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    Review Earth Defense Force 2025

    Alien ant harm

    The biggest bugs in Earth Defense Force 2025 are not the iconic silver-backed ants that grace its outrageously ostentatious box art. The latest entry in Sandlot’s cult co-operative shooter series is a technical disaster, running a gamut of performance blunders larger than its colossal robotic adversaries. However, franchise fans...



  • News Earth Defense Force 2017 Protecting North American Vitas

    A bug's life

    To celebrate the release of Earth Defense Forces 3 Portable in Japan, D3 Publisher has announced that the game’s heading overseas. Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable – as it will be named on Western shores – will arrive on North American consoles at some point in the near future. Unfortunately, the company has yet to announce a...

  • News Earth Defense Forces 4 Protects PS3 Next Year

    More buggy antics

    The upcoming PlayStation Vita port of Earth Defense Forces 3 clearly isn’t enough to sate Japan’s hunger for oversized bugs – series overlord D3Publisher has announced that follow-up Earth Defense Forces 4 is also currently in development for PS3. The sequel promises to stick closely to the blueprint of previous entries,...



  • News Watch This Earth Defense Forces 3 Portable Trailer

    One, two, flea

    If you’re still getting antsy over the lack of PlayStation Vita content, then this Earth Defense Forces 3 Portable trailer should help to improve your mood. The locust port includes lice HD visuals and thousands of weevil bugs to swat on the move. The game's due out later this year in Japan. We promise not to use another pun until...

  • News Earth Defense Forces 3 Portable Announced for Vita

    Bug's life

    As teased yesterday, Earth Defense Forces 3 Portable is officially heading to PlayStation Vita. The updated port of the Xbox 360 exclusive is set to release in Japan later this year, and will boast full four-player co-operative multiplayer via ad-hoc and online. In Japan, the game will retail for ¥6,090 on its own, or as part of a...

  • News Earth Defense Force Protecting Vita This Fall

    Fly swat

    D3 Publisher has announced that it’s bringing a new Earth Defense Force title to Japanese PlayStation Vitas this fall. Details are scarce, but we’re going to guess the game includes guns and bugs. Lots of bugs.