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  • Video Having a Ball with Titanfall 2 on PS4

    Drop a Titan on it

    Have you seen Titanfall 2? Well, you can have no excuses this time, as the sequel is out today on the PlayStation 4. While it's shaping up to be one of the most muted launches of the year, we still wanted to put the sequel through its paces. You can catch about an hour of archived gameplay from our livestream embedded above.

  • Round Up Titanfall 2 PS4 Reviews Fall from the Sky

    EA we go again

    Another week, another critically acclaimed first-person shooter from EA. Titanfall 2 will finally mech a mess of the PlayStation 4 this week – not that anyone cares what with it being sandwiched between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Apparently it's really good, though. Honest. We'll confirm when we actually,...

  • News Titanfall 2 Runs Better and Looks Better on PS4 Pro


    Respawn Entertainment didn't get a whole lot of time with the PlayStation 4 Pro, but it's still managed to ensure that Titanfall 2 takes advantage of the new hardware. Speaking with Stevivor, executive producer Drew McCoy revealed that the game – launching two weeks before the brand new box – will utilise the added horsepower of the...

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    Review Battlefield 1

    Over the top

    As one of the deadliest conflicts in human history, World War I had a massive impact on the twentieth century. Not only did both sides suffer an absolutely horrific number of casualties, but the geo-political upheaval it caused planted seeds of division that would resonate throughout the century to come. With the "bad guys" of the...

  • News This Battlefield 1 PS4 Controller's Pretty Rad

    Post-traumatic DualShock

    Vulpe Andrei is a console modding maniac, and to celebrate the release of Battlefield 1 this week, he just couldn't resist reconstructing his DualShock 4 with a World War I theme. The appliance architect has taken Sony's handset, and furnished it with studs, metal, and rusted buttons. It doesn't look massively comfortable...

  • News Titanfall 2's Campaign Is All About Bromance Between Man and 'Bot

    Best buds

    Jack Cooper is Titanfall 2's lead character, and from where we're sitting, he's just about as generic as protagonists come. Voiced by Troy Baker and sporting rough yet stylish facial hair, let's just say that we don't think he'll be remembered as an iconic video game hero. That said, he does have one reasonably unique attribute in that...

  • News Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition Arrives from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

    Bundles in all DLC

    Battlefield 1 may be DICE's big release for the holidays, but that's not going to stop it from giving Star Wars Battlefront another push. Amazon has listed a $39.99 Ultimate Edition of the licensed outing which is set to deploy on 18th November in North America. It'll launch with every piece of DLC thus far, including content from...

  • Round Up Battlefield 1 PS4 Reviews Storm the Trenches

    The waiting game

    World War I may have been Hell on Earth, but Battlefield 1 looks like it's anything but. Reviews are rolling in for DICE's eagerly anticipated first-person shooter, and they're already looking pretty bloody promising. Our review is still forthcoming, so while you wait for that all-important Push Square seal of approval, here's...

  • News Battlefield 1's Trophies Won't Be Hell to Unlock

    Call of duty

    World War I was Hell on Earth, but you won't necessarily need to suffer to earn all of Battlefield 1's Trophies. Online now ahead of the anticipated shooter's release next week, you'll earn trinkets for trying out each of the game's classes, and completing the campaign. You'll need to grab all of the Codex Entries in each story...

  • News Titanfall 2 Is Really Pushing Its Single Player Campaign

    Mech it happen

    Respawn Entertainment really wants to you to care about Titanfall 2's single player offering, to the point there it's released a another trailer dedicated to the futuristic shooter's campaign. There's quite a lot of gameplay stuffed into this three minute video, alongside some developer interview snippets which reveal information on...

  • News Has Mass Effect Andromeda's PS4 Release Date Fallen into Focus?

    Geth a load of this

    Mass Effect Andromeda is never coming out – at this juncture, we're convinced that BioWare employees are merely going to continue tweeting about how amazing it is until the end of time. Still, we suppose the title did put in an appearance during Sony's big PlayStation 4 Pro press conference, and there's also N7 Day and...




