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  • News GameStop May Be Lying to You About New Games

    Bonkers initiative puts staff in impossible position

    A new program established by GameStop management may be forcing humble store clerks to lie to you about the availability of brand new games – and it's kinda crazy. Reddit has been bubbling over with reports of the retailer's 'Circle of Life' initiative for a few days now, but Kotaku's...






  • News Get Fallout 4 for Free with a PS4 from GameStop

    Fallout boy

    If all of the Fallout 4 hype has convinced you to snag a PlayStation 4, then you may just want to pay attention to this GameStop offer. Available from the US retailer's website, you'll be able to snag Sony's best-selling system alongside a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Bethesda's latest role-playing release for just...







  • News Move Controllers 50% Off, Games for $9.99

    GameStop offers deal "while supplies last"

    If you have been holding off on picking up a Move, there's no better time than now. GameStop is unloading its Move controllers and accessories at a huge 50% off discount. That means you'll be able to pick up a Move controller for $24.99, the SharpShooter for a cool $19.99, and a Navigation controller or...


  • News GameStop's Testing Out A Console Game Streaming Service

    US retailer GameStop is testing a new cloud gaming service expected to release next year, according to GamesIndustry

    biz</a>. GameStop purchased Spawn Labs earlier in the year with the aim of facilitating a cloud gaming service and offering “a wide selection of high-definition video games on demand on any internet-enabled device". “Spawn recently began its first beta and is currently..


  • News Still More Demand than Supply for Move Controllers at GameStop

    Low supply holding back growth

    When PlayStation Move launched way back in September, many shoppers reported an abundance of bundle packages compared to the controllers sold on their own. Six months on, GameStop President Tony Bartel has said in an earnings call that the company is still seeing substantial demand for the motion controller. We have...


  • News GameStop Lists the NGP for $299, Starts Taking Pre-Orders

    On the money?

    First the EEDAR predicted a price for the NGP under $400, and SCEE revealed that there would be two differently priced NGP models released, and now GameStop has decided to list the device at a price point of $299.99. This may simply be a place-holder price for the device while the company takes pre-orders, and of course we don’t know...


  • News Sony: "We Underestimated Demand for Move Controllers"

    Might struggle for stock over Christmas

    When putting together your PlayStation move set-up you probably didn't encounter many issues getting a Starter Pack, console bundle or Navigation sub-controller, but you may have struggled to lay your hands on a standalone Move controller. Peter Dille, Sony's marketing senior vice president in the US, has said...



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