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  • Rumour Sony Gearing Up For PlayStation 4 Unveiling Next Year

    IndustryGamers is speculating that Sony will unveil the PlayStation 4 next year

    The website cites an anonymous source from a top developer, though naturally no names were mentioned. Rumours have already pledged an XBOX 360 unveiling for 2012, though they were resolutely denied. Analysts were less confident about IndustryGamers' rumour: "I think it's unlikely [that PS4 will be announced in..

  • News XBOX Boss In 'Vita Won't Be Successful' Shocker

    Is anyone else bored to tears of being told what they want to play?

    Apparently it's not ok for us to be excited about a new entry in the Everybody's Golf series, because we should be playing GameLoft's Let's Golf rip-off or Flick Golf or something We shouldn't be excited for the likes of Wipeout 2048, Sound Shapes and Street Fighter X Tekken because smart-phones are taking over the world. How dare..

  • Rumour PlayStation 3 To Get Price-Drop At GamesCom In August

    It's not really a rumour is it

    Everyone's expecting the PlayStation 3 to get a price-drop this year, and there's no better positioned event than August's GamesCom. Sony's known for bringing the heat to the European event, while its competitors flounder. Sounds like a no-brainer to us. MCV's got the report, citing a new price-point of between £179.99 and £199.99 will be announced for the PS3 at..

  • News PushSquare Service Announcement: New PlayStation 3 Firmware Update Online Now

    If you're hopping onto the PS3 this morning to download the Sonic Generations demo, you're going to have to install a new firmware update first

    Sony has revealed that firmware 3.66 will improve network services and increase stability when gaming. We're downloading the update now, so presumably it's online for everyone. Only takes a couple of minutes...

  • News Vita Rear Touch Pad Almost Didn't Happen

    Added cost and fun factor a concern

    One of the most talked-about features of Sony's upcoming Playstation Vita handheld system has been its rather unique rear touch pad. But in an effort to keep production costs down, this feature was very nearly cut out completely. In a recent Famitsu interview, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studio's Shuhei...

  • News Ignore The Music, PlayStation Vita's Social Features Are Cool

    It's been interesting watching the PlayStation Network evolve since the PS3's release

    It's something Sony doesn't necessarily get credit for. We've essentially witnessed Sony draw parity with Microsoft in terms of its networking gaming service, and even exceed it in some areas. Given Microsoft had a headstart, and admittedly pioneered this motion, it's been a pretty impressive achievement from..

  • News Sony Confirms Greener PlayStation 3 Model

    There were reports over the weekend of a new PlayStation 3 model identified by the code CECH-3000B

    Sony has confirmed those rumours this morning, revealing a new 320GB PS3 less power-consumption than its predecessor. Don't get your panties in a twist yet, this is still the standard PS3 Slim design. It's not like a new PS3 or anything. The new model will ship in charcoal black for ¥34,980 at the..

  • News Carmack: PlayStation 4 Will Be Ten Times As Powerful As Current Consoles

    John Carmack believes the next PlayStation will be ten-times more powerful than Sony's current system

    The programming legend told Eurogamer that he believes Sony's new console will arrive "in a couple of years". "The next-generation will be here soon, a couple of years," Carmack told the website. "It'll be another ten times as powerful as this . I'd be surprised if that..

  • News Yakuza: Of The End Tops The Japanese Software Charts

    SEGA's mobster-zombie mash-up, Yakuza: Of The End, has unsurprisingly topped the Japanese sales charts after a hefty delay

    We received our copy earlier this week but haven't had a chance to check it out yet. It's sitting temptingly on the top of our "to play" pile though. Elsewhere it was a poor week for Japanese software, with the ridiculously titled Gekiatsu!! Pachige Tamashii Portable..

  • News Sony Hints PS Vita Is Region Free

    Will it follow the footsteps of the PSP?

    During an E3 Vita press event for European and Australian press, Sony Worldwide Studios' Michael Denny was asked whether or not the PS Vita would be region free. While not an absolute confirmation from the company, Denny did respond that "to the best of his knowledge" the PS Vita will be region...

  • News Sony: There's A Lot More Headroom Left In The Ol' PlayStation 3 Just Yet

    Kaz Hirai has told the Guardian that the PlayStation 3 will continue to grow even though it's already several years into its life-span

    He said: “One of the things that we always talked about is the 10-year life cycle. When we launched the PS3 back in 2006, one of the questions I kept getting asked was why we were putting so much technology into a piece of equipment that was basically a games..

  • News E2 2011: Sony Worldwide Studios Europe Boss Says PlayStation Vita Is Region-Free

    According to IGN, Sony Wordwide Studios Europe boss Michael Denny has revealed that the PlayStation Vita is region free to the "best of his knowledge"

    This is obviously a huge point of interest, as it means you'll be able to import and play games on your device without needing a specific system. The 3DS is region-locked. Let's hope Denny's knowledge is spot on, eh?