  • News Star Wars Battlefront's Final DLC Will Be Rogue One Themed

    We shall fight on the beaches

    Star Wars Battlefront's final expansion pack – due this Holiday after the upcoming Death Star add-on – will be based upon the forthcoming Rogue One movie. The tidbit was confirmed at Star Wars Celebration this weekend, with confirmation that Scarif – the movie's tropical location – will be used as the basis for...

  • News Amy Hennig's Star Wars Game Sounds a Lot Like Uncharted


    Amy Hennig played a huge role in the success of the Uncharted series, so it's no real surprise to learn that the Star Wars game which she's working on with Dead Space developer Visceral sounds a lot like Nate Drake's escapades. In fact, speaking during a panel at Star Wars Celebration, the creative director admitted that her approach to...

  • News Star Wars Battlefront Feels the Force with Offline Mode on PS4

    Entering hyperdrive next week

    Remember when Star Wars Battlefront was considered a hotly anticipated game? Yeah, us neither – but it's still somewhat popular we suppose. And credit to developer DICE, it's been supporting the first-person shooter intensely since launch, with a new Skirmish mode set to be added for free starting 20th July. This...

  • News PS4 Shooter Battlefield 1 to Launch with 10 Maps

    Multiplayer modes and more leaked

    Battlefield 1's pre-release beta has been data-mined by people with too much time on their hands, so EA and DICE's marketing plans are now more or less in tatters. This isn't any old leak: practically every detail about the first-person shooter has been posted on Reddit, from its list of weapons right the way...






  • News Titanfall 2 Is Starting to Pop Up in Shops

    Dropping a titan on PS4 this time

    It looks like Titanfall 2 will be announced imminently, as eagle-eyed NeoGAF users have noticed that the title is starting to appear in shops. An image of a GameStop display stand shows placeholder art from the forthcoming sequel nestled curiously atop a PlayStation 3 shelf. That's probably not an indication of...

  • Rumour Could Battlefield 5 Whisk You Back to World War I?

    War never changes

    Here's an interesting rumour: Battlefield 5 may take place during World War I. That, at least, is what one Swiss retailer thinks, listing the game as a "multiplayer tactical shooter" set during the aforementioned time period. World of Games – the store in question – has since edited the page, but has left in a 26th October...

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    Review Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

    Behind enemy vines

    Popcap has taken control of the plantation again with a sequel to the much-loved Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. We really liked the original release, praising its ability to "stay true to its roots" while still offering an olive branch to new audiences by "switching up the franchise's familiar format". But by returning to the...

  • News Star Wars Battlefront Powers Up with New Map and Mode

    Wookie here

    Star Wars Battlefront's doing the whole "update" thing today, with its February patch bringing both new content and fixes for existing issues. The free download – which isn't available on the PlayStation 4 at the time of typing, but should deploy soon – includes a fresh map set on Hoth named Twilight, as well as a new mission...

  • Round Up Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 PS4 Reviews Start to Sprout

    Green, green grass of dope

    Critics have started slathering fertiliser on top of their Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 reviews, and we're starting to see the fruits of their labour. A handful of American sites have published reviews for the under-the-radar floral-based foray today, and because we haven't got our copy yet, we've planted them...

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    Review Unravel

    No strings attached

    Pretty much from the moment that Coldwood Interactive's creative director, Martin Sahlin, took to the stage during EA's E3 2015 press conference, we had a good feeling about Unravel. Sure, Sahlin was very visibly nervous, but it was in an endearing way, and if anything, made our early impressions of the game even more positive...

  • News EA's Social Media Accounts Are Being Spammed by Skate Fans

    Skate or die

    Skate fans are desperate for a new entry in the skateboarding simulation series, and they're doing everything within their power to get it made. The company's Instagram page, which has almost a million followers, is getting bombarded by eager 'boarders who want their favourite franchise to make a comeback. For example, an innocent...

  • Round Up Unravel PS4 Reviews Reveal EA's Epic Yarn

    String thing

    Yarny, the now iconic Unravel protagonist, stole hearts at E3 last year – and he's about to, well, unravel his inaugural yarn on your PlayStation 4. EA opted not to send us this one, so you're going to have to make do with other assessments until we post our own. The response seems mixed, mind – as you may have anticipated...

