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  • Guide The Best PS4 Horror Games

    The scariest games on PlayStation 4

    Horror games are among the most popular on the PlayStation 4, and while they may not be for the faint of heart, most of us enjoy a good spook from time to time. The good news (or perhaps bad news for the scaredy-cats among you) is that the PS4 is home to wealth of creepy releases, from blockbuster franchises like...



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    Review Outlast

    Corpse on camera

    Outlast is the first title from Red Barrels, a Canadian developer founded by industry veterans. It also happens to be an absolutely cracking debut. Originally released on the PC in September of last year, the survival horror has shuffled onto the PlayStation 4, where it’s available as a free PlayStation Plus download at the time...


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    Review The Last of Us

    Fungal jungle

    The Last of Us portrays a harrowing vision of the future that's frighteningly believable. Californian developer Naughty Dog has gone out of its way to breathe personality into every derelict room, corridor, and courtyard, eschewing the copy and paste formula of its counterparts, and delivering an experience that feels distressingly...


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    Review The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

    No signs of life

    Clearly intended to cash in on the overwhelming success of the TV show and the recent critical acclaim of Telltale Games’ excellent episodic adventure, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct doesn’t so much as explode out of the gate, but, perhaps appropriately, shamble. The ‘plot’ revolves around the TV show’s troublesome...