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  • News Sony Reveals PlayStation Vita's Box

    Drink it up readers

    This is the packaging your shiny new PlayStation Vita will be contained within when you pick up the hardware next year. Sony's European PlayStation Vita product manager, Adam Grant, unveiled the boxart on the PlayStation Blog this morning. In addition, Grant's outlined each of the PlayStation Vita's on-board apps. The post doesn't contain anything we don't already know, but it's..

  • News Sony Predicts Financial Gloom Due To Falling Euro

    Sony never gets much luck

    This year alone it's been a hit by an Earthquake, widely publicised hack-attack and riots. Now it's predicting financial trouble due to the falling Euro and its inability to protect itself from the changes. Without diving too heavily into an unbelievably dry Bloomberg report — many of Sony's exports are to European countries. Some of those countries are broke..

  • News Sony Confirms PS2 Titles For European PlayStation Store

    Do you want the good news or the bad news? We'll start with the bad

    SCEE's decided not to promote its PSN exclusive titles as heavily in Europe as in North America. "'The Only On PlayStation Network programme is for the SCEA region only," a Sony spokesperson revealed when asked by Eurogamer. Silly idea? We think so. We don't really...





  • Report PlayStation Vita To Launch Next Year In Europe

    It's the report we've all been dreading, but it's finally here

    Both VG247 and CVG are reporting that the PlayStation Vita will not launch in Europe until 2012. Apparently Sony is weighing up a January or February launch, while a US and Japan release still looks likely for Christmas 2011. Shafted once again. Fantastic. "Sony know it's effectively gifting the festive handheld market to 3DS -..

  • News New DLC for No More Heroes and Killzone 3 Out Now

    Europe's update is on

    The PlayStation Store updated in Europe today with some new downloadable content for several Move-enabled games. Here's what's out now. Also, although it's not PlayStation Move-related, we'd like you to know there will be a Sonic Generations demo on PlayStation Store tomorrow. Killzone 3: From the Ashes Map Pack...

  • E3 2011 SCEE Trademarks PSVita, PlayStation Vita In Europe

    SCEE's registered two new trademarks for PSVita and PlayStation Vita in Europe, adding weight to the rumours suggesting the former codename will be the NGP's final name

    The trademarks were spotted on GAF, and were registered on Friday to the Trademarks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union. There's really no point debating it anymore: Vita is almost certainly going to be NGP's final..

  • Out Now Under Siege (Global)

    At last!

    Poor old Under Siege has had a rocky road to the PlayStation Store: originally planned for release in late 2010, it suffered delay after delay before finally being set for release in April. Of course, the PlayStation Network outage struck, but now the PlayStation Store is back online the game is finally available. The fully Move-compatible...


  • News National Geographic Challenge! is Risk with Global Trivia

    Conquer the world from your sofa

    So far, Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz has the Move quiz market all to itself, but that motion-controlled monopoly won't last long, as National Geographic Challenge! is on the way in June. Taking a leaf out of Buzz!'s fondness for exclamation marks, National Geographic Challenge! is a Risk-style affair with players...

  • News Sony Europe Details Games to Welcome You Back

    Surprisingly good choices

    It's not long until the PlayStation Store is back now, and as part of its promised "Welcome Back" programme Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced the games affected users will be able to choose from as compensation. Users across Europe can choose two of the following PS3 games:...

  • News Prepare for Travis's Touchdown with No More Heroes Trailer

    Definitely not for kids

    No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise is coming to Europe next week, and Konami wants to get you better acquainted with series hero Travis Touchdown by publishing a new trailer. The new PS3 version has been awarded an 18 rating thanks to its inclusion of blood, as well as plenty of swearing and over-the-top violence, as is made...

  • News UK Retailers Peg Ape Escape for Cheap Release in June

    Won't need to rustle up many notes

    PlayStation Move Ape Escape — called simply Ape Escape in Europe — will be available from PlayStation Network in North America, but in Europe the game is is heading to retail next month, with several retailers putting a pleasantly low price on the Move-exclusive net 'em up. Amazon lists the game at £24.99 with...


  • Out Today Virtua Tennis 4 (Europe)

    Make a racquet

    After the disappointment that was Top Spin 4 comes Sega's attempt at mastering the Move tennis game with Virtua Tennis 4, out today across Europe. Unlike Top Spin, Virtua Tennis limits the use of Move to offline-only modes: Exhibition and Party, with no Move support for the World Tour or online play. It does however use 1:1 motion...

  • News Europe Joins Cabela's Dangerous Hunts on 6th May

    Better load up

    Just as we'd all but given hope of seeing Activision's animal-blaster Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 reaching Europe, the company pulls it out of the bag by announcing a release date of 6th May 2011. This year's outing is notable for including a full first-person story mode that sees a family head into the woods to kill things, as well...

