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Out Today: Grand Theft Auto V Hot-Wires Retail Around the Globe

Grand Theft Auto V Hot-Wires Retail Around the Globe

Five's the magic number

It feels like an eternity since Grand Theft Auto V was first announced on 25th October all the way back in 2011. The title was revealed in familiar Rockstar Games fashion, with a single unexpected Tweet effectively bringing the Internet to its knees. That initial tease was followed by a mysterious trailer a week later, and...

News: Sacrifice Your Spirit to the Dark Souls II Beta on PS3

Sacrifice Your Spirit to the Dark Souls II Beta on PS3

Prepare to die

Quit pricking your eyelids with rusty nails – a much more masochistic pastime demands your attention. Sony has teamed up with From Software to launch a beta for Dark Souls II on the PlayStation 3, and all that you need to do to participate is register your interest on the PlayStation Store. European readers will find a special...

Store Update: 4th September 2013 (Europe)

4th September 2013 (Europe)

War chest

Europeans eyeing North America’s impressive PlayStation Store update this week need not feel jealous anymore, as there’s a cavalcade of content available overseas, too. Titles include Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Diablo III, and this particular author’s highlight, Farming Simulator 2013. There’s also

Store Update: 28th August 2013 (Europe)

28th August 2013 (Europe)

Spelunky dunk

If you were eyeing North America’s excellent PlayStation Store update with envy, then know that this week’s European refresh is similarly stacked. In addition to the wealth of new PlayStation Plus riches – Assassin’s Creed III, Jak & Daxter Trilogy, and many more – t

News: Dragon's Crown Rules Europe on 11th October

Dragon's Crown Rules Europe on 11th October

King of the continent

Dragon’s Crown may already be setting hearts aflutter in North America, but you won’t have to wait an eternity for the European release. NIS America has revealed that the brawler will bash both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita to bits on 11th October overseas. Those of you that pre-order at participating retailers...

Store Update: 14th August 2013 (Europe)

14th August 2013 (Europe)


Scrooge McDuck will be investing all of his riches into the European PlayStation Store this week, as there’s plenty for the DuckTales: Remastered protagonist to get his beak into. In addition to the aforementioned WayForward remake, Fruit Ninja, Payday 2, and Open Me are all vying for your funds. Shall we get started? Pre-Order:

News: Crash Bandicoot Spins Past 500,000 Downloads in Europe

Crash Bandicoot Spins Past 500,000 Downloads in Europe

Naughty Gods

Releasing old games like Crash Bandicoot on the PlayStation Network makes more sense than peanut butter and jelly, as evidenced by the fact that the PSone Classic has now surpassed 500,000 downloads in Europe. Sony confirmed the tidbit as part of its monthly digital sales charts, where the Naughty Dog hit held onto its place atop the...

Store Update: 7th August 2013 (Europe)

7th August 2013 (Europe)

Help yourself

Wow, it looks like the European PlayStation Store has caught free-to-play fever. A vast majority of this week’s releases can be downloaded without even opening your digital wallet, including Spartacus Legends, Deathmatch Village, and BreakQuest: Extra Evolution. Other fresh arrivals include Floating Cloud God Saves the

Store Update: 17th July 2013 (Europe)

17th July 2013 (Europe)

Nothing to see here

We were hoping that this week’s European PlayStation Store update would offer something of merit after last week’s shambles, but it turns out that the games industry really is on vacation. We suppose that there’s The Smurfs 2 to keep you entertained. Urgh, forget it – we’re going outside to eat a Calippo. PS3 Games:...

News: Need for Speed: Most Wanted Leads High-Octane EU PS Plus Refresh

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Leads High-Octane EU PS Plus Refresh

Lineup includes Mafia II, Spec Ops: The Line, and more

The sun is certainly shining, but that’s not stopping Sony from waving the chequered flag on another insane European PlayStation Plus offering. Starting from 31st July, you’ll be able to burn rubber in Need for Speed: Most Wanted, all without needing to worry about the price of petrol. But...

Store Update: 10th July 2013 (Europe)

10th July 2013 (Europe)

The one that nearly got away

It’s been an incredible year for gaming thus far, but we’ve definitely hit the summer lull. As such, you could probably forgive us for skipping this week’s European PlayStation Store update entirely – and we nearly did. Still, we’ve managed to engineer a spare minute or two, so here’s the latest content vying...