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  • News Bayonetta 2 Comments Were A 'Joke'

    Hideki Kamiya was "joking" when he hinted at a Bayonetta 2 announcement yesterday

    The legendary designer told a fan on Twitter that the game would be announced in a Japanese magazine this week, but Platinum colleague Atsushi Inaba was quick to defuse the situation. "There is no such announcement," said Inaba, before warning that Kamiya's Tweets should be taken with a pinch of salt. We're..

  • News Kamiya Teases Bayonetta 2 Reveal

    Ready for more high-octane action and sexy witches dressed in hair? If the Twitter account of legendary game designer Hideki Kamiya is anything to go by, you could be in luck

    Plugged by a fan as to when Bayonetta 2 would be announced, the Platinum Games employee responded, "This week in a game's magazine," according to a translation by Andriasang. With Tokyo Game Show around the corner,..