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Review: Unravel (PS4)

Unravel (PS4)

No strings attached

Pretty much from the moment that Coldwood Interactive's creative director, Martin Sahlin, took to the stage during EA's E3 2015 press conference, we had a good feeling about Unravel. Sure, Sahlin was very visibly nervous, but it was in an endearing way, and if anything, made our early impressions of the game even more positive...

News: EA's Social Media Accounts Are Being Spammed by Skate Fans

EA's Social Media Accounts Are Being Spammed by Skate Fans

Skate or die

Skate fans are desperate for a new entry in the skateboarding simulation series, and they're doing everything within their power to get it made. The company's Instagram page, which has almost a million followers, is getting bombarded by eager 'boarders who want their favourite franchise to make a comeback. For example, an innocent...

News: EA Withdraws from E3 2016 Showfloor

EA Withdraws from E3 2016 Showfloor

Opts for its own event instead

This week has been packed to the rafters with unexpected announcements, and here's another headline that we weren't anticipating: Electronic Arts will not be present on the show floor at E3 2016. The mega publisher is instead opting to invite fans to a new PlayStation Experience-esque public showcase, which will run...

Review: Star Wars Battlefront (PS4)

Star Wars Battlefront (PS4)

Yavin a good time

With many excellent Star Wars games committed to gaming history, it's unfortunate that the last five years or so have been a bit of a disappointment. A trend towards mobile games and titles targeting a younger demographic has left many yearning for a Star Wars game that can stand alongside classics such as TIE Fighter, Knights of...