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  • News PS4's UK Price Plunges Below £300 as Price Drop Murmurs Intensify

    How low can you go?

    We had expected the PlayStation 4’s price to settle in sub-£300 territory by Boxing Day, but Sony seems utterly determined to maintain its market share in Britain this Christmas. As such, GameStop UK has now dropped the price of the standalone Glacier White system to £299.97, which is considerably cheaper than its RRP...

  • News Sony Hasn't Forgotten About the Kids This Christmas

    More PS4 Black Friday bundles appear

    The bundles are very much, er, out of the bag: Sony’s doubling down on PlayStation 4 re-releases this coming Black Friday. Following on from a leaked Dell promotion earlier in the week, Meijer has now seemingly confirmed that the Japanese giant will be selling its next-gen c

  • News There's a Champions League Themed PS4 in Japan

    Not in Europe, though

    For those of you that don’t know, the Champions League is like the Super Bowl of European soccer. The competition sees the continent’s elite compete to be crowned the king of club football – a spectacle that draws millions of spectators every year. PlayStation is one of the primary sponsors of the competition, with...

  • News This Incredible UK PS4 Deal Will Empty Your Wallet

    Dealing with death

    Sony may be resting on its laurels a little bit in North America, but it refuses to give any of its competitors an inch in the UK. The platform holder has been frighteningly aggressive in these parts – matching Microsoft’s many price cuts at every opportunity – and it’s starting to prepare some scarily attractive bundles...

  • News Sony May Not Cede November PS4 Sales to Xbox One After All

    Black Friday bundle includes Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us

    The folks over in Redmond are playing price limbo with the Xbox One, and that puts Sony in a precarious position. Having already smashed September sales records with its Destiny bundle, the platform holder doesn’t necessarily need to price the PlayStation 4 any lower – but it...

  • News These Custom PS4 Hard Drive Covers Are Really Cool

    Pimp your machine

    We’ve already established that Sony loves creating console bundles. The company’s entire strategy with the PlayStation 4 appears to revolve around making as many unique hardware options as it can possibly muster, so why not go the whole hog and start creating some custom hard drive face plates to go with these limited...

  • News Sony Temporarily Slashes the PS4's Price in the UK

    Just in time for Call of Duty

    While many have been eager to suggest that Sony won’t compete with the Xbox One’s temporary price drop in the United States, we noted in a recent feature that it’s been frequently adjusting the cost of the PlayStation 4 in the UK to keep its nose in front. Indeed, while the system hasn’t ever received any...













  • News Wow, These PS4 Queues in Berlin Are Absolutely Insane

    Lining up for the launch lineup

    You may have heard people refer to Europe as ‘Sony Land’ in the past, but what does that actually mean? Well, this video of a PlayStation 4 midnight launch event in Berlin should give you a good idea, as it takes one amateur cameraman almost four minutes to sprint from the back of the line to the front. It’s the...

  • News Sony: PS Vita's Not Our Biggest Seller, But It's a Loved Machine

    Organisation optimistic about portable's prospects

    Nearly two years since its original launch, the PlayStation Vita finds itself in a bit of a strange spot. The console has amassed a reasonable selection of must-play games, with Soul Sacrifice, Killzone: Mercenary, and the absolutely exceptional Tearaway among the highlights – but it’s still...

  • News Sony Will Be Shipping More PS4s Down Under Before Christmas

    'Tis the season

    With all of this talk of the European PlayStation 4 launch, it's easy to forget that the shiny new console debuted in Australia overnight as well. And it seems that, as has been the trend worldwide, Sony underestimated the huge demand for the machine. SCE Australia managing director Michael Ephraim was shocked at the numbers that he...

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