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  • News Anticipated Indie Title Below Could Come to PS4 in the Future

    Not beneath a PS4 release?

    Announced way back at Microsoft's E3 2013 press conference, the hotly anticipated Below is set to release on the Xbox One and PC at some point this year. However, it appears that director Kris Pitriowski may have plans to release the game on other platforms once its exclusivity period with the Windows family is up. In an...


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    Review Super Time Force Ultra

    A force to be reckoned with

    At its core, Super Time Force Ultra is a heavily addictive side-scrolling shooter, and a great one at that - even without the intuitive Time Out feature. The game is beautifully smooth to play from start to finish; members of the Super Time Force feel responsive and effortless to control, which is somewhat essential given...




  • News Don't Feel Blue, Below Could Come to PlayStation 4 Yet

    What lies below?

    It really doesn’t matter how many Capybara shirts Microsoft's Phil Spencer wears: it's not going to stop hotly anticipated Xbox One indie title Below from deploying on other platforms. In an open letter on its blog, the Canadian outfit explained that the game will “go elsewhere” after a short period of exclusivity. “It’s...