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  • News Mass Effect 3 Sells Nearly 900k Units in First 24 Hours

    Shepard's sailing high

    Looks like EA’s hard work promoting Mass Effect 3 has paid off pretty well for the publisher — reports spilling out of VentureBeat suggest that the RPG threequel sold a whopping 890k units in its first 24 hours on sale. That’s in the United States alone, by the way. It’s safe to assume that the title’s already...

  • News Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Announced for June

    Practice your CQC

    The second major Battlefield 3 DLC pack is due in June, DICE has announced. Entitled Close Quarters, the expansion will bundle four maps, 10 weapons and, sadly, no vehicles – we suppose the title was chosen for a reason. DICE also announced that the game will get two more packs beyond its June expansion: Armour Kill and End Game...

  • News Actor Accidentally Outs Army of Four

    Double date

    Speculation about Army of Four is nothing new. The hypothetical sequel to the surprisingly popular Army of Two series has been on the cards for as long as we can remember, but we might have finally gotten our first indication that the title is imminent. Stargate: Atlantis actor Joe Flanigan tweeted over the weekend: Just signed on to do...

  • News Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer Takes Off

    Once more with feeling

    EA’s dropped a brand new Mass Effect 3 trailer ahead of next week’s release. The footage is suitably epic, packed with shooting, dialogue snippets and sex scenes. Oh don’t act so surprised — this is Mass Effect after all. Catch the trailer below, and feel the bitter burn of hype. Who’s excited?


  • News Mass Effect 3 Console Armour Comes with DLC

    Stretching EA's strategy

    Do you ever fear for your precious PlayStation 3? Are you worried it might get caught in the crossfire when the Reapers eventually arrive next month? Well worry not – EA’s got your console covered with this trendy set of armour based on Commander Shepard’s outfit from Mass Effect 3. Not only does the hub promise to...

  • News First Kingdoms of Amalur DLC Announced

    Kenan & Kel

    EA’s announced the first set of DLC for the recently released action RPG, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The expansion – named The Legend of Dead Kel – will launch on 20th March on the PlayStation Network. The pack will include a new area equivalent to approximately 15% of the main game world. Elsewhere, the DLC promises new items,...

  • News GAME Not Stocking Mass Effect 3

    Finishing the fight

    The woes for UK retailer GAME continue, with reports circulating that the publisher will not be carrying Mass Effect 3 or any EA titles beyond this week’s SSX. Eurogamer.net reports that if you have a pre-order placed for Mass Effect 3 at a GAME store, you’ll be able to claim it back as in-store credit. Apparently the store...

  • News Medal of Honor: Warfighter to Include Hardcore Mode

    One shot

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s aiming to steer the first-person shooter genre in a more realistic direction – by including an extremely challenging hardcore mode. Hardcore mode is inspired by real-life where one shot means you’ve pretty much had it. There’s no respawn points in real war, folks. According to CVG, the game will also...

  • News Live Action Mass Effect 3 Trailer Debuts

    Save us Shepard

    This live action Mass Effect 3 trailer is largely what you’d expect; a cinematic soundtrack backs scenes of desperate families in tears as the Reapers arrive. There’s no need to worry though, because Commander Shepard’s on the scene. Come on – we don’t even need to play Mass Effect 3 to know everything will be ok. It will...

  • News Visceral's Jack the Ripper Game Could Have Been Great

    Wasn't to be

    Shortly after putting a big bloody bow on the original Dead Space, Visceral Games started work on a new title called The Ripper. The title was being designed for HD consoles – like the PlayStation 3 – and starred London’s most mysterious murderer, Jack the Ripper, working as a vampire hunter. The project was never properly...

  • News DICE Details Jumbo Update for Battlefield 3

    Almost ready for deployment

    Amidst threats of blackouts from the Battlefield 3 community, DICE has released a dissertation-like list of “confirmed tweaks and changes” heading to the game. There’s currently no date attached to the patch, but the developer promises it’s coming soon. The list is extremely comprehensive – and specific – so...

