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  • News DICE Talks Battlefield 3 Campaign

    Battlefield 3 developer DICE has expressed some interesting opinion relating to Battlefield 3's single-player campaign length, and how the not so friendly rivalry with Call of Duty fares

    "I would say it’s a pretty decent length. It’s not Skyrim, but it’s not three hours, or anything like that," said lead designer David Goldfarb. Inquiring as to Battlefield 3's campaign length as..

  • News DICE Keeping The Mirror's Edge Dream Alive

    DICE isn't giving up on the Mirror's Edge series, is the message from the developer's creative boss Lars Gustavsson in an interview with VG247

    “No, the dream is definitely still there,” he said. “It’s a game loved by the studio. It’s one of those games where you miss the universe, such as Shadow of the Colossus. I really liked Alan Wake, for example; I miss being in that universe. I miss..

  • News Commander Shepard Plans On Early Retirement

    Ray Muzyka of Bioware has solemnly announced that Mass Effect 3 will be the last time you see Command Shepard

    What will happen to the now legendary protagonist? “After this, Commander Shepard’s story is complete," Muzyka says. Further confirmation came when asked to confirm that Shepherd will appear in no more Mass Effect games past 3. “Correct.” Well, two sides to this story. Upside:..

  • News First FIFA 12 Commercial Airs On TV, Internet

    EA Sports (and PlayStation) aired the first FIFA 12 commercial over weekend

    The spot popped up during Manchester United's demolition job against Arsenal. It's after the jump for your viewing pleasure. The commercial itself focuses on the love of football. It gets the message across. Expect the game to do absolute gangbusters when it launches next month on PS3 and PSP.

  • News Mass Effect 3's Female Shepard Is A Redhead

    Despite being totally customisable, Bioware's always portrayed the 'official' Commander Shepard as a bald-headed male

    But with the fanbase for female Shepard (or FemShep as she's lovingly referred to) growing, Bioware recently held a public vote on its Facebook page to decide the official look for Miss. Shepard once and for all. The winner — with 19,726 votes — is the red-headed Shepard..

  • News Chelsea Chosen As New EA Sports Partner

    Yet another FIFA powerhouse has been chosen to represent FIFA 12

    West London's own Chelsea will assume a place of importance in showcasing and enhancing EA Sports' FIFA 12. The Blues' native home of Stamford Bridge will soon house a hub of FIFA 12-related activities such as tournaments and handouts on chosen matchdays. Fans will also be able to head on over to the official Chelsea page to download..

  • News EA: PlayStation Vita Has A 'Better Chance' Than 3DS, Still Hesitant

    We know EA is working on a PlayStation Vita conversion of FIFA, but outside of that the publisher has been very quiet about its support for Sony's new handheld

    Seemingly now favouring mobile development, top EA executive Frank Gibeau was cautious in his discussion about Vita with CVG. "We're going to publish a few games on it and see how it develops," he said, presumably grudgingly. But..

  • News Wait, The Players In Grand Slam Tennis 2 Actually Look Realistic?

    Tennis games have always suffered from poor character models

    So much so, we have fond memories of writing into Official Dreamcast Magazine about the 'Resident Evil Tim Henman' in the original Virtua Tennis. It's been a few weeks since EA announced Grand Slam Tennis 2, but the publisher's been keeping a lid on its character models, prompting some concern about their quality. Thankfully, there's..

  • News EA Stays Fresh With New IPs, Reboots

    President of EA Games, Frank Gibeau, has set forward the industry powerhouses' intention to continually produce new intellectual properties as well as rehashing some tried and true past developments

    Speaking in an interview with CVG, Gibeau comments "we're always going to be in the new IP business". Following up with, "I figure we'll probably be doing one to two new IPs a year as far..

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