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Review: Velocity 2X (PlayStation 4)

Velocity 2X (PlayStation 4)


Since the very beginning of video game history, developers have strived to give us new and exciting ways of blowing stuff up in space. Whether it’s deadly invaders from planets unknown or chunks of asteroids, it’s all been in preparation for Velocity 2X. Strap yourself in, grab yourself a glass of tang, attempt to figure out what the...

Review: Surge Deluxe (PlayStation Vita)

Surge Deluxe (PlayStation Vita)

Index addiction

There’s something deadly about the combination of addictive gameplay and online leaderboards. It’s something that we sampled in Rock Band, where grown men would blast out Hannah Montana songs in the hopes of nailing those few extra notes. Surge Deluxe is equally moreish, without ever serving as a gateway to twerking. As such, if...

Review: Velocity Ultra (PlayStation Vita)

Velocity Ultra (PlayStation Vita)

Starship super

One year ago, FuturLab's Velocity was released on the PlayStation Minis label and flew right into a meteor shower of praise. At a glance a vertical shoot 'em up, it excelled above this label, wonderfully welding smart puzzle elements to speedy, frantic laser-play. If you were foolish enough to ignore it when it was originally...

News: We're Sorry That We Only Gave Velocity a 9/10, FuturLab

We're Sorry That We Only Gave Velocity a 9/10, FuturLab

Death by numbers

It seems that our reluctance to go one digit further with our review for FuturLab's almost perfect PlayStation Minis shooter Velocity may have pushed one employee close to the brink. This silly Velocity Ultra video depicts the plight of one developer after a trickle of 9/10 review scores stream in. Thank goodness for our friends...

News: First Velocity Ultra Footage Looks Unsurprisingly Swish

First Velocity Ultra Footage Looks Unsurprisingly Swish

Shooting for the stars

The fine folks at Eurogamer.net have finally managed to lure some footage of the upcoming Velocity Ultra out of developer FuturLab’s secret lair. The embedded video features a wealth of action from the full PlayStation Vita re-release, and even includes input from managing director James Marsden. The title’s set to take...