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  • News The Evil Within Sets You a New Assignment Next Month

    You've got to be Kidman me

    The threads of The Evil Within's convoluted plot will get increasingly tangled next month, as Bethesda has announced that add-on pack The Assignment is imminent. This will boast a fresh concurrent storyline starring detective Juli Kidman, and promises to uncover the truth behind her association with the mysterious Mobius...

  • News All of Skyrim's Writings Can Be Yours Thanks to This Hardback Book Series 

    Knowledge is power

    You may have picked up its books purely to see if they granted you a lovely skill increase, but a heck of a lot of effort must have been put into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's vast amount of in-game literature. From stories of adventure to The Lusty Argonian Maid, Bethesda's open world role-playing game was full to the brim with...

  • News Bethesda Shines a Light on The Evil Within DLC

    Don't tease us, please

    With unforgiving combat, a surreal storyline, and infrequent checkpoints, last year's The Evil Within was a case of horror game Marmite – you either loved it or you hated it. Assuming that you fall into the former camp, though, you may be excited to learn that DLC is on the way, with 'The Assignment' due out in March...

  • News Bethesda's Bringing Something Big to E3 2015

    Place your bets

    The developer of many a beloved franchise including Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, Bethesda will be hosting its first ever on-stage press conference at E3 2015. This is a pretty big deal, as the firm hasn't really bothered making a splash at gaming's biggest expo in recent years. But while it's most commonly known for its work on...




  • 51


    Review The Evil Within

    Clair de Loony

    The Evil Within knows how to make you sweat. Tango Gameworks’ disgusting debut outing will leave you teetering on the precipice of failure with every twisted encounter, causing you to curse your shortage of resources or your character’s lack of superhuman strength. This is a game that, like its survival horror superiors, isn’t...




  • E3 2014 DOOM Teaser Announces Full Reveal at QuakeCon 2014

    Return to the pits of Hell

    How would you like to be a space marine on Mars fighting demon robots? With the next game in the DOOM franchise, you can live out this pleasant, admirable dream on your PlayStation 4, starting in the near future with a multiplayer beta. That is, only if you purchased a copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order, which came with a...







  • News You Really Shouldn't Expect Oculus Rift Support on PS4

    John Carmack's not holding his breath

    In a development about as predictable as the day making way for night, industry legend John Carmack has quit his role at id Software. The writing was on the wall earlier in the year when the DOOM programmer announced that he would split his time between the Bethesda owned outfit and Oculus VR, the firm behind...

  • News Fallout 4 Trademark Steps Out of Bethesda's Legal Vault

    Boston dead sox

    Steel yourself for a nuclear bomb, as it sounds like Bethesda is ready to pull the irradiated wrapping off the rumoured Fallout 4. A trademark registration for the unannounced release – which has been the source of copious speculation over the past twelve months – has just popped up on a European classifications website, pouring...


  • TGS 2013 The Evil Within Pulls Out Its Power Tools

    New trailer ain't for the fainthearted

    If your stomach is still feeling a little unsettled after the curious tasting curry that you gobbled last night, then you may want to save this brand new The Evil Within trailer until your tummy’s stopped performing somersaults. The footage – released to coincide with the Tokyo Game Show this week –...


  • DLC Review Stirring the Pot in Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches

    Twist of fate

    Dishonored’s latest DLC completes raspy-voiced assassin Daud’s story, continuing from previous add-on The Knife of Dunwall, as he pursues the mysterious Brigmore Witches and their leader, Delilah. Of course, if you’ve played through the original game, you’ll have some idea as to how Daud’s tale comes to an end. As such, the...

  • News By the Nine! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Voted Game of the Generation on Amazon

    Dragonborn to win

    Running from 1st June to 4th August, mammoth online retailer hosted a poll which pitted some of the biggest games of this console generation against each other in a tournament-style showdown. And Bethesda's open world epic, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, came out on top. The 2011 release fought off Super Mario Galaxy,...

  • News Carmack: Sony Has Made Large Strides with the PS4

    Legendary programmer fond of next generation system

    John Carmack, id Software’s veteran co-founder, has admitted that he’s pretty impressed with the PlayStation 4. Speaking as part of another enormous three-hour keynote at QuakeCon, the Wolfenstein 3D programmer praised the impending console – and suggested that the Japanese giant has done a...

  • News Wolfenstein: The New Order Fired into Next Year

    Back in the barrel

    Wolfenstein: The New Order, the brash first-person reboot by MachineGames, has been delayed until 2014, Bethesda executive Pete Hines has told Polygon. The title had previously targeted a release on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 this year, but the developer is supposedly struggling with cross-generation development...

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