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  • News Killzone Dev Refuses to Rule Out Future Games

    Old orange eyes

    Even though Dutch developer Guerrilla Games is hard at work on PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn, good guy director Herman Hulst has told Game Informer that the studio won't rule out the possibility of producing more Killzone games in the future. Hulst's comments come as no real surprise given the Killzone franchise's...


















  • E3 2013 Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4 Looks Lovely


    Despite not demonstrating the next instalment of Guerrilla Games' franchise live on stage as many predicted that it would, Sony opted to show a new gameplay trailer for Killzone: Shadow Fall – and it sure looks good. We got a decent look at some of the new and improved brutal melee kills, high-tech weaponry, a very helpful-looking sentry...

  • News Killzone: Mercenary Plots Warzone's Welcome Return

    Eliminate the enemy

    Warzone is such a good multiplayer mode that we’re surprised that it hasn’t been copied by more developers. For those unfamiliar with the Killzone competitive staple, it’s a team-based affair that includes dynamic objectives. So, one minute you might be playing Team Deathmatch, and the next minute Search and Destroy. The...






  • News Former Crysis 2 Writer Working for Guerrilla Games

    New blood

    Story has never been Killzone’s strongest asset. Despite the magnificent lore surrounding the series, developer Guerrilla Games has yet to really take advantage of it. Hopefully, new recruit Martin Lancaster can do a better job. The former Crysis 2 writer has updated his personal resume, citing an unannounced Guerrilla Games title as...


  • News Guerrilla to Continue Supporting Killzone on PS3

    Still working on new IP

    Guerrilla Games is a busy studio at the moment. The Dutch studio currently has its hands on three different projects, including ongoing work on the Killzone franchise for PS3. Speaking at a GDC panel, art director Jan-Bart van Beek hinted that the studio was committed to supporting the Killzone IP on PS3, but he didn’t...



  • News Report: Guerrilla Games Working On New Killzone

    Guerrilla Games has started work on a "Killzone follow-up", reports EDGE magazine

    According to the publication, "the bulk of Guerrilla's staff is soldiering on with the next Killzone instalment," with senior producer Steven Ter Heide at the helm. In the same issue Guerrilla Games' Adrian Smith was quoted as saying "we've got to continue the Killzone franchise". Guerrilla was..


  • News Guerilla Games Explains Tweaks In New Killzone 3 Patch

    Guerrilla Games is adding the finishing touches to its latest patch for Killzone 3

    Version 1.12 will bring a variety of bug fixes and tweaks when it launches on September 6th. We've included the full break-down of tweaks after the jump. [Thanks Eurogamer] CAREERS: Changed Marksman's scramble ability into an active ability - The marksman scramble ability now needs to be activated and deactivated..



  • News Killzone 3's Double XP Weekend Is On Now

    Two headshots for the price of one

    PSN is back in action and the multiplayer battles are raging once again. Guerrilla Games apparently is just as excited as we are, and has upped the ante to get gamers to Move back into Killzone 3 warzones in full force this weekend, by offering up a double XP weekend. Jumping into battle right now will already...

  • News Guerrilla Games Doubling Up The Ol' XP In Killzone 3 All Weekend

    Fans of first-person shooters will have a difficult choice to make this weekend: Call Of Duty: Black Ops or Killzone 3

    Both games are running double XP periods to welcome players back to the PlayStation Network. Killzone 3's turned on the double XP as we speak, right through until May 23rd at 10:00AM UK-time. Hop to it soldiers, and blow out some Helghast brains.





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