  • News Titanfall 2 Will Feature a Grounded, Dirty Single Player Campaign on PS4

    Where science meets magic, apparently

    Unlike its predecessor, Titanfall 2 will feature a single player campaign. That's according to an article penned by a Forbes contributor, who spoke with lead writer Jesse Stern. If accurate, the plot promises a modern re-imagining of the American Revolution and the American Civil War in space. "What inspires...

  • News Find Your Faith with Mirror's Edge Catalyst Story Trailer

    Heart of glass

    The marketing cycle is back in full motion for Mirror's Edge Catalyst, one of this author's most anticipated games of 2016. In addition to beta sign-ups, DICE has deployed a brand new story trailer for the long-overdue PlayStation 4 prequel. In it, we meet some of the uber-trendy characters from the title's wider cast, while also...

  • News Be in the Running for a Mirror's Edge Catalyst PS4 Beta Code

    Leg it

    Can't wait to stomp the reflective rooftops of the City of Glass? Good news: Mirror's Edge Catalyst is getting a PlayStation 4 beta, and you can register to partake in the online stress test through here. Presumably this will be designed to test the load of the title's online leaderboards, as there's no multiplayer component that we're...


  • News Amy Hennig's Star Wars Is Still in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

    Jabba the Gutted

    Upon leaving Naughty Dog, the mastermind behind Uncharted, Amy Hennig, started work at Visceral Games, where she's developing a brand new Star Wars game. But speaking to shareholders, publisher EA has warned that it may yet be a few years away. "We are obviously announcing that we are investing in some action-based SKUs by...

  • News Titanfall 2 to Take the PS4 by Storm Prior to April 2017

    But have you seen it?

    Remember when Titanfall was billed as this revolutionary, mind-bogglingly amazing exclusive that was going to bless us all with its Biblical brilliance? Yeah, consumers kinda dropped a titan on that big load of bunk. But we're being a bit unkind: the game was good – very good, in fact – but like so many new properties it...

  • News Mass Effect Andromeda Will Crash Land on PS4 Soon

    Geth in

    Expect aliens, dialogue wheels, and interspecies bonking fairly soon, as Mass Effect Andromeda is travelling at the speed of light to a PlayStation 4 near you. EA has confirmed as part of its dreadfully dull investor's meeting that the space-based role-playing game is just one mass relay away from entering your machine – or, to put that in...

  • News EA Withdraws from E3 2016 Showfloor

    Opts for its own event instead

    This week has been packed to the rafters with unexpected announcements, and here's another headline that we weren't anticipating: Electronic Arts will not be present on the show floor at E3 2016. The mega publisher is instead opting to invite fans to a new PlayStation Experience-esque public showcase, which will run...

  • News EA to Force Push Free Content to Star Wars Battlefront Tomorrow

    The Hutt

    EA will be expanding upon Star Wars Battlefront's meagre pickings from tomorrow, adding Private Matches, Daily Challenges, and new Hoth-themed outfits for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo starting tomorrow. In addition, the Tatooine Survival Map will soon support the Blast, Droid Run, Drop Zone, Hero Hunt, and Heroes vs Villains multiplayer...

  • News You Can Grab the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Beta on PS4 Right Now

    Sowing the seeds

    Wow, there certainly are a lot of betas wandering onto the PlayStation 4 aren't there? The latest one to hit Sony's machine is Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2's open multiplayer beta, which you can download right now from the PlayStation Store. It only lasts until the 18th January, though, so you'll have to get stuck in...

  • News Mass Effect: Andromeda Is in a Playable Form Right Now

    Still on target for late 2016

    We'll be the first to admit that this isn't a huge slice of news - especially when it originates from a series of BioWare employee tweets - but it would appear that Mass Effect: Andromeda is now playable, at least to some degree. In other words, the game's development cycle is supposedly going smoothly. "Just...

  • News Key BioWare Developer Leaves Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Making sense of the stars

    Chris Wynn, otherwise known as Mass Effect: Andromeda's senior development director, has ended his career at BioWare. Wynn was originally taken on by the developer in 2013 to help with the upcoming sci-fi project. So, what does this mean for the highly anticipated role-playing release? Thankfully, according to the...


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