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  • News GameStop Pulls PSP Titles from 25% of North American Stores

    Goodnight, sweet prince

    In news that will surprise nobody, US retail giant GameStop has decided to remove PSP titles from around 25% of its stores. The move is designed to maximise “merchandising space in the smallest” outlets. Larger stores will continue to carry the brand, as will GameStop.com. With the Vita now readily available worldwide,...

  • News Sony Deploys Limited Edition Call of Duty PS3 Bundle


    Call of Duty is the biggest brand in gaming at the moment, and Sony’s latest limited edition PlayStation 3 hardware bundle clearly reflects that fact. Scheduled for release on 25th May in North America, the set bundles a 320GB PS3 with a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for $299. That means you effectively get the game for free. It’s...

  • News PS3 Hardware Sales Down, Software Sales Up

    Swings and roundabouts

    Sony sold 13.9 million PS3 consoles in the last financial year, down from 14.3 million in the previous year. Other PlayStation platforms dropped too: PSP dropped from 8m consoles to 6.8m, and PS2 from 6.4m to 4.1m. Sony has not released any sales figures for PS Vita yet, a little worrying considering it launched in Japan late...

  • News Crystal White Vita Announced for Japan

    Tone it down

    Sony's announced the first colour variations for PS Vita, pushing a Crystal White console out to Japan on 28th June. The white machine will launch in WiFi only and 3G/WiFi versions for the standard price of ¥24,980/¥29,980 respectively. There'll be matching white ear phones sold separately for the colour coordinated gamer. Then in...


  • News Sony Sneakily Announces Red PS3 for the UK

    Captain scarlet

    If the basic black exterior of the current PS3 is putting you off purchasing Sony’s current console, perhaps you might be tempted by the curvaceous red system instead. The former Japan exclusive has started popping up on UK websites this afternoon, with Amazon revealing a 27th April release date and

  • Rumour Early Orbis Tech Specs Leaked

    IGN strikes again

    If PlayStation 4 really is codenamed Orbis, here's an idea of what Sony might be packing inside the hardware. IGN claims the machine uses AMD chips based on the A8-3859 APU (accelerated processing unit) and Radeon HD 7670 GPU. The APU harbours an on-board quad-core processor with integrated graphics chip; teaming this up with the...


  • News Sony Bringing New PSP Colour to Japan

    Life in the old dog, yet

    The PlayStation Portable is still hot in Japan (regularly outselling Sony’s beefy new hardware, the PS Vita, on a weekly basis). And so Sony has decided to capitalise on its former handheld’s continued longevity by announcing a new colour for its home region. Dubbed Sky Blue/Marine Blue, the two-tone PSP certainly looks...


  • News PS Plus Minis Don't Work on PlayStation Vita


    PlayStation Minis obtained for free through Sony’s premium subscription service, PlayStation Plus, do not work on the PS Vita. Members of the official PlayStation forum discovered the unfortunate bug and raised their concerns online. Sony's said it is "aware of the issue, and will resolve it as quickly as possible". To clarify:...

  • News Sony Bringing Bigger Vita Memory Cards to the UK

    Guessed wrong

    Sony is working hard to bring bigger PS Vita memory cards into the UK. The biggest stick available alongside yesterday’s launch was the 16GB, but SCE UK gaffer Fergal Gara has said that the company completely misjudged demand. He told Eurogamer: We probably haven’t got big enough memory cards introduced for the UK market. We’ve...

  • News Sony Looking to Bring the Biggest Brands to PS Vita

    Big guns

    PlayStation Vita’s launch offering is already packed with big names: there’s Uncharted, WipEout, FIFA and many more. But Sony’s not resting on its laurels just yet, as new SCEA marketing executive, Guy Longworth, has explained that the platform holder wants the snazzy new system to play host to as many of gaming's biggest brands as...

  • News Sony Patents Kinect-like PlayStation Eye Technology

    You are the controller

    We suspected that the next version of the PlayStation Eye camera would come with Kinect-like depth tracking abilities, and it looks like we might have been right. A patent filed by Eye Toy and PlayStation Move visionary Dr. Richard Marks has hinted that Sony is toying with controller less techno

  • News Take One Last Tour of the PlayStation Vita

    Not long now

    The PlayStation Vita unofficially launches in North America this week. We say “unofficially” because, well, even though the so-called First Edition Bundle is sanctioned by platform holder Sony, the system’s launch date will officially go down in history as February 22nd. It’s all a bit confusing, but the point is, Sony's eagerly...

  • News Sony Patented a Wii U Style Controller Too

    Great minds think alike

    It turns out Nintendo isn’t the only company intent on merging handheld devices with home console experiences. A patent uncovered by Games Beat, shows Sony had a similar concept in mind way back in 2010. The patent – aw

  • News PlayStation Vita Titles Will Be Cheaper When Downloaded

    Cheaper than chips

    Sony's not been particularly efficient at communicating specific PlayStation Vita information. We're still waiting for full details on the 3G system's data plan here in Europe. With three weeks to go, the platform holder's definitely cutting things fine. But one question that's been asking more than most is whether downloadable PS...

  • News Amazon UK Upgrading PlayStation Vita Orders

    Announces new bundle too

    If you thought North America was getting all the luck with regards to PlayStation Vita bundles, then you might like to take a note of an email we just received from Amazon.co.uk this morning. According to the message, the online retailer is upgrading all PlayStation Vita pre-orders to include a free 8GB memory card and a...




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