  • News Pre-order Mass Effect 3 from PSN for Exclusive Goodies

    Finish the fight digitally

    Mass Effect 3’s officially marking the transition into multiplatform series with a release day PlayStation Network release. Sony and BioWare’s announced that the upcoming sequel is available to pre-order from the PlayStation Store now. Plump up for the digital release and you’ll scoop the exclusive M55 Argus rifle...

  • News SSX Scales Antarctica in New Trailer

    Snow cold

    We're about to send a chill up your spine. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in a warm living room or office as you read this, the sight of SSX’s beautifully rendered snow should be enough to set your teeth chattering and goose bumps bulging. The game looks good though doesn’t it? It’s out next week.

  • News EA Job Ad Hints at Crysis 3

    But can your console run it?

    What did we say earlier about job ads leading to leaks? Someone get EA on the phone, because the US mega publisher is the latest to fall foul of the media’s eager eyes. A job listing spotted by AllGamesBeta has hinted at the development of Crysis 3. The ad – which calls for a Video Director – states that the job...

  • News Take Back Earth in Mass Effect 3

    Our last hope

    If you weren’t ready for Mass Effect 3 before, this gorgeous CG trailer should get you in the mood. It shows the Reapers arriving on Earth. Thankfully, Commander Shepard’s around to kick some tail. The game’s out next month. Who’s excited?

  • News Embrace the Cold with SSX Demo Next Week


    SSX creative director, Todd Batty, has revealed that a demo for the divisive snowboarding reboot will drop onto the PlayStation Store next week. Download the taster and you’ll get to sample four events as character Zoe. Encourage a friend to check out the demo and you’ll also unlock access to a second character called Mac. The full...

  • News Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Storms the UK Charts

    Sitting pretty

    The EA Partners published Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has rushed straight to the top of the UK charts this week, beating out tough competition from the gruesome Darkness II and last week’s champ, Final Fantasy XIII-2. According to Chart Track data, it’s the first new RPG series to debut at number one since Pokemon Red nearly 12...

  • News Mass Effect 3 Trailer Proves FemShep Is the Only Way to Play

    Sultry dialect

    Mass Effect’s a good series if you play as the bog-standard bloke Shepard, but it’s even better when you open your eyes to FemShep. Lovingly named by fans of the franchise, FemShep is voiced by the wonderful Jennifer Hale, who brings new depth to the character beyond the rough and ready male alternative. Belatedly acknowledging...

  • News New Medal of Honor Comes Out Guns Blazing Next Month

    Tier one

    Remember that magazine teaser we posted yesterday? Yeah, it’s hinting at EA’s next Medal of Honor game. How do we know? Because Kotaku’s just received an invite to an exclusive Medal of Honor press event scheduled to take place in the US on 6th March. Incidentally, that’s the same day that the aforementioned magazine's latest issue...

  • News Latest Battlefield 3 Patch Solves Communication Woes

    Now everyone can hear you scream

    Being a tactical game, communication is a pretty important component of Battlefield 3. Unsurprisingly, players were pretty miffed when the game shipped with shoddy voice chat quality, making communication between teams pretty much impossible. But, as promised, DICE has finally solved the issue – updating the game to version 1.06 in the process. The patch – which..

  • News PSM3 Magazine Teases Mysterious Shooter Sequel

    Lock and load

    British PlayStation magazine, PSM3, is teasing the imminent announcement of a mysterious shooter sequel in its latest issue. The single page preview features an image of two bullets facing down and includes the text, “An exclusive look at one of 2012’s hottest shooters”. What could the game be? Our guess is the follow-up to...

  • News Syndicate to Launch Without Online Pass

    Fight back

    Just when you thought online passes were the norm for all new EA releases, Syndicate comes along and breaks the rules all over again. The publisher has confirmed that the upcoming first-person shooter reboot will ship without the used games prevention measure because it wants to lower the barrier of entry for the game’s multiplayer...





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