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  • News Happy, Happy Birthday European Playstation 3!

    Guess what Europeans - the Playstation 3 is officially three years old today in your neck of the woods

    That's right, the system went on sale in Europe precisely three years ago today - March 23rd. It's been a bit of a roller-coaster ride for Sony since then, with initial PS3 sales tempered by a high price-tag. It is, however, with the launch of the PS3 Slim that the system has finally caught its..





  • News Sony: PSP Go Sales "In Line With Expectations"

    It seems some parties are intent on ensuring the PSP Go fails

    Despite having no personal interest in the product, many people like to trash talk it. It's a bit like when the PS3 got cheaper but wasn't backwards compatible. We cue it down to insecurity. Whatever, we digress. Point is, PSP Go sold fine according to Sony. PSP hardware is up 120 per cent compared with the previous week, with both PSP..


  • News Salut 250GB European Playstation 3 Bundles Which Are So Totally Going To Happen

    Joystiq have received some curious photos of a Norwegian GameStop's computer database

    They include the listing of five (oui, five!) Playstation 3 250GB bundles. The bundles listed on the computer point towards Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time, Assassin's Creed II, Fifa 10, Need For Speed Shift and, of course, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. According to the information the bundles will be priced at..

  • News Playstation 3 Sales Are Up By 999% In The UK


    The PS3 Slim is shifting units! Lots of units in fact. So many units that sales in the UK have increased by a whopping 999% since the Slim was introduced. So put it this way if Sony were selling 1,000 PS3s a week pre-Slim, they're now selling 9,999 units a week. Blimey. Did we get our maths right? We're not quite sure actually. Can someone confirm with a decent example? Ta.

  • News Microsoft Boast Basic 1Million Console Lead On The Playstation 3 In Europe

    Microsoft recently announced a 9 million XBOX 360 sale mark in Europe

    Sony then claimed 10 million Playstation 3 sales in Europe at GamesCom. Interestingly, an MCV article has Microsoft's Chris Lewis completely U-turn and claim a "confident" one million unit lead. Either we're confused or someone has their maths wrong. Still, there's no denying the XBOX has a much greater grip on Europe..

  • News Playstation 3 Slim Officially Available In Europe

    Morning Europe

    What's going on? Fancy getting your hands on a shiny new Playstation 3 Slim. Well now's your chance, because the PS3 Slim is now officially available across Europe. The USA already have their hands on systems over the pond, Japan has to wait a couple more days, but Europe your time is now. Interestingly, we're not actually at the computer typing this. No, the magic of the Internet,..


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