  • News SOCOM Pro Access is Free to Everyone in Europe

    Sorry, North America

    Here's something that might put bees in a few bonnets: tomorrow's European launch of SOCOM: Special Forces doesn't come with a SOCOM Pro access code because this access is free for European PlayStation Network users. North American SOCOM Pro access is only free with the purchase of a new game — players who pick up the game...

  • News PlayStation Store Will Be Under Siege on 27th April

    Better late than never

    It's been a long road to the PlayStation Store for Under Siege: originally set for release in December last year, the game was beset by delays but is finally set for release in Europe on 27th April for £11.99/€14.99. Seed Studios' real-time strategy game launches with PlayStation Move support, a built-in map editor and...

  • News European Gamers Not Invited to SOCOM Pro Club

    Access code: denied

    We recently told you about the SOCOM 4 "Pro" Access Code to be included in the American release of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs (known as SOCOM: Special Forces in Europe). Following in the footsteps of EA and THQ, the code is a once-use only affair that limits online access for gamers who pick up the game pre-owned, while...

  • News WSC Real 11 Pockets PlayStation Move Support

    Aiming for 147 on Friday

    Hustle Kings may have the baize and shiny balls market all sewn up on PlayStation Network, but there's a new challenger in the form of WSC Real 11, due out in Europe on Friday. Developer and publisher Dark Energy Digital just confirmed the game will feature PlayStation Move support available as a downloadable patch on day...

  • News Sony Cuts PlayStation Portable Price In Europe, Down 40 Euros

    Sony has cut the European price of the PSP by approximately 24 percent in a bid to improve final breath sales in the region

    The PSP has been cut from its original price of €169.99 to <span>€129.99 and is effective as of today. The price was reduced to $129.99 in North America earlier in the year.</span> "The price cut is aimed at increasing adoption of the player in..

  • Out Today Brunswick Pro Bowling (Europe)

    Alley oop

    If you're in the mood to knock down some pins with your Move controller and you haven't yet tried the decent High Velocity Bowling, today sees the European launch of Brunswick Pro Bowling. There's plenty of content to get stuck into with the game, from a Career Mode to a Split Challenge that'll test even the most experience bowlers...

  • News Killzone 3 DLC 'Steel Rain' Falls on European PlayStation Store

    PS Plus members get it free

    For some, Killzone 3 came and went in the blink of an eye, but those still waging war on Helghan's surface can explore new battlefields with extra downloadable content available from the PlayStation Store. The Steel Rain pack contains two multiplayer maps inspired by locations from the campaign mode: Junkyard, a...

  • Out Today Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters (Europe)

    Europe's chance to tame the tiger

    Move gets its third dedicated golf game today in the familiar form of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters. Tiger's second outing on Move has a lot to prove after last year's effort disappointed many with its implementation of Move controls, and our upcoming review will go a fair way to find out whether EA has got...


  • News PlayStation 3 Leads XBOX 360 Across Europe, Nintendo Conquers All

    A rare sales report compiled by IDG and cited in a GameStop document has given us the first picture of Europe's console install base for some time

    The data puts PlayStation 3 about a million units ahead of XBOX 360, despite launching some 15 months after Microsoft's console. The report, accurate as of December 2010, puts PS3 sales at 14.7 million with XBOX 360 at 13.7 million. The report notes that..

  • News Happy Fourth European Birthday PlayStation 3!

    The PlayStation 3 is four years old today in Europe

    Hurrah. The system launched on Friday, March 23rd 2007 after a pretty enormous delay. The game launched alongside Resistance: Fall Of Man and MotorStorm, as well as Ridge Racer 7 and Call Of Duty 3. SCEUK recently announced that the PlayStation 3 has sold four million units in Britain, with a grand total of 47.9 million units worldwide. Happy..

  • Out Today Friday 18th March 2011 (Europe)

    Ubisoft has a ball

    There's a trio of new Move games on European shelves this week, with Ubisoft bringing a pair of titles and 2K Sports also contributing. Let's take a look at what's available to buy now. Top Spin 4: The first dedicated tennis game for PlayStation Move, Top Spin 4 boasts some of the sport's biggest names, past and present, as well...

  • News Sony Confirms 3 Million PS3 Unit Milestone In France

    Sony's announced that the PlayStation 3 has shifted 3 million units in France since its release in March 2007

    If we wanted to fan the fanboy flames, we'd tell you that Microsoft's XBOX 360 has moved 2.3 million units over a longer period of time. Did we say that out loud? Sony's shifted €418 million worth of software, which equates to roughly eight million units. That's in contrast to €337..

  • News Tiger Woods Demo Chips Into the European Store

    Grab your wood

    It's nearly time for Tiger to take to the fairway again, with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters out in a matter of weeks, and now European gamers can get a taste of Tiger's wood with a free Move-enabled demo of the game. The 1.74GB trial features the new True View first-person perspective that lets you see through the eyes of your...

  • News PlayStation Move Heroes Demo Really Is Out Now

    Slight delay

    We reported last week that the demo for PlayStation Move Heroes was available on PlayStation Store, yet the update came and went with no sign of the demo. For unknown reasons it appears the demo was delayed for a week, but is now available to download in both North America and Europe. Those of you with weak connections planning on...

