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News: Fallout 4 Mods Set to Arrive on PS4 Next Month

Fallout 4 Mods Set to Arrive on PS4 Next Month

So close yet so far

Fallout 4 mods are arriving on Xbox One at the end of the month, but Bethesda thankfully hasn't forgotten about the PlayStation Nation. After announcing a release date for mods on Microsoft's machine, the developer followed up by saying that mod support is "still on track for next month" with regards to PlayStation 4 players...

Review: Fallout 4: Far Harbor (PS4)

Fallout 4: Far Harbor (PS4)

Fogging hell

The fog of Far Harbor is to be feared. It inflicts radiation poisoning on those who dare to trek through it, it gives birth to horribly slimy creatures of the deep, and it does an admirable job of obscuring your view of the fiends that stalk the wilderness. The island's residents have a right to fear the mist: it keeps them penned...

Review: DOOM (PS4)


Leviticus 26:7

It wasn't until Wolfenstein: The New Order that we noticed how homogeneous first-person shooters have become over the past decade. The genre's certainly made strides forward, but from a big picture perspective, we've spent the past decade or so taking cover and performing pot-shots to reach our objectives. However, MachineGames'...

News: Fallout 4: Far Harbor Gets a Midnight Launch on PS4

Fallout 4: Far Harbor Gets a Midnight Launch on PS4

Come on in, the water's fine

Bethesda's planning on getting Fallout 4's first big expansion, Far Harbor, into your hands almost as soon as the clock strikes midnight on the 19th May. The add-on will be available to download on PlayStation 4 at 00:01AM no matter where you are. Technically, this means that Europe will be able to get stuck in hours...

Video: Should You Buy DOOM on PS4?

Should You Buy DOOM on PS4?

Hell's respawn

We've been to Hell and back – and all you're getting is this lousy DOOMvideo review. While reviewer Joey Thurmond is still busy thoroughly investigating every last crevice of the underworld, yours truly has returned from Hades with a tale to tell. Watch on as we walk you through id Software's unashamedly old-school FPS – and...

Hands On: Dispatching Demons in DOOM on PS4

Dispatching Demons in DOOM on PS4


DOOM wastes no time setting out its stall. There a pentagram, a pistol, and one of Satan's soldiers. Pew, pew – off we go. Extremely late review copies mean that we've only just managed to get our hands on id Software's key card collecting sim – but does this unashamedly old-school FPS make a strong first impression? We're about three or...

News: Don't Expect DOOM PS4 Reviews Any Time Soon

Don't Expect DOOM PS4 Reviews Any Time Soon

Review code not being sent until launch

We're really looking forward to DOOM here at Push Square Towers, but if you're still sitting on the fence, then you may need to wait a little while for reviews. Bethesda has confirmed to IGN that it won't be sending out copies to critics ahead of release, because the title's online servers won't be switched...