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  • News Meow! Gravity Rush 2's Kat to Score NieR Automata Costume

    Too good 2B true

    Ever wished you could kit out Gravity Rush 2 protagonist Kat in a little black number? Of course you have. There's good news, then, as during a NieR Automata stream in Japan overnight, it was announced that 2B's outfit will be added to Sony's topsy-turvy title as downloadable content in the future. No further details were revealed,...

  • News The Golf Club 2 Tees Off Spring 2017 on PS4

    Swing when you're winning

    There hasn't been a truly outstanding golf game on the PlayStation 4 just yet, but The Golf Club to its credit was above par. It's nice to see that HB Studios is giving the series a second shot, then, with sequel The Golf Club 2 set to tee off this Spring on Sony's new-gen machine. Among the host of new additions is a...


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The trophy discussion thread.

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Just introducing myself :)

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