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Review: Downwell (PS4)

Downwell (PS4)

My feet are killing you

Well, well, well – if game juice were a real beverage, then Downwell would be the Um Bongo of the fruit flavoured sugar water world. This descend-'em-up by Japanese indie Moppin sees you – and we're quoting the official website here – assume the role of a "young man with gun-boots". The gelatinous protagonist looks...

Review: Enter the Gungeon (PS4)

Enter the Gungeon (PS4)

You're fired

Releasing an indie roguelike in 2016 is tough. There are already several almost perfect and incredibly popular entries in the genre floating around in the wild. Indeed, not only is the market flooded, it's flooded with liquid gold. Thankfully, Enter the Gungeon not only borrows good ideas from its peers, it also plays enough new tricks...

Review: Broforce (PS4)

Broforce (PS4)


If there's one thing that the United States has primarily contributed toward the betterment of society, there's no shadow of a doubt that it's 80s and 90s action flicks. Filled to the brim with fearless heroes killing innumerable amounts of communist fascists, terrorist scum, and extra-terrestrial threats, few can resist a...

Review: Not a Hero (PS4)

Not a Hero (PS4)

Diplomatic immunity

Aptly titled, Not a Hero is a charismatic, side-scrolling shoot-'em-up in which you massacre mobsters, thugs, and other underworld villains in the name of BunnyLord – an anthropomorphic purple rabbit who is currently running for mayor. Phew. The title's core gameplay, on the other hand, isn't all that strange. First and...

Review: Hatoful Boyfriend (PS4)

Hatoful Boyfriend (PS4)

Somebirdie to love

In the opening scene of Hatoful Boyfriend – the PlayStation 4's premiere pigeon dating simulator – its main character Hiyoko Tosaka attempts to describe the school that she attends. "It's a long story," she laments, before quickly giving up. If you want to see everything that this bizarre title has to offer, you'll have to...

Review: Titan Souls (PlayStation 4)

Titan Souls (PlayStation 4)

Fall of the Titans

There are people that would say that you deserve to die if you go on your monster-squashing quest armed with nothing but a single arrow, a pink bow in your hair, and a backpack filled with only the finest Waitrose-branded good intentions. Titan Souls doesn't have a story, but it improves the game tenfold if you view it as a fable...

News: Pigeon Dating Sim Hatoful Boyfriend Flaps onto PS4 and Vita Next Year

Pigeon Dating Sim Hatoful Boyfriend Flaps onto PS4 and Vita Next Year

Woo-ing you

When the visual novel Hatoful Boyfriend was launched in Japan by Hato Moa, many brushed the pigeon hook-up sim aside. Devolver Digital, however, grabbed the bird by the wings – and following a successful launch on Steam earlier in the year, it'll be flying onto the PlayStation 4 and Vita in 2015. This isn't an early April fools' day...