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  • News This Upcoming PS4 Bundle Sure Has a Grasp on Mainstream Gamers

    Box of treats

    As, for lack of a better word, ‘hardcore’ gamers, we tend to put exaggerated emphasis on franchises such as BioShock and Uncharted. While both are critically acclaimed, these properties don’t touch the sales of Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto – mainstream hits that even the average person at your local pub will be able to...

  • News Yes, Sony's Readying an Official Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Bundle

    This is how you print money

    Even the most ardent fan would find it hard to argue with the momentum that Microsoft seemingly has in November, between co-marketing deals on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Assassin’s Creed Unity, as well as its own exclusive games. However, there was always going to be one wildcard in the pre-Christmas battle:...

  • News Pachter: PS4's American Winning Streak Ended in September

    Analyst predicts an upset

    Sony was always expected to start this generation on the front foot globally, as the PlayStation brand simply has much more worldwide appeal than its closest competitor. However, the fact that the PlayStation 4 has effortlessly won major markets such as the UK and North America will be a real concern for the folks at...

  • News Snow Joke! Standalone White PS4 Coming to UK Next Week

    Winter wonderbox

    Personally, we quite like the idea of all of our home entertainment appliances being the same colour (black), but if you don’t suffer from a pesky case of OCD, then you may be tempted by the white PlayStation 4 console. Previously, this was only available alongside Destiny or DriveClub, but, as promised by Worldwide Studios...

  • News PS4 Takes the Gadget of the Year Gong at the T3 Awards

    Brushes aside iPhone 5S and Xbox One

    There’s a good chance that you’re reading this website because you love PlayStation, but let’s not pretend that there aren’t dozens of other snazzy gizmos out there. The market is practically flooded with nifty appliances these days, which perhaps makes the PlayStation 4’s success at the T3 Awards all...

  • News Forget That Awesome UK PS4 Package, This One Is Better

    Impulse purchase

    There has never been a better time to buy a PlayStation 4 in the UK. Retailers are competing for your custom ahead of the busy Christmas shopping season, and prices are getting slashed like there’s no tomorrow. There are also some great unofficial bundles doing the rounds, like the one that we spotted at GAME earlier in the week...

  • News This Enormous PS4 Bundle Is Bordering on Parody

    Chuck everything in

    In addition to wiping the floor with Microsoft's abhorrent used games policies, Sony’s strategy for the latest generation seems to have centred on one very simple tactic: bundle everything. The platform holder has announced a dizzying number of hardware packages over the past 12 months, and this set available in Germany is the...

  • News Unleash The Evil Within with Japanese PS4 Bundles

    Scarily good

    Sony loves its bundles at the moment, so it’s no surprise to see it sell Shinji Mikami’s upcoming survival horror The Evil Within – or Psycho Break as it's known overseas – alongside a couple of custom PlayStation 4 consoles in Japan. Like previous sets in the East, these come with custom hard drive fascias, showing a mansion...












  • News Wow, These PS4 Queues in Berlin Are Absolutely Insane

    Lining up for the launch lineup

    You may have heard people refer to Europe as ‘Sony Land’ in the past, but what does that actually mean? Well, this video of a PlayStation 4 midnight launch event in Berlin should give you a good idea, as it takes one amateur cameraman almost four minutes to sprint from the back of the line to the front. It’s the...

  • News Sony: PS Vita's Not Our Biggest Seller, But It's a Loved Machine

    Organisation optimistic about portable's prospects

    Nearly two years since its original launch, the PlayStation Vita finds itself in a bit of a strange spot. The console has amassed a reasonable selection of must-play games, with Soul Sacrifice, Killzone: Mercenary, and the absolutely exceptional Tearaway among the highlights – but it’s still...

  • News Sony Will Be Shipping More PS4s Down Under Before Christmas

    'Tis the season

    With all of this talk of the European PlayStation 4 launch, it's easy to forget that the shiny new console debuted in Australia overnight as well. And it seems that, as has been the trend worldwide, Sony underestimated the huge demand for the machine. SCE Australia managing director Michael Ephraim was shocked at the numbers that he...

