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  • News Puck Off! NHL 16 Scores PS4 Bundle in Canada

    As cold as ice

    Ice hockey's a sport that's not particularly, er, popular here in the UK, but we know that our commonwealth cohorts are big fans of the ice-based action. Sony's probably pretty smart announcing a PlayStation 4 bundle for the forthcoming NHL 16, then, which will skate its way into Canadian stores from 15th September for $449.99. The...

  • News Actually, the Darth Vader PS4 Will Be 1TB in Europe

    "I am altering the deal"

    There's no doubt about it: the Dark Lord has had SCEE in a Force Choke this morning. In a move that will surprise absolutely nobody, the European arm of PlayStation managed to cock up the announcement of the PlayStation 4's limited edition Star Wars bundles last night, forgetting to mention that they'll feature 1TB consoles,...

  • News The Force Is with This Limited Edition Star Wars PS4

    Darth knight

    We all knew that it was coming, but here it is: the PlayStation 4's limited edition Star Wars bundle. Due out in both Europe and North America this November – with pre-orders set to open very soon – the only twist with this tempting package is that there are actually two of them. That's right, Sony's doubling down on force fever...

  • News Here Come the Star Wars PS4 Hardware Bundles

    May the force be with you

    Sony may not have a tentpole exclusive to hang its figurative hat on this holiday, but it has Star Wars instead. Even if it hasn't been announced yet, we all know that there's going to be a Star Wars: Battlefront bundle this Christmas, but while it bides its time before revealing that, it has prepared a special package...


  • News Your Destiny Is to Pre-Order This Limited Edition PS4

    Bungie jump in

    Destiny may not be as hot this year as it was this time 12 months ago, but Bungie's first-person shooter is still big news. We're sure that every single one of you knows someone who plays the loot-based shooter on a daily basis, and as such, we suspect that Sony's new limited edition system for upcoming expansion Destiny: The Taken...

  • News Sony Boasts About Brilliant British PS4 Sales

    System's been on top for six months straight now

    While we know that the PlayStation 4's crushing its console competition globally, the UK – along with the US – is typically touted as a region where things are a little closer. On the back of today's financial report, however, the platform holder has boasted that it's been on top for six months...

  • News It Looks Like the Lighter, Less Power Hungry PS4 Has Arrived in Europe

    CUH-1200 could pave the path for a price drop

    While the first revision of the PlayStation 4 isn't quite the slim model that many of you may have had in mind, it does appear to be rolling out in Europe at last. The slightly lighter, less power hungry appliance has been spotted in GAME stores around the UK by a handful of forum posters, suggesting...

  • News Metal Gear Solid V's PS4 Bundle Can Be Pre-Ordered Now in the UK

    But it's exclusive to GAME

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's snazzy red and gunmetal grey PlayStation 4 bundle will cost you a bionic arm and a leg when it launches on 1st September in the UK, as it will be exclusive to seasoned extortionists GAME. Actually, we're being the slightest bit melodramatic – it's a bit of a snip at £364.99. The...

  • News This R2-D2 PS4 Laptop Is Bleeping Badass

    C3PO would be impressed

    Sony is astutely positioning the PlayStation 4 as the platform for Star Wars this year, but while we're sure that it's going to have a handful of custom hardware bundles to celebrate the release of Battlefront, we doubt that any of them will be this darn awesome. Ed Zarick has been making custom console laptops for a while,...

  • News In Japan, Sony Will Engrave Your PS Vita for a Fee

    Especially for you

    Engraved jewellery is not uncommon in the Western world; engraved video game consoles are. Still, the latter very much appears to be a thing in Japan, as Sony has launched a PlayStation Vita engraving service in its homeland, which will cost you ¥500 ($4) per character. This means that getting 'Push Square' emblazoned on your...

  • News Behold Destiny: The Taken King's Limited Edition PS4


    Sony's really pushing Destiny's big September expansion, The Taken King. So much so, that the release is actually getting its own limited edition PlayStation 4, along with a more standard bundle. First off, the themed, 500GB white console sports an elegant design, and comes with Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition, which boasts the...

  • News At Launch in the UK, the 1TB PS4 Will Come Bundled With a PlayStation TV Console

    Not bad

    The new PlayStation 4, which comes with a 1TB hard drive, launches this month in the UK. Not to be confused with the CUH-1200 model, which boasts quieter, more energy-efficient hardware and is currently only available in Japan, the 1TB console releases on the 15th July. Now for the slightly tastier part. According to Sony, some UK...

  • News The New Japanese PS4 Model Drains Less Power and Isn't as Loud

    One step towards slim

    Sony's rolled out the PlayStation 4's first hardware revision in Japan, and it sounds like a decent improvement. The new model, dubbed CUH-1200, is apparently much more power-efficient, and it's also quieter when its fan gets going. According to Japanese blog Pocket News, who have taken one of the new consoles apart and...

