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  • News Playstation Hardware Increases For The End Of Year In Japan

    Playstation 3 sales were up nicely in Japan for the week ending December 13th, with PSP sitting just behind it

    The Playstation 3 managed to shift 75,086 units for the week, with the PSP shifting 71,885. Things are looking grim for the PSPgo in the region though, with just 3,077 units sold in the region. What's going on? It's actually a good piece of hardware! It'll be interesting to see the effect..






  • News Developers Know About PSP Game Rental

    Following our post yesterday regarding Sony's idea of supporting the PSP with a rental service, Develop have published a report in which they suggest Sony pitched subscription based plans to developers at GDC

    Developers have moved away from PSP due to piracy concerns, something a digital-only PSP would surely prevent. Only E3 can confirm.

  • News Anonymous Tipster "Confirms" 80GB/120GB PS3Slim

    According to an "anonymous tipster", PSU are virtually flat-out confirming the existence of a Playstation 3 Slim

    The news, which broke as recently as last week, has been pretty heavy on the rumour mill lately that Sony are to release a redesigned (and presumably cheaper) model of the Playstation 3. PSU say the new system have a sleek new design will pack in two memory card slots, 2 USB slots, plus..

  • News Analyst: Sony Must Be Planning A Price Drop To Achieve Their Sales Forecast

    Analyst Colin Sebastian believes Sony can only achieve their sales forecasts if they have a price cut

    Sony, who released their fiscal reports recently, expect PS3 sales to rise by 30% over the next year.“PS3 guidance suggests pending price reduction – timing and amount uncertain,” Sebastian explained in an investor guidance statement. “We believe Sony’s outlook supports expectations for a PS3..

  • News Sony Expect The Playstation 3 To Sell 13 Million This Year

    Furthering its fiscal reports, Sony have announced they expect the Playstation 3 to grow from last year's 10 million sales to 13 million this year

    They also expect the PSP to grow from 14 million to 16 million. Such growth could be attributed to hardware revisions, price drops and most importantly, continued software support - something the Playstation platforms currently have in abundance.

  • News Playstation 3 Closing In On 23 Million Units Sold

    Who says the Playstation 3 isn't a success? So it's failed to dominate market share and the Wii is already miles ahead of it in the hardware race

    But a lifetime sales stat of 23 million units is certainly empowering news for Sony execs, particularly given its current price status and its late release date. We're sure Sony will topple the 30 million mark soon.

  • News Playstation 3 Software Sales Spiked In 2008

    While the Playstation 3's hardware saw slight increases in 2008, the software sales were the real talking point to come from Sony's fiscal report

    While Playstation 2 and PSP software was down slight PS3 software was up nearly 80%. During the fiscal year, 103.7 million PS3 games were sold. That's an increase of 45.8 million (almost 80 percent!) compared to the previous year. Safe to say, that's a..

  • News Playstation 3 & PSP Hardware Sales Up, Playstation 2 Hardware Sales Down

    For those trying to predict doom in Sony's 2008 fiscal report - stop trying

    Sales are up - for the PSP and PS3 that is. The fiscal report, which covers the period from March 31st 2008 - March 31st 2009 detailed a rise of 300,000 PSPs over last year and 940,000 PS3s. Good news for Sony considering the PSP barely had any software and the PS3 is by far the most expensive system on the market. The PS2..

  • News Is This The Hardware Revision Of The Playstation 3?

    Even though Sony said "no" to a hardware redesign people will always talk

    And when they've got pictures to back it up, then people will listen. Hovering around the 'net today are these curious pictures of a rather plastic looking, but totally slim Playstation 3 system. Dude, we totally don't know. The thing looks a bit rough. But redesigning and condensing the insides of the Playstation 3 could..

  • News There Are "No Plans" For A PS3 Redesign

    Rumours have been popping up all over the murky corners of the Internet

    "There's a PS3 redesign abound," they claim; before disappearing into their shell. Anyway - Sony thought it was time to shut up the rumour mill for a while. Speaking with Kotaku a Sony-rep said:"We currently don't have any plans for a redesigned [span.tagautolink autolink]PS3[/span]."</blockquote>..


  • News PS3 Firmware 2.7 Will Probably Make An Appearance This Week

    One of the things on our GDC '09 wishlist was that we'd get details on the next firmware update for Playstation 3

    Apparently that's looking almost certain right now. The first hint is in the Resistance 2 DLC reveal we published yesterday. One of the new features claims to allow players to enjoy Co-Op locally, whilst still logging scores for their...

  • News Developers Would "Love For The PS3 To Be Free"

    In what seems to be a bitter response to all the developers seemingly urging Sony to cut the price of the PS3, SCEA have claimed that they would "love for the PS3 to be free"

    “Everybody in the development community would love for the PS3 to be free, so they could just sell razor blades,” said Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing for SCEA.</blockquote> Dille added that Sony remain..

  • News Even More PSP2 Rumours Surface

    We've been hearing a lot about PSP2 lately

    Actually what we're hearing about sounds more like a PSP-4000, a radical redesign of the existing PSP platform. After the rumours that the new PSP was going to be without a UMD, we've heard numerous speculation all around the Internet. Eurogamer are the latest to comment, suggesting Sony have dropped the UMD reader and added in a sliding screen. The new..


  • News Analyst Says PS3 Price Cut Is Imminent

    Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey says that Sony are on the verge of dropping the PS3's price

    He believes the market is expecting a price cut of at least $100USD before June.“Recent channel checks indicate increased speculation for a PS3 price cut announcement from Sony in the next couple of days,” he said. “We think the company needs to reduce the current price by USD 100 to effectively..

  • News Are Sony Hiring Testers For A "New Gaming Machine"?

    Are Sony Hiring Testers For A "New Gaming Machine"? According to Gamespot they are, who have discovered a job listing on Sony Of Japans website

    According to translation the job listing advertises an "evaluator of a new game machine in the PSP series". It goes on to say applicants will "be part of an advisory staff that will play PlayStation series software on this new machine and..

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