  • News PlayStation Move Heroes Euro-Bound in March


    Fans of PlayStation franchises and PlayStation Move are just weeks away from ecstasy, as PlayStation Move Heroes is set for release in Europe this month, though the exact date fluctuates from source to source. Retail giants Gamestation and Game both have the game pegged for 25th March, while Sony's official site lists it for 30th March...

  • News SOCOM Special Forces Beta Comes to PlayStation Plus

    Hits Europe on 23rd March

    Tactical shooter SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs — known as SOCOM: Special Forces in Europe — isn't just the focus of the most awesome Move bundle, it's also getting a playable beta in the next few weeks. PlayStation Plus subscribers across Europe can get access to the beta on 23rd March, more details of which will be...



  • News LittleBigTVAd Focuses On LittleBigCreators

    SCEE's posted up the LittleBigPlanet 2 television advert over on the PlayStation Blog

    The ad was created in conjunction with a number of high profile LittleBigPlanet level designers, and the results are kinda amazing. The coolest thing is that each of the levels are available to play now in the game. Our favourite is the Mediterranean Street Race, a super clever level which is a mix of Outrun and..

  • News Amazon Announces The Acquisition Of LOVEFiLM

    Amazon's announced that they've acquired the European-based DVD-rental (and streaming) service LOVEFiLM for an undisclosed amount

    LOVEFiLM launched an application on the PlayStation 3 late last year. According to VentureBeat, Amazon went ahead with the purpose because of the company's streaming solutions. Apparently, with 20 percent of the service's movies available digitally, Amazon jumped at the..

  • News DanceDanceRevolution Gets New Moves in Europe in March

    PS3 title on the way

    DanceDanceRevolution has been out in North America for a while now, but European fans of the dancing series were clueless as to when or if the game would make its way to the continent. Until now, that is, with Konami renaming the game DanceDanceRevolution New Moves and bringing it over in March 2011. Coming to the continent with...

  • News Namco Bandai Snaps Up Yoostar 2 For Europe

    Yoostar 2's an odd-ball title coming to the PlayStation 3 that uses the PlayStation Eye to put you into the movies

    It takes a karaoke approach, tasking you to deliver lines all the while filming your progress. The end-result places you in the movies, rubbing shoulders with some of Hollywood's biggest names. The game, which was originally slated for release in North America only, has been picked up..








  • News Happy, Happy Birthday European Playstation 3!

    Guess what Europeans - the Playstation 3 is officially three years old today in your neck of the woods

    That's right, the system went on sale in Europe precisely three years ago today - March 23rd. It's been a bit of a roller-coaster ride for Sony since then, with initial PS3 sales tempered by a high price-tag. It is, however, with the launch of the PS3 Slim that the system has finally caught its..





  • News Sony: PSP Go Sales "In Line With Expectations"

    It seems some parties are intent on ensuring the PSP Go fails

    Despite having no personal interest in the product, many people like to trash talk it. It's a bit like when the PS3 got cheaper but wasn't backwards compatible. We cue it down to insecurity. Whatever, we digress. Point is, PSP Go sold fine according to Sony. PSP hardware is up 120 per cent compared with the previous week, with both PSP..


  • News Salut 250GB European Playstation 3 Bundles Which Are So Totally Going To Happen

    Joystiq have received some curious photos of a Norwegian GameStop's computer database

    They include the listing of five (oui, five!) Playstation 3 250GB bundles. The bundles listed on the computer point towards Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time, Assassin's Creed II, Fifa 10, Need For Speed Shift and, of course, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. According to the information the bundles will be priced at..

  • News Playstation 3 Sales Are Up By 999% In The UK


    The PS3 Slim is shifting units! Lots of units in fact. So many units that sales in the UK have increased by a whopping 999% since the Slim was introduced. So put it this way if Sony were selling 1,000 PS3s a week pre-Slim, they're now selling 9,999 units a week. Blimey. Did we get our maths right? We're not quite sure actually. Can someone confirm with a decent example? Ta.

  • News Microsoft Boast Basic 1Million Console Lead On The Playstation 3 In Europe

    Microsoft recently announced a 9 million XBOX 360 sale mark in Europe

    Sony then claimed 10 million Playstation 3 sales in Europe at GamesCom. Interestingly, an MCV article has Microsoft's Chris Lewis completely U-turn and claim a "confident" one million unit lead. Either we're confused or someone has their maths wrong. Still, there's no denying the XBOX has a much greater grip on Europe..

  • News Playstation 3 Slim Officially Available In Europe

    Morning Europe

    What's going on? Fancy getting your hands on a shiny new Playstation 3 Slim. Well now's your chance, because the PS3 Slim is now officially available across Europe. The USA already have their hands on systems over the pond, Japan has to wait a couple more days, but Europe your time is now. Interestingly, we're not actually at the computer typing this. No, the magic of the Internet,..

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