  • News Remove Your Eye Patch and Ogle Metal Gear Solid V's Special PS4

    Bionic beauty

    Wondered how that limited edition Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PlayStation 4 looks in the flesh? Konami has released a video showing off the Diamond Dogs branded gun metal and rust coloured box, and it definitely looks classier close-up. We're particularly fond of the limited edition DualShock 4, which should be sold separately...

  • News Oh Look, It's a Nintendo PlayStation Console

    You what

    Fridays are usually pretty quiet when it comes to games journalism, probably because everyone just wants to start the weekend early and, actually, you know, play some video games for once. Apparently, though, a poster over on ASSEMbler didn't get the memo, as they've revealed the existence of an actual Nintendo PlayStation console that...


  • News Sony: Reclaiming Japanese Gamers Is a Focus for Us

    The PS4 is showing some "upward swing," says Yoshida

    Numbers don't lie: the demand for video games and video game consoles in Japan has dropped significantly over the past few years. But while much of the market is turning its attention to the mobile industry, Sony is trying to breathe life into the PlayStation 4 with new games. That's what...

  • News PlayStation Vita Passes 4 Million Units in Japan

    Small consolation

    There's been very little cause for PlayStation Vita owners to celebrate of late, but Sony's diminutive device has just hit a major milestone in Japan, crossing the 4,000,000 unit threshold. This number takes into account both handheld and PlayStation TV sales, but seeing as they're both built upon the same hardware, we reckon...

  • News The New PlayStation 4's Already Out in Japan

    Fast movers

    Sony's a fast worker, isn't it? The revised PlayStation 4 – which is a teensy bit lighter and a little less power hungry – was only announced a couple of days ago, but it's already on sale in Japan right now. The ever eagle-eyed DualShockers spotted various product lis

  • News The Lighter PS4 Also Has a Few Other Changes

    Buttons, bulbs, and more

    A revised PlayStation 4 is set to launch later this month in Japan, which seems designed to bring production costs down. In addition to being a little lighter and a teensy bit less power hungry, the device also comes with a few other minor alterations – including mechanical buttons, which means that you'll no longer...

  • News Lighter, Eco-Friendly PS4 Hardware Launches This Month

    1TB model arrives in Europe on 15th July

    E3 2015 is over, but the announcements aren't slowing. Sony confirmed earlier today that it will be releasing a new iteration of the PlayStation 4 in Japan later this month, which will eventually be rolled out globally at an undisclosed time. The revision is an upgrade of the original model, weighing 10 per...

  • E3 2015 Almost Half PS4 Owners Never Had a PS3

    Changing minds

    At this point, we can probably all accept that the PlayStation 3 had problems. It was ultimately a great console, don't get us wrong – but Sony really misfired with the architecture and price, prompting it to lose ground against a very aggressive Xbox 360. With the PlayStation 4, however, the Japanese giant's got back to its...

  • News The Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Is Particularly Pretty

    Slick in silver

    Some of the official custom PlayStation 4 consoles have been pretty bad if you ask this author, but the Batman: Arkham Knight one bucks that trend. Sony's deployed an unboxing for the brand new bundle, and while it's a little overproduced, it should sell you on the system if you've been sitting indecisively on the fence. We've...

  • News Sony's Readying a 1TB PlayStation 4 Model

    Room to breathe

    Well, here's one of your E3 announcements outed early. The always eagle-eyed editors over at DualShockers have uncovered certification documents for two updated PlayStation 4 models – and one of the


  • News Sony: PlayStation Vita Is a Legacy Platform


    It's perhaps an indictment of the current state of the PlayStation Vita in the Western world that we haven't really found the need to write an update on the device for some time. While there was hope of the format's fortunes turning around 18 or so months ago, the platform's fate has remained unchanged for a while now. And while it continues...

  • News The Gods Will Look Favourably Upon This God of War III PS4 Bundle

    Olympus awaits

    Sony's love affair with PlayStation 4 bundles knows no bounds, as a God of War III Remastered set has popped up on Amazon France. According to the listing – which is legit, as far as we can tell – the 500GB system and game will sell for €429.99 (~$486). That price conversion looks pretty steep – but, er, that's Europe for...

  • News PS4 Sales Pass 2 Million Units in the UK

    Celebrate good times

    Sales of the PlayStation 4 have now surpassed a staggering two million units in the UK, according to a report published by MCV. The console hit the one million units milestone in the region shortly before the holiday rush last year, which means that it's effectively doubled its tally in record time. In fact, the system's selling...


  • News Your PS Vita Is More Powerful Than Ever Before

    Sony unlocks extra memory

    PlayStation Vita firmware update v3.50 seemed like a bit of a non-event for Sony's handheld format, removing more features than it added. However, as part of a presentation at the Unite Tokyo 2015 event – as spotted and translated by NeoGAF member Parakeetman – the platform holder revealed that the new patch enables...








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