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  • News Instantly Build Your Vita Library with this LEGO Mega Pack Bundle

    Block rocker

    Available this Spring in Europe, Sony's bundling six LEGO games with its lively little handheld, along with a 16GB memory card for the system. If you're not up for adopting another sleek portable device, however, you can pony up for a separate memory card bundle that comes with the same titles and either an 8GB card, or a 16GB one,...









  • News Sony's Considering Multiple PS4 Hardware Packages

    Value added

    To date, Sony’s only really announced one version of the PlayStation 4. The competitively priced $399.99 option includes the console and a DualShock 4, but the platform holder is considering deploying some bigger bundles. In an interview with MCV, SCEE president Jim Ryan added that larger packages are something that the platform...

  • News PlayStation Vita Mega Pack Bundles Outrageous Value

    Pick up an 8GB memory card with 10 free games

    We all know that the price of the PlayStation Vita’s memory cards is an enormous issue, but Sony is attempting to offset the problem by launching a new line of 8GB cards bundling ten downloadable titles. Due out on 21st June in Europe for €39.99, the tempting Mega Pack includes an empty storage...



  • News Sony's Bundling Games with PlayStation Vita Memory Cards

    Added value

    The price of PlayStation Vita memory cards remains a sore point for some people. While the system itself is not particularly expensive for what you get, the storage options – which range anywhere from £15/$20 to £60/$100 – are prohibitively costly. However, it seems that Sony’s hoping to mitigate that issue by bundling digital...

  • News PlayStation Vita Bonus Pack Bundles 32GB Memory Card

    Solving problems

    While the PlayStation Vita is about to get significantly cheaper in its native Japan, the cost of memory cards still remains a problem. However, Sony hopes to rectify that issue by introducing a new ‘Bonus Bundle’ in the region, which includes a 3G console and a 32GB memory card for just ¥24,980 ($269). That’s the same price...

  • News Kratos Will Kill a Kitten If You Ignore This God of War Bundle

    Think about it

    Wannabe deities will be able to augment their shrines with a limited edition God of War: Ascension hardware bundle this March. The package – currently only announced for British-based worshippers – includes a 500GB Classic White PlayStation 3, a copy of the game, and a limited edition DualShock 3. The controller sports the same...


  • News God of War Legacy Bundle Is the Ultimate Gift from the Gods

    True treasure

    If you’re looking for an easy entry into the God of War series, then look no further than Sony’s enormous Legacy Bundle. The hardware package – due out on 12th March in North America – includes a 500GB ‘Garnet Red’ PlayStation 3 Super Slim, a copy of God of War: Ascension, a copy of the God of War: Saga (which features...


  • News Special Metal Gear Rising PS3 Adds a Splash of Blue

    Cut and take it

    We think it’s safe to say that custom console redesigns just don’t work as well with the PlayStation 3 Super Slim. Previous hardware bundles for Yakuza 3 and Ni No Kuni have prompted stunning new styles – making this Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance tie-in look bland by comparison. The console – due out on 21st February in...


  • News New Vita Bundle Includes PS Plus and Unit 13 for $299.99

    Fresh blood

    If you haven’t delved into the wonderful world of PlayStation Vita ownership just yet, Sony has announced a new North American bundle designed to get you on board. The attractive $299.99 package includes a 3G console, a 12 month subscription to PlayStation Plus, a download voucher for Unit 13, and a completely useless 4GB memory card...

  • News Amazon Bundling PlayStation 3 with Vita for £499.99 in UK


    Earlier in the year, Sony stated that it was not averse to the idea of bundling the PlayStation 3 with the Vita. "We'd have nothing against that whatsoever," SCEUK’s Fergal Gara told CVG. "And it's not out of the question that we would do that this Christmas if we wanted to.” It turns out that those weren’t empty words. The UK arm...


  • News Resistance Collection Collates the Chimeran Invasion This Year

    All Hale

    You really can’t argue with the value proposition of some of these PlayStation 3 collections. Over the past couple of months, Sony has bundled up some of its best first-party games – and now Resistance is set to join the reasonably priced party. For just $39.99 you’ll be able to scoop up complete access to Resistance: Fall of Man,...


