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  • News Mad Dog McCree Moves onto PlayStation 3 Next Week


    Whip out your cowboy hat and spurred boots, because Mad Dog McCree is moseying its way onto the North American PlayStation Network next week. The iffy FMV sharpshooter will join the previously released Fast Draw Showdown on 22nd January, and will boast full PlayStation Move compatibility, in addition to an “all-new scoring system” and...


  • News Win Fast Draw Showdown in Our Quick Fire Contest!

    Fingers at the ready

    Fast Draw Showdown is available in the PlayStation Store right now for North American readers, but if your finger has been hovering over the Buy button without ever squeezing the trigger, we have a contest that's just for you. Thanks to Digital Leisure we have three copies of the game to give away to anyone with a North American...

  • News Fast Draw Showdown Moseys on Down on 19th July


    Digital Leisure's already released Fast Draw Showdown on WiiWare, but it's ready to reload and take a shot at PlayStation Network on Tuesday. The enhanced version of Fast Draw Showdown launches in North America for $9.99, with all the content of the original release as well as some brand new stuff too, including online leaderboards, Trophy...