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  • News American McGee Wants to Bring Back Alice

    Curiouser and curiouser

    American McGee’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s seminal novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has forever divided opinion, but its twisted take on an otherwise whimsical universe remains somewhat iconic – even though it’s been almost seven years since the second game, Alice: Madness Returns, released on the...

  • News Burnout Paradise PS4 Remaster Listed by Yet Another Online Retailer

    Driving us crazy

    There's still no official word on Burnout Paradise heading to PS4, but this is one rumoured game that just won't go away. More smoke has been discovered in the form of another retailer listing the title as 'Burnout Paradise HD', with a release date of 30th March. The price in this instance is £39.99 RRP. Again, EA has said nothing...

  • News Fe May Ship with Some Form of In-Game Purchases

    Update: Developer Zoink denies

    Update: Zoink says there are no in-game purchases in Fe: And breathe! Original Article: Goddammit! Remember in yesterday's article where we hoped and prayed that Fe, next month's EA Originals title, wouldn't ship with lootboxes or any type of microtransactions? Well, it appears that was all in vain. The...

  • News Burnout Paradise Remaster Rumours Strengthen as Japan Gets a PS4 Release Date

    Start your engines

    It wasn't that long ago that rumours were swirling around a remastered version of Criterion's open world racer, Burnout Paradise. According to Gematsu, it seems the rumours are accurate, at least in Japan. The site states the PS4 remaster will release in the East on 16th March, which roughly tallies with the previous rumoured...

  • News Online Free Roam Heading to Need for Speed Payback in 2018

    Happy New Goodyear

    Need for Speed Payback is to be updated with a whole new way to play, according to a tweet from yesterday afternoon. Online free roaming will be added to the game for free later this year. At this stage, there's really not much else to report. We imagine there will be more information as the release draws near, but we doubt...







  • News The Sims 4 Queues Up Some Tasks on PS4 This Year

    What's that in Simlish?

    The Sims 4 is coming to the PlayStation 4. Surprise! EA Games’ simulation will try to make virtual friends from 17th November, and it marks the first time the series will have appeared on Sony’s new-gen system. The game first launched on the PC as far as back as 2014, so this has been a long time coming. You can check...

  • News Need for Speed Payback Has the Dumbest Pre-Order Bonus

    Holy smokes

    Exclusive platinum blue tire smoke. That’s what you’ll get if you pre-order forthcoming Fast & Furious-inspired racer Need for Speed Payback from Australian retailer EB Games – and practically any other store. You’ll also get the Platinum Car Pack, of course – which comprises five exclusive vehicles including the Dodge...

  • News Star Wars Battlefront 2 Is Talking a Good Single Player Story

    But will it deliver?

    One thing’s for sure: EA Games is taking this Star Wars Battlefront 2 single player thing seriously. It’s working with LucasFilm to create a campaign that actually bridges the gap between movies, and this behind-the-scenes look at the story mode – featuring interviews with actors, actresses, and writers – illustrates how...

  • News ANTHEM Trailer Causes Controversy with Mocked PlayStation Prompts

    The horror! The horror

    Sony has uploaded an ANTHEM trailer to its YouTube channel featuring the same gameplay footage that was showcased at Microsoft’s E3 briefing last month – but with PlayStation button prompts overlaid. Before anyone freaks out: EA will have doctored this footage in order for it to feature on the official PlayStation...





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