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  • News Quantic Dream's David Cage Remembers 2012's Kara Tech Demo

    Becoming human

    All the way back in 2012, French developer Quantic Dream released a tech demo called Kara running in realtime on the PlayStation 3. It wasn’t a game back then: it was the Parisian studio showing what it could do with Sony’s hardware, but it would eventually form the foundations of Detroit: Become Human – the firm’s third...





  • News David Cage Details the Death That Shaped Beyond: Two Souls

    Quiet contemplation

    Every blockbuster demands a documentary video series, and Sony has kickstarted Beyond: Two Souls’ behind the scenes promotional campaign with this clip starring divisive director David Cage. In it, the luminary reveals that the inspiration behind the title was triggered by a death in his family. “I was confronted with a loss...





  • News David Cage Dubs Beyond's Engine Switch "Totally Absurd"

    Where there's no sense, there's no feeling

    Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream has officially gone mad. Chatting with Shack News, head honcho David Cage has admitted that creating a new engine for the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls was probably not the company’s best idea – but it went ahead and did it anyway. “Does it make sense from a company...


  • News David Cage: I Wish I Could Say Nothing About Beyond

    Keeping secrets

    Quantic Dream's eccentric head honcho David Cage is keen to keep Beyond: Two Souls spoilers under wraps – to the point where he’d rather not talk about the game at all. Speaking with the PlayStation Blog in an interview published earlier today, the likeable director explained: “Like other game creators, I wish I could say...


  • News Beyond's Script Is 2,000 Pages Long

    How many words is that?

    We thought our University dissertation – which clocked in at just under 200 pages for all four of you curious – was a whopping hunk of content, but it turns out that David Cage is the master of racking up a word count. The ambitious writer has revealed during a GamesCom panel that upcoming PS3 exclusive Beyond’s script...


  • News David Cage Aims to Surprise Gamers with Beyond

    Talking in riddles

    Quantic Dream’s David Cage hopes to challenge our minds with the upcoming PS3 exclusive, Beyond. Chatting with EDGE Magazine, the outspoken developer explained that he is not interested in giving players “fun”, but instead hopes to offer “meaning”. Clearly, he’s got his philosophical hat on again. "My goal is to...






  • News David Cage Talks Motion Controls & Creativity

    David Cage will release his first, fully-supported motion control game soon; it may not be a new title, but Heavy Rain will be considered as one of the first "hardcore" titles to make use of Sony's new PlayStation Move controller

    Cage thinks that motion controls have the potential to appeal to the mainstream, but he also told Eurogamer that “getting more people to play tennis” is not very..



  • News David Cage Frustrated By Microsoft's "Sci-Fi" Natal Showcase

    Remember when everyone went insane about five minutes after E3? "Oh man," they screamed, "Microsoft's created virtual life and science fiction technology via the XBOX 360

    " Yeah - a PR masterpiece. The initial Project Natal showcase - Microsoft's controller-less gaming solution - was a bunch of smoke and mirrors, but it took most people a while to catch on. Not Heavy Rain mastermind David..