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  • News Merry Christmas! Crytek Closes a Whopping Five Studios

    In Crysis

    Crytek, the major developer perhaps best known for the Crysis series, has broken silence on rumours regarding its inability to pay staff, confirming that it's closing down a whopping five of its wholly owned studios. The move means that its Budapest (Hungary), Sofia (Bulgaria), Seoul (South Korea), Shanghai (China), and Istanbul (Turkey)...

  • News Sony Dismisses Sony Pictures and PlayStation Merger Rumours

    Thank God

    Sony has rubbished rumours that it's on the verge of merging its movie division with its gaming business. The story, which broke on the New York Post, proposes a plan in which the Sony Pictures and Sony Interactive Entertainment subsidiaries would be merged into one entity under the leadership of current PlayStation chief Andrew House...


  • News Sony Profits as PS4 Sales Continue to Surge

    PlayStation offsets earthquake disaster

    Sony is still in the black, though it can thank PlayStation for offsetting the costs inflicted by Japan's recent earthquake disaster. Profits plunged 42 per cent year-over-year in the three month period ending 30th June, with the company racking up ¥56.2 billion ($542 million) in operating income. The...

  • News Pokémon Go Makes Nintendo More Valuable Than Sony

    And we don't just mean the PlayStation business

    Pokémon Go fever is so obnoxiously enormous that even we've been relegated to writing about it, as Nintendo's stock has climbed so high over the past couple of weeks that the company's currently more valuable than Sony. And, to be clear, we're not just talking about the PlayStation division –...


  • News Sony CEO Kaz Hirai Is Absolutely Raking in the Cash

    Exec's salary more than doubles

    According to Variety, ex-PlayStation president and current Sony CEO Kaz Hirai received a salary of $4.9 million for the fiscal year which ended 31st March – more than double his compensation from the previous year. It's the most the company has paid to a CEO since the firm was forced to reveal the wages of its top...

  • E3 2016 Attendance Drops as E3 2017 Is Dated

    Ready to go again?

    Whether you enjoyed E3 2016 or not, we're going to do the whole damn thing all over again next year. The ESA has confirmed that E3 2017 – we suppose we better get the tag ready – will run between 13th June and 17th June in 2017, which is more or less identical to this year's show. That's despite attendance for this year's...


  • News Disney Infinity Dumped as Avalanche Software Shuttered

    Company will license out brands

    Disney Interactive is exiting the video game business for what feels like the umpteenth time. The publisher has announced today that it will no longer self-publish console titles, meaning that it's shuttering Avalanche Software and ditching toys-to-life release Disney Infinity. The latter will result in around 300...



  • News Sony's Doing Pretty Darn Well at the Moment

    Company smashes earnings expectations

    For a huge chunk of this site's life, we've reported on Sony's financial losses. You could guarantee that each quarter without fail, the firm would be in the red. But ever since Kaz Hirai took the helm, the company's trajectory has started to change. And, while it's nowhere near the juggernaut that it once...





  • News It Looks Like Digital Is the Future for Capcom 

    Publisher expects digital sales to take off

    The digital versus retail discussion has been dragging on for years now, but Japanese publisher Capcom is expecting to see an undeniable turn towards the former in the near future. The company reckons that digital sales will count for the majority of its overall unit sales in the fiscal year ending March...





  • Rumour Sony's About to Get Really Aggressive in China

    Business development

    Considering that PlayStation is already enormous in Japan and most of Asia, it was strange to see Sony allow the Xbox One to deploy in China first. Microsoft’s machine launched in the potentially lucrative region earlier in the year, and there’s been very little word from its rival when the PlayStation 4 will follow in its...



  • News Sony's Still Bleeding Money, But PS4's in Beast Mode

    Marathon sprint

    The reason behind Microsoft’s temporary Xbox One price drop is looking clearer by the minute: Sony has now shipped 13.5 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide – and it hasn’t even been out a year yet. The company added 3.3 million units to the system’s total tally in the quarter spanning July to September, boosting game...













  • News Sony Slips Out of Profitability, Adjusts Annual Profits Forecast

    Holding out for a Hirai

    Sony’s brief period of profitability came to a cruel conclusion with its second quarter financial report earlier today, as it posted a net loss of ¥19.3 billion ($197 million) for the period spanning July to September. The company had previously recorded profits of ¥3.5 billion ($35 million) in the first quarter of 2013,...

  • News Sony Reckons That $399 Is the 'Magic Price' for PS4

    It's hard to disagree, isn't it?

    PlayStation 4 pre-orders are staggeringly high. Back at GamesCom in August, manufacturer Sony announced that it had already accrued one million deposits for its next generation console – and Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter now believes that the number has surpassed 1.5 million. But what’s been the...








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