  • News Wonderbook: Book of Spells Conjures New PS3 Bundles

    A kind of magic

    Wonderbook: Book of Spells is brimming with potential. The augmented reality PlayStation 3 exclusive has the opportunity to tempt both hardcore Harry Potter fanatics and casual gamers alike – assuming Sony gets its marketing department in order. It’s made the first step by announcing that newcomers in Europe will be able to...


  • News Sony Deploys Limited Edition Call of Duty PS3 Bundle


    Call of Duty is the biggest brand in gaming at the moment, and Sony’s latest limited edition PlayStation 3 hardware bundle clearly reflects that fact. Scheduled for release on 25th May in North America, the set bundles a 320GB PS3 with a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for $299. That means you effectively get the game for free. It’s...


  • News GAME Announces First PlayStation Vita Bundles

    The PlayStation Vita is an expensive system, there's no denying that

    Having already got an extensive hands-on with the device, we think it's worth the price of entry — but we can understand some readers being hesitant to splash out the cash, especially with the system's proprietary memory upping the cost quite significantly. Thankfully, British retailer GAME appears to have come up with a..



  • News Harry Potter Heads Up New 3D Themed PlayStation 3 Bundle

    We always suspected Sony would sell more PlayStation 3s if it put more images of Emma Watson on the system's box

    (Pre-horrific haircut, of course.) It's taken a while, but it turns out SCEA's finally gotten the message. The platform holder's announced a new bundle for North America, sporting a 160GB PS3, a Blu-ray edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two in both 2D and 3D, and a..

  • News New Move Bundle Includes Zindagi Double Pack

    Out next week

    Sony America is hoping to entice the Christmas gifters with a new Move bundle that includes two games from motion control experts Zindagi Games. Available next week, the package contains a PlayStation Eye, Move motion controller and copies of Sports Champions and Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest, all for a very reasonable $99.99: not...

  • News Sony Announces New North American PlayStation Move Bundles For The Holidays

    It's hard to believe that it's only been a year since the PlayStation Move hit store-shelves

    The catalogue of supported games has been growing steadily ever since release — and continues to catch steam as the Holidays approach. In order to recognise the abundance of content, SCEA has announced two new PlayStation Move bundles for North America. For existing PlayStation 3 owners, there's a new..





  • News Tiger Woods Gets His Very Own Move Bundle

    Everybody, golf!

    Professional swinger Tiger Woods is about to get his own PlayStation Move bundle, hitting shelves across North America next week. The package contains Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters, a PlayStation Eye camera and PlayStation Move controller. If you're thinking of dropping $99.99 on this bundle, make sure you read our Tiger...


  • Rumour PlayStation 3 To Get Price-Drop At GamesCom In August

    It's not really a rumour is it

    Everyone's expecting the PlayStation 3 to get a price-drop this year, and there's no better positioned event than August's GamesCom. Sony's known for bringing the heat to the European event, while its competitors flounder. Sounds like a no-brainer to us. MCV's got the report, citing a new price-point of between £179.99 and £199.99 will be announced for the PS3 at..



  • News Sega Serves Up a Special Bundle for Virtua Tennis 4

    What a racquet

    Virtua Tennis 4 is on the way to Move in April, and Sega wants to help you get into the swing of things with a new bundle for the game. While we've seen plenty of bundles including Move and the game at hand, Sega's taking a different approach with VT4, bundling the game with two plastic racquet attachments for existing controllers...





  • News Toys 'R' Us Brings Home Exclusive EyePet Move Bundle

    In case Sports Champions just isn't cute enough

    Over in the States, the Move Starter Pack comes with a game, Sports Champions. What if you were after something a bit... well, a bit furrier, really? That's where Toys 'R' Us is coming to the rescue, with an exclusive EyePet: Move Edition bundle on the way. Heading to retail this Friday, the box...








  • News Best Buy Sell Amazing PS3 Bundle, Hint At Stock Clearance

    Bundles usually try to represent some degree of value for money

    But they're usually not all that good. This PS3 bundle from Best Buy bucks the trend. For the price of a standard PS3 you'll not only get a system but you'll also get two of the absolutely best games for it: Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4. That's right kids, for $400 (£250) you'll get an entire 80GB Playstation 3 with two amazing..

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