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  • News Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster for PS4 May Finally Be Happening

    About time

    It's difficult to think of many last-gen properties that fully deserve to be remastered for the current generation. The Uncharted Collection is a good shout, and titles like Skyrim are arguably too popular to ignore - but the continued absence of a Mass Effect Trilogy remaster has always baffled us. This is a story that goes all the...






  • News BioWare's Considering a Dragon Age Spin-Off Title

    Tactical advantage

    "Would you play a Dragon Age Tactics game?" asks series executive producer Mark Darrah over on Twitter. The BioWare veteran even posted a poll on the social media platform, with 49 per cent of voters answering "Yes!" We suppose that means we could be getting a spin-off Dragon Age game in the future, then. Sure, it's a bit of an...

  • News Mass Effect: Andromeda's Lead Writer has Jumped Ship to Destiny

    Andromeda will "blow people away"

    Mass Effect: Andromeda's lead writer, Chris Shlerf, has revealed that he's left the project and is now working at Bungie on Destiny. Going by Shlerf's tweets on the matter, it would appear as though his role has been fulfilled when it comes to BioWare's latest, with him leaving on good terms with the Canadian...


  • News Veteran Dragon Age Writer David Gaider Leaves BioWare

    The story begins anew

    Ask many a Dragon Age fan who David Gaider is and they'll probably point out that he's partly responsible for bringing BioWare's fantasy role-playing series to life. Gaider's typically great writing can be found in all three Dragon Age titles that have appeared on PlayStation platforms. He also wrote numerous novels and...

  • News Mass Effect: Andromeda Is in a Playable Form Right Now

    Still on target for late 2016

    We'll be the first to admit that this isn't a huge slice of news - especially when it originates from a series of BioWare employee tweets - but it would appear that Mass Effect: Andromeda is now playable, at least to some degree. In other words, the game's development cycle is supposedly going smoothly. "Just...

  • News Key BioWare Developer Leaves Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Making sense of the stars

    Chris Wynn, otherwise known as Mass Effect: Andromeda's senior development director, has ended his career at BioWare. Wynn was originally taken on by the developer in 2013 to help with the upcoming sci-fi project. So, what does this mean for the highly anticipated role-playing release? Thankfully, according to the...








  • News Mass Effect 4's Character Models Are Out of This World

    Says developer while showing nothing

    The drip feed of Mass Effect 4 information continues, as developer BioWare proceeds to tell us about its in-development intergalactic role-playing game – without actually showing us anything. Senior development director Chris Wynn is the latest to take to social media to big up the forthcoming space faring...


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