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  • News PES 2016 Finally Gets Its Roster Update Next Month

    Booked for time-wasting

    Back when we reviewed PES 2016 in September, we said that it was an excellent football game - its only real weaknesses being its unlicensed teams and the fact that its roster was based on last season's squads. For example, that money-grabbing Sterling was still disgracing Liverpool's teamsheet. A roster update, titled Data...

  • Guide How to Beat Bloodborne: The Old Hunters' Bosses

    A hunter's nightmare

    Bloodborne is back with The Old Hunters, a brutal but brilliant slice of post-release content that not only massively expands upon the release's arsenal but also includes new environments and, of course, boss battles. Following on from our coverage earlier in the year we've decided to put together a guide for all five of the...

  • 50


    Review Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

    Byrgenwerth it

    And so another yarn has arrived from Yharnam just in time to remind us why Bloodborne is one of the best games of the year. The Old Hunters is a full-blooded expansion, boasting nightmarish new environments and a bevy of brutal beasts to slaughter, but it's the vast array of original equipment that will have moon slaves practically...

  • News Rocket League Returns with Free PS4 Wasteland Arena

    Mad match

    The gift that keeps giving is about to go a bit Mad Max, as Rocket League is gearing up for the release of its first "non-regulation" arena, Wasteland. This new pitch – which will be free for all players – is bigger than previous stadiums, and features irregular boost placements. It's also sloped around the perimeter, making matches...

  • News This Is Your Last Chance to Get Tales of Zestiria's Free DLC Chapter

    You don't even need the game to download it

    We quite like Tales of Zestiria, so we reckon that it'd be a shame if some of you lot missed out on its free downloadable content. Alisha's Story is an additional chapter that focusses on, you guessed it, Alisha, the spear wielding princess - and it's only freely available until tomorrow in Europe. In...

  • News Transforming Schoolgirls Strike Dead or Alive 5 with New Costume Crossover


    School Girl Strikers is a Japanese mobile game that sees players collect cards of transforming schoolgirls and battle with them. In other words, it's exactly the kind of property that you'd expect Dead or Alive 5: Last Round to collaborate with. The majority of the brawler's female characters get their own outfit with this latest pack,...

  • News What Do You Get in Star Wars Battlefront's Season Pass?

    Early access to four expansions

    Ah, the obligatory season pass – it'd take a force greater than nature itself for Star Wars Battlefront to forgo one. As it happens, EA Games has announced the £39.99/$49.99 upgrade just days ahead of the PlayStation 4 blockbuster's release – so what does it include? Well, the main selling point appears to be...

  • News Rainbow Six: Siege's Season Pass Isn't Very Explosive

    No bang for your buck

    Okay, so if you didn't already know, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege is getting a year's worth of free downloadable content. Maps, new characters, and so on will be released bit by bit over the next 12 months - and that's pretty cool. Ubisoft's tying a season pass into the equation, though, which complicates things ever so...

  • News Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Summons a Season Pass on PS4

    Costumes and extra scenarios up for grabs

    We'd probably be playing - or at least be close to playing - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 right now if it hadn't been delayed into next year. The shinobi-on-shinobi brawler is slated to launch on the 9th February here in the West, and it looks like a season pass will be available alongside the...


  • News Most of Rock Band 4's Legacy DLC Delayed in Europe

    Bum note

    European PlayStation players haven't had the best relationship with Sony in recent times, mainly due to late Store Updates and PlayStation Plus releases. Now, they have another reason to be mad, as EU Rock Band 4 owners can't seem to access over half of the Legacy DLC that launched last week – despite all of the DLC being available on...

  • News How Will You Access Bloodborne: The Old Hunters on PS4?

    Pretty easily, actually

    We love Bloodborne here at Push Square Towers, but it can be a pretty convoluted game. It wouldn't come as a massive surprise to us if upcoming expansion Bloodborne: The Old Hunters was a challenge to access, then – but according to a Q&A on the official PlayStation website, you'll be able to get to the new content...

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