008 – and spawned...

  • News Star Wars Games May Have Made Too Much Money in 2015

    Analyst predicts Battlefront raked in $660 million

    The launch of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was certainly a big deal, with the film's opening weekend income totalling almost $250 million worldwide, smashing many box office sales records in the process. And, according to a Fortune interview with multiple financial analysts, the many Star Wars...



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