  • Report Sony Distributing New Software Development Kits To PS3 Developers

    Fact: when the PlayStation Network is back online you will have to install a very large patch

    That's not really up for debate now. There's going to be a firmware update. PS3 developers are already getting those updates, according to GamaSutra. The site reports that numerous development sources are being asked to use updated versions of the PS3 SDK implementing new security features. While those..

  • News NGP Camera Utilised in Resistance and Uncharted

    What will you see?

    The NGP will feature two cameras, one front-facing and one in the back, and it appears that the Uncharted and Resistance titles coming to the NGP will make use of at least one of the system’s cameras in one way or another. According to sources “close to Sony”, Resistance NGP will allow players to use the camera to pick up...

  • Report No PlayStation 4 Until At Least 2014

    Sony's not planning on launching a new home console until 2014, according to a source close to Kotaku

    Insiders told the website that successors to the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 could still be a long way off, despite rumours suggesting Nintendo is about to pounce with a new system at E3. "Both MS and Sony are telegraphing to each other that they're delaying, to milk the current and fill in..

  • News Sony Reconfirms 2011 Release for NGP

    Good news, everyone

    First Sony said that the earthquake in Japan could delay the release of the NGP, then changed its mind. Now it appears the NGP is back on track for a 2011 release, at least in the United States. Sony showcased its upcoming handheld to analysts and investors earlier this week, and in a report published by Lazard Capital Markets,...

  • News Pachter Showers the NGP With Twitter Love

    Two thumbs up

    Analysts have already commented on the NGP price in the past, but now that Wedbush Morgan gaming analyst Michael Pachter has been treated to a hands-on demo of the device, he’s weighing in on the capabilities and performance of the device as well. Pachter took to Twitter earlier this week to shower the NGP with such lovely adjectives...

  • News Sony Backpedals on Earthquake NGP Delay


    Last week Sony’s Jack Tretton warned that the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan may push back the release of the NGP in some regions, but now Sony says that production of the NGP is continuing ahead as planned. Only a matter of few days after Tretton’s caution, Sony’s Japan division began its damage control, calling the...

  • News New Video of NGP’s Augmented Reality Emerges

    Believe your eyes

    The PlayStation Blog has posted a retrospective video chronicling the company’s continued efforts to tap into the world of Augmented Reality. Starting off with the PlayStation Eye on the PS2, the video first describes the humble beginings of the feature, which then required you to sit stationary in front of the TV. With the PSP...

  • News Sony Warns Earthquake Could Delay NGP Release

    Still recovering

    Sony may have previously hoped to release its next handheld gaming system, NGP, worldwide by November 2011, but now the Tokyo-based company is warning that production of the device has slowed due to the cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, and may push back its release. Sony has closed numerous production facilities...


  • News Sony Confirms 3 Million PS3 Unit Milestone In France

    Sony's announced that the PlayStation 3 has shifted 3 million units in France since its release in March 2007

    If we wanted to fan the fanboy flames, we'd tell you that Microsoft's XBOX 360 has moved 2.3 million units over a longer period of time. Did we say that out loud? Sony's shifted €418 million worth of software, which equates to roughly eight million units. That's in contrast to €337..

  • News Survey Prices NGP at $350 for 3G, $250 for Wi-Fi

    Our survey says...

    While Sony may not talking too much about the details surrounding the release of the NGP, the developers working on the system certainly are. A few days ago some developers claimed to reveal an 11/11/11 release for the device, and now Ubisoft is joining the rumor mill by pricing the Wi-Fi and 3G models of the NGP in an online...

  • News Sony: NGP Development Began in 2008

    A long time coming

    The Playstation Blog has a lengthy video interview with Shuhei Yoshida, the head of Sony Worldwide Studios about the development cycle for the upcoming PlaStation NGP. In it, he reveals that Worldwide Studios first began working on the device back in 2008: Since the beginning of 2008, WWS have been officially involved in the...

  • News NGP Will Have Skyhook’s Core Engine GPS Built-in

    Know where you are, anywhere

    Skyhook, a leading developer of global tracking and positioning services whose name sounds unfortunately reminiscent of the fictional Terminator-producing corporation SkyNet, has implemented its Core Engine GPS system into everything from netbooks and tablets to smartphones and cameras. Next the company will be stuffing...

  • News PSPgo Drops To $149.99 (Apparently!)

    Sony's official PSP website has been updated to reflect the range's recent price-drop

    Hang on, wait a minute, what's this? The PSPgo is now $149.99. We knew the PSP-3000 was dropping down to $129.99 but no-one mentioned anything about the PSPgo, retailers included — they're still listing the

  • News NGP Game Cards Between 2GB and 4GB


    Sony has revealed that the new game media for the NGP that will house all upcoming games will be between 2GB and 4GB in size, a portion of which will be reserved for game saves and patches. This surpasses the PSP UMD format’s capacity, which capped games at just under 2GB. While this is certainly good news, it seems almost like a...



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