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  • UK Sales Charts Deus Ex Defeats Zumba Fitness At Last

    Zumba Fitness is at the top of the UK sales charts no more

    It's in second instead. The game was defeated by last week's banner release, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Square Enix's RPG fell 26,000 units short of the lifetime sales for Deus Ex: Invisible War, a number which has probably been eclipsed by the time of writing. The other new entry, 505 Games' Rugby World Cup 2011, debuted in third position..

  • News New SCEE Boss Looking To Improve PS3's Fortunes In The UK

    The UK is somewhat of an anomaly

    While the PlayStation 3 tends to fare strongly around Europe, the UK remains something of a poisoned chalice for the PS3. While successful, the XBOX 360 and Nintendo Wii tend to perform better in the region. This is something new SCEE boss Jim Ryan wants to address. “Getting to £199 is fantastic in the UK. It’s a real milestone. UK is one of the territories..

  • Report PlayStation 3 Sales Up 65% Post-Price Cut

    The effects of last week's PlayStation 3 price-cut have already had an impact on UK retail according to a report by MCV

    The website notes that sales of Sony's premier home system jumped by as much as 65 percent week-on-week following the decision to reposition the system's base model at an RRP of £199.99. It's promising news, especially seeing as Sony only kicked off its new marketing campaign in..

  • UK Sales Charts You Guessed It...

    The Zumba train continues to do what it does best in this week's British sales charts

    That's right, Zumba Fitness has made it thirteen weeks at the top of the UK sales charts. We sense the game's time is up this week though, with the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution teetering on the horizon. Elsewhere, it's pretty much as you were. Hit the jump for the full top-ten. Zumba Fitness (505..

  • News Sony Starts Selling Digital Content In GAME & GameStation

    As of today you'll be able to purchase digital download versions of first-party PlayStation content from British stores GAME and GameStation

    The brick-and-mortar video games retail institution recently started selling digital PC content in store, and will now stock downloadable versions of PlayStation content such as the God Of War Collection and...

  • UK Sales Charts Yup. Zumba Fitness.

    We're starting to wonder if any game will ever dethrone Zumba Fitness

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Maybe. Resistance 3? Possibly. Dead Island? We hope so. It has to happen at some point, right? This is Zumba Fitness' ninth week at the top of the UK sales charts. It's outrageous. Catch the full top-ten after the hop. There's nothing to talk about, because no games are being released. Welcome to the..

  • News Sony To Replace Injured Man's Stolen PlayStation Portable

    Sony's pledged to replace the PlayStation Portable stolen from an injured man during this week's riots across England

    Footage — which has since gone viral — showed an injured young man being helped to his feet by thugs, before having his possessions ruthlessly removed from his rucksack. The man — who's since been identified as Ashraf Haziq, a twenty year-old student from Malaysia — lost his..

  • News Sony Warehouse Set Alight, Likely To Impact Distribution [Updated]

    Sony, as a company, can't seem to catch a break it seems

    The latest disaster to strike the company has left its British distribution warehouse ablaze, as rioters in London once again took to the streets overnight. According to Reuters, the three-storey centre was set-alight late on Monday night. "There will likely be some impact on deliveries," said the company's spokeswoman Yoko..

  • News Updated BBC iPlayer Launches On PlayStation 3

    BBC's upgraded the iPlayer on PlayStation 3

    The new version is optimised for the living room TV, and includes a new design, improved search functionality and the ability to save favourites. It's online now, just hit the iPlayer button on the TV channel of the XMB.

  • UK Sales Charts Do We Even Need To Bother Anymore?

    Yes, Zumba Fitness is still number one

    No, no new games have been released. Sunglasses. Deal with it. Zumba Fitness (505 Games) DiRT 3 (Codemasters) Cars 2 (Disney Interactive) Just Dance 2: Extra Songs (Ubisoft) LEGO: Pirates Of The Caribbean (Disney Interactive) FIFA 11 (EA Games) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two (EA Games) LEGO: Harry Potter - Years 1-4 (Warner Bros) L.A. Noire..



  • UK Sales Charts Nothing To See Here...

    The UK sales charts are a depressing sight this week

    Even though we're a PlayStation website, we can acknowledge the misery of 505 Games' long-in-the-tooth Zumba Fitness outselling Nintendo's newly released Ocarina Of Time remake. Sick. It wasn't a good week in general for gamer's games, with Ubisoft's Child Of Eden failing to break the top twenty-five either. Maybe if Q would have put the game out..

  • UK Sales Charts Always Bet On Duke, Baby

    Despite a number of seriously scathing reviews over the weekend, Duke Nukem Forever has knocked L

    A. Noire</a> off its perch at the top of the UK sales charts, scoring a number one finish for the long-in-development FPS. L.A. Noire finished up in second, while Sucker Punch's new superhero escapade finished up just behind Zumba Fitness in fourth. The game probably deserved to do better than..

  • News UK Retailers List PlayStation Vita From 230

    GAME and Play

    com</a> are amongst the first UK retailers to open pre-orders for Sony's new PlayStation Vita. Both are currently listing the Wi-Fi version of the handheld for £229.99 and the 3G version for £279.99. Sony announced during its E3 press conference last night that the PlayStation Vita would cost $249.99 (Wi-Fi) and $299.99 (3G) respectively in North America. The platform holder..

  • UK Sales Charts L.A. Noire Makes It Three Weeks At The Top


    A. Noire</a> has held onto its spot aloft the UK sales charts, in a week where very little has changed in the top ten. LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean and DiRT 3 swapped places from last week, finishing second and third respectively. Elsewhere, it's your usual selection of casual and pseudo-casual experiences. Knock yourself out. L.A. Noire (Rockstar Games) LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean..










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