  • Out Today PS4 Provides the Best Place to Play in Europe

    The console cometh

    We’re not sure we can come up with any different ways to say that the PlayStation 4 has launched. Regular readers will know that we’ve already typed a dozen articles pertaining to the release of Sony’s next generation console in November alone, so hopefully you’ll forgive us a basic block of text as we’re creatively...

  • News Not Got a Pre-Order? Here's Where You Can Buy a PS4 in the UK

    Cutting it fine

    You really should have pre-ordered a PlayStation 4 a long time ago if you wanted to get one in time for launch, but there is still hope at some stores around the UK. To be in with a chance of nabbing a wild console, you’re probably going to need to consider queuing up soon as we’re expecting the system to sell out quick. Still,

  • News Sony: We Are Expecting Record Sales for the PS4 in Europe

    Player power

    While those of you in North America merrily fill your faces with Thanksgiving turkey, the majority of Europe is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the PlayStation 4. The next generation console may be old news by now in the Land of the Free, but the platform is poised to deploy in the Old World imminently. And writing on the PlayStation...

  • News You Can Substantially Speed Up Your PS4 by Swapping in a New Hard Drive

    Gotta go fast

    The PlayStation 4 comes with a suitably large 500GB hard drive. But between those staggeringly huge mandatory installs, the system's memory-guzzling operating system, and the inevitable slew of free PlayStation Plus games, it's likely that you'll find yourself running out of space sooner rat

  • News Are You in Europe? Don't Worry, PS4 Is Right Around the Corner

    Let's do this again

    It’s been a mad month so far with the North American launch of the PlayStation 4 – but it sure isn’t over yet. While we’ve had a week or so to calm down as the lucky folks in the Land of the Free get to grips with the next generation console, we’re psyching ourselves for round two, as the system readies itself for...

  • News Discover the Best Way to Play with PS4 and Vita Ultimate Bundle

    Forever friends

    It’s been rumoured for an eternity, but MCV reports that an ‘Ultimate Bundle’ collating the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita is set to hit UK store shelves this year. According to the site, the platform holder has decided to lump the two systems together ahead of Christmas, allowing flush consumers to key into the entire...

  • News Sony Swapping Faulty PS4s As Fast As Physically Possible

    Beep, beep

    Sony doesn’t want you twiddling your thumbs while you stare at the dreaded ‘Blue Light of Death’, and so it’s committed to swapping faulty PlayStation 4 systems faster than The Road Runner from classic cartoon fame. Perhaps in an effort to subdue any mounting social network backlash, the company has confirmed that anyone unlucky...

  • News PS4 Smashes Canadian Launch Sales Records

    Platform holder now looking to the future

    Sony has claimed that the PlayStation 4 enjoyed the biggest Canadian launch in gaming history – and given last week’s incredible sell-through tally, we don't think that it's exaggerating at all. Speaking with our friends over at

  • News Sony: PS4 Launch Is Just the Beginning for the Console

    The game is just the start

    Don’t go thinking that on the back of unprecedented first day sales Sony is going to slip into its old arrogant persona, as SCEA marketing executive Jon Koller has told GamesBeat that the PlayStation 4 is just the beginning for the next generation console. Speaking as part of the system’s launch event in New York City,...

  • News Get Hot and Bothered with These Thermal Images of the PS4

    Pretty cool

    Perhaps the most glaring oversight in the PlayStation 4's design is its inability to withstand shots from a sniper rifle. However, if this shocking omission is forcing you to reconsider your pre-order, we have some good news for you. We're happy to report that, barring any heavy military intervention, your shiny new system isn't likely...

  • News No Fix for the PS4's 'Blue Light of Death' in Sight

    "Have you tried turning it on and off again?"

    While the PlayStation 4's launch seems to have run fairly smoothly, there are still some isolated issues plaguing the system. The first reported problems were related to faults with the machine's HDMI ports, but these seem to have been cleared up relatively quickly. What continues to rear its ugly head,...

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