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  • News Dungeon Twister Weaves onto PSN in July

    Twist and shout

    While Dungeon Twister is not the fantasy-themed party game for contortionists you’ve always dreamed of, it is a promising looking board game adaptation for PSN. The Hydravision developed turn-based strategy title is set to roll its first dice on 3rd July, when the title charges onto Sony’s digital storefront for $9.99. In the...


  • News Dungeon Twister Swivels onto PS3

    Twist and shout

    We have to admit we’re a little bit disappointed with this launch trailer for Dungeon Twister. Upon learning that the title was based on a “popular board game”, we wrongly assumed that it would be about contortionists adopting unusual body positions in a fantasy setting. But no, it's nothing like that at all. In the game, two...


  • News Idiot Squad Mixes Chu Chu Rocket with Madness

    Sheep shape

    Idiot Squad does not look like a game that was designed for idiots. Hydravision’s latest PlayStation Mini takes the grid-based shepherding of Chu Chu Rocket and makes it overtly complicated. It all looks rather fun though. Your objective is to control three different sheep classes around grid puzzles using a limited selection of...


  • News We've Trapped Some Funky Lab Rat DLC Details

    Say 'cheese'

    Last month saw the release of new Funky Lab Rat DLC, but recent difficulties with PlayStation Network have prevented anyone from downloading it. In anticipation of the store's return we've collaborated with Hydravision to bring you details on what's included in the pack. Leaf through our Funky Lab Rat review and the DLC details below to...


  • News Escape Again with New Funky Lab Rat DLC

    Gnaw, really

    PSN time-manipulating platform puzzler Funky Lab Rat has 81 levels to conquer, but if you've successfully passed them all and are itching for more laboratory-escaping gameplay, you might want to fire up the PlayStation Store and take a look at the new DLC. The New Challenges pack costs £1.59/€1.99 and is available in all European...


  • News Funky Lab Rat Gets a Sneaky Price Cut in Europe

    Cheap and cheesy

    Funky Lab Rat is a Move-enabled platform puzzle game featuring Diego, the titular rodent who must escape a laboratory using his powers of telekinesis and time control, of course. If it's taken your fancy, and you live in Europe, you can now grab it for a chunk less change than before, as it's received a price drop in this week's...


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